Congregational Dual After the Obligatory Prayers

Hatem al-Haj


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Do you know that the the

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congregation of God that is made after its allotted

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to forever after the father prayers,

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people make congregation of god

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this is this is their art, you know, the hafeez dislike this kind of very ironically, it is kind of peaceful.

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But traditionally, you know,

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the people the mother that dislike this, and rightfully so, because it does not have

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it has not been reported from the preference or sentiment of the companions.

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Somebody has like a like a very good fried take on this issue where he showed that people have made this into an obligation where that has no roots whatsoever in the

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practice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions. But because so so that hanafy is are the ones who dislike this the three hour method, you will find that the three hour metallic approver approver.

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Here, if you say that this is like a reprehensible robot, and then you start to act very angry.

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And someone goes and reads the show for us in America. These are all fine with it and the approval and the approval of the legitimacy of it. How can we have a discussion? How could you have a have is that you're telling your followers that the person who does this, he has no.

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Basically, basically, legitimacy whatsoever has has, is just like making things up

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on the go, and that will

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breed certain resentment, hatred, intolerance, between us, that we're not going to be. But if I say that this is the position of the former guy, and concerning this matter, inside with that former orthodox position of the canopies, not the practice of the contemporary, the former orthodox position, as far as I know, there is also some disagreement with

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canopy orthodoxy over disliking this. But if you say that this is what I

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choose, because I don't find that to be, I don't find anywhere the practice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has to have the bid that the stock congregation is then

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that is reasonable that that, so you go to the form of a hab, and then you say that these are their positions. But this is what I choose, because it appears to be stronger to me, based on my understanding of the revelation, that is when you're competent enough to do this.

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If you're not, then you're finally ready, you just follow your toddler years cutter school, and don't bother with type D, or weighing down on more than one position or the other.

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This is how we should all talk to each other.

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So that there is there's more tolerance between us. And then when there is like a position that is outside of the form of value, then you wait until there is a momentum. As a student of knowledge yourself, you don't uphold the position that's outside of the form of that. And you're running around and just to be forceful, and preacher. And then there is a momentum, certainly in this three, four composite divorce, there is sufficient momentum, if you don't consider the mother in laws, which are based in Serbia, and taken from the Sharia of countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and many other Muslim countries. If you don't consider this to be enough momentum.

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I don't know what could be a momentum. But this there is momentum here so that you could as a student of knowledge, support this and preach it.

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not condemn the other position because he can't condemn the position of the forum resign, but support that region and as a legitimate position that is suitable for the times and the needed to uphold

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any questions about this issue, how you approach things, you go from the form of value, and when you make a choice.

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You don't circumvent all the tradition and you go right up to the philosophical idea.

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Or the disagreement between the Sahaba or the Quran on the sort of this the, you know, you go through the form of Allah and then you choose from their positions what seems to be most consistent with the revelation. And you don't go outside of the form of valid unless there is a momentum with, you know, like a body of a body of scholars that have the position of the map substantiated by the revelation needed and was never abandoned.