Wael Ibrahim – Isra’el’s Blueprint to Genocide

Wael Ibrahim
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rabbil Alameen

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crimes are committed everywhere, although the rate of crimes may differ from one country to another, but still crimes are committed everywhere, but there are certain types of crimes that are committed in only one location. Have you come across any other nation outside Palestine where it is subject to unlawful and illegal occupation where the occupier Israel is adamant about expelling the original and the traditional owner of the land there is none only Israel. Have you heard of any state that has been found on a territory that is not belong to them in modern history except Israel? There is none. Have you heard anywhere in the world where hospitals were targeted by rockets and bombs that

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claimed the lives of 1000s of people in the past many, many decades, you won't find any country that is guilty of these crimes except Israel. The sad reality is that these crimes have been supported by the so called civilized world that has been preaching human rights while the blood of these innocent people are all over their hands. But how were they able to get away with all these terrible crimes for many many years easy this is their blueprint to commit genocide and war crimes. Number one lies and deception lie as many times as you can to gain the support of the public say things like Israel has the right to defend itself or the Arab Palestinians are terrorists that just to simply lie and

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fool the public but create dramatic scenes in their minds too, such as decapitated babies raped women kidnapped granny so lie, but also amplify your lies make your lies sound real. So the world is convinced that the perpetrator of the crime Israel is actually the victim number two, believe your lies and deception and kill anyone who object these lies not only to kill, but wipe out an entire ethnicity kill everything in sight, including little children, women, teenagers, elderly, create your propaganda in the media and tell the people that Palestinians are actually human animals, they are not fully human like the rest of us. So who cares about some bunch of animals? Number three,

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beautify your crimes bring some celebrities illiquid individuals and politicians to encourage Israel to defend itself a phrase that has become synonymous with war crimes and genocide. In any case, Palestinians are animals, right? So give them * burn them all. Use the media to legalize your crime. Number four, convince and persuade the world that these hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, and even homes are actually not what they appear to be draw. They're hiding places for terrorist groups who are out there after the destruction of Israel. And so we have to wipe them all. But we've never targeted innocent people. We've never targeted any civilians. This is the fault of

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those terrorist groups. And finally, number five, if none of these options were successful, if none of them satisfied the oppressors, really then collective punishment is the only solution. Give them a taste of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, because of the end Palestinians. It's all your fault, because you had the audacity to even think that you're equal to us how dare you dream to live with dignity and respect like the rest of humanity, so you deserve it. But the sad news to the oppressors is Palestinians never die. Those who have passed away already are alive with the Lord and rejoicing with the provision that Allah subhanaw taala God Almighty has promised them and those who are still

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alive those who are still present will remain like thorns and pain in your necks and backs until the day of judgment. So despite all difficulties, Palestine will be free. In sha Allah Palestine will be free to you

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done so. Well. Let's do it.

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