Importance of Muharram & Fasting on the Day of Aashooraa

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The importance of marjoram and fasting on the day of Ashura our beloved prophet masala Salah

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it's mentioned

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in say Buhari, or number four

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Hadith number 3197

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that our beloved prophet masala Salam said that the year

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if 12 months and have them for a sacred three

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in consecutive numbers, that is dual Kaida

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dual Aja and Maura and the fourth is Raja.

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A similar message is given by Allah subhanaw taala in the Glorious Quran in surah Tauba chapter number nine was number 36. Well, Law says

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the number

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of months in the sight of Allah are 12 in a year. So you're ordained the creation of the heavens and the earth and from them for a secret.

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And, but naturally for second months I mentioned inside Buhari as I mentioned earlier, that is the LUCA Dhul, Hijjah, moram, and Raja

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so do not do wrongdoings in them. Your ally thing is sort of taught by chapter nine verse number 36, that in the four sacred months, do not do any wrongdoings. That means if a person does anything, the things are more grievous. In the four sacred months, they are more heavier in these four second months, and the good deeds that you do, they will be more rewarding. So the Muslims should see to it, that during the four sacred months, they should be more careful. They should abstain from all the sins, especially the major sins, as well as almost all the miners since two.

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And we should do as many good deeds as possible. Time will not permit me to repeat all the credits and done that earlier, when I spoke about the virtues of the ledger. I'd mentioned 45 Good deeds, the fries, the most the hub, the other sonars etc. It further mentioned

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inside Muslim

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world number three Hadith number 2755.

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Our Beloved Prophet and Salah salem said that

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the most important fast after the first of Ramadan in the month of Allah in Muharram, referring to the day of Ashura

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and the most important Salah after the first salah is the night prayers, that is the caramel Lal, Tai Jude

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and under whittle

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it further mentioned in say Muslim,

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one three, or did number 2746, a beloved prophet masala Some said that

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fasting on the day of Ashura the 10th of Muharram

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I will pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may He forgive the sins of the previous year.

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That means, if a person fast on the 10th of Muharram on the day of Ashura, all your sins of the previous year will be washed away, but natural the thin are referring to the minor sins not contain the major sins. That means the most important fast after the further faster from that is the first thing of Ashura. But scholars differ FOCA has, most of the focus says that the most important fast is the first thing on the Day of Arafah because on the Day of Arafah besides the sins of the previous years, being washed away, even the sins of the future one year is washed away. That means if you fast on the Day of Arafah two years of sins are washed away the previous year and the

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following that in the next year, if you fast on the day of Ashura, only one year that the PVS fields thinned are washed away. Therefore I'll defer most of them say the most important fast if alpha few said the most important fast is fasting on the day of Ashura but unanimously all agree that these two fast fasting but they are far far and fasting on the day for Shura are the most important fast after the fact that faster from now it is mentioned in say Buhari

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while number five Hadith number 3943.

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That Abner bass, or the Allah one, may Allah be with him, he narrated

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that when the Prophet reached Medina, he found that the Jews were fasting on the 10th of Mara. And he asked them that why do you fast during this day? They said this day, Allah gave victory to Moses and the people of Bani Israel of Iran. So the Prophet replied, that we Muslims are more closer to Musa alayhis salam than the Jews, and he ordered the Muslims to fast on Assura the tent of Mara. It further mentioned

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insane Buhari.

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volume number three, Hadith number 2006. That Abbas may Allah be pleased with him, he narrates that he never found the Prophet

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wanting to fast on any day more than the day of Ashura and this month, that is the month of Ramadan.

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It further mentioned

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Sudan up without volume three, Hadith number 2445.

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That the Prophet peace be upon him.

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The people approached him. And they told him that the Jews and the Christians, they fast on the 10th of Muharram, on the Refresh era, so the Prophet said next year,

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we will also first on the ninth of March.

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If mentioned in Mr. Ahmed, we're in number two, Hadith number two, one FIFO.

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That the Prophet said, do the opposite of what the Jews and the Christians do

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besides fasting on the 10th of Muharram, also fast on the ninth or the 11th of Morocco.

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Because of this, when you read the shadow of say Buhari,

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Hafiz of Niger, as Kalani, he faith that fasting of Assura is of three levels.

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The lowest is fasting on the 10th of Muharram, the day of Assura. The second is

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fasting on the ninth, and the 10th of Mora and the highest is fasting on Ninth 10th and 11th of Morrow. That means we Muslims, we learn from all the Hadith, that more RAM is the month of Allah. It's one of the four sacred months.

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In the sacred man, we should do good deeds obtained from doing bad deeds. And the best is that we fast on all three days, the ninth, the 10th and the 11th have more RAM that is the best if you cannot fast for three days, at least fast for two days, 910 Tomorrow, or 1011 Tomorrow. If you cannot fast for two days and you can only do for one day, then the least of the least you can do is fast, at least on the 10th of moram on the day of Ashura. This was a short message on the importance of marjoram and fasting on the refresher