Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 5 – SubhanAllah

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of remembering the truth to avoid dangerous actions and warn of potential consequences. They also touch on the history of Islam, including the implementation of Subhana Allah's plan to create evil and chaos, the use of waals for negative thoughts, and the importance of understanding one's own plans and actions to avoid negative language. They stress the importance of avoiding harms, not letting anger dominate behavior, and not letting fear dominate behavior.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen salatu wa salam O Allah seydel ambia evil mousseline mother early, he was a he ministered Nebuchadnezzar he laomi de la homage Andaman whom Amina Latina. Amina Amina Sati hottie whatever Saville hottie, whatever Saba Saba manera alameen

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rubella homina shaytaan shaytani r Rajim Carlos of Chanukah, La La Mulana Ilana lantana

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rubbish rocky Sudbury, where suddenly everyone looked at me lissoni of Coco Lee. I mean, yeah, but I mean,

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I'm going to start today's conversation with a small episode, from a very important story in the Koran to help us understand one of the ways of remembering a lie. And actually my intention, hopefully, if we get enough time, is to cover two of the ways of remembering a lie that all of you are familiar with. When Allah azza wa jal decided to create the human being, and put him on the earth, Allah azzawajal informs informed the angels first in the jargon of the halifa I am putting someone on the earth that is going to be leaving others behind and then others behind him and others behind Yes, loco Baba Baba, meaning is going to put the human being on the earth who will be here

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and he will leave children and his children will leave children and they will carry on like that. Also, it means I will leave someone behind who will have to make his own decisions. Meaning Allah will not dictate for us when we can stand up and when we can sit down, when we can open our eyes and when we close our eyes, we'll have to make that choice ourselves. He will give us the instructions on what to do. But then you are free to do and you're free not to do from and shut off and young men or men shaliach. For whoever wants to believe they can believe whoever wants to disbelieve they can just believe up until now the angels understood that they when Allah created them, he did not create

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them with a choice. You know, Allah azza wa jal says they are soon Allah Hama, amerihome, Luna maroun, they don't disobey line, anything he commands them to do. They do as they're told, the angels do as they're told. But now Allah tells the angels, I'm creating someone new, and I'm going to leave him on the earth, and he's going to have a choice. And they're going to have many generations of them. And the angels were shocked, by the way this story, you know, the Christians and the Jews also have the story of Adam and Eve. And they have the story of creation, whatever is what they in the record in the Bible, but this part of the story that's in the Quran is not in the

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Bible. This is not found anywhere else except in the Quran. Allah azzawajal says to them, that I'm going to put the human being on the earth. And they say, the geography Hama, you see to see how he could Dima, you're going to put someone on the earth who's going to make a lot of trouble, is going to cause corruption is going to commit crimes. He's going to create facade, facade means all kinds of crimes, corruption, mischief, trouble, and then and chaos. And then we could divide, he will even shed blood he'll kill, they're going to create you know, the mind actually doesn't doesn't means blood, the mob means rivers of blood, this human being will be so capable of evil, that Sometimes

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he'll kill entire villages. He'll bomb entire cities. He'll kill so many. And this is what the angels were afraid of before Adam was even put on the earth. And they asked Allah, this doesn't make any sense to us. How can you put someone like this on the earth? and allies I would have told them I know something you don't know in the military, the moon certainly I'm the one who knows what you don't know. After the country, and I'm not telling you the story today, but I wanted to help highlight an episode from this story. Then Allah azza wa jal proved to them, Why Allah is right and they are wrong.

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And when Allah prove to them he is right and they are wrong. They said the following they said some Hanukkah, Madonna. They said the words of Hanukkah. And from that today, you and I, when we remember Allah, one of the most common things we say is Subhana Allah, we say, Subhan Allah, and the angels said that to Allah azzawajal when they recognize that maybe when they question the law, and they didn't understand what Allah azzawajal his plan was, when they just worried about it, and they wondered what it was intention could be because they could not see the wisdom in the last plan. They did not see the purpose, but a lot of you so they recognize maybe they should not have asked a

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question in this way.

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And when someone says something, or think something about Allah that they should not have thought, when they feel that they have crossed the line with Allah, then like the angels, they should say, Subhana Allah, how perfect you are. The words of how the law actually is from the word SB or sabaha, which means to keep something at the same level, meaning allies perfect whether you understand or you don't understand, unless plan is perfect. Whether you understand or you don't understand. What Allah did with your life in the past is perfect whether you understand or you don't understand. What Allah plans to do in the future is perfect whether you understand or you don't understand, Allah as

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Mercy is perfect. His love is perfect.

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His plan is perfect. His wisdom is perfect. His revelation is perfect. Everything about him is perfect. Whether or not it fits in our brain or not. And so the way we acknowledge that is by saying Subhan Allah, we declare the perfection of Allah, we declare that Allah cannot be criticized, anything Allah does anything Allah knows anything Allah plans, anything, a lot of plans for the world or anything, a lot of plans for me personally, none of it can be criticized, the only one that can be criticized as me, not Allah narangba. So the angels are afraid that maybe when they asked this question, that they may have been critical, even though they're not critical, they just didn't

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understand, but they're so afraid that they tell a loss of hanoch. So hanoch The first thing I want you to understand when we say so panela is that it is said in the Quran, so many places. When people say inappropriate things about Allah. When they say Allah has partners, on when people used to worship idols instead of worshipping Allah, or when people said Allah has a son, Mother Love when these kinds of things were said in the Quran, Allah would respond Subhana what Allah Subhana Allah,

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Allah is way too perfect for you to say something like that. Allah is too far above removed from these kinds of claims. So the point the summary of what I'm sharing with you thus far, is that we say Subhana Allah, when we might have said something, or thoughts, something that is not appropriate about Allah xojo it is there to remove the negative. The purpose of Subhana Allah is to remove the negative thoughts or negative words, mistakes we may have made towards Allah xojo that's the purpose of it. You know, to give you an example, you know, in the in the Treaty of Philadelphia, when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam was making a treaty with the kuffaar. And all the companions were

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angry, every one of them they did not want to make a treaty. They said, These people fought us three times already. They fought us in butter, they fought us and offered the forest. And now we're McCoy. They don't even let us make hugs, and we're making a treaty with them. This makes no sense. So they were angry. But still the treaty was being written and illegal, the Allahu taala and who was charged by the law from the lung or to send them to write the treaty, and the treaty was between them and Mohammedan Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the word Rasulullah they're their negotiators said we don't believe you ever soon, say Mohamed Salah Abdullah, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, don't

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say Rasulullah cross that out, erase it. And when he said erase it all those Ahava were so offended, and all of them then nourishing said all of them scream so panela the screams of love because they thought erasing the name of Rasulullah sallallahu even send them is an act against the law. It's a crime against a large order. So the first thing I want you to know about Subhana Allah, it's there to remove or to express how we believe about a law beyond any imperfection. When you hear something incorrect, or when you feel something incorrect towards the line. That's the devil's trick. Let me tell you something really interesting about the story of Adam and a sudden, the angels asked a

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question to Allah. Because Adam was not making sense to them. Yes.

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And it was a bit later on in the same story. There's someone else who asked a question, because it wasn't making sense to him. At least ask the question, too, didn't he? He said, asked you do

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you really want me to do so he doesn't someone you made from dirt? Why should I do that? So the angels asked a question. And he's asked a question. Ally's teaching us sometimes questions come into mind, whether you are as good as angels, or you are as evil as the devil. The question is not the problem. The problem is what happens after you have a question, after you have a bad thought. When you have a thought like that, then immediately be like the angels and say why? So hard Allah and kill that thought. And if you don't do that, then you are not following the path of the angels, then you are following the path of shaitaan. That's the difference between the two. So we cannot control

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our thoughts. Sometimes they come sometimes you lose your job and why did Allah do this to me? What's the last plan? Two years I've been looking for work? I can't find work. Why did Allah give my you know, my family member cancer? Why did this happen? Why did this happen? Why did this child die? You know, why did why what why did we have to move from our country? Why did this have to happen or that people question what happens in their life? Sometimes people question Why are there so many wars in the world? Why is Allah letting this happen? Why is this? Why is this fitna rising over here? Why isn't that? Why is Africa rising over there? Why doesn't the ledger stop it? One time I

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used to have a friend old friend and you know, back in New York is a little bit crazy. I loved him. He has to tell me something. I don't want to have a question I have. I have an idea. It was like Ramadan like 20 years ago. He said I have an idea. I said, What's your idea? He said, Let's make dua to Allah to make an army.

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Of all the jinn, and they can kill all the enemies of Islam. No problem.

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And he made the law like that for three years because nothing happened.

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Sometimes we don't understand the plan of Allah. And we start thinking maybe a less plan because you know, in our mind, we think our plan is perfect. Our sense of justice is perfect. Somebody did something wrong to you, somebody lied to you. Somebody cheated with you. Somebody insulted you, somebody back bet against you, somebody slandered you, and they're eating their chicken biryani happily. And you're going looking at them saying this is not fair. They did all this bad stuff. And now they get to eat chicken. Where's the justice of Allah? When you start questioning like that? They should suffer? Why aren't they falling down the stairs? Why aren't they choking on that

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chicken? When you start questioning like that? That's the time to remind yourself of what words so hon Allah because Allah is justice will always be better than your justice. Alas plan will always be better than your plan. Allah always knows what you don't know, in your mind, how can they get away with it? When you say how come they got away with it? You're thinking that Allah somehow let them get away with it. And that means and somewhere in your head, you think Allah was unfair? And if you think Allah was unfair, then in your mind, Allah is not perfect. Which is why you have to take a step back and tell yourself so hon Allah you are perfect. You understand? That's actually the

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meaning of Subhan Allah, it keeps us from developing or nurturing critical thoughts about Allah. It removes critical thoughts about Allah. And actually, Allah has always taught us and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us and Quran even says, sub Be humble Arabic. And we say Subhana Allah will humble in that don't be so Subhana Allah comes first and humbling, there comes second. Why? Because until you get rid of the bad thoughts, until then you cannot really thank Allah. And not you cannot really praise Allah. You might just say Alhamdulillah but you won't feel it. You ever meet people who are not happy with their life? And you say How's it going? And they say, I'm humbled

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You know, I mean, you're saying Alhamdulillah but you're not happy with what Allah is doing with your life. You're questioning it, you know what's missing? Subhana Allah is missing, which is why your Alhamdulillah is weak. You see, until Subhana, Allah is there Alhamdulillah cannot be completed. This is the perfect wording of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Subhan Allah innisfil meezan when hamdu lillahi Tambo that the sub saying Subhana Allah is half the balance and Alhamdulillah completes that balance. You cannot get to the hand of Allah until you have that SV Subhana Allah. And so the last thing I shared with you about Subhanallah today just about suppose I

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thought I might do Subhan Allah and Allah hamdulillah but the day after tomorrow, inshallah we'll talk some things about hamdulillah. So we can appreciate these two things in balance. And we'll let's focus only today on Subhana Allah, Allah azza wa jal tells His Messenger now, one part of Subhana Allah was getting rid of the negative, I explained that part. There's one more thing. The other thing is, there are some very interesting places in the Quran, where Allah azza wa jal encourages people to say Subhan Allah. And there are some very interesting places where prophets said reminded themselves so hon Allah now you have to remember so hon Allah is a declaration that

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Allah is perfect, that Allah is perfect. Musa alayhis salam, he was given the responsibility to go challenge Pharaoh.

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He asked Allah I cannot do this alone. Give me my brother wish Don't be he as an evil actually Kofi Emery, he will reinforce me and he will share my mission with me. I can it's hard for me to do this alone. Allah gave him huddle. So now they both of them they go and challenge film. When he asked for her own, he said Kay do sub B haka Catherine, when as Cora Kaka Thielen in a cocoon, Davina Basilan, he said to Allah give me my brother so we can both basic and simple English I'll say we can both say Subhana Allah a lot. And we can remember you a lot.

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First he asked for how to want to help him against phonology.

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But then he explained to a lot I want how to learn so he and I can say what together. So Allah together and remember a lot a lot. What is Subhana Allah have to do with challenging Federline. You see, when you do Dawa, when you explain Islam to someone else, let's say you meet somebody on the street and they, they they start asking you questions about Islam, and you're talking to them, a lot of times you want to share the message of Allah. Yes, but you want somebody has a personality like phenol and if somebody has personality, like frown, they will make fun of you. They'll make fun of you. They'll make

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Have your religion, they'll make fun of your profit. They'll make fun of your book. That's what surrounded and when someone makes fun of you, does it make you angry or no? It makes you angry. And when you get angry, then you don't know if your anger is because you your ego is insulted. Or the Dean of ally is insulted. And so because you represent you don't represent your own pride you represent only Allah is Dean and Musa alayhis salaam knows that he gets very angry. He gets angry, but he cannot get angry when he represents the deen of Allah Xhosa. He got angry so much he threw a punch in a soldier died you remember? He got angry so much one time on a salon he grabbed the beard

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and the head of his brother. He got so much he broke the you know the the the unwashed the tablets. So there's the anger husana ism we know and he even asked a lot. Yeah, like keep me from those who lose control of their emotions that rubella here and akuna minal johannine, he has the loudest, he knows that. He is going to say things that will make him What? angry and when he becomes angry, he will not do the job Allah wants him to do a lot is too perfect for me not to do a good job. A lot of the perfect one has given me this job. When I am not doing the job as I'm supposed to. My brother will be there to remind me so panela remember, Allah is perfect. And he doesn't want this from you.

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He wants better from you. He expects more from you. And he will back me up when I'm failing. And I'll back him up when he's failing. We will remind each other of the perfection of Allah that Allah has charged us with this remarkable responsibility. This is how we will do this. We have a lot together. And our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. two places you find two places you find in the Quran, when the enemies of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam who used to poke fun at him humiliate him, they this this separated him from Makkah. They did all kinds of crimes against him physical and emotional and verbal, all kinds of crimes when their crimes would become too much for

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our messenger and then his thought was Salam. Allah azza wa jal will tell him. Allah will tell him, sub baby Hamza Arabic was better either. Maya Kowloon was a baby Han Arabic Camila Toluca shamcey Welcome delauro Be patient over everything they're saying to you. Just say Subhana Allah. He told his messenger Be patient over everything that they're saying to you just say Subhan Allah and say it before the sun comes up and before the sun goes down, to say especially at those times, say Subhana Allah. So briefly, I tell you Allah specially mentioned before the sun comes up and before the sun goes down, why the messenger is being told sallallahu alayhi wa sallam life changes, the enemies get

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bad, and the look and defeat the enemies too. Sometimes everything is bright like the day and sometimes everything is dark, like the night the situation around you will change. But one who will never change is Allah. Allah is perfect. So when you see the sky changed from dark to light, or the sky change from light to dark, remember that a lot can change the entire universe around you so he can change your situation too, because the only one who never changes his commitment to you and his supportive view is Allah azzawajal. So declare how perfect ally is your situation is not perfect. Your own strength is not perfect. Your ability to withstand your enemy is not perfect, but ally is

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perfect and he is with you. So remind yourself of the perfection of Allah Subhana Allah and after everything after the darkness was over, and the day came meaning the victory of Islam came either jaw or nostril la he was

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at NASA, Luna de de la jolla, Florida. Now the night is over, the enemies are done. The Dean has arrived. People are coming into the religion in huge groups. When there's a laissez faire sub bit behind the lobby Kawasaki now it's time to declare a less perfection again. Why? Because just like bad times are not forever. The same way good times are also not forever only allies forever. Only allies forever. So remember the perfection of Allah in times of difficulty. And remember the perfection of Allah in times of ease. Remind yourself that you are not here to just have an easy life. For everything to stay the same. Allah will keep changing everything in your life the devil as

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soon as life changes for you, as soon as things become difficult for you. He wants you to question a lot just like he questioned a lot.

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That's what he wants. Why is he doing this to me? He literally said this to Allah forbid Martin Layton he You made me slip. Why did you make me slip? Why did you mess me up? Yeah, let this was your plan. You set me up. That's his thinking. He wants that exact same disease for you. Exact same disease. And Allah azza wa jal taught the angels the solution to that disease and that is upon Allah and through them. He taught it to us. So we become a people of

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Subhana Allah, may Allah azza wa jal makers of people have to speak and through that this we never entertain thoughts or feelings ever words that are inappropriate for our master or rub Subhana Allah allow them barakallahu li walakum wa Anil Hakeem when a funny way he can be it was declared Hakeem

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