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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah bin alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He wasabi Germaine or prison thanks belongs to a loss of Hannah what Allah made a piece of and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam celebrar eco Mama, tomboy Dinah or like it.

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So we continue our study of sort of delayed and we reached mmm Bakula was stolen. Now when there is a in a soda when we hear the word.

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When that's mentioned, then we expect another amount. So a means as for the one, and now allows origin says it again. And as for that one, so in other words, when we he unmet, we know that there's two types of things that our laws are generally speaking about. And we need to compare both and see which one we belong to. So last week, we studied

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up our taco sub Taco Bell, her SNA. And then we knew what his result is for sending a signal.

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Now, while I'm mad as for the ones, this is the other type of person, or mmm Bucky last second type of people is mannequin as for the one who is, as for the one who withheld is greedy, and he's stingy. So yeah, and he withheld, and he didn't give us any wealth. And if you don't give someone or you don't give off to others, and you don't give off to projects, and so on, then really keep this wealth, obviously, keep it for yourself. And when you keep wealth for yourself, you start feeling this attitude

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develops inside of you start feeling that you're in need of nobody, you don't need anyone. And then you begin to have this attitude of I can live on my own. So why didn't he give any money? Why didn't he give any wealth, because he convinced himself that he needed it, he started speaking about his future and what he needs for the future. And he's got children, and he has so on, and I really can't give now he convinced himself, he needs the oath, he cannot give anything. And because he kept it for himself, he began to feel superior to everyone that I'm in need of no one. So allows origin says what

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was stolen.

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He became self sufficient. He became independent. His standard comes from the word is this map. And this means to feel that you're in need or you're not in need of anyone. And how did he How did this attitude developed inside of him?

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Because he was greedy. By the he became, he became greedy, he buckler, he hoarded this wealth, he withheld it. Therefore, he developed this attitude known as he began to see everyone that they need of him and I don't need anyone. And in other places, another place in the Quran,

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Allah azza wa jal, he responds to such people. He says, For gefallen, what Allah was stone Allah, Allahu Rania and Hamid, that they disbelieved, then they turned away, meaning they they considered that it's not worth it to give anything, there's no need, let's just keep it all for me, they develop that attitude that they they aren't in need of anyone. So a lot of response to them by saying was stolen a lot. That's your attitude, correspondence. And then Allah doesn't need that Allah doesn't need anyone. And he concluded that by saying, When la hora de and honey Hamid and Alon is truly the one who has no need, he's avani. So everyone can adopt this attitude in this quality of

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being independent, but at the end do is know that you're in need of someone by balangan lohani, meaning use the only truly one, there is no need of anybody. You can claim that as much as you can know as much as you want. And you can develop that as much as you want. But at the end, you know that you are always dependent. You need the loss of heaven, what Allah is Mercy is forgiveness is law. As a matter of fact, the only lives because of laws origin, permitted that you lose, so I shall get over him. He said that such a person he was greedy with his wealth. And he didn't spend his wealth in any good causes, even though he had so many good opportunities, but he never gave his word

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for anything. And he was very, very reluctant and he was very unwilling to earn the rewards for the hereafter. So he had this attitude that

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in the Hereafter, I just need things now in this world. So that's why he never gave that's why he became from those who Makita and what was the result of that? So he back in, he was he withheld his wealth, and he stone he began to feel superior to everyone else.

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He is in need of no one. So what happened as a result allows origin says the after workers

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that he lied against the ultimate group. And we spoke about. And basically I must summarize the entire Islam in one word the good in the ultimate group. So today's Islam in itself, it's the good it's the real world that allows origin is giving you this person cuz I believe that there's such a thing called that Allah who gives me money back in this life if I was to give and he'll reward me in the Day of Judgment, he denied any disbelieved in all of this. And this disease, unfortunately, it is spreading among the Muslims, and it has spread among the Muslims, whether it's in the Muslim world, or it's in any way Muslims live in the Western world. Now, you know, some Muslims,

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they began poor, right, they began, and

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money came their way. And they never gave why they became from those who back in

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allows origin gave them some of they never gave anything back. And bit by bit, they began to amass a lot of wealth and they become rich, they became rich, and they get wealthier and wealthier. And as they get wealthy, they get fire away from the deal. And not only that, but they begin to attack their religion verbally, right? They begin to attack the dean verbally. And they say, you know, they begin to question things. What's the good in this? And what's the good in that? Why do Muslims do this? And why do we do this, and why we've been taught this and so on. And they begin to think that we should enlighten the dean, we should change the dean, this is in itself.

