Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 14

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The upcoming era of Islam is expected to lead a new generation of Muslims, with the Prophet sallua expected to lead a new generation of Muslims. The importance of guidance and in-you-ivate is emphasized, as well as the need for people to trust the Prophet's actions and not focus on circumstances. The importance of showing gratitude to oneself and others for their good deeds is emphasized, and the need for people to trust the Prophet's actions is emphasized. The importance of working your good deeds and not focusing on circumstances is emphasized, as well as the need to trust the Prophet's actions and not focus on the consequences of their actions.
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so now I'm de la salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was actually human. Voila. So now we're coming to

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Jews 15. So we're literally at the halfway point of the plan, where we get into two sodas, both very significant sort of in representing the time, the time period, the profits lifetime is in a new era of Islam, if you will, particularly sort of in calf where we were, you know, which is a sort of that holds much significance to us all. And that we we frequently recite, so it's one of the more well known sources of the color and

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sort of the calf. So we've got to sort of in this just, this just contains sort of this slot and it contains sort of the the calf. So when we consider the context once again, we're looking at makin the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has

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the prophets lie Selim has, you know, now reached the point where it's clear that he's not going to gain the acceptance of the people in Mecca, that the rejection is going to continue. And now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is looking towards a new group of people to host him a new group of people to believe in this message, and to carry the banner of Islam. And so it's interesting because the turning point in the Koran is the turning point in the prophets liasons life and that sort of thing.

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That no matter how much you try to keep this man down, so a lot more it was sent him and this is what the hospital last night that I posted was about, no matter how much you try to keep this person down it his flauto salaam, Allah will raise him Allah subhanaw taala will elevate him. So even though he just, you know, suffered the humiliating you know, episode of Five and the prophet SAW Selim has suffered the loss of Khadija and he suffered the loss of doubleton and the messenger sallallahu wasallam does not have any protectors in the worldly sense. Allah subhanho wa Taala chose to elevate the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and take him on this miraculous journey in

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which the Messenger of Allah hearty listening would be taken from Mecca to Jerusalem, and then of course, elevated through the heavens, in which he would speak to a last panel in town. Now this there is a great correlation that we see between the two sutras sort of elka have an and sorted the list. In sorted Isra, it starts off with test B. So the first I have sorted a slot is sapan allele a Slavia D Laila meaninglessly that harami Elan must do the lock slot, and then the bow lock now holder who the nerea whom in a atina interval Lahore, Samira bossier lost parents Allah says, All Glory be to Him Exalted is He who took his servant by night from Muslim haraam to muster the Luxor

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whose surroundings we have blessed and to show him our signs. Indeed, he is the all hearing and the whole scene. So it starts off with a sense of tests. It starts off with the words of exalt you know, declaring the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala and glorifying the loss of Hannah Medina. Salted calf the next surah starts off with to meet Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza Amityville Kitab Ola mudra level

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which is the praise of Allah subhanaw taala. So you have to speak into Hamid Subhana Allah and hamdulillah or Subhana Allah He will be hemmed in these two schools go together. What makes this very powerful is that the last surah that Allah subhana wa tada revealed to the prophets lie Selim, at his peak when the messengers lie Selim has seen victory in every way, ends with facade behind the Arab decal stuffer. So it's the command to glorify a lot and to praise him, when you see success. You glorify a lot and you praise Him. And that's the last, the last verse of the last sort of that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and these two suitors bring them together.

