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AI: Summary © The host of a daily Extension discusses the story of Surah number 78, which describes the Day of severity as a day of difficulty for those who have not prepared for their day. The story touches on the idea of a holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy, where people become more curious about the revelation and bring back creation and resurrection. The speakers emphasize the importance of the creator and his supposed resurrection in the formation of the Earth, the Day of rewards, and the state of the people in the Day of wedding. They also discuss various themes and signs of a law that will bring happiness and contentment to people, including rewarding people for their behavior, establishing a law of transition, and the creation of new things and events. The huddle on with your brother is available on YouTube and other social media platforms.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother your Hey Brahim with another daily Tafseer Al Hamdulillah we are doing a surah a day Alhamdulillah and we're beginning with Jews and man Sharla The aim is that we can give a five minute description of every sort of the Quran. So what am I to say alone or sort of never the great news the the prophecies that are to come is Surah number 78. In its in its placement in the oil and salted never was revealed to the prophets I said them in his early years in Mecca. And from the earlier revelations we know this from the sound of the soul, the rhythm of the surah, the shortness of his verses and the profoundness of its message,

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the message of sources that were revealed in muckety muck aroma to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam revolve around three main themes one, the oneness and unity of a lot to heed. Number two, establishing the messenger ship or the reseller of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And number three, is that there is bath and nearshore. And there is an asset out there is a place where you will be questioned by Allah soprano to honor that this worldly life there is more to it than just the life that you live. Sort of another is a very important tool it has, you know, clear sections in the first section of the sort of in the last panel went to either refutes the concept of

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those who doubt that there will be a day of reckoning and a day of judgment. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Why is there this astonishment? I may at this at noon, what is it that they're debating about? I never allow them. And this is one of the great features of schools that are revealed in Mecca. In the early revelation. There are soldiers that have a cliffhanger effect, I'm at a saloon What are they debating about? So you say why don't know I need never lobbying about the great news. Well, what is it and let the home fee here a telephone they remain in a disputing Well, what is it? So every aisle wants you to learn more and to sit and listen to more of what is being recited. And

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this was one of the ways that a lot allowed people to hear the horror and even though others would not want them to hear it. It was a way of them becoming more curious about the revelation. So the first day is a refutation of the doubts that people had about the Day of Judgment. Second, Allah Subhana Allah begins to speak about his power and his authority to create. And if Allah subhanho wa Taala, rationally and logically is the one who is created and this was something that the Arabs of the time they understood that there is a creator, human history has always had this belief, and understanding that nothing can produce nothing, there has to be something that brings out of

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nothingness something. And therefore there is an intelligent design into the world into that which we see and observe and see in the cosmos. And beyond us, and most importantly, within us, the great imams Ali, or the Allahu Akbar, the great companion of the prophet SAW Selim, he says, You marvel at the stars and the cosmos around you, but all of it is recreated within you. So Pamela, the amount of billions of stars, you could see it in the amount of billions of cells that grow and generate and regenerate in your body each and every day. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, he speaks about himself as being the Creator, and therefore the one who has created surely can bring back another creation and

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can bring back its resurrection. Why do you doubt this a lot, then transition to speak about the description of the Day of Judgment, and that this will be a day of severity, a day of difficulty for those who have not prepared for their day of standing before their maker, the Almighty Allah. And then Allah speaks about the punishment that will be set in store for those who have lived a wicked life, a life of excess and a life of despising other people in humanity. Third, a law of transition. And next, a law transition to speaking about reward, and about the people who have lived a life of constancy and patience and love and devotion, fidelity to others, kindness to others, even to their

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enemies, Allah speaks about them, that they will be the people who will be rewarded. And finally, Allah speaks about the state of the people in the Day of Judgment later kalamoon, there won't be the ability to just speak freely and do whatever you want those days of you deciding for yourself what I want, what I don't want come to an end, you are now in the court of the Almighty, Allah. So a lot speaks about those general six themes in a very intricate way. They all funnel back to the three main reasons of Revelation, the early revelations, to the prophets, I sell them to establish tauheed there's only one law, and it's only he who deserves your service and worship, leave off these idols

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leave off these false deities leave off these pagan traditions. Number two, the messenger so I sell them very sadly, that is delivered to him is a truth and this is evidence of it. And third, and finally prepare for your alpha. What are some of the signs of a law as being the creator and sustainer The one who will be bringing resurrection, he speaks about a lot of the math that I've made the earth

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as a as a flooring for you to live on, what did you Bella outta the mountains pegged in and give a solidity to it, the creation of men and the creation of things, Hala finacle as well yeah, there's a male and a female, there's a positive and a negative, and everything in life has these polar opposites, that a lot and this was something this is revolutionary, this wasn't something science had come to an understanding of Allah speaks about the alternation of sleep and wakefulness, the night and the day, the skies and the heavens, law speaks about the sun and dryness and the rain and the gardens that they produce. All of them are given in contrast to one another, in juxtaposed to

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another adult, the ability of a law to bring into action, what others are unable to. And then Allah speaks about the Day of Judgment, he speaks about the heralding of the day judgment announcement of it, and a new feeling of the sword and the trumpet, and, and the forming of groups. You know, you will be put together with those who are like in behavior and attitude and belief that there will be an opening on the day of judgment to the sky. And a loss of planning went to Allah, what what Gao may even be jahannam in other places Allah speaks about, you know, Hellfire will be brought forward and that there will be a long time period that the judgment isn't just something instantaneous. It's

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a period of difficulty. The people in general will be given the luxuries of happiness and contentment. And those who are God fearing will be with a law and engender with grapes and happiness and gardens of delight and you know, all of these things will be blessed to them. While those who were violin their speech opposite to pure speech, will have regret. And they will say, we wish that we you know, we had another chance at life. solten never is a profound soul if you deliberate on it. This was the 78th chapter of the huddle on with your brother, yeah, Brahim as a part of our daily tftf series, which you can find on my YouTube channel and other social media. And it's something

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that I do invite you to share with others if you feel it's value, the evening that he died, and it is a surah a day, from the very last juice of the Quran was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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