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barrel will be learning Amina shale Ponyo, Raji

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Bismillah Yo, yo he the

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lengthy you know mine in love with him already

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Wallasey no

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah He often Salah woman wala na Varric Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And we are here we're continuing with our journey through sort of what we know and so today we're talking about verse number three and four. And I just I have the verses kind of right in front of me here to refer to them. So verse number three, when Latina whom is a lovely morally alone, one last thing that I wanted to share with you with respect to that previous verse, a Latino homefield saw that to him, close your own vote. These are the ones that indeed in their prayer they have for sure, you know the word Whoa, sure. We mentioned this already

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in a previous video, you know, you're you have so much fear standing in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that your limbs become numb, you'll become stiff, you don't move around, you limit the amount of movement as much as possible so that you can concentrate on what is most important. So with that being said, if you notice that when your honor, like Hi, you know, you're really focused, you pray the best fudger of your life, you want to maintain that feeling all day. But the reality is, that doesn't happen. You know, after an hour or two, you kind of go back to status quo. You don't feel that emotion rush that you've had. And this is this is the same thing that we experienced, like if

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we go to conferences, you see your favorite speaker, you hear this amazing lecture and then you walk out of the conference, and everything is kind of back to normal. How do you maintain that he man Hi, throughout the day, and even throughout your life, this is where salata voter comes in. You reignite you get back into solid again. You revisit a Latino man feels solid to him harsher on you revisit this a, so you're back you you you reenergize now when you're done voto. You start to see that that Amen, rush slowly disintegrates. And by the time it completely disappears, what's the next prayer also comes in, in the same cycle until Muslim comes in the same cycle until a shark comes in? When I

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shot comes in now, now you're with your family, your home, you're relaxed, you're thinking about Okay, you know, you can spend time with the family. That's all very bad. And then you go to bed. So when people ask, Why do I have to pray five times a day? This is this a the word whole Sure, answers the question. The fact that we need to have for sure in our prayer, and so answers the question that we need five prayers a day, we need that so that we can reignite Whoa, sure, all throughout the day. And now we're required to pray every day, every single day of our lives, no matter what our condition is, we try to bring the best way possible, whatever the condition is, that immediately

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tells you that our whole life revolves around who

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just think about It's beautiful. So I just wanted to share that with you now leading into the next day. If you lose her Sure,

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okay, or you struggle with for sure. The next is the natural consequence. If you can control your physical actions in front of Allah, then you know what happens next? Well Latina woman in love with Mario dude. Then there are also those on a level when they hear level when they hear level. So if you don't have for sure, then you then you have a level problem. But when you have how sure you are on a lovely Mario don't you reject level you're uncomfortable with level. So before we continue, we got to understand what level is level. Lamb of rain and well literally refers to

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conversations that are of no use. You know how some people can sit and they can talk about someone or they can talk about something for literally hours, even throughout the night. And then you're just wanting Oh my god, the whole night is gone. And all we've been talking about how to pass the last level in Super Mario and man it was really tough, but I'm really glad we had

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This conversation next level if you have a problem like level if you're praying and you're still thinking about the Angry Birds level and how you're going to pass that last level, where are you going to shoot the bird? How the bird is going to hit this particular rock and how is everything going to fall apart? You're playing Angry Birds while you're in prayer

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Do you have a level of problem if you're thinking about you know your favorite shows your favorite forms of entertainment all of these things you have a level of problem level also is a distraction level is useless talk just talking smack all day and Knight level also his actions when you're just doing things that are of no benefit and of no use. So you're sitting there binge watching Netflix videos all day, you have a level of problem. So what is the left telling us in this area?

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The people who our true believers have Whoa, sure. But when they are around level they are more reliable, you know more ideal don't murder in the form of this word. Okay, the structure of this word represents that they don't even for not a split second there never come too comfortable with Martina they don't just say, You know what? It's just you know, it's one wedding. I know there's going to be a reception. I know there's going to be alcohol there. But I mean, yeah, it's just one winning. Let's just go and get it over with when they're there. They don't they're not the first person on the dance floor. You know, they're, they're uncomfortable and they're just like, Man, you

