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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu it's your brother Hey Brahim with another daily Tafseer at hamdulillah. We're doing just a day and we're at number 15 at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. We've reached the middle of the hole on the forum is made and comprised of 30 Jews. The beginning of the DUIs is the beginning of Singleton serraj. And sawtell. Sri is a majestic surah. It is a surah, which gets its name. It has two names Benny and Sarai meaning the children of Israel or the name of Islam, the Night Journey. And the first verse is a declaration by Allah subhana wa tada of his magnificent, how majestic and glorious is Allah subhanho wa Taala who transported his servant his

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slave Mohammed Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Meanwhile, Majid al haram from the sacred house in Mecca, Masjid Al Aqsa to the distinct mosque and the distant mosque is the second mosque that has been dedicated for worship anywhere on this earth by mankind The first being in Mecca and McCarter oma, the second being in measure the oxide. Masuda oxide is the first Qibla that the believers used to turn to when they migrated to Medina they used to face measure the luxoft and they would turn their prayers and devotions toward it, until Allah Subhana Allah accepted the door of the prophets, I send them to turn his face to the direction of the cabinet, which is a nobility to the cabinet and

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to our Navy, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as we studied in sort of baccata in the first Jews of the Koran.

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So sort of measure the opposite holds an important place for us as Muslims. It's one of those contested party yet and cities and villages that has always been under siege and conquest. Yet Allah says Allah, Allah Viva rocklahoma. It is a city that I surrounded with my mercy, and the mercy of Allah subhana wa to Allah, sometimes it's something forgotten on us, it can be found in the hardship that he tests us in that requires our patience and devotion and perseverance that leads us to higher places in general. And therefore the Soto has a number of different facets, the first of them about the Night Journey of the prophets, I send them that it was a real journey transported in physically

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and spiritually in body, mind, body and soul, from Mecca to Jerusalem and from Jerusalem, the ascension to a loss of power and went to Allah.

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He had a meeting with all of the prophets there, they were brought to life and they and they prayed behind the Prophet Mohammed Sai Salim, and Lemuria hoomin iottie. many miracles were exchanged and shown to the prophets I sell them and a lot of what would unfold to his mo was explained to the prophets I sell them and it's at that time that in his night as ascension and Mirage to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that he conversed with a law and received the 50 prayers then brought down to five prayers that we perform today. The second section of the soul speaks directly to vinyasa in about some of the dysfunction that they had entered into. And it speaks about it through the the

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usage of the story of Moosa and how far Benny is la isla at the time of the prophets, I sell them, the Israelites had strayed from that ideal that was sent to Moses alayhis salaam, about the corruption that they've caused in the land. And in foretelling, Allah says that they will commit that corruption again and they would return into that Masjid again. And they would try to seize it, but eventually allow for that the place is always for the believers. So there's that eminence of a message of the law, the corruption that is caused in and around it, some of which which we see today, and that it always be protected by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, for those who seek his face

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and practice righteousness. May Allah make us worthy of that Allah amin and forth to compare the two realms, the worldly life and the spiritual life, the life of the next life. And therefore you see that between this earth and the ascension, it's a loss of power to Allah has the bridge in the person of the prophets, I said limbs,

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person as being the modality of a Serato stuck in that can lead us from this earth up into the heavens to the highest heavens Bismillah to Allah on the Day of Judgment, then Allah cautions us men can you read La Jolla and Jelena houfy Hi, Manish, Manisha. lumineux. Read the one who is earnest and doesn't want to hold on and restrict their lustful gratifications in this life doesn't want to wait for the next life and the happiness that it entails. We'll give them this worldly life, and we'll give them their pleasure and they'll enjoy themselves and they'll do their drugs and drink and, and women and all of that kind of thing. Who am I hoping for, but on the Day of Judgment, women

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are the asset or the one who seeks the next life. What Salah has saya and works for it and runs rushes for it the way that they should woman with faith and piety felt without kanessa You're much poorer than they will see that their hard work will be thanked by me on the Day of Judgment. So that's an admonition that there is a next life in a real life and you have to work for it and work hard. Then Allah subhana wa tada and Soto tell us a lot from verse number two

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To 2324 till about 35 He begins speaking about

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a 20 commandments, and he gives many commandments. This is a third section of solo Benyus law. So total Islam, and from those commandments are things like

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do not associate partners with a law. Don't be disobedient to a law. Don't be disobedient to your parents. Give the relatives their rights. Give the right to the needy to the traveler to the wayfarer. Be humble with the words you choose. Don't use vulgar words and obscenities spend from your wealth in moderation in that which is even in the path of God. Don't Don't be extravagant. Don't

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worry about your financial future by causing you to take the life of your young children infanticide and abortions. Allah speaks about not to consume the wealth of the orphans and Allah speaks about fulfillment of promises. 104 will add in Allah The Economist order, fulfill the covenants and the promises you make because you will be questioned about it was a noble cause loss it must Akeem measure things with justice and and be equitable.

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And while at Hulu, Allah Allah He I don't speak about a law, any word except that you know is a surety of knowledge. Don't say this person is in in trouble. This person is in happiness this person this is Hillel. This is haram. Don't make declarations that you have no surety of knowledge about

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will attempt to fill out of the model Ha. Don't walk upon the earth in an accurate arrogant proudful boastful state in neck Atlanta global

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LG Bella Tula. You're never going to reach the heights of the mountains. You're Who do you think you are. And then Allah begins to give instructions to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and near the end of solta Islam. Allah begins speaking about how the prophet will be protected from his enemies, to say a good word even to those who use bad words and have hostility towards you or Mohammed, that Allah will keep the Prophet firm and the loss of penalty Allah will assist him that Allah will establish a commandment to establish the prayers to pray the night prayers. Welcome is salata. Illa De Luca, you know, pray into the early morning hours, to be a you will be Allah caribou

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Karma Yoga karma, karma karma Buddha. In that way, you will arrive to that praiseworthy station, which we asked a lot to do for him Salaam Salaam every time we hear that, then

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Allah answers the questions. Yes, aluna kind of rule if they question you about the soul, they asked you about the miracles and whether you will bring them more miracles and bring down the the Koran and what what makes you so special. All of these are addressed in this sort of, and that then a lot of finalize it by saying,

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you know Allah is enough for you. I'll have the help, called Belton eventually Allah will show the truth, and a law will cause falsehood to be destroyed, the truth will always be manifest. A law speaks about Moosa and the nine signs that were given to him. And the law speaks about the Koran as being greater than anything that was sent to all those who preceded them. And that's how the soul comes to an end with a search that that would be prayed in it, then a lot begins, sort of El Cap, and so little cafes are sort of that is recited every Friday by faithful Muslims. The prophets, I seldom says the one who recites it is protected from the john, it is a surah, where when you recite

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it from one job to the next, it fills your week with light, and it will be light for you on the Day of Judgment. So it looks like Kapha has four essential lessons. And it speaks about the four great trials that many of us as human beings will endure, some of us will have one or two or three, not, not all of us will have all four. And the law speaks about these four trials as being a trial in a matters of faith, that you'll be tested in your Eman And number two, in in wealth and prosperity and in greed and in you know, the lawful means of assuming it number three in knowledge and, you know, practicing what you know when fulfilling it and living a life according to dictates and teachings of

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Revelation. And fourth, and finally the power of authority and prestige and, and governance and having authority over people and power. And all of those are addressed in the in the end of Jews. Number 15. The first three of those tests manifest themselves in three stories, the people of the cave, which is where the soldier gets its name, sort of the calf, and then the man with the two gardens and Mussa and then the fourth story is little called nine which begins the next juice. I hope you join me for another juice a day daily tip see it with your brother hi Ebrahim. This was juice number 15 was set off not a lie or a cat