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Shaykh Yasir discusses another important dua that found and mentioned within the Glorious Qur’an.

In this Surah, Allah praises the Muhajirun and the Ansar and Allah gives us who came after them a chance to come close to them in terms of good deeds.

“Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who preceded us in faith and put not in our hearts [any] resentment toward those who have believed. Our Lord, indeed You are Kind and Merciful.”
[Surah al Hashr, verse 10]

Had it not been from their victories and sacrifices, we would never have been part of this great religion – Islam. Hence, it is binding upon us to always make this dua to uphold their contributions in the upliftment of Islam. If we have a pure heart devoid of jealousy and rancor, we have a chance of attaining closeness to the Sahabah.

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smil al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah earlier he was a woman with a hammerberg today's do is that we will do from the Quran is certain hasher verse 10, certain hasher verse 10 or Bernal fildena. What is one in a Latina Saba una bill a man What is your alpha rubina's? hyndland Latina Armando robina in Nakuru for Rahim, O our Lord forgive our sins and the sins of our brothers who have come before us. And do not place in our hearts any hatred, any evil any jealousy any deal the Arabic word for those who believe or Lord You are the ever Merciful, the Especially Merciful offer Rahim. Now this da comes in the context of the first and second page of brutal Hashem and in this

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surah Allah subhana wa tada praises the Maha Joon and the unsought Allah describes them Ohio Judo and as saying the full Quran is 100 in the muhajir on the poor Mahajan, they left everything in Makkah and they migrated to Medina they gave up everything Why? Yabba tahuna? phenomenal Ah, what did one they wanted the pleasure of Allah. So Allah says those people who like a homosassa cone, so the more ha Joon the immigrants have the highest category. Then the second category, what are the Dena turbo? What would Dara the people who prepared the land for them? They inhabited the house ie the unsought the people who prepared the house they laid the foundations. They welcomed them. Oh Ha

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Joon, they shared from their own wealth with the Maha Joon they willingly gave up their own money even if they wanted that money. They prefer to give it to the Maha Joon over themselves. Well, you know, either unforeseen will kind of be him how salsa and Allah subhana wa tada praises the unsought and says that these are the righteous, so the more hydrocodone and the unsought then what? Who's left? We are left We are neither Mahajan, nor unsought where do we fit in? Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the opportunity to rise to that level. Allah allowed us to connect ourselves with them. How so? Well, the Dena john uhm, embody him after the Maha Mudra and salt who's left those people who

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were in there when all of this happened. That's us. Those people who came after them. That's us. One lady nyjah Omen birdie him. How can we be connected to the Mahajan song? How can we rise up to that level? This is the DA. Allah teaches us what to say and to implement this so that we rise up to that rank. Well, Edina, Jerome embody him Jaco known this is what they say, or abandon a Filipina or Lord forgive our sins, what is one in a Latina sobre una bill Eman And forgive the sins of all of the righteous brethren of ours who have preceded us, all of the generations between us and them, every time the next generation come, they will make dua for the previous generation. And then the next

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generation, they will make dua so that the last generations when they say this, they are asking Allah for forgiveness for the entire Muslim oma from the beginning of Islam up until their generations. So if we want to be connected to those generations, we have to make dua for them, we have to ask that a lot of xojo blesses and forgives them. And also another point is that we would not be here had it not been for their sacrifice we owe them we had it not been for what they had done for their sacrifice for their victories for their suffering for their trial, then none of us would be here, they preserved Islam and handed it down. So we owe the least that we owe to them. We

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remember our forefathers we remember those who carried the torch of Islam generation after generation. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala, even if we don't know their names, even if we don't know the details of who and what, but we make a generic drop robina Filipina Wally one in a Latina several funebre among all of our brethren of faith who preceded us look at how powerful the bond of Islam is. Not only does it transcend one civilization, one ethnicity, all of us have different civilizations, civilizations come together, all of us have different ethnic ethnicities come together. We transcend even time and place. we transcend even physical location and even the time

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and space factor. All of us who say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we are united in that oma we make dua for

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them and then they say, What a pleasure I feel kulu Bina Hill lilla Dena amanu This is the key factor that will cause us to rise so that we can attach ourselves to the Sahaba we can at least go after them and say that we have followed them. That is the key phrase, what is that phrase, over love, do not place in our hearts, any Hill and Hill means anything that is evil, whether it is hatred, whether it is jealousy, whether it is looking down at somebody having bad thoughts at somebody, you should have pure hearts, if you have a pure heart, you have the possibility to be attached to the Sahaba you have the possibility to go after the Sahaba and be in their ranks. So we

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make dua to Allah that Allah Allah do not make our hearts full of rancor full of putrid ness full of all that which is festering and evil. We want to have pure hearts as Allah describes Ibrahim in the Quran is Jeremiah who has been studying Ibrahim came to Allah with a pure heart and Allah says in the Quran, that the righteous will come on judgment day john, one second in lemon at Allah has been studying except for the one who comes to a lot with a pure heart. So the drama of the setup would be overlooked. Give me a pure heart and what is a pure heart? a pure heart is the heart that does not have any evil, any hatred, any jealousy for somebody else. So I make dua to a love letter. I feel

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good Rubina, Zilla Lila Dena, Eminem, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a very famous Hadith reported in Timothy Abdullah Ahmed was sitting and a man entered and the Prophet system said, the man that has entered he is a person of gender. And this happened three times in a row. And Abdullah nama did not know this person. Why is he so famous? What is his thing that he has done? So he made an excuse to live with that man, and he lived with him for a few days to see is he praying extra? Is he reading Quran extra? And he felt that Abdullah bin amor, this companion felt I actually do more than this man. Why did the prophets have some say he's a person of gender and not

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me. I pray more than him. I do more to him than him. I read more Quran than him. So on the third day, he said, Yeah, had the Oh, so and so look, I'll be honest with you. I don't have an excuse to stay with you. Except that I want to know what is special about you that our Prophet says and said this. So the man said, you saw my lifestyle. I don't do extra as much as other people. But I tell you one thing when I go to sleep, I make sure my heart is pure, and I don't have any feelings of animosity towards anybody else. So Abdullah Omar said, that is why you're a person of gender. This Hadith is reported to Timothy and Mr. Lima Mohammed. So the point is, you want to get to Jenna, you

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want to be a person who is following the Sahaba then you make dua to Allah subhana wa Taala What is your alpha Rubina Lila Lila? Dena Amano, we don't want to have those negative feelings in our hearts and beautifully Allah describes Jenna in the Quran, one as Murphy so during him inhale, the same word Hill is mentioned. The people will enter Jannah and Allah says at that point, we will get rid of all of the negativity of their hearts. One of the reasons why Jenna is Jenna is because nobody has any evil in their heart. It is darussalam the abode of peace because there is no jealousy. There is no hating, there is no looking down. Our scholars say Allah describes Jenna as people who have no

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negative feelings in their heart. So if you want to experience gender in this world, then remove any negative feelings from your heart and you will get a taste of gender so we make dua to Allah that Allah forgive us and forgive those who came before us and Allah Do not place any negativity in our heart, cleanse our hearts of everything evil and bad. And then Allah subhana wa Tada. Then ends the verse that Indeed Allah is oof and Rahim and roof is a special type of mercy. Rafa is a tender mercy law is the strongest manifestation of mercy and Rama is the generic mercy So Allah is Allah Oof, the one who has the most tender mercy and not going to hate the one who has general mercy. So of the

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things that we learned from this drama dear brothers and sisters, is that it is of the etiquettes of the believer to make dua for other people as well. Oh Allah forgive us and forgive everybody else. We should not be selfish in order to add or like give me a don't give anybody No, that's not Islam. That's not good. What do you lose? If Allah give somebody else a good thing you ask for yourself, then you ask for somebody else as well. We also learn in the Hadith our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, whenever a Muslim makes dua for another Muslim without telling that Muslim, Allah will send an angel to say I am mean to that door. And then the angel will say, and may you also get what you

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asked for your brother.

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This is one of the most interesting to us when it comes or techniques when it comes to getting your own answered, make dua for others and allow will send an angel and say amin and may you also get the same thing you asked for your brother in. And this is also by the way, interestingly enough, one of the easiest ways to cleanse our hearts of hatred. If you have some negative feelings towards somebody, Allah is telling you in this ayah make dua for them. If you're jealous of somebody make dua for them, because when you make dua for them, that jealousy will be removed, and then the angel will come and say, may you also get the same. So suppose you feel something in your heart somebody

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is wealthier than you somebody is better, more blessed in one field than you are the Hadees tells us make do our for him or Allah bless him with more wealth, or Allah make him even more descended, Allah raised his ranks. And Allah azza wa jal is saying when you do that, not only when your own jealousy go away, but the angel will come and say Ameen, and may you also get more wealth, may you also live a longer life may you also mean more blessing. So when you make do and for others, the angels make dua for you. And this is of the best ways to cleanse your heart as well, of the evil that it has. And the final point, it is reported in a hadith with a slight weakness in it, but

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there's no problem narrating we had eaten and understanding them. As long as we know that there are weeks of slight weakness there's a missing link in the chain reported in the morning. It could be about Ronnie our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever asks Allah to forgive all the believing men and women, as many minutes Allah will write one good deed for every single believing men and women who ever existed. If you say allow Moffitt and Muslim you know what Muslim out well me Nina will move me nuts. Then the billions and billions and billions of people that you're making do out for Allah will give you a deed and even if the Hadith might be slightly weak, the Koran proves

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this the Quran explicitly proves this Ibrahim alayhis salam may do out to Allah that Rob Rob Bell fiddly while he while he here, what is mini Naomi herself Oh my Lord forgive me Forgive my parents forgive all the believers on judgment day and put on his making. Everybody know makes a drop that Oh Allah forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my house as a movement and all meaning I mean, this is in the Quran. And also in the draft of the Prophet Sultan, he would make do out longbow fitted Muslim either one Muslim at one minute, one minute, I mean, human living and dead forgive all Muslims. So we make dua for everybody because we want Allah's mercy to encompass everybody. And this

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headed or this verse shows us that it is of the etiquettes of the Muslims to care about other people to have a pure heart. And if we do so, then we might reach the highest of ranks. I conclude with quoting one of the students of the Sahaba Ibn Abbey Laila, he read this verse and he said, there's only three righteous people then we're hi June, the unsought and those connected to them. If you can't be from them or hide you don't. If you cannot be from the unsought make sure that you are from those connected to them by making this door and implementing it or have been a fildena what is one interlinear Saba hoon. I've been a man what a treasure I feel Kuru Bina Hilda Linda Dena Amano.