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know, you know what, we don't need to be here, let's go. That's Marylebone. You don't want to be around the level. You don't even want to listen to level you don't even want to see level. It makes you uncomfortable, and it clutters your mind. So the natural consequence if you lose her, sure, then you have a level problem. I hope you see how beautiful the connection is. If you lose her show in your solar, then the natural next step, the next consequence that follows is you end up developing a level problem. You know, your core End Time will just be in Ramadan, your messager time will just be jumar your allotted time will only be when you pray. And unfortunately, that prayer, four of them

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happen all at the same time. Because why you've missed all the solid times throughout the day, you get my point. So what levena whom I love, we merridale don't, we want to be the people. And this is you know, just a piece of advice. If you have, like music and songs downloaded on your phone, then the first thing that you need to do. First of all, you have a level problem. The second thing is you need to delete that stuff. Just delete it. literally go in to your phone and just start deleting all of those playlists. Get it out. You know, there are certain things about our Dean, that you don't procrastinate about you don't just be like oh my god, maybe I need some counseling. Maybe I should

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talk to somebody I'm really addicted to this stuff and I don't know what to do. You know, talking to somebody might help but you are the best counselor to yourself like you've got to realize that at some point you just have to act you know people will ask me you know, brother Melissa, can you make Dora that I pray? And I'm like no, just go and pray it's solid time go perform will do and stand up and just do the action just do it

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in a lower low you know read the most I can you make dua that Allah gives me strength. And also I watch TV too much. I'm always on my phone can you make do our love gives me strength, so I can limit my time. No, turn off your phone, put it away, realize you have that problem and just attack the problem. Get to it. You know, the counseling might be a source of push and encouragement for you. And that's okay, but don't depend on that stuff. Allah is putting us responsible for our own choices. It says, look, you know, if you're in Salah, and you've got to assure that you never will have a level of problem, but you lose concentration in prayer, then you have a level of problem

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it'll immediately follow. So when people ask, you know, I can't concentrate, I can't focus and Solo Solo is just cardiovascular exercise. I just do it for the sake of doing it. I don't know how to get out of this. The first step to healing that is see what kind of level you have in your life. And by the way, we all have. Every one of us has a little bit of level in us and you've got to take time to sort of

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dissect and look at the effects of level in your life. Look at the effects. You know, I talked to like people all day all the time, you know, it's it's my job. And it's kind of what I do.

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Sometimes when I'm talking to someone, and they want to tell me a situation about someone else, but they know that there's a fine line between them talking about the person and backbiting about the person, right? And, you know, people wouldn't do when they stand with people like us, you know, the shoe, and m&ms and so on. They're very cautious. But if I ended up saying, Tell me about so and so. Right, tell me about this name. The person's name is that tell me about so and so what was your interaction with them? Sometimes you'll see their eyes light up. There's no oh, my God, I can actually back by Meanwhile, we're not backbiting. We're trying to figure out a situation like Tell

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me about so well, you know what I saw him, he was wearing this. And he sat down like this. And he was looking at me, I know, he hates me well, and I'm just like, I don't need to know any of that. That's backbiting, just tell me what the problem is. But the point is, is that there are people in this world that are attracted to low, they love that stuff, they find that that's juicy time in their day or in their life.

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And if that's the case, then Sala will be absolutely useless. It will feel like just exercise, it will feel annoying five times a day, that's too much. It will feel annoying, and slow, slowly. But surely,

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you start losing that flavor of prayer. And then it just more level one layer of level after another piles up. And before you know it, you might stop praying, when is below May Allah protect us from that you might stop praying. Or you might ridicule and scrutinize and put down those who are praying, but look, look at these guys, what a waste of time. You know, they're going to pray and they're going to do all this work and look look all messed up their lives are, you're going to start looking at it from that from that lens. You That's how you know level is being developed. So the point of this a is to highlight that a true believer that is successful, and we've talked about what

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success is true believers that really invest in their effort to really invest in improving their scale of good deeds are people that when they listen, or they see or they are in the presence of a level, they become extremely uncomfortable. And then they follow that discomfort with meridian. They get up and they repel list of like, get this away from me. I don't want to listen to that. You know what? I know that there's just a couple bad scenes in that movie, but I don't even want to watch the movie at all. That's how you know you're a believer. That's part of the checklist. You don't care about. Okay, we can just fast forward it over. It's just pG 13 you know, the PG 13 movies and shows

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of today are not the same pG 13 that they were 10 and 15 years ago. You know what was rated R back then is now pG 13 today, so you you're mindful of this stuff. And you're watching these movies and you're watching these shows and you're looking at the ratings and you realize, no,

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I don't want I don't want to see that. I don't care about the fast forward button. I don't care. Marylebone, you rejected this stuff. last a while Latina woman lyza catifa. Ilona, then here's another quality of a true successful believer will Latina home and they're those lizza cat when they purify fair enough they do it now is that cat here is not as a cat that you pay a London and say well Athena homeless sacchetti I'm alone, I'm alone action.

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I'm alone is the verb that's used when you're talking about is a cat not fear alone. theragun is just a random action. So you're not doing a cat on the drone is that you're actually performing the action of the cat like you're you're actually going through with the process of paying the cat you know all the fifth, etc, etc. That's what this is talking about. There's a cat in this here because alesund fatty Luna at the end is the action of purification from within. So now you're taking the step of morial dawn, and now you start spiritually vacuuming your heart all the time. You know,

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we need in this day and age to vacuum our hearts all the time, every day, your heart

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Spiritually goes in the state of emergency when you don't purify it each and every day. Why? Because we're surrounded by so much wrong. We see and listen to so much wrong. We're just literally surrounded from every corner in every aspect. It's there. So what does the believer do?

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They're always thinking of and reflecting, how am I going to keep improving? So let me give you an example.

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When you're reviewing quarter an, okay, you want to read some Korean and you're reading a soda that you memorize, for example, so let me know you've memorized so here you are. Quite a fella Halima me known Xena whom feel silentium Mahal. Sharon Valentina, whom I love we morally alone, Lindsay, you know, zanka teefury

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well as the one levina, and you're stuck, so you go back, but let me know. And you go again, when you get to the same way, or lengthy, you know, is it fair in one way, or the you know, whom, and you're stuck again, you're stuck again, and you find that this trend has happened. This is a sort of you can read in your sleep, and you're stuck again. And then you you realize what happened? You start thinking, why am I forgetting this? sorta? Oh, yeah.

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I just finished watching that movie. And man, there was some crazy stuff in there, I shouldn't have seen Damn.

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As Allah says, In the Quran, as our Prophet early subtle, Solomon says, and as Islam as a whole teaches us, you can never take a darkness and light and fuse them together. You can't be involved in wrong or sin. And at the same time, expect that Baraka and blessing will all come together, it's just not going to work. You know, our Prophet alayhi salatu, Salam told us of a hadith of a student of knowledge that says, and he tells us that the student of knowledge that sins is like a candle that's lit.

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You know what the same like, on the one side, when the candle is lit, it's bringing light and guidance, it gives direction to people where they go and what they should do, it provides light. But at the same time, it's burning itself out. So here you are, you're on the one hand, you're reviewing your poor, etc, etc. But on the other hand, you're still in level, you're not purifying yourself. So as a result, you're stuck in the exact same spot. So you're reviewing the surah every day, for the past two months, and you still can't read it. Without making a mistake, you're still getting stuck at the same places. Why? Because you haven't purified yourself from level. And the best form of

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purifying yourself from level is you concentrate in prayer. Do you see how beautifully connected all of these verses, you know?

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If I can say, this is one of those sources, and obviously, I'm not encouraging you to do this. Don't do this. But it's interesting to reflect about and think this sorta is almost like a pseudo you can read backwards. And it'll still make sense that you could read it backwards.

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Dino rugi him have 191 Nancy, you know who Marni love, we morally Hold on one. And Nancy, you know who feels solidarity him?

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Me no. And it's still making sense to you. Because when you start the proper way, and begin from the beginning of the surah onwards, everything connects perfectly. You can go backwards, and he's like, wow, it's still talking to me. It's still making sense. It is one beautiful pattern of this sort, and perhaps all the sorters in some ways. So what are the you know whom? lyza? Cathy, fair enough. Now, fair enough. Let's talk about this word fairing. Remember, earlier on I said to you that sometimes though, you know, there are things in our lives. You just do it. You don't procrastinate. purifying yourself Is that what is that thing? Just do it. Just realize that deep within I have an

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honesty problem. Deep within it was my fault. And I still lied deep within, you know what was right, but you did otherwise, deep within, you know, I've got a racist problem. I discriminate. I treated that person differently because of the color of their skin or their religion.

