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681. Narrated Abu Huraira – The Prophet said, “Do not tie up the udders of camels and goats. He who buys them after that (has been done) has two choices open to him after milking them: he may keep them if he wishes, or may return them along with one Sa’ of dates.” (Agreed upon].
Muslim has:
“He has three days in which to decide whether to keep them or
not.” Another narration by Muslim, which Al-Bukhiiri reported as Mu’llaq (with a broken chain), has: “He must return with it one Sa’ of any grain but wheat.” (Al-Bukhiiri said, “(One Sa’ of) dates” is mentioned in more narrations than not].

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The conversation covers the importance of transparency in Islam, price control, and the use of hirola's name in the context of COVID-19. The speakers emphasize the need for students to stay away from certain areas and caution against giving too many opinions on couples' experiences. The segment also touches on the importance of learning to handle situations and not giving up on one's rights, the crisis on the military, and the importance of forgiveness and proper actions in protecting one's blood. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for upcoming quarterly updates.

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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hamdulillah Ahmed who want to study in 1010 Villa Himanshu Leon fusina lamesa Marina yacht e la dama de la la,

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la la la la la la la, la la Cala or shodhana Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah Dena mana tala haka. Takata he will attend a lava to Muslim moon. Yeah you Hannah suta Cora Kamala d halakhah camina camina Xhosa. algo seminoma Jalan kathira manisa tala de de Luna v one or harm in the LA Canada como para

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la Vina multiple La La colo Colin de de de la cama cama de novo de la hora solo confianza frozen albina A Nevada Nevada la Santa howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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with Sharon Morley more thought to have Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata Hakuna kulala tiene una

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last week we will with the hadith of

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bordeira the Allahu

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah to Sadhguru Imola Organa for money Tao haba for wholesaling Alain bada and yalova Sokka how insha Allah Del Sol mentum.

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We have heard the commentary of this hadith from the scholars without which is enough, so in sha Allah, we'll move on to the next Hadith, which is just a completion of the issue.

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In the next Hadees of the line, Massoud said, manage Surah schatten have felt it in Florida faliro da sa all Buhari was added a smiley you mean terminal.

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So this is similar to that which we have studied the professor last summer said wherever buys a shot Maha fella Mahavira is Sarah same thing as Austria.

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Somebody, I mean, give certain type of food to the animals so that you can have a lot of milk and get it to deceive the buyer, the province that Allahu Allah usermod said the buyer, when he discovered the deficiency, he can return it back and return the sheep or the camel back to the owner together with one side of the table and receive his money. So we talk about this issue together with controversy. So I don't think there is a need to go back to it anymore. So let's move to the next Hadith is a very important Hadith actually talking about transparency and also honesty in in business. The province that Allahu Allah himself I said, This Hadees of Abu hora de la Han and the

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Amara Allah superettan mint ami

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for adelaida houfy ha flannelette Asahi rubella, kala Mahabharata, cassava to summer we are asuna la otra vida jalta who folk atomic era who knows, man Russia, Phyllis Amina.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was going around the marketplace, as we had mentioned many times that this should be the job of the leader, get it authority to know exactly what is going on in the marketplace. When we said

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Mark market should have an exercise of full freedom. I don't mean freedom in everything. It never happened in Islam, where the market is free for everyone to do whatever he wishes honkala for everyone to do whatever he wishes, he should be free. When it comes to when it comes to price control. how a person should sell his product, how is she? is he supposed to advertise this product? It's what people are free to do whatever they wish as long as they don't go against the Sharia. But can they disobey Allah smart Allah and the practices in the market? No, if they do the leader will get the portion of that sin if he knows about it. And also the question is How come he doesn't know

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he should have known he should have people who are having what he called helping him in that place to inform him exactly what is going on in the market. And I told you they mentioned that urban kata is to go to the marketplace and stand in front of the gates and question whoever gets inside the market sometimes not every day but sometimes get it and he will ask them who are you what do you want here? I want to buy something okay get in. Who are you? I have a shop here okay. What are you selling this under the you know the principle to be observed concerning this matter. No. Go and learn first and then

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I'm back when you when you know how to do it

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is called a settler handling rain muslimeen NFL head and head tail and Pokemon lady, every Muslim should observe this. It is impermissible for you to do something in Islam before you know that which Allah smarter wants you to do in it. Where is important principle. So the profits that allow us to do that, get it Irma used to do that. And there is an addition which says,

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Remember, the law was appointed shaimaa or Shiva to do the job. But this is false. It never happened.

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I've never appointed a woman to be the leader of the marketplace. It never happened. But you might come across a narration that says that.

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But it never happened. That's why the children of that woman, that sister they used to fight whosoever attributes that job to the mother.

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That was a mistake in the narration that took place but Omar did not ask her to do. He asked one of the children, one of her children to do the job and that man was attributed to his mother. Some of them are racist when they come they remove his name, they establish hers. So it was like that, but Alhamdulillah the scholars explained in detail, you also knowing the nature of Roma you know that this will never take place in because it is inappropriate for him to do that right. So anyway, there must be somebody who is supposed to go around and who has the power and authority and the prestige when the people see him, they will pay attention and do that which they are supposed to do. So the

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proper is to do that, as I said, and this is confirms that. It says the prophets Allahu Allahu Samarra Allah subarashii Minta sobre como Mina, Tom is a pyramid of the food when you put it on the ground. It goes like this and come down. So the prophet SAW someone he passed

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this super aminata

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Get it? Out of curiosity, the prophets Allah Allah your server, fat Philadelphia, he put his hand inside get it inside the food right.

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Fernanda Asahi rubella, so when he brings it out, it was what

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* up the province of La Soma Cydia Sahiba Tao Maha si matar promise a la semana se What is this? He asked the man he said What is this? Okay, because this is a seed, how come it is wet? Right?

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Because when you have a seed and you put water in it, it become bigger. Right? So he does that.

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According to me, Salah sama hada the prophet SAW someone did not keep quiet. He talks about that. He said, What is that? Call a Rasulullah asaba who somehow we are so Allah is in Arizona, it rains yesterday or a few minutes ago. So the thing got wet.

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He forgot this is the rasulillah

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so the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam

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use the logical reason since you say this is what happens. Why can't you make it separate?

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Keep it in the way it is and tell people Okay, this one is what he should know what you're buying, but he keeps quiet. So the professor last summer said flr jalta toccata me qayyarah When asked

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why didn't you put it on top?

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The one that is deficient Why didn't you put it on top so that people can see that is simple concept. If you think you are excused, you have an excuse so I can choose to put it on top.

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And then the province that Allahu Allahu sommerset manga, Shanna Falaise, Amina,

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whoever cheated us is a one of us. shala in the future, you're going to see the mention of this call is that when it comes to the hirola govern, or if you have boots up or down.

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If you discover you're cheated islamically you do have a right to return back the item, even after 10 years.

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Nowadays, they will tell you it is already written in the receipt that you cannot return it back. That's useless islamically

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that's useless.

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Even if you sign that he will not return it back. As long as you are not. I mean, aware of the deficiency and you discover that it was deficient when you bought it, then you do have a right to take it back.

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That's why the scholars provide solution for that which is mentioned by the traders. They said if I open every single thing I'm selling to the people, it will become a secondhand. Okay, I sell clothes. They come in the plastic right? I have to open them so that he can come and see what exactly he's buying. If I do that,

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get dirty. So there is an objective in keeping them in their boxes. And Sharia is not fighting that object. And it says, you have to bring one at least let people see. And still, that doesn't mean if they discover a deficiency in that which they bought, they don't have a right to return it back. No, we just grant you an excuse. Instead of you open and everything just open one. But then if a deficiency discovered a person do have a right to return it back and take his money.

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Exactly, before you put it in the plastic, you should be aware of what it is.

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But the problem is sometimes some of the products are food.

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You can see inside if they cut it, for example, somebody sells watermelon.

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And he tells you, it is sweet. It is read right?

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And they said amazi Matera sometimes they get one right when you see it, Masha Allah, you have the into enthusiasts him to buy. But then when you go home, I was relying on *ara. Right? I think we experienced all of this right? Do I have a right to take in? But

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yes, and no. So if the man tells you, it is exactly like this, and you bought it based on this, and then you couldn't see what he said, you do have a right to take it back.

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But if you did not say anything you buy, that's natural. You already know that these things is any animal health. Sometimes you get the nice one, sometimes you don't get the nice one. Right. So we should pay attention on the decor of the Sharia, right? I should know how to get your rights back. But then engage yourself into trouble whereby at the end of the day, when you return it back, even Islam does not support supports you. So this is this is I promise a lot someone said manga, Felisa Minda you cannot cheat, you have to explain everything that is, what do you call that is with your product and your goods.

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the saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a manga, manga Shana Felisa manga.

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Does that mean he said Nah, right. The vast majority of the Harris is in Monza, Shana FileZilla

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does that mean this is only restricted to the Muslims? I cannot cheat a Muslim

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but it is a non Muslim. Allah Baraka Tila

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I get him in the way I want.

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Some people might say this, right, because you can see the controversy among the scholars concerning the alphas that the professor Lhasa mentioned them in that manner. Manga Shana

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profits a lot Simone when he talks about backbiting he said Vic Roca haka.

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democra said a haka.

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And there is no way for a Catholic to be your brother a lot smarter sees what he says for in taboo, our common salata? Well, it was the catifa enquanto COVID de

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caffeine cannot be

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in Islam. So when the professor last summer said that, does that mean backbiting? kofod is okay. And you find many scholars actually they say this okay? Because Allah here means a Muslim COVID is not involved. And he got some of them said, No, Kevin is not involved. But do me because he has a pact between you and him. You cannot backbiting

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and if you're going to go with the text, yes, you will go with the majority who says there is no Reba in the case of the gopher because they are not our brother.

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They don't respect the last mahatama. Anyway, the best approach is the one that says stay away from whatsoever is called backbiting against anyone Muslim not Muslim fossick not fossick Justin buck but

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train yourself not to because if you open the door, you can do it an unbeliever What makes you think the end of the day you will not do it with the believers. So train your soul even to stay away from Hillel that might lead to have

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that clear so back to this Can I cheat a car here or I can't.

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So this Hadeeth is very important. I mean, this narration of what we call Mr.

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Mr. Muslim, which is quoted by a hijacker is very important, because that restriction was not mentioned that COVID was the province last summer said money Russia, Felisa Minda.

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Whoever cheat is not one of us is not see now

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Russia philosophy when it comes to business you cannot cheat anyone Muslim California hos and whoever and also we should understand this correctly. The professor last summer did not say man Russia Filmora mullet

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man Russia filmbay he said man gosh Falaise Amina wherever cheat is no one of us this is very general whatsoever constitute a cheat cheating whatsoever is called cheating in Islam and according to the earth, it is impermissible for a Muslim to do that

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whatsoever is called cheating you cannot do that in the examination

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I am writing an exam and this exam is biology. Chemistry

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right you get it boy or whatever

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I say will lie This is not called a lokala rasuluh

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when you cheat in the way you want no this Hadees follows you man Russia follows me now. People always ask about

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the lecturer asked you to write an assignment, a project

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I go and tell hammer hammer please do.

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Can I submit that assignment which I do not do?

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Even if let's say I pay hammer to do it on my behalf? Is it helpful for me to submit it? No. Man was Russia for a minute because if he if I am to inform the lecture that this is not my work, but I paid 100,000 ringgit for me to get it.

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Do you think you agree with me? No. That's cheating. Monica Filipina

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in the examination, your device and the other one did no device. He tells you call a low color su lai selasa they always remember these Heidi's right. Color sola sola, sola la you mean how'd you come hotter? hotter Himalaya he my humble enough see.

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And the guy that says sharing Kevin? Yes he tequila

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Can you tell him No man Kasha Felisa Minda

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so it goes into everything. One of the issues that we are dealing with nowadays is the case of ASOS, vinita tala.

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As the Raj, we need to talaq honestly speak in many of the sulfur Salah. They let it pass. How is it? You have matcha matcha is a person who wants to marry a sister. But he tells her or he tells the family, Honestly speaking, I'm going to stay with your sister with your daughter, or with your sister or whoever. But just for a few days for one month, two months, one year, he told them after that, then I will just cut off the marriage. They both agree that matcha

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was soft. It used to be practiced in the early days of Islam, but then the prophet SAW sama cancelled. So nobody practiced this, which is called Xena. Nobody does that except the Shia. Allah guide them. They still have this just in the common people, not the daughters of the shoe. The shoe they do, but their daughters know they are so great. Nobody can do that. Allah guide them. Okay. So this one is this one is clear, right? There was an there was an agreement between the husband and the wife, or the husband and the family of the wife. But in other words, we need to talaq the only one who knows he is going to divorce after a few days is the husband?

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Can we call it matcha?

00:18:49--> 00:19:09

No, is half Motown? Is the motor? Because the family runs? No. Is it helpful? Men have the sort of solace and yes, if a person goes to a place where he doesn't have what he call, why his wife is not there, and he's afraid of getting involved in sins, he can marry a woman, even if he has that intention.

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And you have some scholars who said no, that's wrong. And Allahu Allah, this is the best opinion.

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There shouldn't be any opinion except this. That this is wrong. Because very simple concept if I am to ask the one who married Honestly speaking, if you have a daughter, and the man tells you, he is going to stay with her even for 2345 years. Would you agree with that?

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If the girl knows if she is archelon, not much known that this man is going to divorce how he gets she wouldn't have accepted.

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So when he comes according to the expectation, they know there might be a divorce in the future. But what do they expect trust from this man that he is married to stay, not to divorce they gave him based on that.

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So if he did not tell them and he has, he has this in his mind, what is that? That's cheated. We will tell him the prophets, Allah sommerset manga Sha philosophy. Now, this one, this one, I mean, I'm saying this, this is only applicable in the case of somebody who went to a place, and he realized that he is going to be in trouble. And then he does that, who said even this one also is not hella, we will tell you here last March, I just married this woman with the intention of saying with her later on, after you graduate from university, try as much as you can to take her with you talk country to country, but it does, if it doesn't work, give how option sr, I try, I try any of

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you have seen whatever I did, to get you with me back then I have to go, I cannot stay here. So one of the two options. Either you can say under my custody, I will try to come and visit you from time to time if she agrees that's up to her. Or then either Linda can email us anytime or come from a halo in our Cova then I just divorce you because I don't want to tighten you here. I keep you here without any harassment. So lets me just release you. You can go and get somebody

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to get it but you do the marriage with the intention of state. That's what Islam wants you to do. But then to have from the beginning this woman I just want to satisfy my desire with her and then let her go. Come on. This is a toy. Why. And also we should always remember, especially in the time we live in nowadays, in many, many instances when a woman get divorced, it's not easy for her to get

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married again. Because you have the virgin ones also there are a lot they're looking for husband they don't get. The vast majority of the people didn't like to stay with a matron, the woman who is a widow, or woman who already knows somebody, the vast majority of the people that don't want that. So why do I destroy her life and I don't want the life of my sister to be destroyed in that manner.

00:22:05--> 00:22:12

So as part of cheating, there are books written by either there is a book written by one of the scholars I forgot the name but

00:22:15--> 00:22:40

concerning this matter, he referred to Laugharne Akuma as the Raj Vidya tala something like that very good book. He also concluded with his evidence from the sell off and Sullivan, whoever, you have to show that this marriage is cheating. Again, it is marriage decision. Even if a man says I don't have a delete. If I have deleted I will say this is my job. But I don't have anything to say it is my job because only one side

00:22:41--> 00:23:06

is mean knows what exactly is going to be in, in the future. So as I said, When somebody trusts you, you should always I mean, always be that trustee according to his intention. Please, please do remember this. You should always deal with people according to their intention. And according to you in tension with the province of La sama city, Amina calama is a de coca de Cybook.

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And he you asked me to serve Allah, I serve Allah but in my mind is something else. They always do that. But the promises of God that he said to me no calama is a de coca be his iBook. You mean should be based on that which you know, the person wants you to swipe to serve our last martela I mean upon it, you cannot hide something. That's why in Islam totally as well, is how you can determine your life.

00:23:33--> 00:24:13

That clear, you cannot determine your life totally is only permissible, if you're oppressed, if you're not oppressed, totally is totally as to use the word which has two meanings at hamaca law. But you you're talking about the farthest one and you know the one that you're talking to will understand the closest one. Right? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he was asked, Who are you? He said Nana minalima the guy thought there was a tribe in Iraq Calma. He said maybe he's talking about that tribe. They come from that tribe. But the professor someone's talking about what they are from water, but he does totally here Yeah, because they are they are at war with the crush.

00:24:13--> 00:24:52

They're in the battlefield actually on the way to fight crush, and in that manner last month to legalize a person even to lie, because you cannot tell you and me the truth, right. That was the reason why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam resorted to the Toria, but in the normal circumstance totally is is wrong. So, the idea is we should just try to be I mean honest, whenever we speak so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, Monza Shanna, Felisa Felice Amina Oman kashia Felicia Minda, Eliza, as I said, this is to, to general involve all types of cheating in Islam. It involves all types of cheating and stuff.

00:24:53--> 00:24:58

The last part of the head is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said Monica Shanna valets Amina.

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Carla, and nawawi Allahu Allah, Cara will also the

00:25:07--> 00:25:51

mini Kala Nomura, Mo la la caja Philo Suleiman Libya in Morocco in some narrations, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Falaise emini manga Sha na monitor shefali Amina alphalisa Mini, it is very important statement. He said that in some part of the narration he says Vanessa Mini is our horse a human karateka is also authentic. Walmart I know. So what does that mean? Ladies? I mean even the prophet SAW someone said lace I mean, let me know what does that mean? Get it? In many places. The professor last summer said I have disconnected myself this one lays a mini lesson. So what what is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam amin calama Anna who is a semi monitor behind

00:25:51--> 00:25:51


00:25:53--> 00:25:56

gate that lays the monitor behind the work Tell me what

00:25:58--> 00:26:09

this person is rejected by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are to be among those people who imitates the profit and loss whose attitude to follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:26:10--> 00:26:25

is not part of the people who are following the knowledge I brought to the people and he doesn't also follow my sinner. That's too harsh also, right? The Prophet selasa might say rejecting you being one of his followers in this manner, that's enough

00:26:26--> 00:26:28

to get it that's more than enough.

00:26:29--> 00:26:41

What can be an authority is the most important thing that I want you to pay attention to college Carlo mechanics with piano 30 year Corrado tipsy rahaga.

00:26:42--> 00:26:50

So, if you understand thoroughly used to dislike making Tafseer on words like this

00:26:51--> 00:26:55

Why? Because you reduce the impact

00:26:56--> 00:27:07

and I wish you guys will pay attention to this. Whenever a text comes which is a part of the worried that's where our listener is part of the leader, that new social worried to terracotta majali

00:27:08--> 00:27:12

I will give you example. You see Allah smart Allah says

00:27:15--> 00:27:23

Allah venia coluna Reba, Leia como en la cama cama de trabajo, Shantanu. universe.

00:27:24--> 00:27:25

The one who takes me up,

00:27:26--> 00:28:01

will not, will never be resurrected, from his grave can last much on the Day of Judgment, except in the nature of I'm in accordance with the nature of somebody who's possessed by the devil. If you see Majnoon the way some of those minds knew when they are Mattila Messina Bill bilgin. How is that well life sometimes very ugly moment you pity the person you know he is suffering but cannot say anything. Get in stand up and hits this and they injure themselves and all of these things. Allah says the one who takes Riba is going to be resurrected by our last March upon this nature.

00:28:03--> 00:28:06

lacuna Illa cama cama de tamakoshi autonomy

00:28:08--> 00:28:14

why Tyler Dally can be unknown carlu enamel by mytholmroyd eva

00:28:15--> 00:28:24

look at the avara philosopher Horus at sea to show to you that last moto wants they're worried to remain He did not say this is because they take rebar.

00:28:25--> 00:28:44

He said no. This is because they say they said rebar is just like the business transaction. By there is no difference between this is because of the statement not because of the data can be a normal color in normal bahrami forever. Allah says, Allah Allah Allah bear Hara mareeba

00:28:46--> 00:28:52

last module says no Salah by is halal and rebuys Hara How can they be the same?

00:28:54--> 00:29:09

right and then the last one she says what? Karla Furman Jaya whom are able to Mila venta whoever receives the more either from Allah subhanho wa Taala and because of that he stopped taking the Rebbe fella whom Salah

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whatsoever pass Allah smarter forgive very good religion. Similar to the statement of for the living area. When he told that brother, he said Cameron more or less in tune Asana.

00:29:23--> 00:29:24

He said

00:29:25--> 00:29:35

I'm 60 year old. He said you should know 60 year old I mean 60 years ago, you have been on a journey to Allah subhanaw taala you're almost reaching the destination

00:29:36--> 00:29:42

or in return when Allah hirato he says in Allah when Allah June so What to do now? He said relax,

00:29:43--> 00:29:56

get it and definitely relax. Because panicking and the fear will never benefit here. He told him the religious symbol. He said awesome female bhakti yoga formula Karma Karma

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

you still have live Alice

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

Do seconds right unless we use the talking does means you ally have a good intention that you fix your life and they'll be serious in the remaining part of your life. The past will be forgiven but last hour talk Allah says Mangia whom are able to mirror the vanta fella who masala you got the Nazi ha he got the advice. You stopped taking the river last days What happened? Call us last month Oh forgive it. Woman the woman who in a lot. Yeah, this is very good. Also restriction right? While I'm living in a law we don't say okay, okay, harass him a tow button to paradise. No, he still lives

00:30:37--> 00:31:20

with no worries he going to do in the future. How many people start rebounding? Go back to it. If you say okay hallas this first. The first tober you did Allah says Farah who masala helaas. We said you're going to paradise. The agenda is confirmed tomorrow he went back to the bar. losses were amaru illa noun his affair is with the last quarter he will keep on being monitored by law smarter to see is he going to be honest in his repentance or not. And so what is he going to do? because Islam is not about staying away from Riba. There are other responsibilities so well, in a law. What I needed from this verse is the last part a lot smarter says woman nod for Ola acres harben. Home

00:31:20--> 00:31:21

fee her holiday.

00:31:22--> 00:31:57

Whoever gets back to the bar after receiving that I see her and then he goes back to Reba law says Ola cows have been home for the holidays. These are the people who will be taken to hell and they will remain in health forever. According to the arcade of artisanal Jamal who stays in health well, coffee, Muslim will never remain in hell forever. But Allah says Allah acres havanna as habanero whom fee ha Holly do they will remain in hell forever.

00:32:00--> 00:32:27

Now you have scholars This one is saying this want to say that this one saying this is what he's saying that a lament this a lot men that this is what sofian 30 is addressing these type of new suits, you should leave them in the way they are. Because a common person sees them if you're talking about student of knowledge in the classes, no problem we go in detail or when it comes to talking to the our madness am journey is very dangerous for you talk about those opinions of the scholars.

00:32:28--> 00:32:30

You have sometimes the person when you tell him

00:32:32--> 00:32:38

he asked you about something, you tell him this. This is the hookup he will tell only this

00:32:40--> 00:32:52

he will lie somebody called me. He talks about Xena, and all of these things. And then I gave him the way out because he shows regret. So I told him what you need to know is this.

00:32:53--> 00:33:07

But he told me you know, Xena is so big. I told him Yeah, Hey, are you looking for a solution or you're looking for me to I can increase the tempo, the tension on you actually, if you want that, but these are people sometimes that's why they say you should be

00:33:08--> 00:33:32

wise when you advise a person, some people they don't need any what we call heavy words, a person comes to you and he regrets Do you need to push more? No, it always I have heard a lecture that somebody who does that is going to be punished by lost power to Allah please help me Is there any way out?

00:33:34--> 00:33:53

And then when you when you begin your your your advice to him? What did you say it Tell him a lie, you know, actually you miss something, the person who did this is going to be taken to this part of help. And there is in some resource also there is no way for him. You will either know what actions do you have? Why did you do this? Yeah, he

00:33:56--> 00:34:07

What do you think you have? I'm telling you sometimes even after you tell him the way out, he will never believe in that. You have some people you tell them this is the way out but they still find themselves guilty. They don't relax in their life.

00:34:08--> 00:34:43

That's when a person comes in that manner. Now and your job is to give him hope. Don't let him lose hope with the last part Allah because he's welcome. There's the correct approach right is welcome. You can only have that harsh approach with somebody who is not willing to repent. Then give him all of the things right to make him scared of what he what he's doing. Maybe last month I will bring him back. That's why hikma in da is always necessary. So back to this issue. Allah equals habanero Allah smartasses whom we are called to do, since we're in the class.

00:34:44--> 00:34:45

This color says

00:34:46--> 00:34:57

okay, this is just student of knowledge discussing this issue, right? What does that mean? They said if you look at the ayah from the beginning is talking about halal and haram.

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

The caveman

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

I'm calling them a lobotomy through arriba

00:35:03--> 00:35:24

call you a coward who in theory by analyst whoever says there is no difference between buy and Riba. He makes what he validator about. And whoever makes halland which is haram is what Kevin? Does when Alex Martin says from FIFA college, he will remain in hell when he goes to Las martela believing in that

00:35:25--> 00:35:49

but can I say this to ominous? No. He comes to he tells you a lot smarter says whoever takes labor, he will be in hell forever. Sir, this is a true senior a lot smarter say that. So does that mean there is no way out for me? No, no, no, no. Islamia? jubu mccobb No, just repent. Then go into deep and do all of these calculations to him. No, no, no, no. Tomorrow also he will be in which the hit he will do on

00:35:51--> 00:35:59

ticket idea. So just tell him No, as long as Are you serious in repentance? Don't worry, just repent and don't take rebar again.

00:36:00--> 00:36:32

I'm telling whenever he comes to the river again, he will view the text again. But if you make the text so insignificant tomorrow also he will do because he knows the way out is very simple. That's what Sophia and authority is referring to. And we have a lot of them in the area of Allah subhanaw taala where the prophets are sometimes very harsh. The scholars of Suna says you should leave them in the way they are. We know they have their own interpretation, but you just leave them in the way in the way they are. They said how do you feel worried? Mr. ruhakana, Jax naturo Kahala majali

00:36:33--> 00:36:57

here in the province a lot Somerset man catella nafsa who will be headed for Hydra two v. e and j ob hub bottineau scenery Johanna calida mcaleenan Aveda wherever takes a knife and kill himself with a knife. That's what do you call that suicide right? Wherever does that the problem is the last time I said the knife will remain with him

00:36:58--> 00:37:12

in Parliament, of course he will be taken to help and he will be punishing himself with that knife. The processor someone said Khalid Mohammed and Fie her Abba. He will remain in that place forever.

00:37:14--> 00:37:23

If people know that will lie a person will be patient. Whatever difficulty he is facing he will be patient

00:37:24--> 00:37:36

because he knows if we conclude the life he's gonna face a bigger difficulty right? That's why I like the statement of that speaker. One of the English speakers he said suicide

00:37:37--> 00:37:42

is a temporary is a permanent solution for a temporary problem

00:37:45--> 00:38:08

do you get it? He said is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Pipe somebody killed himself he went to hell Allah says forever permanent solution right that problem that he's facing stopped but he's gonna face the stronger the strongest right he will remain there forever. And his problem is it permanent or temporary? temporary.

00:38:10--> 00:38:11

They get it masiva

00:38:13--> 00:38:16

when the last module send a test there will be a time you will get the relief

00:38:17--> 00:38:28

this life You should understand it properly. That's why an email will cover a cutter is one of the most important thing you need in this life you don't have that I'm telling you will never relax in life.

00:38:30--> 00:38:33

Lesson you see when I in lavaca tala Halina Who am Alana

00:38:35--> 00:39:15

and masa, they are not meant to stay. And that's true. They come and pass but many people fail and many people succeed. Allah just wants to know the reaction from you. And the you seek the help of a lot smarter when the Messiah comes on. Right? You have to be very aware of this. Get its sambasiva will come by believer knows that this is part of the life yet it comes and it goes so it should seek the help of a lot smarter who molek a lot smarter says who are molana who will Mola The one who brought them a Siva is a lot smarter energy to pass and this is actually for your own benefit to wikia

00:39:17--> 00:39:27

Is that clear? Allah smart Allah guide us to the truth. So this NASS also should be kept in the way it is. Right? If a believer knows that, suicide means going to hell forever.

00:39:28--> 00:39:52

Right? The easiest way for somebody to make it to how to commit suicide, who will do it? Nobody will do. They will be patient until the time a lot smarter will grant them will grant them the ease right? That's the difference between Muslim man and calpheon. So as I said we have couple of them so severely felonies that as valuable arena. by him Allah said they said Can a coat of sealer mithila ha

00:39:55--> 00:39:56

one aku

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

num SQL anti wheelie helium

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

corner our carfinder force,

00:40:03--> 00:40:12

law medicine it said we also believe like him, that we should stay away from making a will for these nurses.

00:40:14--> 00:40:27

My brothers sisters nowadays you have people because of a wrong photo right? he had, he is willing to validate the blood of his Muslim brother. There are many Muslims who are killed just like that.

00:40:28--> 00:40:31

Because of a wrong photo and wrong HDR

00:40:32--> 00:40:45

every person knows the statement of Allah subhanaw taala Romania, Amina Mohammed fecha who Johanna Khalid and Waka devala Holly, while Anna

00:40:47--> 00:41:29

nazima. Do you think a Muslim will go and kill and he is actually he has his own aka whoever killed a Muslim Latina live in a moment? No, whoever has the name, Islam, the prophet Allah sauce. If you believe that this person is Muslim, his blood is protected. You can go and violate this general ruling. You get it? He says first is that oh Johanna he goes to jungle, Holly the via and stay there. The third punishment, college and fear waka Viva La Holly The Wrath of Allah which is going to chase him wherever he goes. While Anna and the last virtual currency were added who are them and Aviva. These are all before the day of judgment in the Day of Judgment, the greatest punishment is

00:41:29--> 00:41:29

waiting for him.

00:41:31--> 00:41:46

Look at the Hadees of the Sahaba to see the way they understood this, why they call these nasution of the live normal set in I mean workato Allah t la makara gentlemen are kind of Sofia southcott Damodara.

00:41:47--> 00:42:01

According to us, we the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said we do believe that one of the most critical I mean situation that a person can put himself in and if you he goes inside there is no way out for him

00:42:02--> 00:42:07

is to kill or to shed the blood of a believer.

00:42:08--> 00:42:51

lateral movement for certain mendini Harrison's al Bukhari says people certain mendini mala missive them at Holloman, you keep on having chances with a last minute Allah to be accepted about last longer as you don't go against the blood of a Muslim. until the time the privacy law someone tells you what it says it is much easier for a person. I mean, for a lot smaller retailer to accept that a person go on destroy the cabinet, piece by piece, piece by piece. You know, this is the peak of disrespect. If I come to your house, I destroy the house I bombed it and run away. That's cowardness but if I want to show disrespect, and I make you insignificant to come in front of you and I destroy

00:42:51--> 00:42:56

the house one by one What am I what message Am I sending to you if you can do something do it

00:42:57--> 00:43:01

to come to the cab of a loss pattern destroyed a brick by brick

00:43:02--> 00:43:12

right allies watching the progress a lot somebody said is much easier in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala to accept than shedding the blood of a believer.

00:43:14--> 00:43:51

So if I believe in all of these things, I'm telling you we let the new suits to pass in the way they are without modification. And now you find this color is modifying that color is modified this call is modified but the components of the province our summer they do not understand it like that. That's why the professor last summer never accept he had and understand that even when he it is possible concerning the blood of a believer. Some even say when he killed that brother in the battle. That person first he is cursing the dean according to Psalm, right? Even if he's not cursing the dean, he's in the battlefield, fighting Islam fighting Allah fighting the believers. So he was

00:43:51--> 00:44:09

chased by who was summoned his friend. They put him in a corner where he cannot move. After punishing them going around the field. At the end of the day, he found himself in that corner that he cannot run away anymore anymore. What did he do? He looked at them and say a shadow law in the law.

00:44:10--> 00:44:17

Osama said that's a joke. you align. The brother said no, he said eyeshadow eyeliner.

00:44:18--> 00:44:24

Why do we fight for military no petulant ness, Hitesh, hadoo la vida Shahid, la la la

00:44:25--> 00:44:32

semester he's lying down sorry said this one is beyond my knowledge. I will not make HDR in this

00:44:33--> 00:44:39

you know, the scholars, all of them, there is agema although the Hadees is weak, but that is sigma

00:44:41--> 00:44:52

on this legal Maxim that says to drakul hairdo the bishop heart had, if there is Shiva, Shiva is a doubt any percentage of doubt.

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

Any person, you get it, whatever person that you have of doubt had cannot be afflicted.

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

Point A person.

00:45:02--> 00:45:20

You know why? Because if we bring the man and we cut off his head, or we cut off the head, or we cut off the leg, and then later on we realize that we are wrong. How do you fix it? Unless if it is the handle so we can I mean, he's still live, we can apologize, but the guy lost his head

00:45:21--> 00:45:40

in the grave already, right? How do we apologize? There is no way. That's why they said to have a mistake in alpha, when you forgive a person in had, but you're wrong in that forgiveness is better than making a mistake in the establishment of the head. Because if you make a mistake, you can fix it.

00:45:41--> 00:45:47

But if you make a mistake in the head, you cannot fix it. There was a sister who was stolen by Alina Vitali.

00:45:48--> 00:45:59

That's why some scholars said if a Zani is Mohsen, somebody commit Zina, but he is most and muslin means somebody who married and has a sexual relationship in a legal marriage even once

00:46:00--> 00:46:09

and understand this right you have some of the more ascidian will tell you, you know, and my son is the one who married and he is still living with his wife

00:46:10--> 00:46:15

in such a way if he is in Malaysia, and the wife is in another country, he is not wasa

00:46:16--> 00:46:36

even if they have sexual relationship, so when he committed Zina, we just beat him 100 100 times sent him to jail for one year. And that's it. You have some of them are sitting who are saying this right? I try to find I try to trace them. I work on this. I don't know how long to get somebody amongst yourself or Sally who has this view occurring yet.

00:46:38--> 00:46:54

Because they sell Alexa Sandman Alexa, it means somebody who has sexual relationship with his wife. You get it in a legal marriage does it even once in his life, whether the marriage remains or it doesn't. So the more sun should be stone till death.

00:46:55--> 00:46:56

The Virgin

00:46:57--> 00:47:04

we beat him 100 times and send him to xR in the jail according some scholars, but we send him away for one year.

00:47:05--> 00:47:13

In some narration the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said worth a year will be the EB gel do me me I think we're Rajamouli

00:47:14--> 00:47:18

the failure which is the the Merson, the one who is already married,

00:47:19--> 00:47:24

right? The prophets Allah sama said we beat him 100 times and we stone him till death.

00:47:26--> 00:47:37

The judge of the scholar said there is no point in beating, you're going to stone him. So I beat him 100 times and then I put him I stole him. He said no, we don't do that. We just take the greatest punishment.

00:47:39--> 00:47:57

You might say this is he had female communists. They said no, but we have the action done by the province De La Silla. There was no case where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever beat the motion and then here they do the Roger Mize came they throw in stone, they throw a stone stone on him. They do not beat.

00:47:58--> 00:48:21

That means when are supposed to be we just be surprised with the greater punishment. Comedy I came. They just don't have no beating. A miraculous Eve came they receive they just don't have no budget. They said that shows the translation of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But then they found alvina Vitaly, he beat one of the sisters, and he installed her.

00:48:23--> 00:48:29

So that's why it's some scholars they said we combine between between and the story.

00:48:30--> 00:48:59

You get it? By then the majority of the scholars said no, we go back to the Hadith we see exactly what happened in the USA. They found that no, Ollie stole a beach house on Thursday. And then on Friday, he's told her they say what happened was they thought she did not marry. So they beach according to the law. And then tomorrow he discovered that this one isn't married person. Why do they do they apologize? Those big one mistake.

00:49:00--> 00:49:07

They get it now you're supposed to be installed based on how because the last quarter says if a person commits Zina and he is the most it should be stone.

00:49:08--> 00:49:17

Is that clear? What I meant is you see sometimes if I'm wrong in making a fool, I can fix it. But if I'm wrong in head, do I fix it?

00:49:18--> 00:49:59

You cannot fix it at all. So that's the reason why the scholars unanimously agree upon this that dude to draw be the robot. So what I'm trying to say is if we the Muslims, we pay attention to those in the social divide. We then make modification we don't give other translation we keep them in the way the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I kept him We will never validate the blood of our brothers and sisters in the way we see nowadays. So some I killed the man right back to complete the kisser. He killed him. Look at the reaction of the professor laso and they came back the professor last summer call him he said Osama aka Delta who bad and karnala ilaha illAllah

00:50:00--> 00:50:26

CDR sola and this is what happened. And you know the personal stuff is the most patient person to listen to the mechanic. He will let you finish will never interfere or semi finish all of his malady. He mentioned all of these fuses. After he finished the province Allah did not say this is nonsense. He said Osama Did you hear my question? Alcatel too bad and Kala inhaler law. My question is did you kill him after you know the man said Laila in the law.

00:50:29--> 00:50:52

He tried to explain. He said some Osama said the province last summer kept on repeating a cartel too bad and Khaleda in the law. He said until the time I started wishing that I wasn't a Muslim until after that moment. First, I converted to Islam after the battle. I wasn't engaged in it. And the prophet SAW someone told them he said Osama cave it has never been a lie on Okinawa.

00:50:54--> 00:51:03

He told him Why didn't you since you have a doubt. You said he was lying. Right? And if you look at a situation if where the judges will say what someone's worth, right,

00:51:04--> 00:51:08

because the man did not accept Islam until he found himself in the corner he cannot run away

00:51:09--> 00:51:25

by the true but to teach the Muslim that this is only the job. I mean, this the job of last mahalo reading that which is in the heart of the people is not my job, which we do nowadays. I tell the person this is what is intended. How do you know that?

00:51:27--> 00:51:33

The professor last summer said Why didn't you open his heart and check and see whether he is sincere or not.

00:51:35--> 00:52:19

Right. And then he told him in on the Day of Judgment, they're going to have this thing that's why the prophets Allah said our Luma Yokota, humaneness Yama, gamma edema. The first case in terms of marmelade the first case to be dealt with on the Day of Judgment is is the blood issues. So I really advise each and every one of us will lie to pay attention on this shedding the blood of a believer is not as simple and as a matter with the last hour it is one of the worst thing that a person can put himself in a lost power to like grant us good. So Savannah says ally medicine and he said no secret until really licona archiving the force, it will have more impact if we keep quiet without

00:52:19--> 00:52:25

making unnecessary terror, we will unblock officers can also be more powerful in terms of

00:52:26--> 00:52:57

I mean, making it as a deterrent that will deter people from going against the laws of Allah subhanaw taala will help you to deliver Allah to him Okay, she will emerge Mona, let me let me say this, it shows that allegation is impermissible and he says this is the consensus of all of the scholars right. He said this will consist of all of the scholars, almost moonfire who Aquila is not fully Shara even logically The one who does it is blame or the person.

00:52:59--> 00:53:11

So that's all for today. I will stop here to receive your question and answers if any. Next week is the last quarter which we'll go through the next holiday season lighter barakallahu comes 200 kilometers from the shadow line.