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And you notice that it's not just the poor, it's not the poor that do this, or who develops such an attitude toward it's not, it's always the rich, who once will pay well, then they get richer. And they started to think that they are they had power, and they have authority. And they would begin to think and convince themselves that I don't need Islam. Islam needs me and it needs my wealth. That's why when those projects, they come to me because I have money. And this will be resolved, resolved, because you you are stingy, you are tired, you withheld the wealth you never gave up. And because you never gave of course your account is going to increase. And once it increases, you'll see

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figures you won't believe and therefore you have developed this attitude, obviously, which eventually will lead to the major crime of the listener, you'll begin to question things in the deed, you'll begin to understand and to think and convinces Islam needs you. You don't need Islam, may Allah protect us from such an attitude. So for such people that have this attitude and develop this allows origin, he says to them first and we assume

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at the beginning, the one who are power taco, and so

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Allah azzawajal facilitate and to facilitate it for him for Sonia sudo Li Nusra. The ease Allah azza wa jal made the hardest things the easiest things for him. So he made made for him, the pathway to the paradise, the pathway to doing the good deeds very easy. Now this person on the other hand, we're gonna punish him with in this world.

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We will soon ease him towards difficulty, we will ease him towards difficulty. I'll explain what that means. It is a very scary reality.

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He says it's a noun, it's the Hellfire, meaning fussiness also means we will make the two that will make the path to the Hellfire easy for him. And also also is the bad and evil deeds as even our best

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list Shall we assume only sharp, meaning that we will make evil deeds, and they say you will make it easy for him so that when he commits a sin, He really doesn't care and he doesn't feel bad about it. And one similar lead to another will lead to another and it will keep opening doors for sins. That's how allows or punishes him

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first and last.

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Meaning that will make it difficult for him to do the good. That means he will not be able to pray properly. He won't be able to fast he won't be able to give Zakat, all the good things that allows us to do they now become the most difficult things in his life. He won't be able to do that. He can only do what's opposite to that. And that's very, very easy for him.

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He didn't say last year,

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it means the difficult thing. But it also means the most difficult thing right? This is like a superlative emphasize. In other words

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when such people develop an idea

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You'd have a student, that they carefree that

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Allah Subhana, Allah dial is cursed becomes abundant. And the money they spend, becomes a source of evil for the future. The money they spend, who obviously is going to spend money towards his life in this world, but this money that you spend, it becomes a source for his own evil. How does what does that mean? For example, they have children, right? And they spend money on their children. But the children, they become a source

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of evil to the parent. So that means maybe the parents will die of a heart attack because of the children, or their blood pressure will go up because of their children. Were the people that they spent money on, become the source of evil towards that. Similarly,

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he amassed this wealth he never gave, he had a lot of wealth. What did he do? He bought houses, he bought land, he bought property.

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And then in the old age, they begin to lose sleep, and begin to stress over what am I What am I going to do with all this asset with this property? You know, after I die, where is it gonna go, and that's how I was punishing him. So he told the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, about such people that

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he said to him,

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the dunya, the amazing airlines, tells the province

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Don't be impressed and amazed with their often their children

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wants to torture them with those in this world, your life. And he said,

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he wants to torture them with their wealth, and their children. So they were looking for ease and comfort in these things. But Allah created difficulty and punishment. In those things for Sonia Soto who,

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for this is the result of

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this video collecting, you're going to spend one day with a philosophical Trojan, but on wherever you spend it, it will come back and turn against you, that will be your slot itself where you spend your life. And this is why a lot later as you become older, when you see someone very rich, and doesn't defeasible and is known for withholding his money, then understand that his wealth and his children, they will be a means of punishment for it, nothing else. For me, the way you clean yourself from this. And the way you allow for children to be a source of mercy for you, is that you give Facebook realize the previous asset of Mmm. And

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now, he says

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his wealth is not going to make him free of need. When he falls off the cliff. into the ditch end the ditch of the Hellfire comes from the word of God there are there, which means to throw someone off the cliff right like for example loves origin, he forbids upon us to eat

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the meat of the when you read

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the animal that died as a result of falling from the cliff. So if a sheep for example, fell from the cliff and it died, that's how long a deer so that's what

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a dog D, it means to three or four from the cliff.