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Or their background. I know that song. When you do that, when you are your best critic, then you start the process of desk ear, you start purifying, you start realizing, yeah, I probably shouldn't do that anymore. I should change.

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Yeah, I shouldn't treat people based on their color of their skin like I it wasn't my fault that came out that way. It wasn't my fault. I didn't have nothing to do with it. So I've got to change my mindset. And you slowly start breaking down the barriers of low you start destroying them. And then you start vacuuming your heart Your knifes your soul your you start vacuuming your amen and cleaning up your life.

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And then you become of what the horror end calls lol Bab Al Bab are people that it's the highest level or peak of a believer a lab is when you are spiritually pure. That when you hear advice and guidance and you even see advice and guides like you see the good around you it still talks to you. Like nobody has to actually come and tell you this was wrong. You just see that was one of your like, oh man, so panela I can't believe I just did that. You start giving yourself naseeha you start giving to yourself, you start lecturing yourself. You look in the mirror like God. Why did you say that? Why did you do that you lose sleep over critiquing yourself. When you do that you are doing

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fairyloot you are doing lyza Kathy ferry when you're literally cleaning yourself up all day, every day. Allah says that when you do that in you develop that kind of habit, you are differently from

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me No. So beautiful. This is just the fourth a dies. Tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah we continue we'll take about five or six more verses, usually with our TIFF series, as you've probably realized that the first you know, five to 10 verses we go slow because we it's part of the introduction of the surah. But the pace will start to pick up and even the amount of verses will also start to increase. So just bear that bear that in mind, I hope and I pray that in sha Allah hotel Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala counsels from amongst pedophiles. I mean, that's where we want to be. That's what we're striving for. And that's what we hope to be always and forever until we meet him. subhanho wa Taala

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So having said that, I escolares so it'll keep us safe, keep us healthy, allow everything that we see. And we learn from this beautiful sorta uplift us, purify us, make us have the best people in this world will feel after and hereafter a lot of them. I mean, so take care guys in sha Allah. And, by the way, by the way, I almost forgot this chapter here, or excuse me, this episode is called our personalities are like onions, you're probably wondering why in the world did I name it that? That's who we are. So when we're talking about the process of Tez, kiya, we are like onions. We're not saying that we smell or we taste bad. I'm just saying that, you know, we're like, you peel off one

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layer, what's under that layer,

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another layer, and another layer and another layer and you just the process continues. So when you're doing this as a katifaq alone, you peel off one layer and you realize my God, I still have this problem and it goes even deeper. My anger is really embedded in me. So you work out like masks upon Allah. This has been going on for years. And you keep feeling oh my god I've had I've been doing this since I was a kid.

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You know, you know how where I learned this title really and truly from when I spoke to a student years ago that was addicted to pornography. And he told me that this student when I met him, I think he was about 20 or 22 years old, something like that. And he told me he was been addicted to pornography since he was like eight years old.

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He was like eight years old. So just over 10 years, hey, 1012 years or so he's been addicted to it. So he's like I work at it. But then as I keep working at it, I realize how I don't have to be in front of a computer or on my phone to see pornography.

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He just looks at people.

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And he visualizes and he says imagination starts running wild. So he developed his personality from within that he everybody was like a sex object to him everywhere he went. If you saw a poster, he think about a video that he saw. If he's talking to like a woman or something, he'll think of a video. He certainly imagine camaldolese like awful thoughts will come to his head. And so when you peel these layers off, then you realize it's embedded within deeper and deeper and deeper. But the point here is this the process of peeling those layers off

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is a sign that you have Tez Kia in you. That's the point. You're peeling and you didn't just let the onion sit there and rock. You didn't just let your heart become stale and spiritually decayed from this stuff. No, you attack that heart and you start cleaning it up. So you decided to peel this onion and you're just getting out you don't care. You're like, you know what, I'm going to confront myself. And I'm going to do this. Well, Athena home lyza katifaq Iran. Welcome to the path of what it takes to be a successful believer here they're credible. In credible sipan Allah, Allah azza wa jal Bless you all so take care of yourselves in sha Allah and we will continue this tomorrow was set

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