Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan Therapy 2019 – Day 07

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The historical context of the Hadith statement is discussed, including the loss of Hannah Montana and the use of haleem in worship. The importance of the statement in establishing a law and avoiding harm is emphasized. The speaker also touches on the personality of the Prophet Islam, including his gentle and strong will, the creation of the universe, and potential conflict.
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I said I'm on economical law what Okay, what's your brother your hair but I him with another Ramadan therapy and hamdulillah we've been studying some of the door of the prophets eyes tell him that he would select from the Koran or words he would teach to those who would ask him for assistance in times of need, and difficulty. And this particular dry, this is dry number seven Allahumma verticale. A lot of medical when we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless our Ramadan to give us many, many more opportunities to find therapy in it healing in it and to make it a closure for those things of distress in our life that we seek to find, to come to an end. This is the hadith of

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Abdullah, Ambassador the Allahu anhu. On the line, bass is related to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a young man, the prophet made lots of art for him in particular, and he said, a lot of manhood that we owe a lot give up the love now, that's an understanding of the whole and its meanings and its dictates in its practice. I'm delighted. Now bass lived for a long period of time where he was able to give victory to Islam and the student of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a reference point in understanding the word of Allah after the demise of the Prophet Mohammed, so I sent him in his return to Allah zoa jen mailmark. Join us with them in the

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highest levels of gender of the live now bass he said, canon Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yonder in del Caribe. Abdullah now bass because he's related to the Prophet, he used to be able to come into the household of a prophet Isaiah Lim when others have a couldn't. So you can sit with a prophet I sell him in the evenings in the ninth in the mornings, in the days, he was a person who was privy to the inner life of the prophesizing. Also, he was young in age. So he was able to see things for a number of years and a number of different occasions, not just snapshots, he didn't travel away from the prophets, I seldom, he wasn't out working, you know, buying and selling. He was

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free in his young age to study and receive to delete from the properties and so when he gives you this dryer, and he says that the Prophet I seldom used to see it often, whenever distressed would arrive, means you should pay attention to it. So this becomes one of those central drops that you and I need to know about how to alleviate harm, distress, things, of feelings of foreboding, physical distress, financial distress, all of those things that are considered coddled, we ask Allah Subhana Allah and carbona Allah Ameen, that he and does whatever harm or distress that we are facing. So the prophets I send them with invariably say often in his life, La ilaha illa Allah who

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will allow v mon honey, he will say Li Selim, La ilaha illAllah allow them and haleem he would begin with the testimony of faith with the Shahada, which is La ilaha illAllah kenema event the greatest, most beautiful word the blessing word, La ilaha illa Allah is halal now Highland never your wofully term. It is the best statement that anyone has said including the prophets of the past. And now we're going to be and what was taught to us. It is the central focus of our telehealth of our theology of faith of singling out only a loss of Hannah Montana. And the more you repeat it, the better off you are La ilaha illAllah you will find many of the foundational Hadith many of our

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foundational verses in the Quran are built from the statement. Allahu La Ilaha Illa. Who are you? You'll find that the greatest verse in the Quran the first that we studied as the very first draft of our series, begins with that statement, La ilaha illa Allah, it is nephew and what if bad, it negates all aspects of worship of anything other than God, and establishes only Allah subhanho wa Taala in the law, only a law will I turn to in worship, which is the basis of our faith, the basis of the holder and the basis of the Fatiha he can now but what can I say only you Allah? Do I worship only you? Do I ask for help. And in that statement, let Illa Illa Allah for words, you establish

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both, nothing will I turn to nothing when I seek support from nothing when I ask for help or assistance? Nothing will I believe has any power of benefit of harm or good for me in the law except the loss of Hannah Medina. Why? Because he is a law lien and haleem He is the Almighty, and Halim La ilaha illa Allah, Allah Halim, but also al Halim, the one who is patient in his dealings with us. And the word haleem comes from that word heylen where Allah subhanho wa Taala has a forbearance for us, he allows us to make our mistakes and returned to him he gives us time to readjust he in all of the circumstances in our life he is gentle with with us, and therefore the best of translations is

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that he is gentle in his forbearance in his patience over us. He is Allah Halim, the mighty, the greatest, the one who's capable of doing and, and and establishing what he orders, but he isn't haleem soprano to Hana. He's the one who gives us an opportunity to adjust ourselves.

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La ilaha illa Allah, Allah Halim and Helene, the word haleem here implies that the prophets I send them is teaching us that we know that there are indiscretions in our life, that are the root cause of our distress. And therefore the Prophet sighs and and wants you to know that Allah is the Almighty and he can extract an exact whatever he seeks of us, but he has hit him over. So if you truly believe in LA LA LA life you understand La la la la. And you know his mind the know that whatever patience Allah has given, has dealt with you is as a subwoofer with his Hill. Do not take it for granted. He is Halim al Halim La ilaha illa Allah the Prophet repeated la isla in the law, no

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one is there for me to worship except Allah, Rob Bustamante, when out of the Lord of all that is in the heavens in the earth, and therefore whatever pain I have is part of this heavens and earth, whatever it is, I believe is too much for me or others to fix a lot is able to fix whatever harm is I believe to great it can be undone with his power with his love with His mercies. apana with the ANA rhombus, somehow it will auto La ilaha illAllah, who la lien and Halim La Ilaha Illa la hora, somehow it when He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the only governor The only sustainer, buddy, or semiannual, or the innovator, the creator that the one whose existence brought about the

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existence of the heavens and the earth, or Bula shilada him He is the Lord have allowed, the most mighty in its magnificence, some kind of law, the Hadith of the otter, and I don't like to translate it a throne, we don't want to give this kind of anthropomorphism. The auto show of man is a creation from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he has established for himself, and the loss of Hannah Montana, Alisha stowa. He says in many places in the Quran, that he has risen above in his majestic presence in that which befits His Majesty above his artist in a way that is distinct from anything of his creation, or of his creative beings. He is unique and himself subconto etana. But when they would

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ask the prophets I send him a vote and courtesy in a democracy and allows there are narrations when the prophets I send him says that all of the heavens and all of the earth everything in existence all this multiverse and universe is like a ring in its size, thrown in the openness of the desert. Imagine the Sahara desert you throw a ring in it, all of the heavens in the earth are the size of this ring compared to the codici which is in that magnificence of Allah subhana wa eyelids, creation. So imagine the outer shell of a man, the outer shell of man, the prophets I seldom says and the courtesy is like a ring in comparison to the Amish. So if all the heavens and all the earth

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fit into a ring size of the Amish imagine what the courtesy is compared to the outage the ology is so magnificent in its present in its establishment, and above the outage, in a manner that befits His Majesty having mate and power and authority over all of his creation is a loss of Hannah, who with either Rob Bula oshi Levine, He is the Lord of allagash which is Aleem, which is beyond description and magnificence. This is a dude that would be set by the prophets I sell them at any time of difficulty, remind them of the greatness the power, the authority of Allah, the Presence of Allah Subhana Allah my life, remind us who we turn to in help and assistance who we seek our

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blessings and assistance from. I repeat it for you had enough insight and body and I will share it in our links in chat La La ilaha illAllah la V will Helene La Ilaha Illa Rob Bustamante when out of Rob bhullar shalabi The Lord of aloha the man Allah subhanho wa Taala remove our pain and harm and make us from those who are blessed in this dunya and join us with another universe of the Athena will show her that it was slightly hidden agenda to feel those binary you know, Mohammed in Salalah while he was selling them were from that well from the layer behind me or Taco Bell alarmingly woman comme si M and LCM in a water cooler I know what to do then if you have the shotgun mobarak Chateau

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Rama bond handla hola Alina Mirada with the colada or sell our Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

When the Prophet ï·º felt distress he would make THIS Dua

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