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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your wall Jamie Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Biola. Europol benei ouabain except will not be Oh, Kavita, William I'm starting Aileen sobre Sadat, Allah who love him. We had concluded verse number 77, in which her the rally is Salatu was Salam had straighten the wall upon which musala his Salatu was Salam asked of him lotia intellia Alejandra if you so wish you could have asked these people for some compensation, and it is mentioned interferon adhan necessary a term and we could buy some food with it because these people decline and refuse to entertain us. And we touched on this as well. Yeah, that understood it. jameela youtrack had that well, O'Malley, um, that we learn from

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this display kindness, goodness, hospitality, and a kind gesture, even to someone who is uncouth to you, who does not display good mannerism to you. So once Musa alayhis Salatu was salam, you know, engage the Hadith alayhi salatu was Salam immediately alerted him and he said, Okay, well, this has been the third instance. And we need to call it today and this now marks the point of separation. We cannot continue in this union at all. And that is verse number 78, which I've just recited before you call 100 alayhis. Salam said, Hagia Sophia Rocco benei ouabain ik This is the moment in which we're going to part and we're going to separate so never be Oh Kavita away Lima, lambda study Allah

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you early sorbara. But at the point of separation, I will inform you of the interpretation on the matters on which you could not persevere. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Rahim Allah who musala Saba, may Allah have mercy on musala. His Salatu was Salam. If he persevered and do or we would have discovered many more mysteries in this journey and this union and this companionship of Moosa and Hardy, Ronnie Mammon, Allah He Asana to what the slave, okay? Just a point of observation, before we endeavor to unpack the wisdom that has been transmitted in the Quran regarding these three incidents, just pause for a moment. And outwardly apparently, if any person runs his or her mind, he

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will not able to arrive at the wisdom in trying to understand or reconcile someone who took us on board and didn't charge us anything. And then to dislodge a panel of that boat, like why or a child playing amongst children and to separate one child and slay him or then to be kind and do a generous gift to someone who was unkind to us. Okay, the third one, you can probably still relate to it and say, you know, it's a good nature, it's a good gesture, but the first two, even if you were to run your mind and your thoughts, you simply will not able to understand the wisdom. The reason why I'm creating this preamble to the interpretation is that the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala is

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something as as mortals As humans, we will never comprehend. And we should not pry into that because it is outside our scope. It is beyond our comprehension. It is it is it is beyond our scope, and we are not tasked to probe into the wisdom. Of course, we've been told that when it is this situation, this is how we react when it is this situation, this is how we react, but

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it's not our duty, nor within our domain and nor will we be able to comprehend the wisdom of the Almighty. In fact, I often say a child questions his dad or mum or at times in an interrogating tone. And the father tries to explain actually my son You know what, this is the reason and this is the wisdom Okay, that Oh, okay, okay. Okay, Mom, I understand. And after a certain point is like almost a breaking point. And the dead is Listen, my boy, when you become an adult, you'll understand this year, you can thank me if I'm alive. And if I'm not alive, you can pray for me and visit my grave. Right now. It's only the disparity of age both are humans, both our creation both are

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mortals. It is Junior versus senior. And one cannot relate with the wisdom of the other the child according to his narrow limited understanding just doesn't you know, it just doesn't gel with his logic. Now we are humans we are creation, Allah subhanho wa Taala his knowledge is in finite, his wisdom is complete, every action of it is full of wisdom. You and I will never able to comprehend the wisdom of the Almighty and nor should we enter into that territory. Was it not someone

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Ask and say dinar Allahu Allahu Akbar me annual tada Ali inform me about duck deer and destiny and alira the Alon who said over 31 Muslim on lattice loco, it's a dark road don't walk on it. And the question I asked again and earlier the olana said, batroun, amico, la Telugu deep ocean don't dive into it. And the question that persisted for the third time and earlier the Allahu anhu said Sera, la coffee la it's the secret of Allah, only known to him. Don't probe or bribe. Okay.

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So now we move on to verse number 79. In which other Allah He salatu salam provides interpretation to the actions which musalla is Salatu was Salam asked of him why outcome reason wisdom, explained, contextualize etc. Let's start off with the boat first in the format of the Quran, ama, Amir Sufi netofa Natalie Masaki and I'm alone FL Baja. I'm a Safina with regards to the boat, right with regards to the boat and the panel that I had dislodged and you told me a karateka Holly to rape Ah ha, that did you dislodge the panel to drown the people. The Quran only speaks about the dislodging part. He's, you know, historic narration suggests that after that he had, you know what somewhat

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repaired it or despite the fact that the panel was dislodged, miraculously water had not entered the vessel miraculously water had not entered the vessel. Otherwise logically apparently outwardly it would capsize and it would lead to the vessel sinking and the occupants drowning. But the Quran is silent about that and the Quran goes to the point of reflection. But these are things that could be understood and implied and historians and scholars of the seed have disgusted as well. And Miss Safina verse number 79 with regards to the boat for Ghana, Lima sockin. It belonged to some poor people. So masakan is the plural of the word Miskin and yeah, again they use this whole linguist

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discussion and debate. If you look into the recipients of Zakat, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Masada to lil Pokhara he will Misaki for the for Cora and the miskeen. So Allah subhanho wa Taala defined and referred to these people as Misaki as poor, yet the Quran says they had an asset. So that means they had an acid but not to the threshold of Zika. Right? That's an academic explanation and context to it. So a miskeen doesn't necessarily mean one who doesn't have anything according to the argument of linguists is that although he is poor, but he could be possessing something of you know, what, trivial or insignificant paltry value. So I must Safina with regards to the boat

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mechanically massage again, it belonged to some poor people, scholars of fcsa ashra they were 10 brothers Hamsa two Min homezone. Now, five amongst them were physically challenged five amongst them were physically challenged, and the other five would work and toil. Wow. Wow. I mean, just as a side note, a side note, which is not you know what, in the actual discussion here, the boat belong to the poor. That's what the Quran says scholars of the sea say it was 10 Brothers, five of whom were physically challenged. They had impairment disabilities, so they were unable to work. And the other five would ferry people across from one side to the other, generate some revenue and bring it home.

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You know, I often mentioned this incident in the world today if you want to inject growth into your business, you bring a celebrity on board, you bring some prominent person, he or she markets your goods and then you know what it gets prominence it gets mileage it gets coverage. Well islamically, the messenger sallallahu wasallam, said well, tourism owner in libido alpha, Eco, and you are sustained by the weak and the feeble amongst you take care of the weak and the feeble and the dependent amongst you. And you see how that will inject growth in your business to a another level. And that's what I invite you to do my brother that's what I invite you and employ you that someone

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dependent that someone with someone feeble that someone physically challenged is someone who has some impairment, bring them on board, include them by letting them get a share and you'll see the exponential growth that it will bring to your business and masterfully netofa can actually Masaki in it belong to some poor people, Yama, Luna feel Buhari, they were working in the water meaning they would ferry people from one site to another for our to an E Baja. I intend the defect in it. Now just keep this in mind the choice of words because we're going to come back to this as a point of reference as we run through the different interpretations. So the choice of words basic Arabic urato

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I intended and NASA areeba arbitrary

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I intend the defect in this boat. Javier alayhis salam directs the defecting of the boat to himself what gannawarra Malik and ahead of them ahead of them was a king so commonly in Arabic the word water will mean rear and the back but what are on is amongst the dad those words that have the opposite meaning so you're Of course it refers to a mom ahead of them ahead of them so as they were sailing the direction in which they would go in there was a tyrant King there Malecon a king meaning a tyrant King Yeah, whoa that would see his cool lesufi net in every boat or vessel, Sally heighten with gela Lane expounds on which is intact, which is in order and doesn't have any defect or any

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folly or any fault with it, something that it is in good and mint condition, then this tyrant roller would just exercise his authority and abuse and just snatch it and usurp it. And that's it. So this is what was happening. They were sailing in that direction. I was given the command by the almighty as further it will appear in the verse Walmart fall to him and ambry that to defect this boat, thereby bringing about some minimum harm to these people, but rescuing their vessel from being snatched away by this tyrant King. So outwardly It was like responding to their kindness in suppose that harshness they took us on board without taking any money how maluma be really nolin but I was

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given this inspiration and guidance from the almighty to defected arriba hard to defected what gannawarra home and ahead of them was the style and King Yeah, whoa, who would cease to lesufi in attend salahaddin which is massive, every boat that was intact and just take it for his pleasure. And you serve it I mean, abuse of that nature continues. There's no shortage of dictators or you know, autocrats and abuses of authority in the world. some some some snatch land, others snatch property, others, embezzling public funds, others usurp and it just continues and continues. Right?

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But of course on the day of tiama day will be justice and each person will have to pay in full. So that's the explanation verse number 79. With regards to the mystery of the boat, we move on verse number 80 Well I'm Mel Golem over Ghana

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machine I owe him qagoma tobiano cofra with regards to the boy the lead the the junior the young boy what a metal hula for Ghana, about one myname he's parents were believers for Ghana about one woman named for her she na a euro HIPAA Houma to Leon and Rocco for

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for her Sheena we feared that he would embroil them, he would envelope them, he would influence them, and your HIPAA Houma. Toby Yanan will go for in rebellion and Cofer. So according to the narrations, it comes that this boy was going to grow up and later become an infidel and and you know what turn into apostasy and become an infidel and a disbeliever. And because of the attachment because of the attachment of his parents towards him, it was going to have a negative impact on the parents as well. For her she now we feared we feared here refers to Javier alayhi salatu was Salam seine, and that's the opinion of

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aluminet Sufi in Medina. He could Tenzin he referred to himself because Allah subhanho wa Taala had informed him, the style was going to grow up and he was going to become an infidel. So so he was going to create negative consequences on the faith and the Eman of his parents for Hasina. Referring to her the dalai Salatu was Salam we feared

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for her Sheena Eureka and if in terms of understanding the academics, if Machina which which is a plural expression, so urato in the previous verse 79, I intended that was referring to how the ID affected by the command of Allah, but because defecting head and an unpleasant apparent flavor, so he didn't direct it to Allah. He said, I intended defecting. And Hasina you're in this idea. If we take it in the context of Allah, then it would be for alumna we knew because when it comes to Allah, Allah knows the future in advance. It's not something that's an

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lurking fear or a probability of possible in the case of Allah, it's absolutely certain. So in the case of Javier, he assumed he fear he was apprehensive, he was concerned etc. And we also learn from this year that sometimes the attachment of our children can take us to aboyne which unfortunately can influence us towards wrong for her Sheena, Euro Hippo moto via nanoco for verse number 80 we feel that he would embroil them influence them into disbelief and rebellion.

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Furthermore, verse number 81 Aradhana a Obaidullah humara buma Rahman Jose Canton

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ma for Aradhana so we intended ayyubid deila humara buma that they Lord substitutes for them hieron something which is better, Hydra Minho, better than that boy is a carton in purity in piety in nobility were Acaba and closer Rama in kindness and affection. So the point and the academics and I hope I can simplify it in the first analogy in the first instance, because defecting had an apparent flavor of unpleasantness, he attribute it to himself. In the second instance, it had a dual dimension, there was one that involve the claiming of the life of the lead. And there was a second which involves the substitute to that led, that Allah took that boy and Allah bless them with

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another child. So he used it as a combination expression, a combined expression Aradhana ashina, we feared we intended meaning and there's a mention in medallic within zeal, that as far as the slain of the child, he directed that to himself implied into the idea. Again, it was by the command of Allah, but the etiquette the etiquette is that you direct the goodness to the Almighty, and you direct that which is apparently unpleasant to yourself, by way of examples at night, Brian mulay salatu salam ala the Hala tiny for who did Allah is the one who created me hence he will guide me one lady who are you to rimoni? Well, yes, the the one who feeds me and gives me water to drain what

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either marine to follow as Finn, when I become sick or lucky was me. So he didn't say why either. I'm Ravani when Allah makes me sick, Allah will kill me, he directed sickness to himself and cure to the Almighty.

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And likewise with our teachers, with our parents, we attribute the accomplishment to our parents, to our seniors, and failures to ourselves, and not the other way around, where we take credit for the for, for the accomplishments and direct the failures to, to to our, you know, seniors that is disrespect. Look at the advocate of cambiar la hemos Salatu was Salam. So in the second instance, Aradhana, the adoption of a plural because they were two actions, there was the slain of the child, and there was the substitute of their child. So the implied meaning is that the slain I did, while of course, the substitute can only come from Allah. And this is what is mentioned in the Tafseer as

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well, that Allah subhanaw taala substituted them with a daughter. And this daughter, then grew up and married a newbie, married a newbie. And from that union, another prophet was born La ilaha illa Allah La ilaha illa Allah, the wisdom of Allah is only known to him. So Allah subhanho wa Taala took that child away as a miner. And we know as a miner, the DA that we read when a miner passes away, what is it? Allahu, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Now, ferrata Ferrante is a scout, one who goes ahead and finds the water and facilitates everything, Allahu, Allahu Allah for Allah will

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make him a source of reward and a source of goodness. Right? What do I love Alana Shafi and one more shot and make him one who intercedes and one whose intercession will be accepted. In fact, many scholars have even said that even a non Muslim child even a non Muslim child who passes away before the age of puberty, they will be no repercussions for him in Arthur. And academically you can read this I don't want to go into the details under the iron woman Gundam or the being a high number Arthur rosulip. It is chapter 17 Jews 15. Under this, the scholars have expounded on it as well, referring to the fate and the abode of non Muslim minor children in Iraq. Be it as it may, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala took this child and Allah subhanho

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attalla then replaced it and substituted it with a daughter who becomes the spouse of a prophet and the mother of a prophet.

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The famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim regarding about Allah has child who was unwell. And I will tell her went out and then when he came back and he inquired about the child, and the wife said, iscan, Omar Khan is more peaceful. Meanwhile, he had passed away my word he had passed away. And she said to her, tell her nobody tells my husband that our son has passed away But me and

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Robert la Hill Asha, she presents food he eats the Sun natella who she then doors herself up, adorns itself decorate. They have relationship and after relationship, and she realizes that the needs of her husband have been attended to food drink and his physical need. She nudges him in the late hours of the night and I'm paraphrasing. Oh, my hubby can ask you a question. Of course. I'm all yours. I'm listening to you go for it. Alright, hello, Anna Coleman urato iria. To whom if somebody borrows you something for a period of time and the duration lapses? Can you withhold that item? No, not at all. Well, my husband, Allah borrowed us our son for a period of time and the period has lapsed,

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they both break into tears. Can you imagine you talk of psychology, you talk of maturity, you talk of integrity, inconceivable. So he even says Tarantini data in that data to you left me and I have now you know, indulged in relationship with you knowing that my own child has passed on, she comforts him. She says you couldn't change the reality in a context. But I tried to entertain your comfort you relax you and then break the news to you. Wow, can you imagine that? What a woman showed me, you know, most amazing woman in the annals of human history.

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And then he goes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he narrates the insight into the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the messengers, allies and comforts him and he says are rasdaman Laila, did you have relationship last night? And he said, Yes, the messenger sallallahu Sallam said May Allah bless the union of last night and ignore Yeah, he now says I heard from a person from the unsolved that he mentioned that the child that was conceived that night he was born and Allah blessed him with nine children, the Hadith Buhari and Muslim co Loompa Kuru Al Quran, each one of whom had become a half as of the Quran. So Allah tested them, one child was taken. And then Allah subhanho wa

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Taala blessed them with another child who becomes the father of nine sons and each one of whom becomes a bearer of the Quran. So the wisdom of Allah is only known to him it is only known to him Abdullah venomous Rudra the Allahu anhu says in El amor Elia in Al Abdullah Yahoo mobile cameraman at Jarrah, sometimes a person intends doing some business and Allah tells them Allah diverted from him, don't let this business deal happen for him. So the melodica say and why Oh Allah, it is a halaal transaction I read it in the writings of ignorance of humbly like not not objecting, but asking Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if this multi business deal would materialize,

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then it would end Gulf this person, it would overwhelm this person and lead him to hell. So Allah subhanho wa Taala diverted the human then turns around and says 70 Fulani washed out the money for land on this man did me down and he launched me and he deserted me. In reality, it was nothing but the grace of Allah that gave me in a disguised form that diverted that deal, because Allah rescued you from something else. We move on. And that is now verse number 82. Well, I'm Melody Dara I can only hold hola main e at Main infinity Medina What can a doctor who can Zola Houma waka abou masala ha MLG dar with regards to the wall for Ghana Li hola mania te main it belong to two orphans, right?

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And this again supports the fact that vuillaume is used for a minor because hola main sifford attribute has come as yet the main because la yatimer by del Balu. Once a person reaches maturity, then you don't remain an orphan anymore by academic and juristic ruling. So the word vuillaume refers to a minor what a mellow lamb What

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are with regards to the wall for cannoli hula mane beneath this wall there was a treasure and if the wall was to collapse, the treasure would be exposed and people would then loot this treasure. What was this treasure? Some people say it was a block of gold. It was some chunks of gold and others have certain that others have even argued that on it. It was written it actually made up to Bill molti case a year for I am astonished at the person who believes in death. How does he

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Certain celebrate in this world, our jeep Tolima utility bill Kadri kafer yet I'm astonished at the person who believed in destiny How does he tire himself a Jeep to Lima up noble hisab I'm astonished at the person who believes in accountability. How does he live a heedless life?

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If I can only hold Armenia to anything Medina what kind of Doctor Who can zona Houma beneath this wall was their treasure? What Ghana Dr. Hawkins, Allah Houma what Ghana abou masala Ha. And their father, their late father was a pious man.

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Some say it refers to their father or they say it was their ancestor, their seventh ancestors. Some say reason some say distant ancestor, Mohammed Jaffer said it was altered to Serbia, their seventh ancestor who was a very, very pious person, and it was due to the piety of that ancestor be the reason or the distant ancestor that Allah subhanho wa Taala protected and made divine arrangements for the preservation of this treasure that was left behind and the words of Mohammed Mancha there are famous in Allah Allah for doober rajani Assad, while at the who, that Allah protects because of the piety of a man, his children and his grandchildren. What do I urato Leti hola who and sometimes

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even those living in his neighborhood are protected because there's a sage in the age, living in the neighborhood of a pious person is a catalyst for goodness and Baraka. What kinda abou masala ha and their father was a pious person for arada rabuka yalova. Yes, at the rally he Salam directly says your Lord, it doesn't take any credit because the straightening of the wall was only an act of kindness even the other two were kindness, but it was in a disguised form your It was a clear, vivid explicit kind action, showing kindness to someone who were not hospitable. But the kindness of the preserving of the wall was unrelated to those people, the community and the people did not entertain

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them, and the treasure they belong to two orphans. So it was unrelated and hence there was this divine intervention. So what did how did Allah hemos Salah Ali Salaam say for arada book for arada book your Lord intended a young Bulova I should tell him that these two people these two orphans grow up and reach their time of strength for in nesto min home rush done chapter four just for when the orphan you see he has maturity and rush then comes in a Nikita in an indefinite context, which means any form of maturity understanding financial details, then further ado, enter him and Wallah whom give them their wealth. And in biannual Quran we learn from the Quran advises the guardian of

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the orphan, not to give the orphan of the well not to give the orphan his wealth. If he doesn't have maturity fee he either moved if we vishay in our lady and he don't hand over something. When the recipient is not deserving. The orphan the wealth belongs to him it is his but he is not mature enough don't give it to him while you're Casali almonacid and on that you can apply your mind of positions, rank and status, which today unfortunately, is just casually distributed. More commonly to undeserving people you stand a better chance if you aren't deserving. Look, ignore look at as the Hardy says before Tiamat it is evil people who will govern and rule

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for Allah darbuka biloba, I should the Houma staff Raja Kenzo Kansa, Houma, Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted them to reach the age of strength, and then they can excavate and remove those stretches are rough my tummy rub big, this is mercy from your Lord, this is kindness from your Lord, a woman to whom and Mary and referring to all three of you three things that have occurred, I did not do this on my own account, I did not do this on my own account, Valiquette we know ma lamb does Allah He sobre and in Arabic grammar the DA has been omitted here. It is the start there. If you understanding what I'm referring to in the the verb is Tata is to do that. Look at that we know my

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lamb dusty Allah He sobre. This, indeed, is the interpretation of the three matters on which you could not persevere. So that's just a quick overview of the wisdom relating to these three things. The journey concludes here. And the discussion also ends on verse number 82 from verse 83. We start a new story within this chapter regarding someone else, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us to grant us

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That robot Bill kabaah raba Bill kabaah is happiness on the decree of the Almighty? I mean your bill alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen