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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, LA.

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Isla de la la. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Well in his hand Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam, Allahu Allah who either early wasafi was certainly more than I thought in this blessing day of aid to share with you some words that could be of benefit to you, my family and I in sha Allah, I pray the loss of Hannah with Allah who has maintained us who has protected us thus far in this blessing, time of the danger that he continues to favor us and protect us for those of us who have lived and were healthy during the month of Ramadan. Were able to worship him competently and now and hamdulillah. We've endured until this period in juncture of time and with the upcoming

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at the turning of this month is the new hijiri calendar for all of us. I pray the loss of Hannah with Allah returns to the strength grants us its protection and makes us from those who are able to see its successes and victories with our own eyes, and to speak proudly of them with our own tongues. And to let us hear the good news with our ears alone. I mean, pretty little also, I don't want to add on this blessing day of aid for myself in you that he sends his little human His mercy upon us and protects our homes, our families, our children, our Eman in our hearts and our imams in seeking his pursuit of that which is pleasing to Him. subhana wa tada I pray that Allah Subhana

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Allah assists us in what difficulties and tragedies that are yet to come and sends us his look and his mercy and subtle acquaintance with our issues throughout our times, and days and nights alone. I mean, there are three important messages that I wanted to share with you, my dear brothers, my dear sisters, in Islam, wherever you are around the world, and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah always gathered us together in our hearts together upon that which is pleasing to Him, that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to see the truth for what it is so that we follow it and protect us from seeing falsehood and going headlong into it long. I mean, the three important messages are one for my

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individual self for you and I as individuals, one as families, and one as communities, and each of them is related and built upon the other. And I want you to know, my dear brother, my dear sister, Islam, that you yourself and a law, that is a very important relationship, that irrespective of everybody else around you, and how undoubted have played or couldn't do, that you can be the master of truth You can be the one who is assigned to protecting virtue and truth, even if you are a single individual. And I want you to know that the profits are I sell them in the prophets and messengers who preceded him. At times they live moments of wascher and moments of isolation moments of

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separation from those who they love, we commemorate during these days of Hajj, the that novye Rahim Allah Salaam in the open, barren desert, where he's turned away from his family, his wife has died, his son is married. And he's turned away answering the responding to a loss of Hannah with Allah, He makes to be Gianni multi masala woman the reality of Ghana with a couple. Notice that this drop begins with him asking for himself asking for himself constancy in prayer. This is the same man whom Allah describes in the Koran can Oh man, he was a nation of faith, a man who Allah Subhana Allah describes as being a father of the prophets and messengers of Allah, that is my 11 this half from

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his children, descendants of the messengers, including our NaVi Mohammed sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam with stem from them. This is the man who is a turning point in human history in their monotheism of the Abrahamic faiths that are hallmarks of Tao he today. But what I say to you is, listen to His Torah, he begins with himself, he begins by protecting this law, asking a lot to protect them from ever losing it, being negligent in it, delaying it, and I want you to have that same care. So Pamela, at times, as a parent, I always try to put my kids first. And I always try to put my wife first. And I always think about my father and my mother, were always trying to assess

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who should be given greater priority and we many times forget ourselves, we many times forget that the things that we love the most are the ones that we want to share with others, we have to appreciate what are the things that are important to us? What are the things that we love, and what are the things that we cherish and we have to assume that these are things that are important to us to be accomplished and gathered and, and fulfilled and to live a life of fulfillment. You need to focus on yourself and I want this to be a turning point for you, my dear brother and sister in law he for myself as well, that I need to build in myself things that I know need to be built up need to

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be, you know, increased and and to remove from my life, things that need to be cleansed away and purified. And our whole existence is built upon that balance of a sphere with total via trust.

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It means that purification and Tedeschi and the cleansing of our soul and the cleansing of sinful deeds from our habits, but it's also Tobia, you know, to increase and to nurture the things that are there and make them grow to have rebar in a halal way to increase the value of my EMA and increase the value of my footprint in my parents and family's life. To be a person who is needed by others less than being in need of others to be a person who is a source of counsel, a source of mercy, a source of love and teaching and education and knowledge a fountain and a spring of righteousness wherever we may be without any mobile okay? Am I couldn't? That's how easily Salam describes himself

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that I have been made to be a source of blessing wherever I am. May Allah make you and I in the footsteps of the great prophets and messengers of Allah. And therefore that very first message that I begin with you on this blessed day of readers, look after yourself, look after your food, look after your health look after your man, look after your tissue, we look after your education, look after your savings look after all these things, not because they matter for others, but because you matter to yourself. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you are letting me know who and fullcycle Oh, you who believe Save yourselves and then your family's from the blazing hellfire. And

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that leads us to the second point our families and our families are taught by what they see not necessarily what they're told. And for you to become a proactive member for your children to be able to become regular independent on their solar, they must see that you are dependent on your solar, that your reliance upon your tawheed is more than your reliance on your savings and your education and your prosperity than what you have in life you always associate to the mushiya, Masha Allah, this is what Allah has revealed for us and how to love wield, that some of what we have may not remain with us. And know that although Today's a moment of prosperity, and good health, and security

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of employment and real estate, know that as we have seen with this COVID crisis that the world can change upside down. It was with great intent in my heart as a student and amount of alpha last year with my group of 1000s of people who were there gathered hundreds of millions of Muslims gathered pleading to Allah, it was my intent to return again, as I had the previous year in the previous year in the previous year, leading other people towards that path to a law in that barren desert. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has a plan that your plan your tickets, your finance, your security does not. And I want you to know that the one thing your family needs to see from you, young or old

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husband or wife, father or mother irrespective The one thing everyone around you is looking for is constancy. deliverance and and and a sense of patience and tower coolala. relying upon a law that you have that character of how generally has salon left in that isolation in the desert, climbing from mountain to mountain, not just sitting by waiting for your drive to be answered, that you're the type of person who's like muddy and having delivered birth in the barren desert. And the law commands are well who's de la key Virginia enough to shake that tree, even though I can provide for you get up, do something move, shake your tree and bring down the fruits that you seek in life. And

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I want you to know that my family and your family rely upon us as a husband, as a wife, as a father, as a mother, as an elder brother, as a son as a daughter, to not just the material things in life, but also to the ethics and the morality that we seek. And your word is your bond. Your attitude is what governs you that what you say is what you do and what you promise you can fulfill that you're a person who's careful in calculating with and measured with your words, so that you are not a person who brings themselves to disrepute. First yourself, second, your family and it begins with your father and your mother. And if they have passed away, that you maintain your love for them through

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charity in their name through for them read citations of the whole on teaching the Quran to others and benefiting others all in the name of asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, as a father of their Ostler as a father as as a conduit of the good they taught you you share it in their way, which is answered to the drought of the prophets I sell them and the order of the prophets I sell them that three types of things continue to prosper a person after their death. Well of them slowly Honea through that a good man a good child, a good daughter, a good son, who continues to make art for them after they have passed male lawmakers of those who are righteous to our parents in their life

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and make us of those who are righteous to them after they have returned to their to the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. Let us be icons and turning points and pivots and footsteps to righteousness for those who are nearest to us and 30

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And finally, I asked you to look after your society to be proactive in that which is important to you even if you have been negligent in it in the past, we see now how important it is to check in on our neighbors to make sure that we have build positive relationships with neighbors Muslims are not who can look after us and help us in times where difficulty and calamity may strike. I know that neighbors became very important for myself and my family when the COVID crisis arrived here in Perth, that we would check in and check in on each other whether it's just asking do you have enough toilet paper, other things like that? Look after the elderly look after those who are in your

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community? May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you with getting a la home I mean, it's your brother your high Brahim

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praying for you and I asked you to pray for myself and my family and I pray for your family and yourself in this blessed day read along that isn't Islam only Muslim in West will either did a lot of Medina with me or hammer I mean, la masala celibacy to a vertical sad now have you been on arena Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa Selim portofolio heatherwood self reliance Emily, welcome. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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Illa Illa Ma. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, William Hill.