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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan implores us in this lecture to get closer to our religion in order to actually comprehend the beauty of Islam and abide by it to the fullest.

When the heart cannot feel anything, it implies that it is getting deviated and we are losing ourselves and distancing ourselves from the religion of Islam and the Noble Quran. What is the solution to this predicament? How do we adhere to our beautiful Deen?

The answer lies in engaging with the Book of Allah to make the heartbeat again. When the heart is dying, it means that the source of oxygen (Al Quran) is far from it. Henceforth, we need to replant the trees back so that you can breathe again.

Let Allah talk to you. That’s the medicine that we really need.


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Allah Allah azza wa jal

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been shaded my fellow tominaga he wanted one normal hair to dunya ilimitado rubbish at least silly Emily locata melissani Coco de la massivit and the multi v La ilaha illa Allah, Allah Masha Allah Mina Latina Amano Amina, sorry, hard, whatever, so we'll have to but also the sub mean

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Ramadan is halfway done, we've got a couple of weeks left, it is about the time when we start running out of gas, and motivation and start going just through the motions. And this becomes a mechanical exercise. And we start counting how many days are left, instead of how many days we are supposed to be cherishing. I wanted to dedicate this whole butter remind myself what Ramadan is about, and what we're doing. Because halfway through and I've, I've experienced this as a teacher quite a bit in my career, halfway through a semester, students lose motivation. And you basically have to go and remind them what they're doing, and why they're there to begin with. And you know,

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because in anything in life, if you're not motivated, you're not going to do what you're supposed to do. You're not going to be able to excel, you're certainly won't be able to make the most out of it. And motivation is the is the is the fuel the invisible fuel behind any success. People that are driven people that are motivated, accomplish things, people that don't have that motivation do not end up accomplishing anything. There is a goal that you and I have to accomplish in Ramadan for ourselves. Not all of us have the same goal but whatever goal we have, won't be home get there if we're not motivated. And motivation is not something you can just hold on to. This is why Allah azza

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wa jal tells us for that good enough, it decra remind because reminder has benefit. Remind, because reminder has benefit, right? You know, when you remind someone of something, you're not telling them something new, something they already know, but they needed to hear it again. Because when they hear it again, it's as sometimes it feels like they're hearing it for the first time. So the first thing I want to remind myself of and hopefully all of you have is one of the or two of the main goals behind Ramadan and the one you those two goals I extract them from the I art of Ramadan itself that belong to certain makaha the words at the end of the Ramadan have Landa in them and in Arabic means

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so that or hopefully so Allah gave us the month of Ramadan so and there's a long discourse on Ramadan and at the end of that discourse, he says so that what's the purpose and he says Quran so you can be grateful so that all of you could be grateful so one of the if you want to juice the entire quote you know course of Ramadan at the end of it, what do you come out as one goal is definitely you come out and I come out more grateful to Allah than we were before Ramadan. And that's a that's an incredible thing to think about. Because I'm not just saying you're grateful because when Ramadan is over, you know, and you sit there for lunch and before you'd love it my

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supposed to eat right now. Oh yeah, 100 is over, and I'm grateful I can eat not just that kind of grateful. I actually mean something more than that. Like, are we really grateful for being given this gift of Revelation, this gift of the Quran Are we really appreciative of that, you know, just like you're appreciative of food that you get to eat on whatever schedule after Ramadan is over, you know that that that your body's needs are being met, there's something else inside you that also had needs. And those needs were supposed to be met in this Ramadan and Allah, you know, humanity has Allah gave each and every human being some light inside them, this room inside of us. And that light

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was incomplete. And it could only have been completed by the light sent down by Allah. This is what he calls neuron Allah new light on top of light, light upon light, and that the fact that Allah sent us that light so we can complete the goodness that we have incomplete inside of ourselves that we could do that we should be grateful for that that's actually the purpose of Ramadan, that we become grateful for Allah giving us the Koran, grateful for Allah giving us this guidance. The other thing about the IRS

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Ramadan is Eliza, which tells us to make Dora wait that's unlike anybody I need a new curry, Big Buddha today.

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You know they should, they should I will respond to whatever there are you make. So this is a month to talk to a lot a lot or on is a lot talking to us. This is us talking to Allah and that's how a conversation becomes complete. someone talks to you, you talk back back with them, a lot of talking to us is caught on that's why we're reciting Quran, listening to her on engaging with the Quran, that's Allah speaking with us. And then we're making dua to Allah. We're asking a lot, all kinds of things. And that's us talking to Allah. And that's our connection with a lob becomes whole. And so he says, asked me whenever asked me at whatever time and whoever you are, just ask, and I will

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respond immediately. But at the end of that he actually said something, he said finally fully StG buli

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then they should respond to me too. I make dua to Allah, he responds. And he says, I will respond. But I'm asking you, you should try to respond to me also, for the StG bully, then they should respond to me, or at least they should try to respond to me. Now the thing about that is very simple. If you don't understand what I'm saying to you, and I asked you something in a foreign language, then you won't be able to respond to me. If I asked you for water, if I asked you for help. If I asked you for directions in a language you don't speak, then there's no way you can even begin to respond to me. And so when a law says they should try to respond to me, it actually

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includes in it that I need to make an effort to understand what is it that Allah is asking me? I know what I'm asking Allah, I know exactly what I want. I know exactly what problems I have that I need solving. I know exactly what desires I have that I need to get fulfilled. I know exactly what goals I have, that I'm hoping Allah helps me accomplish. I know exactly what I want. But am I exactly sure what Allah wants? And if I'm not sure, well, that's exactly why he gave us his words, to let us know what he wants. And he asks, you're gonna ask me, but I'm asking you also. I'm also talking, I'm putting some demands on you too. And are you going to respond to me? Well, you know,

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what, Phil yesterday woody? Well, you know, if that if that conversation can happen if you can start not doing but even if you can start asking a lot for what you need. And you started listening to a love for what he wants from you. Then he says that, at the end of that is so they can be set straight? How do I become a better person? somebody asks, How do I change my life? That I has, in one phrase, the entire solution? The entire How do you become How do you get your straightened out your life you also do literally I will translate it as a figurative expression, so that they may straighten their lives out. So they can become upright so they can be good. How do I become good, I

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become good when that conversation becomes real between me and Allah. That's, that's what that the purpose of Ramadan is supposed to be. But now that these couple of weeks are left, I wanted to highlight that we're not the first people that were given a book. And whenever Allah sent revelation, that revelation was supposed to turn into a conversation between the servant of Allah, the human being, and the law himself. That is the purpose of Revelation. But that purpose, over time, starts getting lost. The nations that were received the book of Allah before us, then lost that purpose. So the book became something else. The book just became something you recite with a

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beautiful voice. The book just became something that some people know a lot about. And they look like their religious leadership, and they know a lot about it. But the rest of us don't have to know anything. And if we ever have a question, we can go ask them. The book is not for all of us. The book is just for them. It's just for the scholar class. It's for the priest class is for the sheer class. Those people know about the book. The rest of us just have our normal lives. Just tell us when we can eat and just tell us if it's normal, or not with us all we need to know. Allah describes this phenomenon. He says lm Jani Lila Xena amanu untuck Shaku boom De La Hoya Manasa la mina Huck,

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please listen to this IR very carefully. It's one of the scariest iaat of the Quran describing a fear that we should have about a disease that hit people before us they were given a book and they messed up. And now it was saying You better not make their mistake with your book. Now how does he say that? He said isn't it already time right now? And um, yeah, he Latina Amano. Yeah. And he comes from An An An An in Arabic actually means right now. Isn't it already time right now, for those who claim that they believe and tuck Shaku Bahama decree law, that their hearts should be filled with all they should be overwhelmed with feelings of lust power, because of remembering Allah. Allah

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says, isn't it your time yet that your heart felt something? Like, you know, when you're listening to a message when you're reading a message, your mind processes it. You understand what's being said? Allah says that's not enough. Allah wants your heart to feel something

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Hello, I want you to feel overwhelmed by the remembrance of Allah. What remembrance of Allah is does he mean he makes the Bian of that himself? He says one minus elemental Huck, that is to say, aren't their hearts filled with all? Aren't they overwhelmed by what they hear from what came down from the truth meaning Quran itself? Isn't it already time right now that you should feel something in your heart because of the Quran that's being read to you, because of the Quran that you get to hear? Why hasn't that happened yet? He asked that really scary question. And I'm yet Lily Latina amanu and Tasha aku boom de la, the same crime that we hear in Salah that we're standing in taraweeh and

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listening to that you're meaning maybe you're in a super Islamic mode this month, and you're even playing some recitation in the car when you're driving. But nothing's happening to my heart. I'm not feeling anything. I don't feel tears coming down my eyes. I don't feel overwhelmed. You know, when somebody else gives me good news, somebody calls me and says here graduated. you're overwhelmed with joy. When somebody else says I have a car accident, you're overwhelmed with fear. These feelings happen when other people give us a message of good news or bad news gives good news and bad news. When a lawyer gives advice when a law counsels nothing happens, it's my heart is exactly what it

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was. It's just pretty sounds that are going on and for some of us, look around is being recited or you're just hit play in the in the car, and you're having a conversation and Korans playing in the background. It's like background music where you know, you know this is you know, Korean Koran, then you just have

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to listen to it carefully in silence. Be quiet, Koran is being recited, this is the word of Allah being recited. This is as soon as it's being recited, whether it's an mp3 or playing, or some app, or whatever. It's not just a file that you just hit play on. These are the words of the law you're supposed to be in on, say, Ally's talking. And if you really want to have that conversation, pause, and have your conversation. You know, sometimes you go to restaurants and Ramadan, usually they're playing music in the background. Right in Ramadan, they're playing Quran in the background. And every time I go to a restaurant that's sprinkled on in the background, I literally respectfully go

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and ask, can you please turn that off? When you're the you're the guy with the beard, you're supposed to say turn that up, yo.

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But you know what people are talking in the restaurant, people are engaged in conversation, people are socializing, how they're socializing with the words of a largest background noise. This is the clinical law here. This is the word of the law that it's in the highest place. If we can't give it that respect, then we shouldn't be listening to it at the time. If you're gonna listen to it and drop everything else, not everything else, be silent, being been humility before the word of Allah. And if we can't feel that towards the word of Allah, then how is it that what Allah is saying is gonna make us feel anything first you have to have a respect for it. You have to have an

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appreciation for how what magnificent thing this is these words the we didn't deserve these words. And the humanity did not deserve these words. This is a gift from the from the law.

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Tell them this is an extra favor from Allah and it's coming by his law alone. We did not deserve the word of Allah from italica for Yahoo, they should be overwhelmed with joy because of the score on my own is better than anything they can collect. No treasure they will ever have is gonna compare to this Koran. This is supposed to be my attitude towards the Quran and Hadith Allah says, Why hasn't your heart Moved yet? Why haven't you felt anything yet? When you hear my words on duck Shaku boom De La Hoya Manasa nominal Hawk and he says, This isn't the first time this happened. You know,

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the greatest word of a lion has come but before Todd was given, previous books were given. And he says, well are Yoku nucala, vena cava and COVID they should not become they better not become like those who are given the book way back a long time ago for Paula and

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then long generations periods passed over them meaning they held on to the book for you know in the in the time of Mousavi Salaam, but then one generation to generation 20 generations 30 generations, so many centuries went by millennia went by and this is an old religion now, just like with Islam, it's been 1500 years.

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And what does Allah describe what happens when a long period goes by, and you originally had the book and you were amazed by this book, you were in awe of this book, but when a long period goes by, then it just becomes part of your culture. It's just something you do like other things you do but it's not really like something that moves your heart. So he says, For Allah, Allah, He will amount for kosaku home, then their hearts became hard. Their hearts couldn't feel anything. They could be in the month of the Quran, and the only thing they're thinking about is what's free thought or who invited us or they had four dishes that they thought we have to have five or what are we going to

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wait for he did you get the outfits yet? Have you done shopping it well.

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There's like 10 days left, there's just there was always gonna be like crazy. We better go do our shopping no better place my online Order No, oh my god, it's the wrong size. This is all that's going on in our head. Oh, I have to get the chicken, I have to get the chemo, I have to get this I have to get that. And this is like come like a third time we're in emergency zone because the pakoras aren't made or the muscles aren't there. And then you'll be being sent on a mission to get this from this store and that from that store. And this is all that's going on in our heads. Listen to what he says in the same surah hearts became hard. What does he say? later on? He says people are

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distracted in this world. Number one, number two.

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He says worldly life for most people, what is the life of this world? They just it's just playing around? How do you how do you pass the time? Some kids like in fasting? What do we do, man? At least School's out. It's hot outside. I'm just gonna hit my ps4 on button. This is the afternoons gonna get spent playing. Because what else am I gonna do with my time? worldly life? You know what to do with yourself. You just want to play like children want to play? Well, or if not play then maybe a little older. What?

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Not one entertainment. Okay, let me just let me finish the season season two's out. Let me finish season two, because we there's still like 45 minutes before

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I can get in one more episode of Vicar.

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This is what we that unless his worldly life for people is playing around entertaining themselves for everybody else. That's all their life is this is where from one kind of entertainment to the next kind of entertainment and the next kind of entertainment, one game to the next game to the next game. And then you hand your kids that iPhone and they were playing this game and I want to play the other one, then they back to this one, then back to the other one, then we can watch something, can we be entertained? This is all that life becomes. I need to play or I need to be entertained? And then for those of you that are like no, no, I don't have that problem. Alhamdulillah I don't watch

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TV. I don't watch movies. I don't watch Netflix, I don't watch nothing. And I don't play around Well, maybe you have the next virus which is what a faff around by nalco just to show off to each other. What did you make? Most by far? Would you go would you dress him? For some people that's all that's that's the thing to show off to be able to say hey, you know what I made today? You know what I cooked? You know how many people came to this thing? I invited everybody. Some people missed it. They're like, what are you gonna do it again? And that's that's all that's going on. I mean, it's it's one thing to do it for people who need help. It's another thing to do it for as a friendly

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gesture. But if this is all that's that Ramadan has become. Then the hearts have become hard. Then hearts, then we're just distracted, will become more worldly in the month where we're supposed to disconnect from the world. This was the month that we're supposed to feed our soul. This is the month that we're supposed to let go of worldly ambition allows origin gave us the starvation of the entire day. And what do we do now we feed ourselves more than we normally ever would. Now we're eating like the devil has to be like and then if you have a humble like one day exist try this experiment the moms that are here that are responsible for making a thought one day for a star when

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you tell spread the table, it's just dates and water. Put nothing else on the table and see the look on the family's face.

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because all I've been thinking of all day, the only remembrance I've been doing is of the fries is of the

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only they could have been doing is how what am I going to stuff my plate in? Where my eyes It's on the food? It's only there's two kinds of liquor happening right before a slot.

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It's either like is she gonna get that chicken leg or am I gonna get it first?

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Or you're looking at 39 seconds 38 seconds 36 seconds

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This is what it's become. That's an indication the hearts are becoming hard. And you know, if you allow the hearts to stay hard, then what does the law say? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, cuz you don't mean him faster than majority of them become corrupt. They may just become then when the heart becomes hard, then that becomes Shetlands playing field then all the other disobedience is to Allah all of the worst things that should a human being should not partake in. They take hold, they come in. This is the month where the hardest supposed to become soft, because headline has been chained. So he's not there to mess with us. If we're doing his job for him, preparing our hearts to stay hard

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and this month, then we're missing the point. He comes back full force, and it's like Ramadan never happened. It's like that spiritual growth that you're supposed to have. Your heart was supposed to connect to a law that was supposed to it never happened. And so he says for kosaku Bahama Kathy romaine home fasciae cone and that's scary.

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How many of those who came before us who have the same disease? You know, our laws, nature doesn't change. Gravity is always been gravity. Fire has always burned. This is the laws of the law he made, he created these laws the same way there's laws of our hearts. If you do the same thing that people before you did the same results are gonna come we're not gonna come out any better. It's the same formula. So he says at the end of all of that, what he says your level and aloha, bah bah dah motiva. He said you had better No, Allah gives life to the hearts after they had died. Profound words. He's saying maybe as you hear this, you feel like your heart is dead. You're right. I haven't

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felt anything. You're right. I do feel disconnected. I do feel like my heart is dead. And Allah says that's okay. If you feel like your heart is dead, then no one more so not of Allah. Allah takes the earth that's dead and brings it back to life. So your heart that is dead, it's okay. A lot can bring it back to life. It's not a hopeless case. Because Allah gives life to the dead animal and allow your head to

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come in. We were clarifying these out to you. We're making things clear to you. So you can think so he says,

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clarifying this for you. I'm not telling you Oh, by the way, the earth gets greenery? No, I'm saying that for you. So you understand that I'm talking about you and your heart that's become dry and lifeless, like the soil. But it's okay. It can be brought back to life. But you know, how does the law bring the earth back to life? That's the that's the question, isn't it? How does a law bring the earth back to life, when it stops raining? When there's no water, the earth dies. When it rains, then life comes back. And rain comes from the sky. The pure water comes from the sky just like less pure words come from the sky. This is why electric compares often in the Quran. He compares score on

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terrain also. Let compare score on coming from the sky and water coming from the sky. So what is the law telling us in between the lines, he's telling us that you should really think about connecting and responding to Allah when Allah speaks to you in the Quran. Some of you know nothing about the Quran. Some of you know a lot about the Quran, that doesn't matter. Because the heart that knows a lot, or the mind that knows a lot and the mind that knows nothing are equal, when it comes to the remembrance of Allah, because this is not what's being filled. This is what's being filmed. This one needs refueling all the time. Think about water. For a moment. You don't say well, I already had

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water yesterday. So I'm okay. Now, water is a need that you need to restore in yourself over and over again, you need to drink it again and drink it again and drink it again. Because without it, your body starts dying the same way the word of a lie something you have to take in again, then again, that even if you know it, you take it again. Then you take it again. Then you take it again. And every time it restores something in you, it fixes something in you, it cleans something in you. It's a detox for you. It's a spiritual detox for you, for your mind, for your heart for what you're thinking for what you're feeling, maybe there's something wrong that you're doing, and you don't

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have the strength to get out of it. The word of the love will give you that strength. It will empower you to take the step that you've been you know not been able to take. Maybe you don't have that strength yourself that strength can only come from a low when you're nourished and you haven't given a lot of words that chance. These are the couple of weeks that I love. These are the these are the days of Quran. These are the days of Quran, spend your free time just asking a lot of guide you just asking Allah Yala, I'm going to come to your if I asked you all the time now I'm ready to find out what are you asking me? What are you asking me open up Koran and open up whatever surah of the

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Quran start reading if you don't understand read some more ask someone I if you want to ask questions about Koran, I'm an open I'm open access to you know, I'm a student of the Quran. I'm not saying I have all the answers. But if you ever have any questions until the end of the month, I'm here every single afternoon. I'm here you know, one o'clock every day. So you can come and ask whatever questions you have. You have direct access, those of you that are gonna watch this on social media to start posting your questions about Korra I was reading this what is asking of me? What does it not want from me when I read this ayah Allah is talking to you in the Quran. Allow that

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conversation to become like it's never been before in your life in these days. This is what you and I should be doing. And why should we be doing it? I go back so we can be grateful. So we can be grateful maybe we have never been sure have you truly, truly ask yourself this? It's a hard question. I can't answer it for you. Have you truly truly felt grateful for the Quran? in your personal life? Have you read a less book and felt like this is something I should be grateful for? Like this is something that's actually helping me. This is something that makes my life better. This is something that I need just like I need water just like I'm grateful to be able to drink a cup of

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water at a thought just like that. I'm grateful for Allah's words. If you haven't felt that gratitude, then you and I have missed the point of Ramadan. I missed the point. Oh,

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Altogether, the IRA began shadow Ramadan, Zilla Quran and the Quran. So you could be grateful. So you can appreciate. How are you going to appreciate something you don't even know. People tell you about something. This car is amazing. I don't know, I don't know, when you test driving, you're like, yeah, it's amazing. Now I appreciate, well take a look around for a test drive. Given those book a chance, there's no you know, whatever transition you have whatever access you have, ask questions. Don't say, Well, what if I'm reading the wrong translation? Don't worry about that right now. A level guide. If you sincerely ask Allah for guidance, and you open up a book seeking answers

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from Allah, then if you get questions, then you have people that can help. Then you can ask, but this journey won't start until you start seeking, you start asking Allah what is it that you want from me? What is it that you're giving me in these words, and that journey will lie lean? Is the sweetest journey you'll ever have ever ever have. This was you know what Allah described this as this will leave you with I know there's a lot that can be said about this. But when you know for when anxiety Salaam was given in jail, Jesus was given, you know, the gospel when he was given that then after he saw the salon left, for six centuries, there was no revelation. Okay. And there was

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there was no revelation on earth, and the world was in darkness. And Allah described this as well lately is

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the night that kept calling kept turning, its back on the light. And the light that just kept getting darker and darker the world was in darkness. So people in it were in darkness. And then he describes the coming of the Quran was super hated as far in

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the morning that has now come the light that has now come. This is one of the biggest events that has ever happened. The Koran, Allah says is the greatest event that has ever happened.

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The greatest of the greatest event is sitting in my home, I don't even know the greatest event I have access to on my phone, I don't even know. This is the greatest news. The greatest event the greatest thing that humanity has ever experienced me allows origin allow each of us in this month and what is left of this incredible month to really become connected to Allah's words, to recite it the way it deserves to be recited to ponder it, to think about it to ask questions of it the way it deserves to be engaged in me allows us to keep our hearts soft as we engage in this book and really beg Allah for guidance when we recite his words. May Allah bless us with genuine tears seeking

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forgiveness, tears of gratitude, tears, tears of humility, tears of admission to Allah. May Allah give us those tears in the moments of our solitude when nobody else can see it's only us and a lotta can see, May Allah give grant as those moments in this month and realize that we can make those moments a means of our forgiveness and a better life in our future. barakallahu li walakum fill Quranic Hakeem, when a funny way to combine it with Hakeem

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al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam, ala de Mostafa Susana Ali Mohammed, Mohammed. Meanwhile, the Le Osaka Jemaine got Allahu Allah which unforgetable Karim Allah Allah below him in a condo

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in the lava Monica who you saw Luna nebia Nina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed colossal later Allah for him for him in the Gambia Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed cammarata Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in the middle Majeed de la Mola La Ilaha Illa de Shan corba we don't have any fascia you will want to call one of the crew La La Jolla la Motta stone Akan sala insalata kana, me Nikita makuta