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Every day listen to a 5~8 min summary of a Surah A Day from Juz ‘Amma

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh two brothers Abraham with another daily tips here we're doing a sutra day from Jews and hamdulillah. We're in Surah number 80 in the tatoeba in the orientation of the soldiers of the Koran, and this is referred to as sort of the avocet SoTL tyva once again and as it with the last three soldiers was revealed in Mecca and makara Rama it's one of the early revelations of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it begins with a you know, it can be translated to mean the the Prophet frowned and turned away without welder. This is relative to an incident of one of the great Sahaba of the prophets. I send them a person the Prophet would

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interest to be the governor of Medina in his absence. He was one of the colors of prayer of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the city of the Prophet and he was martyred. He was one of the great followers of metal souls, I sell him but he happened to be a blind man. And in that society was a person who was looked down upon, and no one would lead him to the prophet SAW Selim. So he was left to wander the streets of Mecca calling out Yeah, Mohammed s Brittany and Rob dickeya Mohammed Mian Robic, oh Mohammed, inform me about your Lord.

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And no one would lead him to the prophet SAW Selim. And on a fortuitous day the Prophet had finally assembled all the chiefs of orange in one place, they're finally going to hear him they're the idols of their their society. The best of the best that come to the Crim as they would think, and even enters in their vicinity is this blind man as a prophet is just about to speak to them about Islam. Yeah, Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed, tell me about your Lord. As we all get up from the prophets. I seldom say I said, well, you have a novena Allah de Luna, you've made us equal to these downcast, destitute people. And the Prophet found he found that the frustration of wanting to call the elite

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to faith but they rejected him. It's not that he found in displeasure at Abdullah Ahmed Maktoum and therefore one of the mistakes of the prophets of Allah is to be earnest in doing a good deed that had not yet been asked of them by Allah. And this is an example of it. And Allah Subhana Allah rebukes the prophet SAW Selim, the prophet found and turned away and will Amma when the blind man came, and the prophet SAW Selim was disappointed that the the people turned away from him just on account of Abdullayev Newman tomb, whether you rica or the Allahu anhu and how do you know Yeah, Mohammed lalla who is zeca? How do you know that he might be come from the pure and leave off scene

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and become a faithful person and here you could see in the context of this area, the word should really be yet as a cap, Lala who yet as the TA is thrown out, and it's as if Allah is showing expedience in Abdullayev Neo mimic tomorrow de la and willing to come to faith. Yeah, Mohammed, why are you wasting your time with these stubborn Renegade elites who are not going to come to faith when you have something waiting and available for you right there? Why are you overlooking this one on account of him? Not being of higher status, even though your intention is true? Don't overlook this avocado for them for our vichara your reminder will benefit him Mmm. And it doesn't ask for

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these people who think they're self sufficient. They turn away from you, the end teller who taught that you like you came to attend to them and you want to come to them? What Malaika la zecca? What does it bother you if they don't become faithful, it's not going to harm you, oh, messenger or messenger, Mohammed Salim, there will be those who come to believe and those who don't. And it's not an account of what you wish. It's about the guidance sent from a lot of profound message in how we call people to truth. We are conveyors of the truth. We are not responsible for whether people accept it.

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Later on a lot of transitions, he begins talking about the true message of the whole and the characteristics color in the hearts of Carol. Surely this will I'm the one who hears it and gives it its attention. It will be an admonition for them.

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Whether it could be the Koran and remind them with the Quran that one of the terms that is used to describe the Koran is that it is a decree again, the reminder that it's beneficial for men chat avec are the one who wishes The one who chooses to pay attention to it will pay attention to it and will benefit for you sort of in mocha Rama disco and it's it's trueness is in a low helma food stored with a la soprano to Allah. It is attended to by the angels model for teammoto hora. It's in an elevated status exalted in dignity and purified by the Sephora. It is in the hands of the scribes the angels killed amin Bharara and this is something that you and I can reach if we master the Orion

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and practice it in our Days and Night and masters memorization. The privatised lm says in that authentic How do you believe a Muslim on the day of judgment? And now here we are on the masters of the Quran Massa Ratan kurama. Bharara in reference of this ayah they will be at the elevation of the honorable obedient servants of Allah who attend to the hold on may allow me because of them. And then a lot of transitions into the creation of men is evidence of a loss being and is evidence of a loss of control of life and death. And the loss of panatela says we'll do it

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In Santa Clara, cursed is the unbelieving human being. How ungrateful is he? mean? Ha ha ha. Where does he think he came from? Did he create himself? mean? No 13 holla ha ha ha Katara Doesn't he know he came from this multiply this mix of male and female discharge? It has been created and set into the proportion that he sees himself today. Doesn't he remember where he came from? Well double NMS and when Ethier halka Allah says in Surah Yaseen, he gives us an example of life and death, but he forgot where he came from. He was this little seed

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at thermostable ASR Allah makes the path easy in life for all of us. May Allah make it easy for us? A lot of them I mean, the next transition Allah says okay, you don't want to look at yourself look at the food that you're eating. Look at the the water that descends in the vegetation that grows for Leon Lauren in San

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Fernando Valley Andrew in San Willa, Tommy, okay, don't look at yourself, look at the food that you're going to eat. Look at the the plants that grow and not solve and then I'll solve that. Don't you see that we brought down the rain that grows it. Everything that is terrestrial on earth is not of your own doing it's something sent to you from above sent to you from beneath the earth. It's not from your own power to bring it in. If I wish to turn it off, it will not arrive from the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. So much of the Shaka I'm the one that cleaves the earth from you. I'm the one that has blocked everything into being I never been a hotbed from the grapes you eat from everything

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that you have. All of it is evidence of my ability and my power over you can either jata saw if you don't want to pay attention to this pay attention to the fact that there will come a heralding of the day of judgment and the and the blaring of the day of judgment and its heralding will terrify all yo my funeral Not only is he on that day, you're going to run away from your brother, while only he will be your father and your mother well saw Hey Betty, he your wife, weapony and your sons, meaning what's left your sisters and daughters and this is one of the slight subtle sensations, subtle statements of our element that from those who will benefit you will be your young sisters,

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your daughters, who you raised up in truth as a prophet. I seldom said man Allah Jerry attained the one who raises even just two young girls are asked and at the Delta at the Battle map, raises them with good ethics. When you hold the Dalai Lama and doesn't prefer one of his sons or a brother to them. He's kind to them in and righteous in his conduct to them couldn't allow a Java Molnar on the Day of Judgment they will be a barrier between you and hellfire. So you're going to run from your brother to find your sister hamdulillah I have two sisters but Allah subhanaw taala make them evidence for me and my daughter, Ella whom I mean. So all of us on that day will be terrified and

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running away trying to hide our good deeds from those who we have ruined ourselves with. Who are they your inner family, your brother, your father, your mother will have such a Huck over you because of our neglect male lawmakers of those who are pendant for them alone. I mean, there will always be the reward of the righteous would you know maybe most fear of law certainly hepatoma structure, but on that day, there will be faces that are brightened and happy and rejoice for what would you do Maison la Hazara taco hautala. Other faces will be downcast and it's as if they are dusted in and just in turmoil, Ola, ecohome and Kapha. To fudge Allah May Allah save us from this.

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There are those who are ungrateful to Allah disbelieved in a law they were the evil wrongdoers in their public dealings. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from this Allahumma I mean, may Allah center us on a path of truth. This was another daily tip seated with your brother your habit on him I saw a day of Jews ama and this was surah number 80. Sort of Agatha with our loved one Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh