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I said I want even more often with a lot of work out what's your brother your hair Brahim with another daily tip, see, we're doing a juice a day and Hamdulillah, we're at juice, number 16. When he left his hand, we passed the halfway mark of the hole. And we find ourselves in the 18th chapter of the Quran shorten Catholic cave. And we said that this sort of, it has four essential, important elements. And they revolve around four main tests that human beings are tested with the first of them attest to faith, a test of wealth, a test of

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Allah subhanaw taala, blessing us with knowledge, and it's practice, and fourth, and finally, power, authority and governance over others. And each of them is an arduous test. But combined together, it is something that is very difficult for a person who is not in tune with the light of Revelation. So the first three tests are addressed in the previous Jews, the people of the cave are tested with belief, and they have to hide their faith and hide in a cave to face, you know, removed from themselves from persecution, they would rather leave their society and live abreast from them than to lose their faith and they have to hold on to win tightly. The second test is a test of wealth.

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And it comes in the form of the man, the two neighbors of two neighboring gardens and the man that owned a garden, who thought that it's all by his hard work and effort and how great his routing system was and his agricultural basis. And a law caused it to become nothing The next morning, and he regretted making himself at par with law. The third is a test of knowledge and it's Moses on a Salaam, assuming that he was the most knowledgeable of Allah subhanho wa Taala, his creatures walking the earth. And the law shows him 100, who had knowledge that was intimate from a law that Moosa had not received. And that knowledge is something that can always be acquired Woolfolk,

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hopefully the Illuminati and above everyone endowed with knowledge, there's always someone who knows more. And it's not about how much you know, but how much you practice of what you know. The fourth one in the beginning of this journey is about

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the man who governed two areas, or the person of the two horns or the two Hawks. And it is a story that relates to justice, helping others, and it's a sign of the Day of Judgment. And it mentions yet Julian George, which are one of the 10 signs proclaimed by the prophets, I sell them that all human beings will accept when they emerge as being assigned of the change

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in this world, heralding the next life. And they're mentioned in

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the biblical sources as God and Magog. And they're addressed in the whole on in that sense. Now, these are powerful, powerful lessons learned of the prophets, I send them the first lesson of the people of the cave is to be steadfast and accepting of a laws, difficulties that were tested within life and to do the best we can. Number two, to be humble and human, have humility, even when you're blessed with wealth, to know that what that Allah who has given it to you is capable of removing it, and to ask him to increase us with his Baraka rather than to have pride and arrogance. And number three Moosa, and then say that is that knowledge and wisdom of Allah Subhana, Allah is beyond human

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knowledge and human ability. And it's not just what you know, but that practicing what is important. And the fourth and final element of sort of El Cap is to use your power and your authority to be the help of others, and rather than it to be of having others be at your servitude and assistance. The next order is sort of money and it begins with Cath hat. Yeah, I'm slog, and these are disjointed letters that are miraculous in their nature in the sense that nobody knows their meaning except along the prophets, I send them and yet that's okay. It means that there are details in the Koran that you and I will escape us. And it's not something that I have to know what every letter in it

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means for me to believe in it in its entirety. And totality, sort of money is a powerful chapter of the whole on it revolves around the conceptualization of purity. And there is the words that relate to purity in the very essence of its title. magium can be translated the anointed pure one, or the Allah has Salaam, the mother of Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. And in it as well is zekeriya which is name comes from zeca, which means the purified one, and yeah, the one who had a pure life. And all of these are allusions to that concept. And pure purification, which is an underlying theme comes into the purification of the heart, the purification of the body and close in

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physical proximity, and the purification of our intentions in worship towards a law and that which which what we say, in adoration and in dealings with others. purification in our drop and seeking Allah in all of its capacities are important themes. Now there's a number of prophets and messengers that are mentioned, the solidifying factor between all of the prophets and messengers is family relations and this

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Sora is really about Parenthood. zecharia wants his son Mati Amalia Salam is going to be a mother of a son without having had a husband. Jesus is going to be a son who grows up without a father. Moosa and Harun are two brothers who will cooperate on truth, the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, who has to, you know, contend with his father, not being a believer, a smile who's with his father who is a believer, and he's ordered by a law to maintain

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our lack of solid our Kenya model along with slaughter, he used to regularly enjoin upon his children and his family to maintain their prayers Idris Ali Salaam and Mohammed Salim all of them are mentioned in the surah in one way or another, solidifying relationships about families and that's the way that a law instructs us in this surah. So prophet yohannan zecharia it's about the acceptance of do not to give up to keep asking for it and not to be restrained. The next is money in Malaya, saddam and Prophet Isa Ali Salaam, it's a test for money and that her life was so easy worshiping Allah and doing that which was good and the Lord blessed her with the angels coming and

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speaking with her and providing her food and all of that which we know from the Koran. And yet

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the greatest test is the adversity that you had to face and the false accusations that would be born against her. Yeah, Ali Salaam, the miraculous immaculate conception of yah, yah, yah, as well as as Ali Salaam is made equal. Yeah, he came to a father and mother who hadn't had children who had given up hope, who are beyond physical capacity of carrying a child, and yet they by the power of a law carry the child in the same way. So did mme. And therefore, the all the Emraan Colella who couldn't say akun, which is repeated often in this order, that a law simply says B and it becomes by the power of a law. The next is the trial of yahia. Ali has said that he would be martyred and that Isa

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Allah is silent they will try to do the same with him but Allah would save him. And in this story, we find the concept of Zika and Sala repeated often with all of them, and Moosa and her own cooperating upon the truth calling people to good were true believers. It's made Aliya Salaam, semi Allah, he would keep his promises to Allah order to his family to maintain the salah and to give this occur. Idris was elevated to a high status and now we're going to be Mohammed sallallahu wasallam is the best of the best who the angels come to him and answer

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and descend upon him with the answers from Allah for asking the question for the questions that are being asked of him. salallahu alayhi wasallam early he was talking he was sending him the word out of Russia and Russia man is mentioned more than 20 times and sort of medium. And if you look at it, you'll find it in the surah look at the places where it's found it will give you an insight in how to earn it from Allah soprano to add. Also the there are five fruits of tequila, five important things that you receive from tequila that are mentioned in the soda, you receive the love of Allah the protection from

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from a rabid enemy, you receive protection from the Shaitan you are blessed and increased in your risk and that you are promised gender male lawmakers of the people of taqwa of law home mean, and sort of medium ends with a description of the day of judgment that everyone shall enter Hellfire, except those who are favored by a law shall be saved from it and shall be brought out and entered into agenda. And then a law says to kind of do somehow to yet have autonomy and the heavens are likely to rip open and the mountains to crash at the claim that he has taken and gotten a son when you had the villa. And the next chapter in this Jude Jude number 16 is sort of Taha which are, you

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know, chronicles the life of Musashi Salaam, from how we were saved from fit down to what his whole lifestyle and everything about him. It has three main sections, the attributes of a law, that he is our man, a lot of sheets that were elevated above his, his, his aatish, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is the one who descends the Koran upon us. It has the story of moose and all of the different elements in it, as they relate to the magician's and how Allah saved him and the migration into the Sinai. And then it gives these as lessons to the Prophet Mohammed Sai sell them the truth will set you free to be a person who follows what is right will lead you to the truth, and your people may

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have heard the truth but they can go back into corruption as the people of Moses followed and worship the golden calf after being saved by Allah. So focus on your family. What more alika Salah was stupid, and be patient is the solution and an outcome in this life. Adam alayhis salam and his responsibility to his family is also mentioned. That brings an end to Jews number 16 of the daily Tafseer with your brother Abraham was salamati

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