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So this is a turning point in your life. jasola things are going to look up from here on out Allah subhanaw taala is going to see you through many of the difficulties Allah subhanaw taala will show you some of the wisdom of why you were put through what you were put through in the coming years and then the Hitler to Medina. So it's placed here in the middle of the Quran as it's a turning point in the Quran. And it's a turning point in the life of

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now every time there is a turning point in a Prophet's life, there is always a turning point in the followers lives as well. And usually that comes in the form of a loss of parents and replacing them. Why? Because they clearly did not honor the Prophet that was sent to them. So Allah subhanaw taala, replaces them with another group of people. So when it comes to the people of Mecca, they are going to be likened to Benny's slide when they were punished, right. So Benny saw it when they faced, they stepped down when they were changed out because of the rejection. And the profit slice on them is going to be reminded of the success that

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lies ahead. So the messaging to the prophets lie, Selim is going to be one of hope. And the messaging to the nation that rejected is going to be one of regrets. And the messaging to the new nation that's taking in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is going to be one of admonishments, you know, in a way, warning them not to make the mistakes of the nation that was being switched out. So here sorted to the slot is also called sort of as also called pseudo Bundesliga, because it refers to the changing of Benny slot as well. And there's a direct correlation between Benny slightly and the people of Makkah and the situation in verse, you know, so last time I mentioned, the destruction

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of Benny is slightly particularly by the Babylonians. And the idea here by the Babylonians is that Allah withdrew his protection from Benny Israel, when they continue to insist upon disobedience. And so the Babylonians were unleashed on them, and they face destruction from the Babylonians. So the idea that a loss protection is upon you, but once you have rejected your profit, and once you have turned your profit away, then the destruction comes upon you the protection is lifted. And that's the idea here that a loss penalty I mentioned in the plan, that Allah subhanaw taala will not punish a group of people will enta Fie him while you are amongst them out of sort of luck. So while the

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profits amongst them alone won't destroy them, and alone won't destroy them while they're engaged in this default and seeking forgiveness. So the two means that protect a people that protect a nation, or the profit being amongst them, or is default, or the people themselves seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. So bending his law, it has turned away from both, therefore the protection of a law has been lifted from them. And we see that the destruction of them comes at the hands of the Babylonians due to their own disobedience. When you move on to certain Islam, you find many verses of the Quran, Allah, many verses of the Quran about the Quran. So there are quite a few verses

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actually inserted to the slide that talk about the role of the Quran itself. And this is a you know, this set of surahs if you notice every sort of we've been going through, mentions the word or a pan and alludes to the greatness of the poor and itself. So here in verse nine, Allah subhanaw taala says in the habit, or Ana de la te here upon where you wish the Romanian alladhina amanu in a slightly hottie, Angela home agilon Kabira. Last pantai says Indeed, this poll and guides to that which is more most suitable, and gives glad tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds that they will have a great that they will have a great reward. Well, Anna Lena, I mean on our hero,

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tiara Turner lahoma, Durban Lima, and as for those that do not believe in the Hereafter, then they have been then then a painful punishment has been prepared for them. So it's really interesting because here a last kind of ties talking about and forgive me, I'm very congested, so I might sneeze a few times I'm holding in my sneezes. But alas, pantile speaks about the importance of the poll. And he speaks about the idea that this message guides to that which is good, it guides to ethical behavior, it guides to principle, it guides to being a better worshipper of a loss of hundreds died to being a better child, to your parents, to being a better community member, and so on so forth, it

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guides to being better to the orphans and everything like that. So after a loss of Hannah, which Allah mentions that we're going to find a lot of these ethics will actually be laid out in the in the surah.

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But before that, in verse 13, Allah subhanaw taala says wakulla in Santa Rosa now who thought you know who Fiona when offered the jeweler who young men piano, t cat, Kitab, and Yokohama and surah las panatela says that every person will have his fate imposed upon his neck on the Day of Judgment, meaning your record will be tied to you on the Day of Judgment, the record of your own deeds, and the last pattern tie says and we will produce for him on the Day of Resurrection, a record which he will encounter spread open, so you show up on the Day of Judgment, and you will see your deeds placed before you. Every person is going to be every person is going to be accountable for their own

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deeds for the things that they have done. So you have this idea of showing up and seeing your deeds spread out in front of you. And you can imagine the scene the prophets lie. Some said that when the believer shows up

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He will see his records spread out in front of him and the end of those records would be at the end of his eyesight. So you've got 99 scrolls laid out in front of you, and these are all your sins Subhanallah and so everyone is meant is put in a situation where they have to read their own deeds. It kuraki Tarbuck katha be nuptse kalyana, la ceiba, Allah subhanaw taala will say to you read your record sufficient, are you alone against yourself as as an accountant as one who takes who takes note of himself? The idea here is that, you know, Allah subhanaw taala does not wrong a single person. So when you show up on the Day of Judgment, you will find your deeds, you're not going to

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find the book of fates, you're not going to find a little helmet for you know, the, the tablets were last minute I wrote his decree, you're going to find your own deed spread out in front of you. So you are accountable for your own deeds in the sight of a lost parent, and you will be asked to read your own deeds. So this idea here that whether you're a believer, and you have something to look forward to in that regard, or you're one who's who's rejected the Prophet sly sentiment in this situation oppressed right, then you're going to be held accountable by those deeds. The point is, is that every single person should focus on their own deeds. And they should recognize that that's what

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Allah subhanaw taala will show them on the Day of Judgment. And so the next I monitor data into my dd nuptse, one on one left in the mobile laliga, well, at 10 00 to 400 Pm ultra, one that couldn't, no more, I mean, a head turner, by philosophy that lost, China says whoever is guided is guided for the benefit of his own soul. You're not benefiting anyone else. By accepting guidance, you're benefiting yourself. And you know, the idea here that a lot needs you. Right, we already established this in the previous Joe's that allows Aziz and Hamid, the last panel to Allah is always exalted in mind, always exalted in praise, he doesn't need you to accept the revelation, he doesn't need you to

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be guided, you're not going to, to harm a loss of hundreds, either by your misguidance. So whoever is guided, it's for his own good. And Allah subhana wa tada says, and whoever goes astray, then he only goes astray against himself. And no one will bear the burden of another on the Day of Judgment, no one is going to bear the burden of another. And we will never punish a people until we send them a messenger. So this is a very important concept here, these, you know, our theology is actually packed into this verse, that on the Day of Judgment, no one will bear the burden of another, okay? No person will be punished for the deeds of another person unless they push the person towards those

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deeds of wrongdoing. Right. But no one bears the burden of another, everyone will bear the burden of himself. The prophets lie, some will not bear our burden, he won't bear our deeds, the prophets lie, some will intercede and seek forgiveness for us, but everyone bears his own burden. And this is of course, also something that's iterated within the Old Testament, as well. And we will not punish people unless we send them a messenger meaning what you can't be accountable to guidance unless the guidance has reached you. And that's why the prophets I seldom mentioned to us people that would be forgiven on the Day of Judgment, either because the messenger did not deliver the message properly,

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or the message did not reach them in its true form. Or they were incapable of receiving the message when it came to them. Okay, Allah is not unjust. So what that means is, if a person the Prophet sighs I mentioned many people, a child that dies before the age of puberty, they were not yet at the maturity level two where they could distinguish right from wrong, a person might have some, you know, some form of mental illness that doesn't allow them to comprehend, you know, or might be feeble minded by the time the message reaches them, Allah subhanaw taala will forgive that he'll he'll overlook that a person might not receive the message properly. Right. So the only exposure

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they had to Islam was was an altered version of Islam, right? It wasn't the actual Islam. You can't be accountable to guidance unless guidance has come to you. So no one will bear the burden of another and Allah subhanaw taala will not punish anyone or hold them accountable to guidance unless guidance has reached them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala goes on to to to verse 18. If we look at verse 18, it's actually a direct response to the previous surah to certain that his first is the first I have certain I had was able to laugh enough to start Judo that the command of Allah has come. So don't be hasty. here Allah subhana wa tada says in verse 18, of the next surah man, can you

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read through the energy la agenda Allah who, whoever desires the immediate, we hasten for him? And Allah subhanaw taala says that, you know, whoever, whoever seeks that which comes afterwards whoever seeks

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you know, whoever seeks that the goodness that comes afterwards woman Adil aphylla.

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Well Sarah, Sarah her well what mean on federal law you can assert your homeschool that those who are desiring the hereafter they're preparing themselves for the hereafter in a good way, right? They're doing these good deeds. They're making their effort. They're seeking the forgiveness of a loss of Hannah Horton, Allah subhana wa tada will give them exactly what they are seeking. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will show gratitude to their deeds, all our appreciation for the deeds that they do. So this idea of once again of our theology really being laid out in the sutra, no one bears the burden of another Allah won't punish you unless guidance has come to you or you are capable of

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receiving guidance at the time that whoever works good, it's for his own good that Allah subhana wa tada will appreciate your good deeds and a Lost Planet. Allah will magnify and extol your good deeds on the Day of Judgment just depend upon His mercy or Tilak can Allah and keep on doing the things that Allah subhana wa tada commands you to do? In verse 23? Allah subhanho wa Taala then starts to go on to the ethics, right, we said in the huddle, and that this plan guides to that which is better it guides to a a good way of life it guides to a person living an ethical life and it guides to benefit for for, for the believer himself or herself and for the community around them. So from

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verse 23 onwards, you have you have about 23 hours or so or a loss of hundreds Allah mentions the ethics of community are called the autoboca Allah terrible do Illa iya what BYD Dini Asana, so first and foremost, show axon to your parents. This is what the portal and guides you to do. So this is the explanation of that verse of what this guidance expects from you. That a loss of habitat for humanity to show some excellence to your parents and Allah subhana wa tada says, In May of lonely a blue one, indicator, and the Kalki Baba,

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I'm sorry, if either one of them reaches

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old age in your in your company, meaning you're alive in your parents reach old age while you're alive. I do Huma, Oklahoma, whether it's one of them or both of them. So the idea here is that if you know if you have one parent or you have both parents and you live long enough to see your parents reach old age, Allah subhanaw taala says fella could lahoma off, do not say to them even don't even give them an expression that would that would indicate any form of gratitude. So don't show your parents in gratitude because they were with you at times when you were in need of them. So show them the best of behavior and the last pantai says they don't even deserve to hear an

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expression of ingratitude even if you don't tell them you know, something disrespectful, even going rolling your eyes at them, or indicating, you know, any form of displeasure or in gratitude with them.

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is something that Allah subhanaw taala looks down upon the last pantai says well at and hug woman. Don't repel them. Don't make your parents feel like they are repelled or repulsive to you. Well put lahoma Colin Karima and instead speak to your parents with good words. And Allah subhanaw taala says Wofford lahoma Jenna has Illumina and and lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy. So how are lower yourself to them and say, Rob, their humble man came out of out of band, Rob biani, Sameera and say oh my lord have mercy on them as they have brought me up when I was young. So this gratitude that you show to your parents is not an artificial or superficial gratitude. In fact, it's

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very, very

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genuine to the point that not only are you showing them honor and when they're in front of you, but you're also making them out to Allah subhanaw taala in your private moments and asking Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy on them, and to to forgive them

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you know, even at night recognizing what they did for you when you were small. So this idea here of really being in a state of gratitude to Allah to the parents, and the last time I mentioned at the quarterback hakuho and give your relatives their rights and miskeen webinars to beat the poor person, the traveler, and last pantai says what to better to VIERA, don't spend extravagantly, and barely the those who spent who spend extravagantly are the brothers of the shale clean. And this is a sign of ingratitude

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in a person, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah mentions, the orphans and also kind of hotel dimensions. You know, the prohibition on murder, and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this idea of mistreating anyone So, this idea here were last pantai says, you know in verse 33, and do not kill the soul, when I talk to the Neff seletti habla mala don't kill the soul that Allah has sanctified in love and have Allah sanctify that soul so don't take that life except by except by that which is right and i

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Loss of Hannah Montana says that whoever is killed unjustly, then we have given their, we have given their inheritors authority, and don't let them exceed in their limits in the matter of taking life. Indeed, he has been supported by the loss of this idea of a loss of hundreds out of protecting the rights of the one who was killed unjustly, the family having the right as to what to do with the murder, and so on, so forth. So, the sanctity of life is mentioned here as well. Allah subhanaw taala mentions al Qaeda, that when you give full measure, make sure that you that you don't cheat with the balances, Allah mentions business ethics here, Allah Subhana, Allah mentions all of these

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things. And the idea here is that this is what the poor am should guide you to. revelations should not make you arrogant and unjust revelations should make you humble, and just to everyone and everything that is around you. So last penetang then mentions to us after all of these prohibitions, and after all of these things that the plan is meant to guide us towards. Allah mentions once again the shape font, so if you notice the shape font is being mentioned at the midpoint of every school that we're going through now, you know, if you look at the previous Jews and the Jews before that, shavon is always coming up in in the midpoint.

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Why, because all of these things obviously are inspired by the by the shape on and Allah subhana wa Taala mentions to us or poorly by the akula to hear us and say to my servants, or Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to speak words that are best in the shape on a yans albina home, barely the shape one causes discord and dissension amongst them. And in a shape on a candidate insomnia I do one more Bina indeed the shape on is ever to mankind, a clear enemy. So the idea here is the shape bond is trying to cause enmity amongst you discord amongst you, he leads you to be ungrateful to Allah, and he leads you to be ungrateful to your parents, and he leads you to a place of dissension and

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disunity in your communities as well. So if you realize in the previous surah Lost Planet Allah mentions people entering paradise and Allah removing from their hearts any form of vil any form of spite or hatred or envy, right and they become brothers so last thing Don't let say fun cause that dissension between you in the first place not only that but but here a lot gives us once again the the story of Adam and he has set up what if could not get his to do the Adam have to do in LA at least Carla has to do demon Dr. Lena when a loss of Canada asset to the angels to make Sergio to add the money his Salaam and they all make salute except for at least he said do you want me to

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prostrate to one who was created from dirt? And at least be little Tim. And he says a ticket had the levy kilometer and a year. You see this one? Oh, a lot. You know, if you guys remember

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2008 elections or whatever it was when McCain ran against Obama and McCain said this one, you know, referring to Obama and it was considered very disrespectful and so on so forth. So shaitan literally saying to itemize them this one do you see this one that you have honored above me and shape on swears that he will lead him and lead his children to destruction except for the few that stick to a loss of autonomy. And this idea here that that that shape on rejected out of arrogance and pride? And a lot of mentions for the third consecutive time in their ebrd Lisa lakhiani him so far. So this is very 65 then indeed overmind believing servants you have no authority, what Kapha bureaux beaker,

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what keela and sufficient is your Lord, as a Disposer of affairs. So Allah subhana wa tada mentioned in here that, you know, the particular quality of shape on that makes him so arrogant, that makes him so prideful. In the previous surahs. Last penance, I mentioned that a person will go astray because of their desires. And then the next sort of last dimensions, a person will go astray because they lack trust in a lot and here a person goes astray because of their pride. But once again, it's it's reiterating. So it's three times now in a row that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that he told shape on that you have no control over my servants, you have no authority over my servants. The

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only thing that that you can do to my servants is that you can call them and if they answer you, then they will be punished just like you will be punished. So you know if you listen to chiffons pride and his arrogance, this is in direct correlation to the people of Mecca obviously, who rejected the Prophet slice them because they felt like the prophets lie Selim was beneath them. And also Benny Israel who started to wronged the Gentiles. They started to think that because we're a chosen people, nothing can come to us as bad. But of course the loss of power is allowed them to be humiliated.

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and destroyed. Now the end of the surah mentions the story of moose Aeneas, and recognize how interesting this is. The Prophet sighs I'm in on the night of an assault and Mirage he interacted with musante salaam more than any profits. There is no prophet that interacted more with Mousavi Islam, or there's no prophet that the Prophet slice them interacted with more on that night than most it is. Right? Whether it was in the connotation of this, you know, most is I'm seeing the aroma of the Prophet slicin and being bigger than his most certainly his salon, you know, looking at the home of Mohammed Salah ism and admiring it. Musa Islam giving the Prophet sly some advice about the

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Salah that 50 prayers would be far too much and encourage encouraging the prophets license to go and ask for a reduction of the Salah. So the only prophet that's mentioned in Islam is morsani is right and the prophets lie some on the night of losartan Mirage had the most, you know, most interaction with moussaka his Salah, and particularly that we what we see with Musa alayhis salaam, what Allah subhana wa Taala mentions to us, is Musa alayhis salam and the nine signs that were given to, to his people. So So Pamela, it mentions the nine signs if you go to, you know to verse 101, until the ends were lost contact says well, Tina Moosa does have a atom but you know that we gave morsani his

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Salaam nine evident signs. So when it came to Musashi salon when it came to his people, this is the completion of those nine signs. And basically, the correlation that we have with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is that all of the signs at this point have been made evidence and clear to the people of Mecca, they've all come to the people of Mecca, just like all of the signs at that point had come to fit our own, and to the people of Musa alayhis salam. But because they turned away from Allah subhanaw taala, the pharaoh turned away, he was destroyed. And now it was the turn of the people of Mecca to also face destruction because they turned away from the signs that were given to

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them. So now all of the signs have been laid out for you. And some of the scholars they actually tried to number nine particular signs of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as a correlation but Allah knows that there were numerous signs way more than nine signs that were sent to the people of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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as well. So Allah Subhana Allah mentions to us at the at the end of the Surah wakulla al hamdu lillahi la de la mia taffy is one of them. One Aamir Khan nahusha akenfield monkey one Aamir Khan number one even mineral, or Kabir who takbeer. So say Praise be to Allah, who has not taken a son and has no has had no partner in his dominion and has no need of a protector and glorify him with a great glorification. So the end of sorbitol is Salah, is to declare the greatness of a loss of Hannah Montana and praise Allah subhanaw taala at the end of surplus law is is to meet is saying Alhamdulillah and the beginning of the next sort of the beginning of so little calf is what

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Alhamdulillah Hilah De Anza Loki taberner it. So Allah Subhana Allah mentions that All praises be to Allah so till now comes where last time I mentioned All praises be to Allah who sent this book upon his servant. So Subhana Allah he's being told that I need to start with Salaam in the end of source of Islam to say Alhamdulillah and so to recap starts off with Alhamdulillah it doesn't start off with Quran hamdulillah it starts off with Alhamdulillah Okay, and hamdu lillahi wa De Anza and Kitab and Abdi last Pantheon mentions the one who sent Praise be to the one who sent the book upon His servants and Allah subhana wa tada did not place any anything within that book. When I mentioned

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where he was, there is no crookedness. There is no there is no deviant deviation within that book. And so little isn't lost. Pankaj says that this book the Quran leads to that which is aplomb and acid at least that which is ethical and morally upright and excellent leads to that which is good for you. And here a Lost Planet. Allah says Verily, this book has no crookedness, nothing within it whatsoever, except for absolute perfection. Now this surah sorbitol can have

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it was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, also in Mecca. So it's a meccan surah. And it was particularly happened when the people of Mecca consulted with the people of the book. So they consulted with the Jews and the Christians. And they asked the Jews and the Christians to give them three questions to put forth to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as a means of a test. So the three questions that came to the Prophet sly Selim were, who were the sleepers of the cave, who were also hobbling half the people of the cave. The second question was what is the story of inhabit or infinitive and he has

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Salah, and the third question was, you know, what do you know about them? cognate so three questions that they pose to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to answer, which would which would be a litmus test for whether or not he truly was receiving divine revelation from the same from the same God that was revealing to Mousavi seminary system and the prophets that came before. So not only did Allah subhanaw taala give the prophets lie some of the answer Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the prophets lie some detailed answers, write detailed answers to these questions that you know proved once again, who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was. So the suta starts off with as hobbled

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calf, it starts off with the people of the cave. And Allah subhanaw taala praises these young men, these these youth that withdrew to a cave to escape persecution and hold on to their religion.

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And this is powerful, because the prophets I saw them and the believers, now we're suffering persecution, and literally the Prophet slicin would escape with Abu Bakar will be allowed to enter into a cave to preserve his religion. And the prophets lysozyme mentions, you know, the Rebbe to fill homage to his rotten Elijah, that whoever worships Allah in difficult times, it's as if he's migrated to me. So the idea here is that these people were willing to preserve their religion at all costs, even if that meant going to a cave to escape persecution. And those that were persecuting the youth of the cave, are just like the ones that were persecuting the Muslims, a loss of Hannah

00:31:36 --> 00:32:17

Montana, would protect the person, the ones who were being persecuted and lost parents, I would destroy the oppressors. So that the story of the people of the cave was that they escaped, you know, from society that they held on to their belief, they escaped from persecution, and a lot put them to sleep for a few 100 years. And when they came out of that sleep, when they woke up from that sleep, a loss of habitat to put them in a position of glory. So the idea that these that these people, you know, truly, their religion and their their creed was the most beloved thing in the world to them. And Allah Subhana, Allah saw them through that hardship and saw them through the fits not that they

00:32:17 --> 00:32:58

had been in and Allah subhanho wa Taala, would give them victory after the hardship that they faced. Allah subhanaw taala then mentions to us the story of the man with the two gardens. And it's really interesting because a loss of Hannah Montana is showing us how this man became diluted by by having, you know, more wealth and more gardens in this world. And in the previous sort on, sort of Islamic law refers to bending Islam as being diluted by the amount of wealth that they had, and by the amount of goodness that they had. So Allah subhanaw taala is showing us a real life example a human being that has two gardens and because he has two gardens, you know, he says, not alone on TV to

00:32:58 --> 00:33:36

have he Aveda, I don't think that this is ever going to be taken away from me that this is ever going to go back. And I don't believe in the resurrection. I don't believe in the Day of Judgment, but it needed to be and even if I do return to God, if there is a God, and if there is a day of judgment, then I'll probably find better than what I found in this world. So this man was diluted by the ease and the goodness that he had in this world. And Allah subhanaw taala just drew to our attention, that he saw it and how they were diluted by the ease that they had in this world and the goodness that came to them, but eventually just like a loss of habitat or removed his protection

00:33:36 --> 00:34:00

from Bani Israel, and they were destroyed a loss of Hannah Montana remove the balaka he removed the blessing from that man's gardens and his gardens were destroyed. And then you go into the story of a hunter. And it's 100, by the way, and most of the 100 so it's hidden or covered, and most certainly his cellar. So once again, the story of Mossad Hassan and Musa alayhis salaam going to meet another

00:34:01 --> 00:34:44

or another and seeing all of these different things unfolding in front of him. Right, and seeing Divine Decree at work, right? That 100 or 100, you know, you know, does all of these actions which are completely unexplainable. They don't make sense to Musashi his Salaam, but there is great wisdom and all of them. And this is of course assigned to the believers that Allah Subhana mogera will see them through their difficult moments and Allah subhana wa tada has wisdom in his planning, and everything that you're going through, you're going through for a reason. And just like a lot was punishing that man with two gardens, right with the goodness that he had a loss of Hannah Montana

00:34:44 --> 00:35:00

was rewarding and showing a people a better way and planning in their favor when he was sinking their ship or when he was taking the child of that couple that Allah had their interests and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah was planning for them, and that you might hate something and it's better for you and you might

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

Love something and it's worse for you. So the idea of trusting the divine planning of Allah subhana wa Tada, the power of this transition, I know my time is up because and by the way sort of calf also comes in the next visit. So we'll pick up with that calf in the next

00:35:16 --> 00:35:18

in the next just as well.

00:35:19 --> 00:35:57

But sort of did can have the power of this is that a lot took the Prophet sallallahu wasallam on this miraculous journey, right under the sun when he raised him, he took him miraculously from Mecca, to Jerusalem, and then Jerusalem through the heavens and a lot of work that miracle for the profit slice feminist slot. And you might think to yourself, why didn't the last panel just do that in the first place? Why didn't a lot just raise the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and protect the profit slice alone? You know, when he was in Mecca, and when he was being oppressed? Why did it Why did it take, you know, an entire decade for a slot to happen? Allah was planning in the favor of the

00:35:57 --> 00:36:28

Prophet slicin in the believers, there was wisdom to the persecution that they were facing. And Allah subhanho wa Taala had their interests at you know, at the front, and they were, you know, they were being prepared for greatness. There's also wisdom and the fact that a lot did not take the prophets, I send them to Medina in the same miraculous way. He took him from Mecca to Jerusalem, right? This was the exception and this is a lesson that I hope inshallah tada we can all you know, we can all take.

00:36:29 --> 00:37:07

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shown on the night of the stuffin Mirage, as were the believers, that Allah subhanho wa Taala can work miracles in your life, right that things can happen that are supernatural. And in the case of the prophets, I saw them he was taken from Mecca to Jerusalem and to the heavens and back. But the norm is not going to be those supernatural experiences or miracles. The norm will be you proceeding the way that you proceed with your life, trusting a loss of Hannah Montana, working your good deeds, and not not focusing too much on the results of things or on the circumstances or on the consequences of things in this world. Meaning

00:37:07 --> 00:37:47

what you have to trust, if you're a believer in the time of Mecca, you have to trust that Allah subhanaw taala knows better by putting you through this persecution by allowing you to go through this persecution Mecca, and then making the hinge loss such a difficult task and journey for you. Because Islam is the exception, it's not the norm. Right, it's not going to come in the form of supernatural and things that that are amazing, and that dazzle your eyes. But you have to trust that just as a loss of Hannah Montana is fully in control and fully in power when he took the prophets lie Selim from Mecca to Jerusalem and then through the heavens, that Allah is fully in control of

00:37:47 --> 00:38:27

every single aspect of your life. And everything that happens in the life of the believer is good for him. And everything that happens in the life of the believer is a lot of planning in his favor, so long as that believer is staying true to the covenant with a loss of habitat, do not focus on the circumstances of this world and the results of this world, because you don't see the planning of a loss of habitat. And that in and of itself is a miracle. Right? It's a miracle that those parents who lost their child in that situation have offended and Mossad Islam, they had no idea that a loss of hundreds it was planning in their favor. But that requires to let go on their part. They couldn't

00:38:27 --> 00:39:02

see all that was going on. They didn't have surgical care have to tell them that the reason why you're losing this child is that last panel talent is sending you another child, and that child was going to grow up to be like this, but this child will grow up to be like that, that the people who shipped started to sink, they had no idea that Allah Subhana Allah was doing that in their favor. Those are not the the amazing miracles that you would see like you saw within Islam, the prophet sites I'm being taken from Mecca to Jerusalem to the heavens and back in one night, but Allah subhana wa tada who did that, who worked that amazing miracle which dazzles the eyes, right is still

00:39:02 --> 00:39:36

in control of every single aspect. And the believers that stay firm a loss of habitat and will see them through their difficulties. And Allah Subhana Allah will reward them for all the trials that they face. So just like the people of the cave valued, they value their religion over everything else. And the last panel, I saw them through it as well as the people of Mecca. The same holds true for us, so inshallah tada tomorrow we will continue with certain Caf as well into the next the 16th Joseph, thank you guys for for keeping up with the series. I know that a lot of you have fallen off but hamdulillah

00:39:37 --> 00:39:46

you know, I asked the last pantalla to make this a resource for all of us inshallah, and being able to navigate and understand the plan to zachman our fate or send me an account

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 14 – Al Israa and Al Kahf

June 19, 2016

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