Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 21

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set them on a commitment to lie or counter. It's your brother hi Brahim with another daily tips here at hamdulillah we're doing a juice a day and we're at number 21 we're in the last third of the hotel on Allah subhana wa tada opens his juice in sort of Atlanta booth near the end of it by asking us as believers and the prophets, I send them as our leader, to debate the People of the Book, and to speak to them with sound arguments, and with ethics, good manners and weave a sense of devotion and to say to them, ILA who knows Illa hokum wagon, that our Lord and your Lord is one you may believe different things about a law and we may hold a lot to be different to the law that you worship, but

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he is the one in the same Subhana who went to Allah. Allah then asked us to look into the cosmos to look in all the expanse that is around us to look into the blessings that he has set for us, and to recognize that everything ultimately is by the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Seurat uncovered puts a finality to the concept of shirk, that life is a test, that we are to be obedient to those who are in authority over us in particular, our parents, that we should be suspicious of ourselves entering into a level of hypocrisy, and to be very, very careful from joining anything in worship or an acts of service that is of a ritual and spiritual basis for anything other than a loss of Hannah

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with Anna. This is, you know, given in terms of the stories of the Prophet Ibrahim Lu tribe, and that the punishment of Allah descended upon all those people, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he mentions all those that were destroyed, and that those who have made their migration for a loss struggled for a law and given themselves over to a law are the ones that are salvage the next order in Judah number 21, is Surah number 13. Which is, can be translated as the Romans or the Byzantines a room. The loss of Hannah with Allah says Oliva to room embody, and Wyoming by developing himself alone, the Romans have been defeated, the Byzantines have been defeated and they were a people of

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the book. And therefore the Muslims had a greater allegiance and love for them. And the Persian army who defeated them were aligned with orange. So the the Muslims were kind of upset at this. And then Allah gave the Bushido the glad tidings, the foreshadowing and foretelling that they will come back to victory fields are sending the word bitter means less than 10 and Subhan. Allah is what it was said by Allah subhanaw taala to be, and therefore here also shows that he will give victory to those whom he chooses, and whom He wills subconto to honor the sword, what sort of law is that all power, all governance is with the command of Allah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala sets this into three

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important sections, he speaks about His signs to humanity, that commands that he asks of them, and finally the blessings that are received in return, and the loss of Hannah Montana, he asked us to look within ourselves, and to look at the creation of men to look at the creation of the heavens and the earth, to look at the differences of our languages, the lightning of our, the lightning, and the rain and the parables of, of life and death and the alternations of the night and the day and, and the death coming from life and life coming from death, all of those a little more clean signs to those who have an awoken consciousness to those who are woke for a lack of better words. And then

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Allah subhanaw taala sets it with the concept of fitrah to be steadfast upon that natural disposition that all human beings know that there is something that causes what we don't understand, there is something that brought out of nothingness, something and it is a law. And therefore Allah Subhana Allah to Allah led to see to fill out don't cause corruption in the earth. And anytime you see anything out of him of imbalance in the earth, anything out of him out of a system, that is the way that a law had destined it, anything that isn't the way it should be? No, that it is be Matt Cutts. I bet at NASA. It is by what man's hand have earned. And so allow us to return to that

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natural state of filter of leaving things the way they should be in the capacity and in the balance and the harmony that they were destined for. How do you do this, enjoying what is good for bid what is evil, and have faith in Allah. This is the solution that is offered by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah talks to us about not associating partners with him being regular and establishing our prayers, giving the rights to our relatives in particular and the poor in general, not to be from those who partake in Riba, usury and interest and, you know, burden down others to pay our zecca regularly, and to make sure that we have a share of our wealth to the poor, and to recognize

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that if we don't obey, obey these commands, which are simple commands, that destruction does follow in this life and in the next life, and Allah subhanaw taala asked us to reflect on the grand jury of His Majesty in the small acts that he

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Access not to focus on what we're doing, but on the magnificence of the one we're worshiping. And to know that these things believe in God establishing prayer giving zeca not having financial inequity and not taking interest, they have a direct correlation to the blessings that we receive, which are in the form of rain, and the messengers that were sent in the books and the guidance, and that the favors to have a lot to mankind will not end as long as they remain devoted. The next photo surah number 31. In just just a sort of look, man, it's named after a historic figure, Look, man, and Hakeem the man the wise, and he was a person who lived in Nubia. He was a dark black skinned man and

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he was a slave he was owned by another human being, but his great enslavement was to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah which made even kings bow before his advice sapan Allah I have a daily Tafseer on it you can put daily Tafseer as a hash tag and right look man and it'll come up I think something like 20 episodes inshallah 510 minutes each, you will enjoy it,

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who are basically a solid Look, man, it begins by discussing a lot of discussing who are the righteous, and what are the things that allow them to be righteous, you'll pay more now solloway tuna zeca and then a lot juxtaposes it with those who are heedless, and they are those who enjoy the merriment and the sinful merriment and frivolity of the lewd things in life left with Hadith, they enjoy that which distracts them from their worship of Allah. Then a lot in the second page of this or near the middle of the juicy begins to give the advice of luck man to his son, and this is the counsel of a loving father to a son and he says yeah, buena Yella to Shrek Villa my son the first

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and foremost don't take partners in worship Allah, it is the greatest injustice. Don't be from those who see I think that they can hide anything for Allah from Allah in the intercom is called a hub that even if it's a small mustard seed in the depth of the earth yet to be Allah, Allah will bring it Yeah, buena Yakama sada what motivated metallophone Hani monka my son established prayer enjoying what is good forbid what is evil. At waspa LML saw back and know the consequence of that is that you must be patient on what will be for you some kind of law, what to say I've heard that Kelly Nancy will attempt she will auto demand her don't turn your cheek and and have this haughty arrogant

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presence. You're not going to be a person who's going to be able to split the earth in half. You're not a person of substance, you are nothing but a creation of a law. So know your place in life. powerful words of advice from Northland. It's a powerful, powerful soula then it transitions in a law giving us insight into what we should hear in that advice of Look, man, not to take partners in worship with him to endure in our patience and love of Allah to invite others to that which is good and to fear Allah. The last few verses of the surah are terrifying. Yeah, Johan NASA hora de komak. Show, le O mankind, fear your Lord. And know that there's a de Yama Latin for Neptune. No one will

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be benefited with anything with a

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no sun will help a father and no father will be able to help a son except by the order of Allah. The final section of the surah is sort of the sage there and sort of has absorbed the sage a 32 has essentially in it and Allah Subhana Allah Allah speaks to us about the origin of man and the creation of Adam and he believes in that, you know, long standing battle. And a law reminds us of the importance of the night prayers that there's no reward that can be equal to it in this life. And the law says that a man's can be raised on account of two things. We can become leaders to others, LEM masaba will work and will be a Tina yorklyn on when we demonstrate patience and we have

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certainty of faith. Finally, sawtell Azov begins surah number 33. It's titled The Confederates which is one of the words of the prophet Isaiah 11, the Confederate tribes of all of kurush and all of their surroundings came to attack Medina, and for a year they for a month they laid siege to it and that's where the trench was dug. in Medina, Allah orders the prophets I sell them at the beginning of the Soraya, you're never you tequila or messenger of Allah be mindful unconscious of Allah. And therefore you can see that the path to being safe from gathering forces is in taqwa Allah subhana wa tada as an underlying theme. Finally Allah says true men are rigid. So the Houma Allah are those who

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fulfill their covenant to Allah subhanho wa Taala this was your brother. Yeah, hey Brahim with daily Tafseer number 21 juice number 21. Have a juice a day I hope you'll join me for upcoming sections in sha Allah, where we continue number 22 and continue with soda till then Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato