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It means they put that in front. They're headed towards that direction. And that's why well I

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mean and vital haram. Yep. Tahuna formula

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means vital haram, those who have the intention, the direction they're heading towards mustard haram. So when you say I'm mushy, I'm a OMO. I'm mache, it means you fall, you're going towards that direction. So you want something. So that's why also

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it's, you know, in the Arabic language, there are certain words that certain letters that are put together even though it's not the same letters, they are similar in terms of the meeting especially for example, you say to yum, yum, yum, Mama che. The Yeah, and the meme. Usually, it's also interchangeable and many words in the Arabic language and in even in the pronunciation. In the recitation and so forth. Sometimes the yeah becomes LF and so forth. And so or the Hamza. And so, the same thing with tiempo, you say Yemma, mache, that means your, your, your attention is the, the ground the earth for purification. So Amma is also some of the scholars have mentioned different

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meanings like for example, the word Imam, and Amma there in the front in the Arabic language music is something is a man, that means something that's in front of you.

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And so at the mama,

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some of the scholars of the Arabic language they mentioned, of course,

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it's somebody whom you follow, and also somebody whom you put in front, so it actually has those two connotations. So when we say bubble email, sometimes when you hear a ima in fact, there are two types of there's two types of Imam right.

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Well, emammal Cobra, whatever the moment is, it's like the Imam that leads to prayer. But when you mentioned Ali Muhammad or Cobra The big Imam, what is that? What is Iman the we always speak about Imam as a person leading the prayer but there's a bit the the other Imam is what

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would you say so the healer for very good myself. I like Christian knowledge. So this is the healer for Ali Muhammad. So Cobra is the Imam, the person who leads the OMA, these OMA he's the Khalifa. So at the moment of Cobra is the philosopher. So sometimes you will speak about rulings about Ilima so what kind of Imam will know we're talking about the imam in the hill as a Khalifa, but imam in that he is a person who leads the prayer and

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language when you say somebody has reached a status that has become an Imam, ALLAH SubhanA wa atta and I mentioned in Alcor al Karim in Surah Sajida or Jana who aim atheria Do not be a marina Lama Sabado what can we I Tina up No, we're going home we have made amongst them Imams. Imams, they are gonna be angry, they're guided by us. Lama sabara when they were patient, and they had certainty they have faith and Iman and contentment and certainty in their hearts. So ALLAH SubhanA wa raised them to the status of Imam so sometimes when you speak about the Imam, also you might it's a big it's a scholar, that's a scholar that has reached a status where everybody knows, like almost anyone

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who prays five times a day knows him so when you speak about the Imam, the Imam so and so you can mention this Imam but it's a title also given to someone who has who is you know when you say this is the Imam of this particular branch of knowledge and when somebody has reached to the point where he is knowledgeable in the well known in many aspects of the deen then you call that person Eman. For example, you say Al Imam, remember Hanifa

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Lima Malik the Imam Shafi Ali Muhammad Ali Muhammad hijab, Kalani and so you say Al Imam, you don't say a chef right chef has either an old man or somebody who's very very respected. When somebody when you call somebody an Imam, that means someone who's reached the status like everybody knows him and know who's knows that he knows him. You say for example, Al Imam nawawi like you who knows the 40 Hadith everybody knows afford the ID of Al Imam in a hurry, right. And anyone who prays five times

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Hamza de nos Al Imam Al Bukhari Imam, Muslim. So these are the leaders in terms of their knowledge leaders are they Hula, hula Khalifa? Well, they're not into imam in terms of the the whole alpha or the A Califa into themselves but they have reached a status that they're the forefront of the OMA in terms of their status knowledge respect that for example anyone who you know who's practicing has knows Al Imam Al Bukhari Muslim, Imam Muhammad Imam Abu Hanifa. You don't say, I share and Buhari it will be somebody else, right?

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You say what you say, ma'am. So that's, that's the other type when you hear the word Imam. It's someone who has reached the status where almost you know, anyone who is practicing as a Muslim who studies and seeks knowledge or just some of the basics of Islam. They've heard of Imam Al Bukhari who's who doesn't remember, who hasn't heard of Imam Abu Hanifa, who hasn't heard of Imam Shafi. Anyone who has listened to any lectures, just a couple of lectures would know, and would hear some of these names and these are the ones whom Allah Subhana Allah has raised their status with them in whom Allah subhanaw taala, of course, is speaking about the issue

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of money. In this respect, those who have reached their maximum have been of money aside, we made amongst them, not all of them are jazz, I mean, whom I am, yeah, do not be Amrita. When How did they reach this status? They become Imam. They of course they are guided by Allah subhanaw taala. Lama Saba when they were patient, what can we I Tina up on and they were certain of our sites,

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having the certainty of the science leading, having faith in Allah subhanaw taala. And believing that Allah will reward you greatly. That person who has certainty is someone who has personally been in Allah Subhana Allah who is certain about the reward that they're getting. And so like, for example, a person who knows that the reward of prayer is very great. They know, so they value it more so they come even to play in the masjid. Why? Because they are certain of the reward Inshallah, if they are sincere, Allah subhanaw taala will give them that and so what is the word? The word Imam, some you know, like, anytime you mentioned, Imam, in the Arabic language, you also have to,

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you know, when you're speaking about something, you give a taty or definition. And so when we're speaking about Imam

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when you're speaking about Imam that leads the prayer, that's what we're speaking about. Now, in this particular chapter, we're not speaking about the Imam of the tea laughter or anything like that. We're speaking about the Imam, at least a prayer and some scholars have said rock solid movie mummy.

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They said that, you know, the Imam, when we speak about the mama, it is to connect the prayer of the moon, by with his email, right with his email. And this is what we're talking about the connecting of a prayer of the moon with the email. So those are the rules we're talking about when we say Alima. But some of the scars I mentioned, when you're defining something, you can't use the same word if you're trying to find define what it is, then you can't use the word evam you have to use something else. And other words suddenly said the more proper definition of it or up to solid mark that didn't be mocked tend to be so it's a connection of the person who's following the person who's

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the connecting the prayer of the person who's following to the connect to the person who's leading who's leading the people in prayer, who's leading the people in prayer. So that's what we're talking about right now when we're speaking about an imam. And so Baba Baba Imam means this is a chapter that we will mention some of the Hadith that is connected to the guidance of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. In imam in being Imam and following the Imam also. And also, the Hadith will be related to that. And so being a mom, of course, prayer is something that is very, very virtuous, virtuous, the prayer in and of itself, and one who

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one who is leading the people in prayer has the opportunity also to revive the Sunnah of the Prophet saw the love Allah He

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revived the Sunnah of the Prophet saw the light so when you're leading people in prayer, you're

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Driving, when you're doing it correctly, you have the opportunity to revive the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah the liveliness. So the greatness of it is, you know, just, of course, prayer is in terms of its status, a virtuous virtue. It is only after the shahada type, Shadow Allah Allah and of course, what's one of the pillars of Islam? The first shahada, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah and then the second is the HA masala that means the establishing of the prayer and that's the prophets of Allah and as I mentioned, he said it's T Mobile and so column one and two

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is still T Mobile and two so is the p mu. While and to

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be upright is Turkey. Whoo. Whoo Alamo and the Hydra Armonico masala

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know that the best of your deeds by the prayers know that the best of your deeds are the prayers you said it's the people what is it still harbor? Ellis the karma is comes first of all comes from the word Yokohama Yo como Mr. Stand up. When you say SD karma is to stand to be upright. Just like an English language. When you say someone's upright what does that mean?

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What does it mean when I say someone is upright?

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When you describe something upright, I mean, something straight up standing up, right? But when you're describing the character of someone who's upright, that means he is

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he's a good person good in character. He's honest. He's upright. So being upright in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala is what

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being upright in

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is following the commandments of Allah subhanho wa Taala and following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in doing so, where a person's character when you say this person is Mr. Team, this person is upright means what it means. Is he good sometimes?

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And he's bad, some most of the time.

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No, it means he's you say someone, oh, this person is honest. Does that mean he's telling the truth? He tells the truth only once. If someone tells the truth once only has he become honest.

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Know someone who tells the truth. Consistently. He's always truthful. That's when he has those characteristics. When someone does it just once or twice. They don't earn those characteristics. Someone who tells the truth once or twice, no, someone was always telling the truth, that person is considered honest. So when someone is you when someone has allistic karma, when someone upright, if they oh, this person is upright, he's upright in character. That's what we mean. That means he's his well rounded, good and good in areas that is considered praiseworthy in terms of his character. So he's not that he's not yet you know, he, he's not bad. And then he becomes good one time No. Like,

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generally, of course, nobody is perfect. But this person is upright and character, that means he's consistently that. So when we say instantly, the Prophet sallahu said is still to be upright, the upright, one and two, so on. And so the scholars are different over what this really means. They said, well, and so you will not be able to enumerate, I saw your OC.

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Count into enumerate, right? So it's definitely more well, International is definitely more well.

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Howard allistic Harbor, that's what some of the scholars mentioned, is still chemo. And you will not be able to enumerate the reward of being upright. Because the reward of being upright, it's so great, that the reward of it you won't even understand it, you won't even be able to comprehend the truly comprehend the greatness or the reward of st karma. And some of the scholars have mentioned is that amo volunteer hustle means be up right? Right. Right. And you

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you will not be able to, you will not be able to, you will not be able to

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do all that which is considered

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being upright, I mean, all the things that require you to be upright you won't be to do able to do all of it. So you do the best that you can with whatever you're able to which means what there are so many good deeds, there are so many aspects of being upright, that you will not be able to do all of them.

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You will not be able to do all of them. You will not be able to cover all of the bases in other words, okay, when I say being upright, you have to be upright in your prayers and fasting in your Sooners in

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Your charity and everything. But you know, not everyone is not everyone's capable will do everything. Right, not everyone is capable, but you will not be able to do everything. But whatever Allah Subhana Allah opens up for you, then do the best of that do as much of it as you can. So let's say for example, that's why the shaytaan is very, very shaytaan is very deceptive. So I know some sisters, some sisters, they say that, you know, I want I want to work hijab.

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But I feel like a hypocrite.

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I feel like a hypocrite. I put on the hijab. But then, you know, I'm not, I'm not doing other things, right? I want to do all of these things first. And then you know, then I can put on the hijab, because Because especially

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practicing, and they become practice.

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Like all the things that you're still doing, you're still listening to music, you're still doing this, and you're still doing that. You have the credit if you put on the hijab trying to show up that you're good now. And so they might say, well, you know, I don't want to put on the hijab yet because look, it's I feel like a hypocrite. Right? That's the from the Shavon. That's for the shaytaan. Why? Because if Allah subhanaw taala opens up a door of good deeds, then you do that not all the doors will be open for you. You can't do them, all right, but if Allah makes it easy for her to open to put hijab, then put on the hijab.

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Maybe because Allah opens it up, and maybe open up the other ones. And you'll be able to change in other aspects that you're able to do this right now. Don't make the other acts as an excuse or justification for you to not put on the hijab, right? Because there are many things that some people say, Well, you know, I don't want to go to the masjid because it seems like I'm a hypocrite because I still do these things. When people are gonna think that you know, I'm all this and all that. No, that's when the shutdown if Allah opened and made it easy for you to put on the hijab and put on a job. If Allah made it easy for you to, to, to go to the masjid, then you go to the masjid, and

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whatever actions that that are difficult for you to do, then you ask Allah for help in those actions later on. But whatever opens for you, and that's why not everyone is good, in every aspect, not be perfect. And that's why the doors of paradise are eight, it's not just one door that you entered the paradise. The doors of paradise are eat, because there's some that love to fast. Love the fast, the fastest, the faster the month of Ramadan and the faster sunnah. And then there's some fasting is difficult for them. But you know, they Allah has given them other things. So the very wealthy this

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in the path of Allah Subhana Allah, so Allah opens for you and it helps you to spend in the path of Allah, then you do have it as much as you can. Then you do have it as much as you can. And if Allah made it easy for you to come to the you know, to pray your Sunnah prayers, all of you love prayer, Al Hamdulillah that's one of the best one of the greatest blessings that a person can have. And then there are some people that don't do a lot of good deeds. But then they're very kind to other people do a lot of like acts of worship, they do just like the, you know, just the bare minimum or a little more than that. But then they love to help. They love to volunteer. Like sometimes during time,

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let's say tearaway prayer right. During dry prayer, there are some people I can't stand with the Imam is too difficult for them. It's hard to stand up the whole for the whole night for them, or the whole prayer. Well, but they want to help what can they do? Well, you know, the Masjid needs people help with parking.

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And that's a good deed also. So go help with parking, and inshallah you get the reward of standing in prayer also. And then if Allah opens it up for you, to pray more inshallah you can go home and pray, but whatever you're able to do whatever Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Do not make the other deeds that are difficult as it is and justification for you not doing a good deed that Allah Subhana Allah has made easy for you. So you have to understand that so the Prophet sallallahu Stefi will will

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then have the karma be upright, you're not going to be able to do all of those things, but no one will and the Hydra America masala but know that one of the best deeds. One of your best one of the best deals for you are are the prayers the five daily prayers and the prayers in general. So if, of course that pray

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Here is one of the pillars amongst the pillars of Islam. And thus

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You know, praying and praying is one of the best deeds, then you want to pray. And not only do you want to pray, you want to perfect your prayer. And you want to maximize the reward of that prayer. But also, praying in the masjid, praying in the masjid. And if a person has an opportunity, let's say, you know, when, when ALLAH SubhanA, Allah gives them the opportunity to lead the people in prayer and put themself in that position that's a great blessing from from Allah subhanho wa Taala for the prayer is something that is very, very virtuous.

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And to be able to teach people to pray to be able to lead the people in prayer. It's a very, very virtuous, but the responsibility is also very, very great that person should try their very best, you know, to follow and, and, and learn the rulings related to that. And of course, we know that the prayer of one who prays

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prayer is very very great and virtuous

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but also

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but also prayer.

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One we're gonna pause a little bit. We have a medical emergency here.