Yahya Ibrahim – Tazkiyah Through the Quran #26 Pride

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of arrogance and pride, which is a mentality that brings down people and makes them seem like they are above others. The speaker uses the example of the prophets and their actions to illustrate their point that individuals are not as successful as they think they are. The speaker emphasizes that individuals have a critical role in shaping their behavior and ultimately leads to pride and arrogance.
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his stick about pride and arrogance. May Allah protect you and I and cleanse our hearts of it Illa Iblis is about westech about he believes the devil he refused the instruction of Allah because he saw himself as above it is stuck about our his pride his arrogance took him too far. For a melody in a stack battle. On the Day of Judgment Allah speaks about those who showed a lifestyle of arrogance today, then there recumbents will be a faithful, horrible May Allah protect us dis evil and Allahumma Ameen. May we be protected from it yahama rahimian arrogance is a hallmark of anyone who crosses the boundaries that they know they should not cross. It's not by material possessions. It's

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not that you have more than others. So you value yourself more. It's the belief in your heart that because I have what I have, or know what I know, or I'm the color that I am or the height that I am or the you know, the * that I am that makes me better or more virtuous than others. It is an elitist mentality that brings down a person in their in their estimation with Allah Subhana Allah, all of us are from Adam and Adam was from Deus. The Prophet sallallahu. Sallam was the one who had the most right to show that he was upper and upper t above others. But he was not as such that Allahu alayhi wa sallam he was seen as the one to Waldo alila, who humbled himself to Allah in the

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Hadith every man Muslim and tada la la hora, the one who is humble before God, even though they have reason to be proud reason to elevate themselves, the one who lowers themselves in the sight of God Subhan Allah to Allah, Allah Who will be the one who elevates them, the one who considers themselves as being better, more superior, elevated above the rest are the ones that are humbled in front of Allah. The prophets I send them says in the authentic hadith also mojari ma Allah Shea on inla awada Allah nothing attains an iconic status. No one acts in an arrogant in a proud four way except Allah will bring them down in the estimation and in the sight of those who they prided themselves in

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front. In front of the prophets of Allah or USL them said, Men can have you called Bhumi scholar with him in Kibera. The one who has in their heart even half of an atom's weight of arrogance will not enter genda with the first of its people Lem yet Hello, Jenna.

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A man stood up and said in the rewire very materially yeah rasulillah Hina Roger your head one takuna Thea boo who hasn't? warmer Kappa who hasn't one time who hasn't? messenger of Allah, some of us who are wealthy, we like to wear fine tailor clothing and eat exquisite cuisine and to ride in a nice, nice stallion to have a nice ride that we ride on. Is this the arrogance that will preclude us and keep us back from renting gender with you in the first wave or messenger of Allah? He said lay psychedelic No, and kibra both are will have cuando nos, the arrogance I speak about is that you look down at the one who brought information to you on account of their status. You said you're

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younger than me. What do you know how what makes you think you know better than me? You judge the truth of what someone brought on account of who they are not on account of what they said. Number two is that what you have makes you think better of yourself than others who do not have what you have. And therefore you consider yourself in a condescending capacity as being better than others. Not for your connection with Allah, but for material things that were blessed for you by Allah Subhana what to Allah, may Allah remove arrogance and pride from our heart and save us from the most proud che THON in entering into our hearts and influencing us into sins Allahumma amin

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