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Al-Hijr 1-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 7-15

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says Loma Why not? Meaning they continue to say that Why not? Dena, you come to us, Bill Malaika with the angels in conterminous, Saudi pain, if you are of those who are truthful, if you are really truthful in your claim that you're a messenger of Allah, then why don't you bring us some angels whom we can see. And once we can see them, we will testify to your truthfulness. Simple as that.

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We see that on one side, they're calling him at noon.

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And on the other side, they're saying, show us angels see the contradiction.

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So what is the show? they themselves are imagining. They themselves are gone mad. They themselves have gone crazy because they were not using their own mind. On one hand, they say you are a magician, and on the other to say she was angels, they're contradicting themselves.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Man who knows zero Mullah ekata, we do not send down the angels 11 help except with help. What does it mean by will help meaning except for a purpose, for a justified reason.

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And what is that purpose where he or to execute something, to fulfill a command that Allah subhanaw taala has given them

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to give revelation to give the revelation to the Messenger of Allah. So madam president Mullah ekata, elaborate. In other words, the angels have not been created in vain, that they have nothing to do they have no work to do. And every time people demand that they want to see angels, the angels go and show themselves No, this is not the purpose behind creating the angels. They have a purpose man known as Illuminati Kata 11.

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And help has also been understood as the fulfillment of the punishment that the people have been warned with the truth about that punishment, the fulfillment of that,

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in other words, you are demanding to see the angels You know, when the angels come,

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they're being questioned, they come to fulfill the promise of punishment. So, if you want to see the angels, they will come when they will bring the punishment upon you. And when they will bring the punishment woman can either moon Doreen, then they will not be once we're given respect

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to the people,

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it then means then at that time, this is not either when Okay, this is he then then at that time, this is love. So, at that time, they will not be monitoring and one third is one who is given respect one was given a chance when was given more time when was given some delay.

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So the machine amok are being told that you want to see the angels the angels come for a purpose, they have not been created in vain. They bring revelation to the messenger or they bring the punishment or nations or for example, they come to take the soul of a person who is to die. Or they come to record the deeds of people. They come to the gatherings of knowledge, they come for something that is purposeful. They don't come just to show themselves to you for no reason. No. This is not why the angels come.

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We learn certain for fun I number 22 yo morona mala ekata level SRA Yama Ll magery. mean, we are Karuna, hetero Matura the day that they will see the angels no good tidings would there be that day for the criminals and the angels will say, prevented and inaccessible, meaning you will not be able to save yourself today?

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In Zelma dico what in Allahu Allah Hafiz would indeed it is We Who sent down the Quran And indeed We will be its guardian.

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If you notice the emphasis on wheat in

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new Nestle, now, what in there

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Why is this set? We see that previously the machine they would make fun of the Quran

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they would say to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Yeah, you already know zilara a dick in Naka llama June. Allah subhanaw taala says you mark the Quran.

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Do you know who has revealed it? We have revealed it. You call the messenger Majnoon. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is revealed the internationalization of the CRO We have revealed this.

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And notice they use the word Vicar, Allah subhanaw taala also uses the word thick.

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Why is the Quran called a vicar?

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Because dicker is a reminder. And the Quran is also a reminder. It's full of reminders.

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And if you think about it, a reminder, what do you do to it?

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A reminder, what do you do to it? Do you just write it on a piece of paper and you put it in a notebook? Can you put that in your bag?

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What will you do to that reminder?

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You will put it somewhere where you can see it. You never ignore a reminder. What's our problem? Many times we write reminders for ourselves but we

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We forget to open up the agenda, right?

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Firstly, there's only a few people who write in their agendas.

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And those who do write many times what happens I forgot to open up. Why? Because we're not treating a reminder like it should be treated. A reminder should be put in front of you, you can never ignore it. Similarly the Quran is called Vicar Why? Because you can never, ever leave the Quran you can never say I've studied it once I've read the reminder once and that's it enough. Know. The Quran reminds you throughout your life what you're supposed to do, how you're supposed to improve where you're supposed to improve.

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The Orion is a reminder so take it as a reminder, in dico we're in Allahu Allah Hafiz. We have revealed it and we will guard it.

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Half Elune is a plural of Hafiz, meaning a Lhasa penalty will guard and preserve the Quran. from what? From any alteration from any changes from any increase or decrease from any additions or deletions,

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Allah will preserve it a lower protected.

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Why? To prove the Quran as a miracle.

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If you look at the previous books, what happened to them, people altered them.

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The previous books, they were taken away, they were destroyed. They were forgotten by people and completely lost. Similarly, the books that people did have they altered them, they put words in them, they removed parts of it, they misinterpreted them. They put their own interpretations as if it was the actual revelation. But the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala has preserved it from every possible alteration,

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every possible addition, or deletion, any kind of alteration, Allah has preserved it.

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala has also preserved it from the sheltering,

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that the sheltering can also not cause any changes in the Quran, any changes at all?

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala has preserved the Quran from all of the opposing forces.

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There are so many people out there since the time of the prophets that alone is enough to stop the Quran from being recited to stop the Quran from being passed on. But Allah preserved it.

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If you look at it, the Quran, it was revealed in what year

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in 610. And that's when the revelation began. And it went up until 632.

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This was how many years ago?

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over 1400

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over 1400 years ago,

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but imagine how the Quran has been preserved.

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If you compare your almost half with someone who comes from Egypt, or someone who's in Australia, it'll be the same.

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It'll be the same without any differences. So we see that the fact that the Quran has been preserved is a miracle is a promise that Allah subhanaw taala has fulfilled.

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And if you think about it, the time when the Quran was revealed, that was not a time of press

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when things could be photocopied very easily, right? When things could be documented and preserved in libraries? No, there was nothing like that. And especially when the Muslims were suffering from so much persecution, so much opposition despite that, the Quran is preserved till today. What does it show?

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that this has been done by Avast what in Allah hula half Islam? If you look at it, so many books in the course of history, they have been lost, completely lost. They have been forgotten. But the Quran is still here today in its original form.

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When there were so many opponents so many enemies so Allah soprano data says that we will preserve it we will guard it, no matter how much they try to oppose. They try to stop the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from reciting the Quran they tried to stop aboubaker from reciting the Quran. But we learn but did that stop the Quran from being passed on generation to the other? No. Because Allah has fulfilled this promise what in Nana hula, half Islam?

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Why not or the other Suleiman publica and certainly we have sent before you fishing a wedding among the sex of the form of people, meaning we have sent messengers, where before you fee in sheer sheer is a torrent of shear from the root Petrus sheen Yeah, right. And shear is used for a group that is united on a single belief, meaning on a religion that is common amongst all of them on a belief that is common amongst all of them.

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So what unifies them, what joins them together is what their belief

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so we have sent before you, messengers were fee sharing a welline in the groups of the former people

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Meaning in the previous communities where people were united by their religion. Allah subhanaw taala sent messengers in a wedding is a plural of our. So prophets are a lot of sudden, why are the people of Makkah astonished at your Prophethood? what's so amazing? You're not the first messenger so many messengers came before you?

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Why am I the middle of solid? And no messenger would come to them in law except can who they were be with him yesterday own they used to mock meaning. This has been the tradition of people. This has been the usual habit of people every time a messenger came, what did the people do?

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they mocked him. So if you are being mocked that people say to you in academic junoon, this is not something new.

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gallica likewise, meaning just like it is happening now that people are mocking at you that they're denying you. They're rejecting you. The same thing happened before as well.

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That's local, we insert it feel colluvial McDreamy in the hearts of the criminals.

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What do we insert disbelief, How? Through way of mockery.

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That when they mock, when they make fun of the messenger, what enters into their heart, disbelief.

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ness leuco is from the roof letters seen lamb calf and so Luke Celica is to enter upon a course to enter upon a path to insert something like for example, the famous Hades mantella, Berea Khan, whoever adopts a path whoever goes on the path attaining knowledge, then he is in the way of a loss penalty.

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So Seneca is to insert something into another or it is to enter upon a bath and continue to walk up on it.

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And this word is lasme and methodic. Remember these two words? Do you remember the words at least I'm not talking about the meaning Do you remember the words lasme is when a person does the action himself. So silica is when a person himself enters upon a pattern continues on?

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And what are these when a person does the action on someone else? So Seneca would be to insert something into another life. For example, inserting a thread into a needle

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psychedelica sluka, who

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you tell me is silica, Lazarus tardy over here.

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Yes, without the good, how? Because Allah subhanaw taala is making this belief mockery enter into the hearts of all the criminals.

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So these people, they're mocking right now. But when they mock what happens as a result, what makes room in their hearts, what gets established in their hearts, this belief. So in other words, mockery is a path to rejection of the messenger.

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And it enters into the heart, just like a virus does, that once it enters, then it takes root, and then it completely destroys.

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Now you may know NaVi, and once they have been affected by this, they will not believe in it. They will not believe in the message that Allah has said they will not believe in the messenger. What are the harlot? While already it has passed? collect from newsletters Harland, well, what has passed before. So Natalia will lead the way of the former people.

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No matter how many examples they are showing, no matter how many examples they're given, these people are not going to believe now Why? Because disbelief has taken root in their hearts. It has settled in their hearts it has been made to enter. And now no matter what they are shown, no matter what miracle they're shown, no matter what examples they're presented with, of the people of the past, they will not believe because we see that especially in the monkeys auras. The examples of the people of the past are given again and again repeatedly. But what is the law say, Now you may want to be they will not believe they will refuse to believe work or the holidays are willing, and the

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way of the former people has already been shown to you.

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And Evelyn has also been understood in another way. That the way of the previous people.

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It has passed already that Allah subhanaw taala How did he deal with them? So not only meaning how Allah subhanaw taala dealt with the form of people? How did Allah deal with them?

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That when the messenger was sent, the people rejected. They demanded a sign. They were shown that sign when they refused, they were destroyed.

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So the example of the previous people is right there before you these people want to see angels. They're not believing right now. They're making fun of you. They're refusing to believe no matter what they're showing, they're not going to believe and eventually ultimately, they will be finished.

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Without further delay him, and even if we opened upon them, Bab and adore, Mina summer from the sky. Even if we opened a door of the sky, a gate of heaven for one Lu, so they continued fee in it yahoo June they ascend value from the roof heifers, lamb lamb.

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And the word left, the verb is Allah the feral Vala

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it means to continue to do something.

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And basically it is derived from the word will. What does little mean?

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shade it's the opposite of there, there is sunlight and will is shade. When is their shade. When is their shadow.

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When the sun is up, right when the sun is up, when there's daylight, only then you have shadows. During the night, it's just absence of light. So one is to do something during the day, to do something in broad daylight. To do something in broad daylight during the day, when everything is clear, everything is visible. And your auto tune from the routers I in the gene from the word arute which is to ascend. So if we opened up a door from the sky for them,

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and these people themselves went up Yahoo June they would ascend themselves in broad daylight went up in the heavens, they could easily come and go up and down into the heavens and out. Still these people would not believe.

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Secondly, they said for one up here, they over here first of the angels, meaning the people they would see the angels ascending into the heavens and out that they're literally able to see the angels coming and going.

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Still what's going to happen to these people localu surely they will say in sub kehlata vasana. Our eyes have been dazzled.

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So kiloton roof ever seen capital and sacrum is a person who is drunk. And from this sukhram is used for drowsiness for a state of drunkenness. So they will say so cute episode on air, our eyes, our vision has been intoxicated. In other words, we cannot see clearly. There's something wrong with our vision, there's something wrong with our sight. Perhaps we are hallucinating.

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You understand socata vasana. Our vision has been dazzled meaning we are hallucinating. But rather we are following people who are must hold on ones were affected by magic. From the veterans scene Hello, we are under a magic spell. This is why we are seeing the angels coming and going. So in other words, a lot of panatela is saying he is explaining over here, that no matter what miracle these people are shown, they will not believe because disbelief has taken root in their hearts. They're at a level where they're mocking at the messenger, they're not going to believe now they have gone far into their disbelief, no matter what they're shown, they're not going to believe. And

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if they're shown something as clear, as vivid as this, they're going to come up with an excuse. They're going to come up with an explanation that no no, this is not the way it is. Either we are hallucinating or we have been affected by magic, which is why we are seeing this. Otherwise, there's no reality to this.

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We see that a loss of primal data has given people intellect, he has given people the ability to use their mind to make their choices, he has given people freedom.

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And this has been given to that people use their abilities to recognize a loss of predator to recognize his message and to submit to Him. But if a person does not use it, and instead he uses it against the team, then he is only harming himself. And sometimes is he that people are very smart and using their intellect their tongue against the deen against the messenger.

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Like over here, they say in knuckle emoji noon, and then they say that our eyes have been bewitched. We are bewitched. Our eyes have been dazzled. This is using your tongue using your words do divert from something that is clear.

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To show something clear as unclear to disprove a miracle to disprove something that is truth.

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So this has been the way of people before this was the way of people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and this continues till today.

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We listen to the recitation of these if

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you want

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de esta

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