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Every day listen to a 5~8 min summary of a Surah A Day from Juz ‘Amma

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother your hair Brahim with another daily Tafseer hamdulillah. This is a sutra day and we're doing Jews ama and hamdulillah when the second sort of Jews Imam, and in the city with surah number 79, Allah subhanho wa Taala begins the surah by making a vow and an oath when naza it hautacam and alone makes a vow by the angels and nazjatar the angels who remove the souls and these are the ones who remove the souls with force from those who are unbelievers and are wicked. It's with great violence when nazjatar hotpot when nasya toxic concha and then Allah gives another vow, and also by the angels who gently take out the souls of the

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righteous. And therefore this sets the scene of sort of Nazi art as being a surah that speaks about the two states of mankind, those who believe in those who disbelieve those who choose to follow the truth and those who choose to turn blindly from it. And that each of one of those choices has its own consequences and relative, and relative to that will be their state in this life, transition into the next life and transition into the eternal life. With sahbihi disempower Allah speaks once again about the angels or about the orbits and the planets in their motion. According to the different morpha City, a law then transitions into describing the horror of the Day of Judgment yoma

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total joyful Roger on the day that the earth and the mountains and everything upon it will shake violently, by the heralding of the Day of Judgment. And this is something that is mentioned in different places in the Quran in different ways that the battle Hot Rod differ, there will be a second heralding and these are the two declarations of the angel is sort of a field of law speaks first about the wicked on the day of judgment and this is in terms of authority, a lot making us fear of being in association of these wicked kind of people meaning acting in the wicked way. And for us as believers we understand that people can be of two types meaning of two choices in terms of

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choosing the act of wickedness, choosing the acts of disbelief choosing to be from those who say, you know push away belief that they have in their heart down down to the depth of it, ignoring its reality, and choosing that way. Allah says kulu Yama even while Jeeva on that day, their hearts which they used to cloud with doubt their hearts on that day will be full of fear and anxiety. It's something you know you are a criminal you know you did wrong so now you are aware of the recumbents of it. Upsilon Ohashi are their eyes downcast Yahoo, Luna, they're, you know, they're gonna repeat to each other. In LML doo doo nephele half era, can we have one more time that we can go back to

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another stage of life? Either couldn't have a warm enough era? Even after our bones are crumbled? Are we going to be brought back to life? Are we going to be questioned? And this was a question that they would ask the prophets I send them maybe you're a llama here I mean, who can bring back life to these bones after they have been decayed as is in solid yacine

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corlew tilka even cover wartune hasura they're gonna say to each other and they will say this is a case that is lost. There's no hope of us having a good end. After what we know we have done and have led led ourselves down a lot of transitions and speaks about Musa and found which is as if Allah is saying listen, pay attention to those who came before you don't repeat those mistakes. The people who are going to make these statements on the day of judgment or the likes of those who followed Pharaoh into sin, hell attack Hadith or Moosa, ignore that who are boohoo Beware the macaque De Soto. So let me tell you about the story of Musa pay attention to the lessons in it hell attack I

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mean, let it come to you the lessons and the reality that you can learn from the story of Moses. I called out to him as I called out to you in the Sacred Valley in the sacred area of Torah, meaning taught twice Lee blessed, doubly blessed by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And I said to him, he would have elected I don't go to Pharaoh go to his people in

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halakhah, Illa and desica. say to him, stop, you're transgressing the bounds. In the whole tava is a person who have gone into extreme say to him, come back and find Ischia. Come back and purify yourself from the renegade that you have done from falling into so many errors, you can recover. And I say this to you, my dear brother, my dear sisters, listening, it doesn't matter how far you've gone away from a law, you can recover. If a law is giving this presumption to fit around that he can recover. Surely you and I who are far less than him can recover. What have you Okay, a lot of because all you need to do is to be guided by me say to this to him over Moosa. If you listen to my

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guidance, I will lead you to Allah. And this shows us that the path to a law is one that is taught, and you follow in the footsteps of those who are righteous. It's not one of self discovery and self invention, where you do your own thing. A lot of transitions from the story of your own

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a chose you

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How he rejected kettlebell while saw fit. I went denied and then disobeyed. Can you deny even internally and then you show disobedience externally to develop is and then he turned his back he turned, he said, I'm not going to even listen. And you know, it's one thing that you deny it. It's another thing now you rebel against it. It's another thing you won't even give a person a chance to discuss it with you the hotshot or Fernanda, and to gather his forces. Now I'm going to wage battle. So this is multi layered in offense against Allah, Allah and Allah bucola Allah, the final blow to fit out the one that undid his demise with his self declaration that I am the highest and the

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mightiest of the Lord's of you, oh Egypt, bow to me as you would bow to the Lord Almighty.

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So Allah Subhana Allah gives that as an example of the one who self deluded into the grand jury of power and to measure to help an MSM Bana mankind Do you think you're have a greater creation than the creation of the heavens and the earth that NASA? Don't you know, it's a law alone who constructed it? Do you think that your being is of greater virtue than the creation of everything else that surrounds you? Are you that self deluded and self absorbed? Or off as some kind of as a web? Don't you see the height of the heavens? Don't you see the breadth of the multiverse and the cosmos? It's perfected in all of its shape that there's no chaos in it. What else Shalala Wow, what

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a Harajuku Haha, don't you see that it's the one he's the one who has brought the darkness and the light and revolves him around one another. Well, out of the bat Delica had the earth was shaped so that it would be spread out before you but it's curved and curvature in its creation, a hollow gem in Hana hahahahaha he's putting its water and its pastures for you. kulu What I would recommend the end, Allah would say to us in different places in the Koran, drink from it and eat from it and let your animals eat from it. And in this ayah Mata and the Kamali Anamika it's been made as a provision for you and for your livestock. Everyone on the Day of Judgment, therefore should know that the

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blessings that they've been given the earth that's been created, the blessing of everything that we have is will be questioned about us. Yo map. VEDA at the bar metal Cooper Ah, Allah says on that day when the greatest catastrophe the recompense of your deeds will be brought forth, the old way identical in Santa Monica. It's the day that mankind will begin to think about what they have done and what they strove for in life, what were the things that you fought for? What were the things that you lived for, or the things you coveted? While Buddha's slj Molly manyara and Hellfire will be made plain to mmm and thought, those who have gone to bounce those who are like Pharaoh, those who

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think themselves is greater than God, those who rebel against the power of God for Indonesia Hema healing network, then surely their final destination has to be the blazing fire. Why Mahathir Mohamad will be the one who fears his Lord, and has a standing before his Lord has feared putting himself in front of a law and what Allah sees of him and knows of him. When I had an upstanding Hauer and restrained himself and his desire from that, which is sinful, held himself back from that which is hard, fought against his impulses to do what he desired, because he knows it's not what is in in convention of what Allah wills for them for in them getting into here, then surely Paradise is

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the place. Yes, no, no. Can you say they keep asking you about the hour even until now when is this day of judgment? What's happening? When's it gonna come?

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FEMA and Devin Nicaragua, this isn't known to you or Mohammed not known to any human being not known to gibreel or anyone else. Tell them that it only belongs to Allah allowed bigger and when to have its knowledge is only with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Finally, guidance lies with Allah. Allah wants us to know that even though he calls us the guidance, the guidance is sent by Allah in NEMA antimony Roman yaksha. Mohammed, you're only a warner, for the one who has in their heart that capacity to fear their Lord can now homeo morona has led me to

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actually attend

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an oboe, ha ha. You will only be able to give guidance to those who can understand its reality on that day, and those who will see it and will see its terror. It's almost as if their whole life everything that they lived was nothing more than an afternoon and they will regret the excesses of it. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala send us the angels who are gentle upon us in our moments of death. And may we remember the message of solten as your brother Yeah, hi Brahim with another daily devotee of surah, number 79 of a soul on a day of our daily tipsy series. Salted nazjatar Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh