Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 162A Translation Ta-Ha 105-135

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their plans for the upcoming evening, including a promise to Adam, a shameless act, and a distraction with a shameless act. They also mention a distraction with a shameless act and a distraction with a shameless act. They discuss a woman named Zaha and a man named Lika, as well as a woman named Elma who is wearing a dress and a shirt.
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The hammer the windows Sunday Hello sweetie Hill Karim unlevered firewood we lay him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah HeForShe murder for him of the surelly Saudi where Sidley and the way that Amelie Sani Jaco holy Robin has it in our Elma.

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That's the number 163 Sudha Taha is number 105 to 135. Translation.

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What is Aluna aka and they asked you on about LG Bell the mountains for cold so say yen sifu her he will blow it away or he will shatter and scatter it. Robbie my Rob NASA with a blast

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fire through her then he will leave it on as a barren plain, soft soft, leveled smooth

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law not thorough you will see fee her in it very watchin any depression.

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Any crookedness, Wallah and nor under an elevation

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Yoma even that day, yet to be Runa they will follow a barrier, the color law not everyone, any deviation, law who for it will Hashem and it became humbled. It became Lord.

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Allah swear to the voices. The rush man for the Most Merciful fellow so not Deus Maru, you will hear Illa except Hamsa a hum a muttering

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Yo Ma even that de la not done Pharaoh. It will benefit a Shiva the intercession in the except man of whom Adina he gave permission law who for him of Rush man the Most Merciful what are the and he was pleased Lahu for him hola in Word

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Uriel mo he knows ma whatever Boehner is between a V him their two hands, Alma and what Khalifa home is behind them. Wala and not your shields owner they encompass be with him or Elmer in knowledge. Why not? And it will be humbled. Oh would you who the faces little hate you for the EverLiving ELCA you the ever sustaining

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work and in fact, harbor he has failed. He was miserably disappointed. Man Who hemella He carried Woolmer and injustice

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woman and whoever er ml he does. Men from asylee had the righteous deeds. Wha hoo while he is made on a believer fella. So not your harmful he will fear Willman any injustice, wala and nor have any deprivation

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worker their liquor and thus Enzo now who we have sent it down to earn as a Quran our billion in Arabic while Serafina and we have explained differently fee in it men from a lower EAD, the warning the Allah home so that they get the cone, they fear Allah or they avoid

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or Yoshi de su it generates it causes the home for them. The CRO, a reminder

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Fatah Allah, so he is Hi Allahu Allah, Allah Maliko the sovereign and how the truth

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why Allah and do not third gen. You hasten the Quran with the Quran. Men from public before and that your Kedah it is completed a Laker to you wash yoo hoo it's revelation we're all and say Rob be oh my Rob Zaidan eat increase me your Ilma in knowledge

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while occurred and certainly our head dinner we took a promise

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Illa to Adam Adam earliest solo min COVELO from before fantasy but he forgot while um and not nergic we find LA who for him. Asthma, resolution. firmness. What if and when? Full now we said learn Mala Iike to the angels list. Do you all prostrate li Adam for Adam or a salon for surgery though so they all frustrated in

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except a belief or a bliss ever he refused for color so we said yeah Adam or Adam in indeed, Heather this are the wound and enemy Lukka for you while is Odjick and for your wife, fella, so not your curry Jana coma, he definitely expel you, two men from Elgin the paradise for this call, consequently you will be in difficulty

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in that indeed Lukka for you, Allah that not that you are you will be hungry, fee her in it. Wallah and ignore that you will be unclothed you will be naked

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or anecca and that indeed you learn not dogma or you will be thirsty. See her in it wala and nor dump her you will suffer from sun's heat

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where you will be hot from the sun

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for us wasa then he whispered lie to him a shade line with the shaytaan. Allah He said, Yeah, Adam or Adam, how shall I do Luca, I direct you.

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Isla upon shudder rotten a tree, a hold of the eternity, one Wilkin and a kingdom possession.

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Love not ye Buddha, it will become old.

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For Akela so they both eight men have from it. Ferber that, then it became apparent Lahoma for them to sew or to Houma, private parts of them to what have you call and they both began, y'all see, Fanny, they both cover they both fasten

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or lay humor upon them to

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men from work leaves agenda of the paradise wha saw and he disobeyed Adam Adam, Bravo his

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self aware, then he fell into error.

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So much then Idrissa who he chose him, Rabu his further but then he turned in mercy or lay upon him or her and he guided Allah He said a before both of you descend men her from it Jim era altogether bout to come some of you liberal then for others are the one enemy for Imagine if yet the intercom it definitely comes to you. Many from me who then guidance someone then whoever it Dubba he followed who they my guidance. Fella, they're not your Lilu he goes astray, wala and nor Yasha he will suffer.

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Woman and whoever out although he turned away, I'm from decree, my remembrance, my reminder, for inner then indeed LA who for him, Marie Schatten a livelihood

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wonder, confined, depressed

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when a shuru and we will gather him Yoma en de okuyama the standing Arma one who is blind.

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Allah He said will not be oh my Rob Lima why? hasher Tony, you raised me You brought me

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our Ma as blind were called while in fact going to I was bossley Euro one who is seeing

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Allah He said Gernika thus at Atka it came to you Aya tuna our vs fantasy to her but you forgot it worker there Lika and thus polyoma today don't sir you will be forgotten worker there Anika and thus Niger z we will recompense man who Estrada he transgressed while I'm not human he believes be a act with signs versus or behalf of his

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while are there boo and surely punishment I'll ask era of the Hereafter I shall do is more severe, whatever call and more lasting

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as I landed there not yet the it guides the home for them. Come how many Alekna we have destroyed Karbala home before them men from Al Quran the generations em Shona they walk fee in misogyny him third dwellings indeed fee in Delica that letter yet your designs Li Li for possessors and new her of the intelligence

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while hola and if not, Kenny Merton a word Sabah cause it proceeded men from Rebecca your look Anna shorty was Lizama and a necessity

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examine a necessity and obligation

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were urged alone and a term Musa ma one fixed phosphate. So be patient, Allah upon Mao whatever your colonna they say was rubbish and exalt behind the with breeze or beaker off your rub parabola before to lower rising a shrimps of the Sun will Cabela and before Hooroo behind it setting warming and from an periods a lelee of the night for sub Bish then exalt will appear off and at ends and a half of the day like I look I saw that you turbo you may be pleased you may be satisfied

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Wallah and do not the mood then you definitely extend you at all extend

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are you naked your two eyes? Ila to man that which materna we have given enjoyment be here with it as virgin groups, men home from them Zaha splendor

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glitter and Hyatt of the life Adonia of the world Lena fina home. So, we may test them fee in it what is and provision or beaker off your rub Hiren is better whatever call and more lasting

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what more and enjoying look at your family Bismillah it with the Salah was for this and be steadfast remain steadfast

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or lay her upon it. Learn not necessarily Luca we ask you that is for any provision. National we nozik Okay, we provide you

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well October two and the outcome.

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Let Dakwah for the righteousness

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the taqwa for the righteousness

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will call you and they said Lola why not? Yet Dina He comes to us bi attend with a sign Mira behave from his rub our landed and not that Diem it comes to them by Hina to an evidence ma what fee is in a sort of the scriptures alula The former ones

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well Oh, and if an indeed we Lucknow who we destroyed them be or there have been with a punishment Melaka Billahi from before et la Kalu shorty they said Robina or our rub. Lola why not? Oh, CELTA. You sent Elena to us or Sulan a messenger fenetre Barra so we could follow Aya Tikka your vs. Men from probably before and that Neville, we were humiliated when I was there and we were disgraced.

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Say Kulu all motor Orbis one one who waits Fedora bustle so you all wait faster tharla Munna then soon you will no man who us have our companions are set off of the path. So we the proper the sound woman and who

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he is guided.

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saved Venus

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soft soft lithography, Yo

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Yo Ma Ed. Debbie own and Daniela JELA Wakasa to us was a little rough man he does smell in

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Elma Ed letter though. Shout out to lemon Edie Nana hope Walkman.

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una be here

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we're unathi luge. Oh holy shaggy Luca you

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walk all the

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way man he saw you had your hormone

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Oh, I can barely

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be yourself blood nervy me mean in Hawaii de la

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Double D doula whom the

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better I Allah who many Could you help for?

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was busy doing

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what he did

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data who was

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what if

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you get this Julie add MFSA Jeju in EBTs

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Let go Lego these old G Guevara we'll put

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that all

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the movie ha ha

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was Eli inicia you

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should call the woman

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call your

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mu Jen

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we're also

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on built Amin Jeremy

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the aim

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is for women

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ball out of beanie Maharsha Otani

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to the CEO Paul Ehrlich, that guy

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and he can be a woman

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or alcoholic allergies Iman Soraka Allah mu mu b

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b What are the Double L here what you should do about

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FL AMEA havila hukum Lucknow Padula home

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koroni And Mattoon Fe Misaki Nene in FE rally gala T Leone

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while olanka Lima to set up as new Bob bagel again Alisha?

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Must be

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a Bish be handier have bigger father not shims you are available.

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Or mean.

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Lady as a visual up often

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than nine acre Isla del NaVi as large in homes

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duniya Nina, Tina, who up what is more of Baga Euro

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Scobie rally

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look at his paw pa National Novel Zuko Hola.

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Hola. Hola, Tina b i love me. I want to hear the Nina Tumeric is Sophie

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one oh

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Babine in a model. Love all

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Lola Elaine.

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to the bowl

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of basil.

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Basil that

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will suit all this so we won many

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