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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is your brother, hey Ibrahim with another daily tip, see Alhamdulillah we're doing a surah a day that I've seen of Judah. And we're in the 95th chapter of the huddle and we're speaking about sort of a team, and a loss of kind of what to add up, has addressed the prophets, I sell them and address mankind in this beautiful soul. Now, there are important moral lessons in this order. First is mankind's spiritual and moral degradation has consequences. And morality is the tools that we use to determine for ourselves right from wrong, and that comes from a spiritual base from a cultural base. And from that which surrounds us in life, our

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upbringing, and so on. A lot also speaks in this order about the rewards for pious believers. And the law speaks about the reality of the Day of Judgment. A lot begins a sort of by making an oath with the fig and olives, and the mountain of Sinai and the beautiful city and it's almost as if the mountain of Sinai the figurative nature of it is,

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you know, as being juxtaposed to Mecca and we'll cover on that, and we're going to speak about this shortly in sha Allah, Allah speaks about the creation of mankind and the return of mankind as a law created us he will commend our return. And then of course, our resurrection. Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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What Dini was a tune by the fig and the olive. Now the imagery of the fig is that it is a blessed fruit, it's a tree that has more than one harvest in the year. Most trees they bloom, they fruit and then they you pick their fruits but the feed, it has more than one cycle more than one harvest in any one year you could take the fruit off it and it'll regrow in the same year. Same with an olive tree, it has so many benefits the oil of the all of the food of the fruit of the all of the leaves of the all of the actual tree itself is very resilient. its roots are very hardy, it's a blessing blessing tree and the oil of the olive tree it is one that that when it is lit, it does not consume

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itself with expedience, the way other fuels were used at that time. Well, to what what what is the name and allow makes a vow by the mountain of Tour, which is in the Sinai and Allah subhanaw taala has chosen this particular spot to be a holy spot, the bullfighting mobile Okay, in the blessing spot, I think I think more about it, which is on the Mount of Sinai on the right hand side of the mountain. We have that ability. I mean, and this blessing city and the commentators they speak about these first three or four verses, by saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent amongst all of the other prophets of Allah, and all of them are commanded to follow him. And

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therefore the final, the final oath with the sacred city, it's as if the profit is being chosen to be the best of them, that there is, you know, there is the compatibility of different kinds of fruits and vegetables, all of it are things that are beautiful, but at the end of the day, the best is saved for last and Mohammed Salim was the one who was saved for for last. So I messaged the UK saw and Tory saying that was something that is representative of Jesus and Moses and the call of Moses in the Sinai. But the third place, the place that is of greatest consequence is Mohammed. So it's almost as if Allah is paying the first place of the fig and the olive is Jerusalem beta

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muchness, which is holy to us as Muslims. This is where Allah sent a Saudi asylum, totally saying that the mountain of Sinai then you see the ranking. So there's Jesus, and then there's Moses. And then there is Mohammed. The third place is Mohammed Salah Selim, which is the area of physical hardship. It was an area that was barren and deserted, but it had the greatest fruit, and therefore the blessed land had the fruits that were showing, but it's but our cat was not hitting him nuts I sell them is the Baraka that was hidden that will overwhelm the world. Salalah when he was selling the hot coffee incentive, he asked me to call him Allah says, I've created mankind in the best of

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stature. And that's a very powerful idea that mankind is a perfection in his creation in our generality, not in individuals, there will be some of us, who have different handicaps and disabilities and so on. But on a total mankind is a peak of the creation of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, through metal that now as well as ethylene, but he reduces himself he was allowed to reduce himself to the lowest of the law. So you have been made to be elevated in the sight and estimation of Allah, but Allah has given us the capacity to make choice. And therefore if you think about atoms, very first independent choice, it brought him to disrepute. And therefore Allah warns Adam

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from that moment on many depauw who de la la la vida, the one who follows the guidance from this moment on Adam, they will not be misguided and they will not toil in hardship, meaning they can ascend to the place that they should be. You and I we shouldn't be here. But when we act with misconduct, we lower ourselves to a place where we should not be and Allah says lol Edina MnO Who are those who actually

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elevate themselves who are those who do not get tarnished? lol Edina ama no except for those who possess faith while I'm in a slightly hot and work righteous deeds fed agile environment known for them they will have a reward without end Allahu Akbar.

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Believe, work righteous deeds and you will have a good recompense for the deeds that you have performed. It is a promise from Allah soprano to Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, that the one who gathers the score and practices it as it should be, has given himself salvation, the one who says La ilaha illAllah with sincerity of heart and practice what it believes shall enter gender and therefore a law always reminds us of our place with him soprano to Allah will also in an incident hosted by the passage of time mankind let themselves

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lend themselves to loss in the livina manner except those who believe well I'm it'll saw the heart and work right to lead so Allah continues in this sorta and Saltine family you can vebo family you can Rebekah do be Dean? Who then yeah, Mohammed, then what or who else causes you? Oh, unbelievers to do die the day of judgment? Have you not thought about its clarity? Have you not thought about the consequence of the deeds that you perform that for every action, there's going to be a reaction for every deed, there's something comparable that you will get back then I mean, Sue and you'll be the one who does sinfulness will be rewarded, and we're compassed it woman ami lasallian fell in FC

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The one who does good they will gain its blessing in themselves in their families and so on. So look at that effect from the ILA a 30 Rahmatullah look at the effect of a loss mercy, okay for your heel out of their mouth, they had luggages examples of how we brings the rain and it brings the dead back to life and also the rain of life is the spiritual verses of the Koran that gives you an awakening of heart that raises you from the dead FM in Canada maintained Okay, now the one who was dead and we brought them back to life spiritually dead, and then came to reconnect with their Creator subhana wa tada la sala who back me hacky mean, familiar you can the book about Adobe Dean, what who can lead

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you away who can make you think that you will not be questioned? At least Allah who the Ackermann Harkey mean, don't you ponder that Allah will always be the best of judges. It's a powerful if a judgment is for Allah subhana wa Tada. He knows not just what a person has done, but why they've done it and what were the reasons that led them to do it you and I can be in judgment of actions, but we are not susceptible to the spiritual judgment that is only entailed by Allah. And therefore there are many lessons in the Koran and the student of the prophets I send them where Allah speaks about someone that people condemned in life, but Allah knows of them something that was in their

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heart or in the circumstances of their life that lends them to be forgiven by Allah soprano to Ana, there was a woman of the night who gave food to a dog water to a dog and on account of that she was forgiving her whole all of her sins. juxtapose that with a scholar of faith, a memorizer of the Quran and a teacher of people of the words of God, who will be the first one to be set in sent into Hellfire as the prophets I said, Lim said a woman to Sarobi Hinata in additively, my Muslim, the first one to be put in and placed into the into the punishment of hell will be a person I lemon, lemon or Anna Lama who acquired knowledge of the Quran and taught it may Allah subhanaw taala make

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us from those who escaped his torment and punishment the prophets I seldom said men nor shall hater but are the one who is questioned about the big and small of their deeds, they shall be even they will be punished by Allah. May Allah grant us His mercy on account of our merciful Miss to other others And may Allah Subhana Allah judge us with His mercy and his and his Alana, know that the judgment on the Day of Judgment, that no one will be punished except according to a laws, Rama have them even in his mercy, they are fitting of that, and no one will enter Jenna except due to the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala and the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. We ask Allah for his mercy

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and an understanding of the whole and that we read it, practice it and teach it unto others alone. I mean, I pray that you continue to join me in this series of daily tafsir A surah a day the types of Jews ama, this was the 95th chapter of the huddle on May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it an evidence for us on the day of judgment was said Mr. de compartmentalising will delicate