Ibrahim Hindy – The Story of A Verse #09 – They Will Have Peace

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet's quote, which states that everyone has a purpose and a path to achieve, and that everyone has a path to achieve the peace and security that they desire. The speaker also discusses the idea that the Prophet's quote is a quote to protect people from falling into the Yojah-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-And-the-
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Loss of health either revealed a verse in the Quran which caused the companions to feel a lot of anxiety and fear and sadness because of it. What was this verse? Allah subhanaw taala says, alladhina

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will be su imana whom he will mean Lula.

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ecola whom will

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he got

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this verse talks about the peace and the security of Allah subhanaw taala Allah says those who believe and do not mix, their belief did not address their belief with injustice without aka lahoma m those are the people will have peace and security from Allah, what will our eco human water doing and they are the people who will be guided by Allah subhana wa Tada. But this companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understood this verse, there's something it's saying, and there's something that's being understood from it. So what's being said is that if you believe and don't mix your belief with injustice, you will have peace and security and guidance from Allah

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subhanaw taala. But what's being understood by the companions is that if I do mix belief with injustice, then in that case, I will not have peace and security from Allah, and I will not be amongst the guided, and this made them feel feel a lot of fear, they went to the Prophet sallallahu and even sent him this little messenger of Allah, woman minella you have them enough. So they said, O Messenger of Allah, Who amongst us does not wrong themselves, who amongst us is not doing justice against themselves, meaning every single one of us has done a form of injustice, one or another, every single one of us has, you know, maybe participated in some backbiting or some gossip. Every

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one of us maybe, as you know, prayed a prayer after its appointed time, every one of us has done an injustice of one sort or another. So they went to the Prophet sallallahu and he sent him afraid and fearful. They said, O Messenger of Allah, and who amongst us has not committed injustice, and they felt afraid we're not going to be included in the people who have peace and security and guidance from Allah subhana wa tada the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You have not understood it, or this is not how you understand it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam is basically saying you've misunderstood this verse. And he said to them, look at what's your brother Look man, it is so damn

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sad. So the prophets of Allah He said he was referring to another verse in the Quran that look man out he said, I'm says, what you've on I know boy, man, what do you have any here? Why Why are you Oh, yeah, buena Yana to sneak me

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in Shere Khan

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la scelta. Allah says, and remember when milkman said to his son, while he's admonishing him, do not associate in the worship with a law, indeed associating and worship with the law and evolution of him it is a grave form of injustice, it is a grave, dangerous form of injustice. And so he reminded them of this verse where Look, man is referring to the worship of other than a law as well as injustice. So he's saying, the proper reading of this verse is that Allah Subhana, Allah is saying, those who believe and do not do mix injustice with their belief, meaning they do not mix shidduch worshipping other than Allah subhanaw taala associating in the worship of the law, alongside their

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belief in Allah subhanaw taala, that those are the people who will have peace and insecurity from Allah, and those are the people who will be guided. And so the Sahaba felt contentment and happiness because they understood as long as they believe in a lot and they avoid worshipping other than Allah associated in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala that they will be the people who have peace and they will be the people of guidance with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But look at the beautiful Subhana Allah how the Quran constantly refers to this worship of other than Allah azza wa jal as well as injustice. Most of us we understand injustice, when it comes to physical injustice, we understand

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the injustice of you know, stealing as injustice, we understand lying is injustice, you know, bearing false witnesses injustice, harming or killing or hurting people is injustice. We understand injustice when it comes to human interactions. But a lot of people have difficulty understanding, why is shidduch so wrong? Why is associating in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala so wrong. That's a form of spiritual injustice. Allah subhanaw taala gave us a mind and a soul and a spirit and he gave us life in existence in this world, and it has a purpose. It has a purpose and that purpose is connected to the one who created it, when we worship other than Allah subhanaw taala we are taking

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away from the rights of Allah zildjian But unlike other you know, human interactions of injustice, where you harm another person, so that person is the victim.

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When it comes to our relationship with Allah azza wa jal, when we take away the rights of Allah, we're not hurting Allah zildjian rather, we're hurting ourselves, we're harming ourselves, because that mind that body, that soul that was created in created with the purpose of turning to its creator and being connected with its creator, and knowing its creator and venerating its creator, that purpose of your mind, body and soul becomes broken. And instead, we harm ourselves by being lost in this dunya and not fulfilling the purpose of our mind and our body and our soul. And so it is a grave injustice but the victim of that injustice is you and I may Allah azza wa jal protect us

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from falling into the injustice of associating and worship with Allah subhanaw taala and keep us firm upon monotheism upon to heed and to be connected to a law so that we are included in those who will receive the peace and the security of Allah and His guidance me

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