The Two Grand Prizes of Ramadan

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, you know that there are two prizes. And these are grand prizes that are given during this Blissett month of Ramadan that we saw Selim described this month as being a month of blessing. And so as a result from among these blessings are two gifts that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives during this month, not necessarily at the at the end of the month, it could happen at the beginning of the month in the middle of the month, any time of the month. What are these two gifts Let me tell you about these two gifts. Number one is in the Hadith as an official Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, In the Leela Hirotaka Mina Nell was le caffee Coolio. Meanwhile Allah, that's

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the first gift. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says every single night and every single day of Ramadan, there is an opportunity in where the next are freed from jahannam Next are freed from the fire,

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Yanni so how long last night was the first night of Ramadan? Allahu Allah, who earned that gift from the very first night, Linden official Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, this happens every night and every day of Ramadan. So there is 60 opportunities to be freed from the fire, Allahu Allah who happened to from among all

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around the world, some people have already earned, being freed from the fire last night. And then today, and then tonight, these are three opportunities so far. We, you know, let's just understand what it means to be freed from the fire. Let's understand this. My brothers and sisters in Islam, first understand the value of it. You know, I'll give you a very small example. A few years ago, I think it was in 2005. There was a murder that happened in one of the Arab lands in where a famous Lebanese singer, a woman she was killed, she was murdered. So then later on after investigation, they found the perpetrator, the one who committed the crime. he happened to be an Egyptian, but he

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was a billionaire and Egyptian billionaire. Eventually, when they found him, and they traveled him. And the court basically ruled that he deserves the capital punishment, death sentence to death, he offered to give $5 billion from his wall. This is one this is just to be freed from the end from the punishment of this life. He's offering $5 billion so he can ransom his neck from the hanging because that's how they're going to kill him by hanging there just by looking at this example, understand how much people will pay you to free their necks from punishment in this life. How much more does a person is supposed to give of commitment and is supposed to give off Yanni motivation is worship and

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so on and encouragement and Yanni dive deep into his words how much should a person worship Allah subhanaw taala in order to free his neck, not only from the punishment of this life, but ultimately from the punishment of the hereafter. That is the first Grand Prize that is given 60 opportunities in this month guaranteed for people to take it for into one of your every single day at night is supposed to be our law free our net from the fire and we ask allows origin to free us from the from the hellfire. Now what that means is that if someone was to earn being freed from the fire, let's say, let's say Allahu Allah, we hope that all of us are the case. But let's say some of us here are

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freed from the fire. Well as origin has decreed that for him, what does it mean? It means that this person from now until the day he dies, if he wants to commit a sin, then he will repent from that sin. Allah Xhosa has already recorded that for him, even if he was to fall in Kufa or commit a major sin that deserves jahannam allows origin by the fact that he has written him from among those who are freed from the fire. It means that even if he fell into the major sins that deserves jahannam, Allah azza wa jal will give him success to make a Toba straight after that, so that he never lands in jahannam for Subhan Allah a grand reward and let me run down now.

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This is not achieved to everyone. Jani lilla, Rodolfo.

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They call it Danny, Gemma, Gemma to see if this is a minor plural. In the Arabic language. There are plurals that are major and plurals that are minor right. So this is Jani in language. This is a minor plural. In other words, not everyone gets this chance at the end of the month, but we ask Allah Subhana dialler over and over again Bismillah that Allah Subhana Allah frees our necks from a fire. That's the first Grand Prize achieved anytime in this month. The second grand gift that is given during this month, my brothers and sisters in Islam, and that is less than that by a degree but it's a reason to enter the paradise as well and that is being featured

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Given from all your sins, and the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam, in the Hadith watch how many Heidi features this even though you and I know that the purpose of fasting is what was the purpose of fasting very quickly, we read it in the solid tapa, but you know, Jani the purpose of fasting is taqwa, but what's the reward of taqwa? The reward of taqwa is a forgiveness of sins. That's the reward of Dr. Las panatela incision sooner than unfair. Yeah, you have Lavina Amano in Tacoma genre component where you can feel an consejo de como de la come in this ayah Allah azza wa jal he says, Oh you who believe if you have Taqwa of Allah, if you attain this stuff when you fear Allah subhanaw

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taala by avoiding that which is unlawful and FCRA and abiding by that which Allah subhanaw taala obligated a lot of Zoysia this promise to such a person is what he said you're looking for con and He will give you a clear decision in where you will able to see the truth from the falsehood and you're able to be followed that which only guides you to a loss of heritage for canon law gives you an insight you can see what's wrong and you know what's right. And on top of this, if you attain this top line, you have it. Another result another reward is where you can feel at home, you can feel it can feel like home, what does it mean? Young feel like home, meaning he forgives you for

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your sins, you can feel wronged. Tickle means you exchange the sins in the house or dad. And you know, this is the result of Docker The purpose of the month is to achieve Docker. But the result of taqwa is that it cleans out the entire slate of the left book and all the house and I claimed Not only that, but they exchanged and made into mountains and mountains of hassle that you never did, right. So nubby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says man sama Ramadan Eman And what is urban warfare Allah who met the condom, amin dombey that anyone who wants to fast from a one out of a man and seeking the reward from Allah, the result is his forgiven for his sins. his sins are forgiven. You

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see this one I'm telling you this is the second grand prize that is given during this month. A forgiveness of sins. Watch how many times it repeated. That's one howdy masamoto movano. Eman on it seven wolfelt Alma de dum dum

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if you didn't achieve a forgiveness of sins because you're fasting wasn't good, it wasn't proper. Doesn't matter. There is another opportunity, man karma Rama bada amen and what is urban warfare? Allahu medaka Domine dombey anyone who stands up in solid or in worship, which is what we're doing now in total, we call mama born in and out of event YT seven young men that Allah azza wa jal made this a sweetener for the believers that this is what Allah wants us to do. This is

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what he said and seeking the reward from Allah again what's the result

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of your Allahu Mehta condemning them they all the sins of the past are forgiven? number two

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number three if you did not achieve forgiveness because of your fasting it wasn't proper doesn't matter if you're clear and wasn't proper and you miss this opportunity. There's a third Hadith in when the VESA mamajuana your salami says, Man call me a Latin country man and the seven warfare on a home at the moment that anyone who worship a law properly during lay a little further out of Eman Yani believing that there is such a thing called a lot of other believing that there is such a reward as an official. That's a banner what the seven and seeking the reward from Allah. Then the result is fulfilled Allah who met the number that Allah azza wa jal forgives him for all of his past

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sins. These are three ahaadeeth the teachers what you're supposed to be looking forward towards at the end during this month, which is a forgiveness of sins at the end of the last 10 days. And I shall be Allah Juana, she says total salasar Salah if I find a little cutter, meaning if I sense that tonight is a little cutter, what should I do? What do I should I make? What does he say to like, what's the diet? I'm omega food to hebben alpha, alpha alpha, once again, there is a solid teaching I have made this door, which means our law and an alpha lahoma. In the Cafu, you're the one who pardons and forgives to have been awful you love to forgive farahani Forgive me, once again. And

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that is our solemn is teaching us that the purpose of Ramadan, and the main result and reward that one wants from it is to be forgiven from his sins. So he says to make this dry in plenty, because if you come out of the month with a forgiveness of sins, you've achieved the grand prize. But then there's this now, if you don't achieve this forgiveness, if you don't achieve this forgiveness, you know what it means? It means you're fasting. x wasn't right. It means you're solid at night, cross as long it wasn't right. It was rejected.

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It means that your little cutter also it came and you were lazy and need sex as well. Nothing moved forward for you to Panama. And it means your dryer wasn't accepted. Therefore, if you had three opportunities to be forgiven, if you weren't forgiven in your first thing, at least you could have been forgiven in your night pray. If you weren't forgiven in this, and you weren't forgiven in your fasting, at least you could have been forgiven in your efforts in a letter. Now, if you did not achieve the forgiveness of sins, because of all these three, the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam says this, watch the warning. Now, one day, he claimed the member, Marisol, and he claims that he

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ascends on the minimum. And he says in a loud voice, mean, and he takes the first step.

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And he takes the second step. And he says, mean, and he takes the third step. And he rises to the top. And he says again, mean, so he gave me hope I was a Friday so people can talk. So he gave me finished the whole book. Once you finish, then he came down Sahabi Aloha, known as curious Are you are now to understand what's this mean? For they rushed before us and asked him out of school alone? You said, mean, mean? I mean, what's that form? So he says to them, as I was ascending, the member, she believed came to me. As you can see, the message that is about to be delivered is so huge that not any Angel should come for it should be and Ali Salaam himself should come down. You know, she

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really doesn't move a lot. He only moves when there's wine. And he only moves from where he is now to come down with punishment. And he comes down during Laila to cuddle, that's it. And if there's something really really urgent and something important of a message, so she believes in Allah, he said, I'm coming down is a huge event. And he's got a huge message to deliver. And he says, The reason I sell them says to the companions gibreel came to me and he said to me, a lot of them are unfamiliar in at the rocker Rama barn follow me over formula for abajo la mina, meaning

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the person that enters Ramadan, and comes out of Ramadan, and Alon did not forgive him once again, pointing under the grand prize of Ramadan is to be forgiven. So what happens if a person came in and left and a law did not forgive him?

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unfairly Yani In other words, may he be humiliated for a bad law? Maybe he may he be removed from a laws mercy and from Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness, a part of who Labine Allah moved him from his mercy. When I met he was

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almost mercy encompassed everything. imagine not being included in the Lord's mercy. How bad were you during Ramadan, that you're not included in the Lord's mercy that when Allah described his mercy, he said encompassed everything? So panela Nana, we need to understand my brothers and sisters in Islam, the grand prize and then and then gibreel Allah, you salami said to him say I mean, so then he said, I mean, do you believe made against this person that's not forgiven? One who said amen on this door, that's two down somehow the law for a person that is not forgiven during Ramadan, minimum minimum, is you're supposed to be coming out of this month with a forgiveness of sins. And

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Jani, if we're fortunate enough, when we ask Allah Subhana Allah for that we own the other prize, and that is to be Yeah, and he freed from the Hellfire entirely. For me, this is the message and then the only Of course, there were two steps after that. Yeah, and it just for curiosity, I know probably you just want to know what were the other two. So I will share those with you even though they're not part of the topic. But the other two was in avisar cell and he also said, may the person who lived who lived his entire life, and he lived with his parents, and if they were alive with him, and he did not enter the paradise as a result of his parents. May He also be humiliated, may He also

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be removed from the mercy of a law. And in other words, the parents are adult to the paradise. And the third one, he said a lot of them are unfamiliar in the Kyoto

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era, some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and the third one he said jabril made this to me, the one who when you're mentioned, the only when in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam His name is mentioned, when your name is mentioned, and the people that hear it, don't say your son Allahu alayhi wa sallam, may He also be disgraced me He also be humiliated. When he saw Selim says me In fact, these are three things that were put in one Hadith to teach us the gravity and the seriousness of it. My brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the grand prize of Ramadan, since this is the grand prize, and it can be an as I said to you at the beginning of the month in the middle of the month, end of

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the month. Make sure this is part of your daily dose that you make when the use of aloha

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He was sending me says, when you saw me downward to Mr. Java, what he saw me down to Mr. Java, that the first thing person has a doubt and doubt and here it's not your or in other words, Jani I am it's open any kind of door he makes one every single night that is accepted. Elena mamilla. They said it's time is just before before just before before it makes sense. Why? Because at that moment The human being is weak. He's humiliated, but he's humble before Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. Yeah. And he's weak before a loss or Jelena would become much, much more sensitive. And if it's sincere, it's much much closer to it being accepted without any kind of power. And it's any kind of

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drama that you're supposed to be making. It is a drama of the goodness of this life and the hereafter, Lazor shall he teaches us this by saying, you know if it dunia has Jonathan Warfield herati hustler and the husband of the Hereafter is the paradise itself. And if you want to own the paradise, meaning you're freed from the fire, walk in there, but never walk in there. But now that last part is to be freed from the fire. make plenty of this to iron We ask Allah subhanaw taala to the and to completely forgive us for our sins, the major and the minor and to free us from the fire and admit us into the paradise novella Garden of Eden Mohamad while it was