Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan Therapy 2019 – Dua 16

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the narratives of the prophets and stress the importance of not overemphasizing their actions and actions in narratives. They also touch on the significance of a statement made by Hannah Montana about being near someone, which she believes is a barrier to harm, and La Qu cancellation claims to have been parting from the throne and that she is the strength of the human body. The speakers stress the need for people to be mindful of their actions and emphasize the importance of not over-emphasizing the prophets and their actions in narratives.
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set them on a motorhome not to lie about a character to Brother him or him with another Ramadan therapy. So Pamela we've passed half of the month of Ramadan we are in Ramadan therapy number 16. And this is one of the great days of the prophets I send them one of the great cow remembrances of the prophets. I send them the roadmap, they call this and how color, which is to say now how well are all weather in La Villa. Now one of the most famous Hadith about how LA is narrated in many of the books of sunon and the books of Hadith, which is a statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam do some of the Sahaba and the profits are SLM was on a journey with them. And this hadith

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is narrated in

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the book of tawheed of an Imam Al Bukhari in the chapter of tawheed. You know, elevating a lot magnifying a lot and worshiping a lot knowing the unification and unity of Allah subhana wa tada and the prophets I send them this edited from episode eight. Have you moved Samadhi Allahu Allah. He says good Namah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam NaVi Salah Murphy suffering McKenna either follow the prophets I said and we were traveling with him and as we were in our journey, whenever we ascended Kabbalah now we will say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, you know, we're climbing up a hill top or a mountaintop. For Hi there, it'll be earlier and footage from the Prophet is lm said confine

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your voices. He said, Don't trouble yourself too much. Don't raise your voice is so loud for inoculated on an assignment with a heart era, because the one you are invoking is not distant from you are unaware, he's not one who doesn't hear you or doesn't see you. He is very near to you. So kind of home with Allah, that their own SME and basilar katiba SME embassy on Caribbean, you are in fact invoking a law who is all hearing all seeing and near to you. Some kind of went to honor. So you see the prophesies of them negates one fact he orders us to admonishes us from elevating our voices excessively unnecessarily for victory. And it's a form of anti that it's a form of rebellion

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against a lot where someone goes to that extreme of yelling and raising their voice and they're big, and you know, hopping around and all that kind of thing. And at the same time, the prophet Isaiah Lim says, you know, your Lord is near you, he hears you, he sees you He is close to you, thumb at that, Allah Juana autofeed fc La La quwata illa Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he then comes to have to live in a place and who is that be Musa in this hadith? And he says, I bought like nucleus he says in myself within myself near to myself, I was saying that the the Do I have a loss of Hannah Montana, that hola whenever with 11 there is neither no mite or power except by the

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lever and the power given to us by Allah. There is no power there's no ability there's no way to turn or to move, no strength no Providence, except in that which Allah has provided whenever power I have is because of the power of Allah bestowed upon me for Kali Abdullah nicolaysen Hola Hola. Wha hoo with a La Villa. Say keep saying that how low enough with a nebula for in a hat kinswoman canoes engine for very that statement this how Look how De La La quwata illa Billah is a treasure from the treasures of Paradise Allahu Akbar liahona and Oppo with a levy LA is a statement it's an expression first of astonishment and surprise at a misfortune or a greatness that occurs and it shouldn't be

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used for one more than the other. It's not just in moments of depressions hit Now hold on Dakota Oh, this is so sad. There's no power or ability. In fact, it's a moment of rejoicing and therefore when the more and then you hear them say hi Yala sada hi alfetta come to attention and alive come to life through this prayer hi Yah, come alive to sada lis sada to establish your prayer hi Alan fella, come alive through your pursuit of success. Your response isn't to repeat what he says in all the other places in the air. Then he says a lot like what do you say? All right. In this case, you say that Hodo inequality, levy law, I can only rise up I can only move I can only answer this cold with the

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mic and the power given to me by a loss of Hannah Montana. So therefore, it's a moment of rejoicing. It's a moment of you acknowledging a lot. It's a moment of you standing before your makers of Hannah Montana. And I want you to keep that in mind that every time you worship Allah azza wa jal, that your dua to Allah is something that brings you closer to him. And it doesn't have to be something that expressed out loud, it's something that's within you on your lips for Leah Coonrod, Lisa Newkirk, bombilla karela It shouldn't just be in your heart that nobody hears it or you can't even hear yourself. It should be out that the lips move and their tongue is wet with the victim the

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prophets. I said Lim said as one of the

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keys that opens the doors of Jenna. Italia. coenraad Lisa Nicola, let your tongue be wet from the excessive dhikr of Allah subhana wa to Anna. Now there's another narration that builds on this on this statement, which is found in the sooner luminometer movie, and it hasn't it's chained mckuen, who reports it from Abu hurayrah? No, my code never lived at the same time of Abu hurayrah. So the Senate has a breaking in its chain, but the statement of it is worthy of mention. And it's something that the tablet I've mentioned, and you might hear it, but I want you to know that it's not a statement of the prophets. I seldom where other commentators have therefore then said that this

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statement of La hawla wala quwata illa de la la li la VM. You can add to it allele. Alavi or La La La La quwata illa Billah that that statement is a barrier to 70 doors of harm, the least of which is alpha poverty, that the statement about how lower the holiday labriola it gives you strength, it gives you protection and gives you health it gives you rules. And it's a barrier from 70 gates, in accordance to many of the opinions of the roadmap based on this. Also Hadith that is not connected to Abu hurayrah de la Juan Juan la although it's worthy of mentioned so what is speciality is of the statement that how know what up with a nebula, in your mind have this hot mindset that you're

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calling a lot to grant you strength to grant you mind to grant you power in your mind. It's to have in your intention that you know that at any time your mind can be taken and deprived and that a law can make an alteration in your financial condition your intellectual state into your financial and resources and know that Allah subhanaw taala as promised to test us well in a blue and neck home as is in Surah Al Baqarah. So this is a drop the slider here and have always made to prevent harm, and it should be part of your repertoire of daily dose to heal yourself and to prevent harm from befalling should be part of your Ramadan therapy. Now Hola, La quwata illa Billah I have no mind la

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how whenever when no power in La Villa, except that which is possessed and given to me by Allah Subhana Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to become to us the power and strength that we use in life. Connect this howdy this Vic with the statement of Allah which is in a hadith kotse that is authentically reporting by Lima Minogue. The Prophet reports from Allah that Allah says that whenever a person draws close to me whenever my serving comes close to me through the obligatory things that I've ordered, and then they begin to do this a purgatory extra act of devotion such as Hola, hola, de la and other Vic.

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I become close to them. And I'd befriend them so that I become the site they see with and the hearing the here with and the strength they touch with. May Allah Subhana Allah be the strength of our movements, the sight of our eyes and the hearing of our ears. May Allah subhanaw taala make the month of Ramadan, a month of healing and therapy and recognition and reconciliation with others. May Allah subhana wa tada open our hearts to each other Allahumma Amin. Well suddenly the home I was selling was to abetik palisade. Now whenever you know Mohamed, this is your brother. Yeah, hi Brahim with another Ramadan therapy. This was number 16 was sent out by a cat

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