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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the month of tet for individuals to have the intention to fast before the time of the day. The speaker also mentions that optional fasters are required to ensure the proper timing of the meal, and that rewards for fasting are based on the speed of the meal. The speaker emphasizes the importance of formating the intentions before the meal to ensure proper delivery.

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It is essential for an individual to place the intention to fast in one's heart. During the month of Ramadan. We're talking about obligatory fasts at night before fudger, ie before dawn. It would not suffice for an individual to start fasting that day without the intention and this is because it was narrated by Mr. Omar the landmine Omar from hafsa de la one How did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said, Whoever does not have the intention of fasting before fetcher, there is no fast for that individual. This Hadith is recorded in the book of a man in the Muslim Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah. Now this is in regards to obligatory fasts. As for knuffel fasts, optional

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fasts, it is permissible to formulate the intention to fast during the day, as long as you have not eaten or drunk or had intercourse after fudger. And this has been proven in the hadith of a mother. I showed her the last one. However, she is reported to have said that the prophets that alone widely very, very seldom entered upon her one day. And the entire innovation goes along the lines of these words, it was at the time of Baja, looking at the time of foreknown. And he asks, do you have anything IE Do you have any food to which she replies in the negative saying no, he then says then I am fasting the Hadith is recorded or the book of Imam Muslim. So as you can see, it is not

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stipulated in regards to general optional fasts that the intention should be formed from the night before. Rather, if a person decides too fast during the day, then the individual would go on too fast until sunset and that is acceptable, so long as this individual has not done anything that breaks his or her fast since dawn broke. But in the case of an optional fast, this is something that you have to bear in mind and optional fast that is done or connected to a specific reason. Then again, it is essential to form the intention from the night before IE from before dawn. And the reward when you talk about rewards It is only from the time the intention was formed, because the

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prophets are allowed widely available service report perhaps the famous Hadith about intentions in MLR Malou Binya actions are backed by intentions. So whatever that comes before the intention was formed will have no reward recorded for it. But the rewards will only start accumulating you will only start accruing rewards for what comes after the intention that has to be made extremely clear. So now when it comes to an optional fast, that is connected to a reason, if the reward is connected to the day's fast, then if the individual were to formulate the intention halfway during the day, then he has not fasted the entire day is only fasted part of the day with the intention. You know,

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let me give you an example or a few examples to bring about clarity. If you take the Six Paths of Chevelle after Ramadan, if let's say an individual were to get up after dawn breaks, and he does not eat anything. And then halfway through the day, he decides to fast on the basis that this is one of the six days of chawan you know the six fasts of Shabbat after Ramadan. So now the first day that would mean he will only first half of that day and then he goes on to fast five more days after that. So in total, he would have fasted five and a half days. And likewise, if he had formed the intention to fast after one part of the day had passed, then he would have fasted five and three

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quarters of the six days.

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Of the six fast of show one as per the Hadith where the prophets Allah Allah Islam is reporter upset, whoever fasts Ramadan, and then follows it with six days of shaohua. So the Hadith tells us that we are supposed to fast six entire days of chawan. But from the example we see that this individual has not fast six days, rather than is fast, either five and a half days, or five and three quarters of the six days. So from this, we see that this individual has not attained the reward for fasting this six days because the Hadith indicates it is supposed to fast six days. So he has not fasted the six days in total because he didn't fast six full days, he's not going to accrue

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the reward of the six fast of show one. And the same may be said in regards to the day of RFI as opposed to fast the entire day of our offer to accrue the rewards of arafa. Let's say if he were to start halfway through he is not going to accrue the rewards of our offer. Likewise, if the virtue of the fast is connected to a particular sooner such as fasting on Mondays and Thursdays or fasting the aim will be the 13th 14th and 15th of the injury month.

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to accrue the full rewards of these sooner fasts you have to ensure that you formulate the near the intention the night before IE before dawn

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by enacting the NEA halfway through the day, you're not going to accrue the full reward of these sooner fasts. I hope I've shed light in this regard is that good luck.