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AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of belief in Islam to navigate through difficult situations and find opportunities, particularly in the holy eye and holy river. They emphasize the holy eye as a symbol of creation and the holy water and holy river as fundamental forces in the hula culture. The importance of not letting anyone know of the truth until it is revealed is emphasized, along with warning of potential consequences. The speaker also mentions a portal called "the rain of truth" that will show the truth of life and death, and emphasizes the importance of not letting anyone know until it is revealed.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Yeah, Brahim with another daily Tafseer, a surah de Alhamdulillah. We're doing the Tafseer of Jews ama, and we're at surah number 86, which is sort of a thought and a thought of at refers to the brightest star, I will let him initiate on Rajim Smackdown Rahim Allah subhanaw. taala says was semer he was bought by the heaven, Allah is making a vow by the heaven. And the thought of that is in it. And the topic really is the night comer. It's the first brightest star that you see. And it's one that was used by the Arabs to signify location to be able to navigate the desert at night. So it was something that was very

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symbolic, it was something that you would swear by, that Allah would use to say it's important in their life, to show you the importance of what he's going to call them to attention to. Now this Sora is going to speak about the importance of belief in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as being the source of all life, the source of all creation, and therefore because he's the one who brought everything into life, he's the one who can return it in. Two can bring life back to a restart. And number two is the truthfulness of the message of the origin and the claim of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the divine origin of this revelation and scripture or seminar, you will

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thought, why Matt Thrall came up and what will make you understand this? thought that the importance of it do you think about its importance to your life Oh, Bedouin Arabs, oh, people of porridge, how important it is for you to navigate and to move around and to do the things that you do? Well, I have something more important to you something that you will need more than that light, that thing that you need in life that will help you lead you to water and out of the desert and find different locations and trade routes. I will give you something that is even more important. When nedjma Falcon, whether it's the star, that pyramid that's piercing with brilliant, let me tell you what you

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need to know in kulu Neff sin lemma, Allah Halford, know that all mankind that every soul I have sent for it a protector and a watcher over it. And Allah is you know, saying to us, you're not alone. I'm with you. And I've given you those who are to assist you in this life and the angels have been appointed for that. walkabout to mania day human halifa he, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that there are angels that are alternate with us that they come in the mornings and in the evenings. There are angels who carry our deeds are angels who record them there are angels who protect them. We not only come to Halloween, there are angels who are there to guard you and to

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write down your deeds. And the prophets I seldom speaks about this in numerous Hadith. And Allah subhanaw taala says that for every Angel let him Aqua bathroom and Bay near the human Humphrey here for Luna home in Emory law, that for every person that there are angels in succession coming in row after row from in front and behind them and and in front of them and they guard them from the command of a loss of Hannah to Allah until it is ordered to be executed. The prophets I seldom says in the Hadith narrated by the moment behati angels do the alphabet and they come in succession in the day and in the night. And they come to you at your leisure and your answer to prayers. And it's

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something that you want to be in that prayer in Jamaica so that angels will be witnessed for you on the Day of Judgment. If Eleonora insan womanhood, I want you to know that you've been created and you've been sufficed, but I want you to look inwardly, Allah always asked us to look inward, really, as much as we look at that star, as much as you look at the title, as much as you need that navigation out. Your heart is also a compass and a guide, polyamory inside of me mahoto look at the creation of where you have come from

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what has brought you into this place that you're in? What is coming Matt in data, your origin was from that gushing water that you know, that * that was * that * and the ovum of your mom, your whole human being is salvaterra that your creation is from these two sections. One that is from an area that is can be mixed in that proximity of the backbone and the other from the ribs meaning your mother's ribs they housed you they they will contain you and the backbone of your father you know you say your your you've come out of the backbone of your father your it's an Arabic colloquium, meaning that you're from, you know, you're exactly like your father, you're exactly like

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your people like your tribe. And it's an idiom in the Arabic language to understand that meaning you're a person of faith and you're a person of history and and ancestry in that one Allah Raja hirakata. Don't you know that your Lord was created you in the first instance can it's easier it's easy to bring you back. The one who brought you out of nothing this surely can make you out of the something that you already are. Yo meant to bless Allah so don't think that you will die and everything will be hidden and everything will be forgotten. The day of judgment will come and there will be helplessness for men. Your day where your sins will become exposed. Your evilness will

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become exposed your cheating and your dishonesty will become known. It is a day where those secrets of deeds will

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Remain unexamined and the truth will prevail. The truth will always be set free. family home in all what went on while announcer on that day you will have no power nor anyone to help you or assist you except when ordered by Allah subhana wa tada here you will have no power family home inputting power within yourself. While announcer power it's to ask someone else to help you. So you yourself will fail yourself and you will be able to turn to another person and say can you help me and assist me with some that Elijah Allah says look, you want to see its example. Look at the heavens and the rain that descends time and time again, when I'll do that to slow down and the earth as it splits open

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and it gushes with its fruits and it's true trees and it's plants, that plain Earth, all of a sudden when you mix the rain with it and and the earth in it, it comes back and researches back to life in Conan FOSS, if you think about this portal, and it is a decisive word of truth, it will clarify this, it will show you that you are part of this world you are you know a lot brings down the rain and brings back life and you are you know just like you been brought into life, you will be questioned about it and you will live and you will die just like the plants and the trees and the birds and the animals that surround you on Earth. One that who I believe has and know that this

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portal and was not meant to be in, you know, just some amusement of frivolity. It's not just something you pay attention to a little bit. It's not meant to be distracting from any purpose. Rather, it is a cold force in the hula Coulomb force woman who will has it is a decisive True Word. And it's not one that is taken for amusement in Naomi Yaki doing a Qaeda yeah Mohamed, there will be those who are around you who do not believe in you who are plotting and plotting and plotting against you. There will always be people who have Cade, there'll be people near you and far from you people who believe in people who don't believe people who like you and people who don't like you who

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have other plans, other mode motives, other things in their mind, where it's not always pleasing to God what they have in their heart towards you know that this is something that is true, there will always be opposition and opposition is not something that signifies you're doing anything wrong. Anyone who's done anything significant and worthwhile in life had someone to oppose them. And this is something that is a standard of you knowing how effective you are in life in how many people critique you because unless you're doing something worthwhile, no one is there to plot against you or to be in your way firma Haley format format he lived carefully in Amarillo, Merida, so the

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prophets I send them it said it Allah says to him, so give them time. Give these people who plot against you gay you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala says as they plot a key, a key indicator they plot but the plot of a law the plan of a law will always fit. You know in the home Yaki doing a kadowaki Okay, they're planning and plotting, but my plan is what is going to happen. Even if it includes them achieving some of their aims, they will never be successful in one I don't allow them to be Thermohaline caffeine, so be relaxed. Let these unbelievers who wish to oppose you Yeah, Mohammed do what they're gonna do.

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Um, hello, Merida, I've given them a respite and a time for them to readjust themselves and come back to an understanding of truth. And if they don't know that I'm in full control of Mohammed, Mohammed lies, tell him, don't ever lose hope. Don't ever believe that Allah is disconnected from you that he doesn't know where you are, what what your condition is, there is always an opportunity for you to ask him for his assistance and help and know that when it doesn't come in the shape and in the way and in the form that you want. It doesn't mean that it's non existent at all. That's a powerful message of sort of tatata as much as you need external guidance. Look within yourself, look

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to your own creation, and you will find a loss upon hautala tomorrow, brother. Yeah, hey, Brahim. This was another daily Tafseer. The Tafseer of sort of thought, which is a powerful surah from Judah map. And this was surah. Number 86, was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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