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That means to fall off the cliff top dog as in the

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means to fool yourself off the cliff into the ditch you throw yourself inside of that. And which Detroit speaking about there are two sayings, one says the grave and the other says the Hellfire and they're both true because they're both singular colinton for the gaffer for the one that

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what is his wolf going to do for him? When he's going to be foreman already he's going to be throwing himself into the grave and into the hellfire. Just gonna do nothing for you. So you know, Subhana Allah is the one who Allah elevates. is the one who, who gives his wealth. Allah elevates him. The one who wants to elevate himself, then allows origin throws him in the ditch. And he says to him, what is yours going to do for you? Now? How are you going to get out of this right now? For some holidays to this? There's one case where a lot elevates you. That's when you give is the other case when you want to try to elevate yourself that's starting to build your superiority over others

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you didn't need no on the elevated yourself. You do that you get thrown back down. And this is what makes neon human Oh, what's it gonna do for you when you're when you're injured?

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Under what is it going to do for you? Absolutely nothing that allows all agencies in LA,

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you know, you can have the overall view or you can accumulate all that. But there's only one Roth, you can never ever have. You don't and you never ever own it. And there is an who there, the guidance, laws origin, he says, it's only upon us truly, to give guidance in knowledge net and who that, you know, as Paul or as riches, your guidance will never ever, ever be yours. And it's only Arlene, I see this word, Alena. It's been brought forward. Usually, originally what we were expecting is that in men, Huda Elena

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Elena forward, so what does that imply that implies exclusivity, in other words alone, saying, it is only upon us, only upon us to give guidance? And it's been interpreted in two ways. What does that mean? The first

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thing he says, by saying it's only upon us to give guidance, it means that real and true guidance is that which leads to a loss of Hannah horadada. What is a sign that you have proper guidance if you're being led to a most?

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And it's only the second thing is that it's only upon Allah to guide or in our lane and Buddha, that he said that it means it's only upon Allah to guide the human beings. So what does that really mean? It means that allows origin, he guided the human being, before he even revealed to him or before he even sent the prophet to him, allows the origin he instilled the full power inside of you that was allows guidance to, and he guided you in the previous word.

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Allah azza wa jal, he installed inside of you to recognize what's good and what's bad. That's guidance. Allah gave you that.

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And then on top of all of that, he gave you the revolution.

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So there's a complete package for guidance. So the guidance to the law, and the guidance to the court.

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That only came from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And this recognition of good and bad and not only came from a law, so that's the meaning of Ignalina and who that that these things can be from no one except from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you are truly seeking guidance, then the end of it, it can't be wealth. It can't be fame. But if you're seeking guidance, the result of guidance isn't more money. The result of guidance isn't more fame and more authority. It can only lead you to a law, it's that's the result of guidance. So the proof of real guidance in your life is if you're getting closer to a law, but if you're getting richer or getting more fame, if you're getting close to Allah, then that is real guidance. This is what it

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to have your own law, he says in the Buddha,

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meaning that it's only upon the law, to give the people and to clarify to the people the path of guidance. And if we look deep into our Deen, we find that allows clarified everything we need to know from matters of Aki that belief, to matters of worship, to matters of manners, how to behave yourself, manners of dealing in divorce, in marriage in business dealings.

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What we must stay away from what we should do, everything is mentioned this is part of the meaning of our label and it's upon us to show the people the guidance and allows them that in the

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law, he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died, and even the bird that's flying in the sky, he told us something about it

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speaks to us about birds and what birds do when they fly. And when she came to sell men and faricy, ob Allahu taala was a great companion. And he said to him, did your prophet teach you how to clean yourself after using the bathroom? So seldom will say

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this, he even taught us the etiquettes and the manners of how to clean ourselves after he leaves the bathroom. So he says any

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telecom deal today I have completed your religion. And so everything in the Quran and Sunnah is enough for me to get us to the paradise nothing else. We don't need nothing extra everything. And everything in the Sunnah is enough to lead you to the paradise. So this is in lane L and who that allows origin said it's upon us that we show you the path of guidance and did he Yes, of course he did. Of course. He did.

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In the Quran and the Sunnah there's enough guidance for me and you to enter the power box with that allows only says we're in mellonella.

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And it is only we who own the mouse and the first

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Mufasa Ron said, Lenin

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ooda we own everything that will happen in the hereafter. And everything that happens in this role.

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We molded, and we change situations around, however we want. This is what in an MLM.

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For example, with an eclipse tonight, that's upon allows origin, we change situations around Natasa for BK furniture, something unusual. That happens a lot. So we'll buy his permission. It happens.

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When people see situations changing. They say, No, they say, where's God? How did you let this happen? Well, Allah is letting us know that all change is by his permission. Why? Because he owns everything. He's in complete control. We're in Atlanta.

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So then the professor will say from and

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then whoever wants one of them, meaning if you only want the dunya, or you're only one of the al Qaeda, or if you want both, then ask a more because of Mars.

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Now, what do we ask? Where do we ask Allah for? What do they teach us? Ask him for? He told us to ask for

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lasagna, he says teaches us

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how Santa was

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you know, like give us good in this life and give us good in the hereafter. So if we want both, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for both. That's one thing when lm Allah Luna, he owns it before asking for it was originally mentioned the Acura first is another thing in the area we need to discuss. He says what in Malema? Clearly, when he mentioned the ashram which is the hereafter first. And then he said an owner, which is this one. And you know,

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there's three reasons for this three reasons, one we already discussed. And we said that because of the style of the way allows origin has revealed the soul. So it all ends with an Elif Matsuda. But lately, there wasn't a head either.

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Until we got to intellect

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to keep the rhythm going. Otherwise, if he said

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we will cut the rhythm. So there's one reason and accurate means the hereafter means this work. And we're saying that we are expecting an owner first, since that's the first thing we're in. And then after that is the second that will be after this well.

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He mentioned the hereafter first then he mentioned this life second. So one reason was the style of the recitation of this air the rhythm to keep it going. The second second thing is the theme of the soul. So it can flow with the theme of the soul. Remember, the theme of the sutra was mentioned first things last and last things first. And in other words, when Allah says for amendment.

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Remember, we said what comes first that you believe in and then you develop, and then when you have to forgive? But he mentioned giving first, right? So the style and the theme of this surah is that it mentioned the first things last, and the last thing is first. So what's the last thing is the last. So that's it's in first in the in the learner.

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And then the first thing we're living now is in adonia, an owner so that's the last thing he mentioned right millennial and

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that's what the last focus on this. This is where the point is.

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In order to understand this last one, we need to compare it to something similar to it in solid and costs, allows urgencies in Surah can cause us

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to feel when

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Praise and Gratitude belongs to Omar in the first and the last in certain causes. He said the world first and then the hereafter. Second

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in sort of in this sort of sort of the lane, he's flipped around. He mentioned the hereafter first. And then he mentioned the world second, how come in sort of the cosmos. The passage was about the favors of a law, the favors of a lot. And where do we appreciate the favors of our lives origin in this life in this life here. So he mentioned that first well I will have the

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In one Acura but the surah.

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It's it's not about it's not about the phases in this role, the surah was about not getting distracted and not getting lost in this world. And that he should worry and you should focus more about the Acura. So that was mentioned first line mellonella kurata una so cabalistic consistency of the, when the passage was about the phases of a law, we appreciate that here. So he mentioned that odeh first sort of delayed, it's all about, they really don't focus too much in this world give give you know, it's all about the hereafter focus in the hereafter. Therefore, he mentioned the hereafter first way Milena. Well, good. Now the other thing is, in sort of admission, Alice's funny lair Hill

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accurate to one Lula

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in certain nation. And he also he says when the

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Buddha said, but there's only one difference over there, he said fairly low Hill, zero to one, to a lot belongs to life in the next.

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But here in this sutra, he added a limb, but he added Elena lane over there for the last

00:26:19--> 00:26:45

hour in length. The difference between this one and sort of the million is that there's an extra lamb here. So the other one, it meant to unlock belongs the life and the next. And here there's more emphasis, he's saying no doubt, they truly only belong to a loss of how to hoard. So why did he emphasize it more in order to lead with the lead? Well, this is what we need to understand. The word learner by the way means

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the word limit, it means ownership. But when I say ownership and this has been talking about ownership and wealth right allows a man he gave What do you give you give what you own right? He said

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someone to withhold to the to the greedy. And what do you agree with you agree with what you're gonna be free of need, right? Because of what why you forgive me because of what you owe. And then later on, we're going to read the man who he gives you as well, we give wolf the wolf. Right? So the whole song is about wolf Wolf and ownership and ownership and Wolf and so on. And it's repeated them. But you should never forget that true ownership only belongs to Lhasa, he said right in the lemon.

00:27:34--> 00:28:20

He added that land, to extra emphasize that the ownership only only belongs to a law because you might be lost in all of this and finger truly, this is mine because the last thing he gives him I give what I earn and he give what you owe. So a lot emphasizes that or maybe you own it, but really the real ownership is for Allah so the land is added to give that emphasis that you might own something now, but real ownership is only truly to allow How did you communicate this with the extra land we're in Elena curato Luna. So when you accept this in your life, when you accept this error and accept this emphasis that he truly owns everything, this what happens it will become very, very

00:28:20--> 00:28:27

easy for you to spend in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala You know, when you feel like you have to spend

00:28:29--> 00:28:46

money when you feel like that the wealth is yours it becomes very difficult to spend when you feel like it's yours You own it becomes very hard to spend but when you know it's not yours it's very easy to give away is teaching us that it's not theirs by that level.

00:28:49--> 00:29:07

So you can allow this destroy itself it's encouraging it's pushing that you shall give from your world FISA vilella not only give but ARPA which meant to give a lot right but we'll see at the end however wording will change when Allah says Allah you t mela whoa that is interesting right at the end, doesn't

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it? Okay.

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Now allows the releases after this token now on top of

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thunder token

00:29:19--> 00:29:35

in the previous sort of solid holla he said he warned his people he said to them, watch out the sheet Campbell have a lot. Don't touch it. Don't kill it. Watch out. People didn't take the warning seriously. So now I was teaching Christ something.

00:29:36--> 00:29:45

First, he gave him that lesson in history about solid. He gave him that listen in history, that these people didn't obey the

00:29:46--> 00:29:49

messenger so Allah destroyed them for them Allah.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

Allah is telling Quesnel don't think that the messenger is wanting you. I'm wanting you to come, I am wanting you, Allah. So you

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saying, I have warned you that's what I'm about to commence in the previous surah, a prophet of Allah who was wanting in sort of the ln Allah Himself is doing the warning.

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In the previous surah the perfect was warning of bad deeds, right? He was warning of a bad deed don't come neither she cannot don't kill it. In this surah Allah isn't warning of the bad deeds, his warning of the consequences of bad deeds, the result of the bad deed if you do the bad deed, what do you get? So he says, Now I'm

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about to warn you of a blazing fire, the lavar

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write something that keeps sparkling in crackling, you know, when when the fire has annoyance when it has a sound is just popping all over the place. That's the lava. Right. So last thing I'm warning you over, crackling, blazing, spiking fire. Originally, the word is not on.

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emitted One day, he just said

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without the extra time, that implies the anger of a loss origin, it implies anger. So even though

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there's this sense of being angry towards the co founder, who never took a loss of his warning seriously, and he said from now on.

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Now, the word unwelcome comes from the word in there. And in there is to warn and scare someone thoroughly in the real meaning of in depth, you know,

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that actually it means to, to sit someone down. And to explain to him the entire situation, you assume he doesn't know anything, he doesn't know, he doesn't assume the dangers he's getting into. So you make them aware of the entire situation. And you make them aware that if they keep going down this path, that they're going to go into great danger. And you warn them and you make them aware that look, the consequences of what you're getting to is really, really bad.

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And then finally, you scare them from that danger that's in there. So in their job is to finally and fully fully inform and warn someone, that's what it is. So by using this word, in the end, he's letting us know that the end is enough to make you fully aware of what kind of situation you're in. And it's enough to make us fully aware of where you're headed. If you remain as Bucky lost. And it's enough to make us fully aware of what's going to happen then that's noteworthy that is teaching the book when is enough, enough allies explained enough in

00:32:46--> 00:32:55

what dangers are the result of the bad D do you do? This is enough? No, you don't get this surprised? Because you already know.

00:32:57--> 00:33:02

From now on. Now, this one beautiful thing you will need to also communicate and talk about

00:33:05--> 00:33:13

is a past tense, I have warned you. Similarly we find the novels what allows audiences to come

00:33:15--> 00:33:19

to come also past tense, we read in in sort of another

00:33:21--> 00:33:21


00:33:24--> 00:33:26

zero comma, two comma,

00:33:27--> 00:33:28

two comma

00:33:30--> 00:33:30


00:33:32--> 00:33:32


00:33:34--> 00:33:47

that's in the past, but you know, we find it one time or sometimes we find it in the present. But this is how it comes in the context when allows agencies for example, in their own zero coupon bill, why

00:33:49--> 00:34:03

on zero can be why I am wanting you through this right now is a present tense and the token is a past tense. And you know, one thing you need to differentiate between the present and the past is that the present tense.

00:34:05--> 00:34:36

Sorry, the past tense, you're dealing with meaning the past tense, it implies a one thing one time thing and present tense. Your duty is to walk in implies continue something that's happening continually was to Panama. The punishment is one thing, right? So every time Allah spoke about the punishment, he mentioned in the past tense, and to come now, a fire is one of the things that will people will face face is one of things that we'll face later on. So he mentioned in the past tense, and

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

when he says under nakoma. The other one is the punishment. That's a wonderful thing. So he mentioned in the past tense, but the present tense. He would use it with the word and why and why he is revelation. And you know, Revelation is continually being sent down. And every time he comes down, there is a warning about the hereafter every single time where he comes down

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

There's a warning of the hereafter and a winning warning of not doing the bad. So because the Why is something that is continual, therefore he used to come on he used the word, not the present tense. And when it's a one off thing which was the other, he used the present the past tense. So how long is also from the end the grammatical beauty of the Quran that is consistent all over in the Quran like this. And this is not only with the Word of God is with many, many other words in the Quran. Just give you one more example, the word the katana and the octal. Katana he killed that's the past you often is a present tense, right? So he uses them both close to each other. And to the first one

00:35:44--> 00:35:45

he says

00:35:46--> 00:35:47


00:35:48--> 00:35:49

a woman

00:35:50--> 00:36:21

whoever killed a believer by accident, and the other he says women, young men and matamata ever killed the prison, a believer on purpose. They know if you kill someone on purpose, it's most likely that you will kill again. So he is the person which alludes to something continuing to happen. But if you kill someone by accident, then most likely to never happen again. It was just a one off thing because it was a one off. He said woman in the past tense up and it's like this have had

00:36:22--> 00:36:24

to come down on television. Anyway getting back he said

00:36:26--> 00:36:30

in an ashcan. Now this fire that Allah subhanho wa Taala has prepared

00:36:32--> 00:36:37

Who's this fire for who has allows her to prepare for he said layoffs let her in Alaska

00:36:38--> 00:37:22

throw themselves into your slow meaning for themselves into into the fire except the most rich, the most evil the most, Richard, and you know your slide comes from the word Sally. And Sally means to burn in the fire. The actual frame you're burning inside of it. That's totally right. So people maybe they can they can die as a result of heat exposure, right or die as a result of smoke inhalation. But that's not the case a lot. He's saying that they're actually burning, but they're burning inside of that flame inside of that solid layer in Lashkar so no one will throw themselves inside of it. Except the most Richard and Lashkar.

00:37:23--> 00:37:40

You know, in sort of the shots, the previous surah Allah told us what this Ashkar did in his life. He told us what he did, but did he do Falco? He killed the camel, right? If Mbatha a scar hair sakala masala Hinata.

00:37:43--> 00:38:04

Allah told us in sort of the shops that this ashtar he told us of his crime, he killed the she camel. Now in this surah Allah azza wa jal is telling us what happened to that ashcan in the next life. What's going to happen to him? Laos Lahaina Lashkar he'll be throwing himself into the blazing hot crackling sparkling fire right

00:38:05--> 00:38:56

now, so no one will enter it except the ashcan also in the previous surah Allah azza wa jal he and he told us that slowly Holly is set up. He told these people don't approach the she camel. What did they do? They approached it in this surah masar salaam is telling Quraysh come to the end. What are they doing? They're turning away solaz urgencies Alavi care about what Allah Allah Vika de Botton Allah is defining to us Lashkar he's defining to us who's the most evil, the most evil in this surah Allah says Allah V, it's the one who kept the bat. He lied against catabolite against but the the lie against lies against everything lighting is the Prophet light against Allah, light against the

00:38:56--> 00:39:37

messenger against the message against the good light against that there is reward for those who give feasts of light against the reward that's in the paradise over there. He might against all of these so Allah didn't specify one thing because the light against all of them. So Allah didn't say I love you. Bill Rasool Allah the customer biller why he kept it very comprehensive because it implies that he lied against all of these unless he kept about what one lab and this person he lied against. Also in the context of the suit I kept up with it remember I mentioned before most it What can never be a snap so automatically it means a levy cut that cut the bubble and we said that her snare is

00:39:37--> 00:40:00

everything right it's everything basically summarizes Islam all of it in itself. So get the bat is an internal thing right? He kept that from inside. And what did that result to it resulted to an external crime, which was what the one that and as a result he turned away. He turned from the message and he completely walked the other way. So had a lot in the first

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

As we said in solid the shops there are sold said don't approach the camel they came in they killed it. He alone never saw selling me saying come towards the

00:40:10--> 00:40:21

come to the client. What are they doing? They just turn the opposite way and with so Pamela so unless he can Dabba water one at a time several loyal him a lot he says

00:40:23--> 00:41:00

Who else did he turn away from? What the one that he turned away. Now I didn't say that he turned away from the court turned away from Islam. It implies all of that, but it also has more meaning to it. What the one that in the context in the previous saw a lot of surgeon spoke about the orphans in the needy, and that's something else they turned away from as because he was withheld these walls that means he turned away from the pole and from the orphans and from the needy. Every time there was a Jani there was a good cause of a fundraiser or something that he's going to orphans that is you're going to needy he doesn't need it he just turns away that's what the one that in the context

00:41:00--> 00:41:42

of the solar as well for unloving Canada what Allah so Allah azza wa jal he did not specifically tell us what he might against and what he turned away from because again, the theme of the solar remember what was the theme of the solar it expected you to fill in gaps one lady there shall I swept by the mud as he covers covers what you're expected to think of it for a moment as for the one who gives gave her and gives what Lola didn't say because it's supposed to be known from the previous saw so similarly he comes up comes up against slot turned away to annoy from what that's all expected for you to fill in as we said and we keep saying the theme of the sorta expects you to

00:41:42--> 00:42:28

fill in the gaps I love He kept about the one that we stopped being Sharma to Allah next week was the usual copy of the net will finish the solar then a lot of storage and now he gives you any an exclusion. The only one that will be saved from the fire is a car what exactly is an earth car? And how does a lot define a car in the surah? He says a levy you t Malibu. But I just want to keep this question in your mind at the beginning of my second amendment APA as for the one who gave and I told you the difference between APA and added What does that mean? and other gifts okay so at the beginning of law told us somewhat about someone that gave a lot now along saying Alaska is the one

00:42:28--> 00:43:05

you love you The man who knows exactly how much wealth those allows origin what from us love you The man who doesn't care? Why is he giving this off? Allah will teach us how much to give and why you should give it right and this also Some say that these I was special for Abercrombie along with Anna Anna and then and the American back when I was governor. They came because of omega mohalla. Right, which was a Muslim from correlational time of masala but then also we'll discuss is it really the case that these are the only special fabul bucket or the Allahu anhu and that is only special for

00:43:06--> 00:43:25

me I will mention that briefly later next week. What some Allahu wa sallam, we asked a lot of Zoysia to make us people, people who benefit from the reminders of the Quran in the holy Veliko call the rally or Salama who was cinemavilla Garden of Eden Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine