Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 276B Tafsir Al-Hadid 1-3

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in Allah is highlighted in the seven different Madmanna Surahs in the Quran, emphasizing the need to strengthen one's faith and not just recite the Quran. The speakers also discuss the physical differences between Islam and the western world, including the physical differences of civilizations and their cultural and political bases. The importance of knowing one's actions and not just focusing on them is emphasized, along with the use of "the proud" and "the proud" in various situations. A presentation on "The proud" and its significance is also mentioned.
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Surah Al Hadith

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Surah Al Hadith What does Hadith mean?

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sort of the hadith is a Madani surah and the surah before it so little Walker is a murky Surah So after a group of murky Solas in the three while Mufasa now sootel hadith is the beginning of a group of Madani Solas slaughter Hadi, and a couple tours after it will all be Madani. Salatu wa Clara ends with fossa B Bismillah Bismillah R Lim, glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most Great and sutra Hadith begins with the speech of Allah. In fact, many of the mother de Soto's that we will read now will actually begin with that this be the glorification of Allah, not all of them, but many of them. And the sutras the sutras that begin with the Spear of Allah they are known as the Musa Behat. The

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group of Musa Behat sutras, and there are a total of seven sutras in the Quran that begin with the spear. Firstly, we learned about we learn to love Israel, sort of Bani Israel Subhana Ledi, a snobby or the Layla middle Masjid Al haram, right? And the next surah is pseudo Hadith. Sort of Hadith also begins with the SVI. Then there's sutra Hashem,

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then Surah, two Soph, then sort of Jumeirah, then sort of the Robin and finally Surah two Arla.

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So there are seven sutras in the Quran. If you did not catch the names, it's your job to now open up the most Huff All right, and find the sutras that begin with the speech of Allah. Now, some of the sutras when they mentioned that the speech of Allah and that the speech is either mentioned in the past tense, or it is mentioned in the present future, or it is mentioned as a noun, or there is a command that is given only once a command is given sub behest model because Arla only once there is a command at the beginning of a surah. And mostly it is either in the past tense or in the present future, as if we are being taught that when the entire creation busies itself in the glorification

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and the praise of Allah than what is wrong with you or people, you still don't get it, sub behead smaller, bigger, either glorify and praise your Lord who is the most high. Now so another Hadith as I mentioned to you is a Madani surah and remember that it was revealed sometime between the Battle of aura and the Treaty of who they BIA

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and some have said that it was revealed before the conquest off. So basically, it's another new Surah revealed after the Battle of earth, there is a reference to fight in the Surah and that fat can either be understood as the Treaty of her labia or it can be understood as the conquest of Makkah. Now, the reason why we're going into this detail, is because here these Madani sutras that we will learn are going to be very different from the Madani sutras that we have learned earlier in the Quran. Generally, when we think about muddy Surah what comes to our mind commands, right, the halal and haram, what is permissible and what is prohibited, right, rulings related to worship, and

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when it comes to matters of faith matters of the law, then there are mentioned were in the murky sodas, right? But these Madani Sooners, we will see that in them, there is a call and motivation to strengthen and refresh one's Iman. Because remember that no matter how strong of a faith a person has, there is always a need to strengthen and improve one's faith. Because Eman is not something that is stagnant. It is not something that is frozen, meaning it just stays still. No it increases and it decreases. And remember that in Medina, there was a unique set of challenges and comforts that the Muslims were experiencing. Right? And what happens is that when you get used to you know

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things going very easy for you things become a habit for you then what happens? You begin to lose that spirit. Think about your first good Ramadan. Right. When you were you know, reciting a lot of Quran you were just new into, you know, praying Salah regularly. Where was your Eman? It was pretty good. Right? But then what happened one year after another after another? What happened? Then you just got used to fasting you got used to reciting the Quran. So this is something very normal, that Eman it increases and then with time it decreases

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So in these Madani sutras, we will see that the emphasis is on strengthening one's faith in Allah. How that you realize Allah's attributes, you turn back to him in sincere repentance. You should realize the temporary nature of this world and prepare for your eternal life in the agora.

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The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that in the Imana, layer lako fie JioFi, a honeycomb, comma Yahoo lako Soble. That image when it wears out, it wears out inside of you. Just as clothes on your back wear out. Your clothes become old. Yeah. Doesn't there come a point where your socks you've been wearing them so long, that there's a hole in them now? Right? Because they're worn out. So likewise, he said that Eman also with time, it weakens. So you should keep on asking Allah to renew faith in your heart. So when a person keeps learning, right, and without paying attention to Iman, because you see now it's the end of witches 27th chose right. So when a person keeps

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learning, then with that there is also a need to focus on one's Iman to build on Eman because if there's only really without attention to Eman, then that, that knowledge is actually a burden. It can actually become very dangerous. You know, if intermodal de la Horne who he said that I've lived a long life, meaning many years I've lived and he said that we weren't given Eman before the Quran. Before we learned the rulings of halal and haram, we learned Iman. So a surah would be revealed upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we would learn its commandments, what is permissible, what is not permissible? What is it that we have been commanded? What is it that we have been

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forbidden from? So what he meant was that first we built our iman, and then we learned what to do. So what happened when we were told, stop your alcohol. We stopped when the women were told put on your hijab, the women they put their hijabs on, isn't it so we learned that in the night they had their lamps on to fix their hijabs and for budget when they went, they put their hijab on. They didn't say let me think about it for a week. Let me wait until I'm 20 or 25 or 30, or whatever, I'll wait until my birthday. No, they heard about it. And immediately overnight, there was a change. Why because Iman was there. When Eman was there? The command came what happened. Action, intermodal,

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Dylan one who said, Then I saw some people, one of whom would be given Quran before emaan. Meaning now there are people learning the Quran cover to cover. And they don't know a thing about Iman, they haven't focused on building their Eman even a little bit. So here is one of them, who reads from Surah Fatiha all the way to the end. But he has not learned a thing from the Quran, meaning his action has not changed whatsoever. So from this nourish and what do we learn that it's not just necessary that we keep increasing in our knowledge? What does this word mean? What does that word mean? What does this surah mean? And what does that sort of mean? What is this fancy term? And what

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is that other fancy term that I heard someone's speak in their vlog alright, what is this? Our attention should not just be on increasing our knowledge. Amen must be built also. And how is it that a person builds Amen. He strengthens Eman by reflecting upon the Quran by reflecting upon Allah subhanaw taala as attributes by reflecting upon the temporary nature of this life by reflecting upon the matters of the Akela and this is what we will do in the Surah every idea in the Surah is a call to the bottom to reflection, because New information has not been given this information has been given before many times. The call is to reflect, reflect and therefore, build and renew your faith.

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Why? So that you can do something. So let us begin to Surah Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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said Paheli Lehi MAFF is somewhere where it will or we will who will Azazel Hakeem Samba. He glorifies who glorifies who Lilla he, for Allah, what glorifies Allah manifests somehow wealthy well early what

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Whatever that is in the skies, and the earth, meaning everything is busy in the speed of Allah, in the glorification of Allah, who, whatever that is in the skies and the earth, which means everything, whether it is animate or inanimate, whether it is living, or nonliving. Whether it is aka meaning it has an intellect, a free will of its own, or it is later Ockel. It doesn't comprehend. It doesn't have a mind. This includes the angels. This includes men, this includes gene, the birds, animals, critters, everything sub Bahasa, it glorifies Allah, it proclaims the sanctity of Allah, it declares the perfection of Allah Saba, from the word Saba, which means to move quickly,

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in air or in water,

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meaning to swim or to fly. And from this, the word implies, going far very quickly. So Sabbir is used for a swift horse, the spear is to remove something far away.

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And with regards to Allah subhanaw taala. What does it mean to declare Allah's perfection, to declare that anything that is not befitting of Allah is removed far away from Allah, that he is free of, and he is above any faults, any deficiency, any weakness, and any resemblance to his creation? In other words, he is perfect. This is the speed.

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When we say Subhan Allah, what are we saying? Perfect is Allah

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we're saying that Allah is perfect, meaning he is far above any eye, any fault.

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What is an eye? An eye is basically a flaw or a fault meaning something problematic in somebody. So for example, unawareness, this is a flaw, all right, individual, that they have no idea about what is going on. Does this happen with us? Do we have this is within us? Yes. Many times. People are doing things right in front of us and we don't even realize, but what does Allah say? Who am Allah who belongs feeling or metta? Milan, Allah is not at all unaware

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of what you do, that Allah is far above any Nuxe. So, the first is any I Secondly, any Nuxe what is Knox a deficiency a weakness? So for example, fatigue, getting tired, exhaustion, illness, is that a deficiency? Is that a weakness? Yes, it is. Because no matter how important a certain work may be, when people have a certain weakness, then they cannot continue. Like for example, what happens with us? We fall asleep, isn't it? Sleep is something that we cannot resist. We cannot avoid. No matter what situation we are in. We will eventually fall asleep isn't it? But Allah subhanaw taala Latta who sing a tune well I know. Right?

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And also Allah subhanaw taala says that when Emma Sena me loop, no fatigue has touched us meaning we created the heavens and the earth and no fatigue touched Us. So Allah is far above any fault, any deficiency, any weakness, weakness such as sleep, Latta, who zenaton Well I know and also any resemblance to the creation, as Allah says laser committed he show you on or who was Sameer on bus lead. So when we say Subhan Allah, perfect is Allah, Glory be to Allah? What does it mean? That Allah is unique and one that Allah has no partner and no associate? That Allah has no imperfection and no weakness? Nothing he decides nothing he commands is faulty. Know everything He decrees is

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full of wisdom and that is why it is said, well why are these will Hakeem and He is the Exalted in Might the wise, Allah's is the one who has risen and there is a as a mind, and there is as an honor. So he is disease meaning with absolute and perfect honor. He is the one worthy of it, and he is the one with absolute and first

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fate might an authority and he is Al Hakim, the one who is wise. Why is in his words, why is in his actions Why is in his decrees, why is in His laws. So we do not question his judgment. We do not question his ruling. We do not question his decree, because Allah is Al Hakim, the one who is wise. And Al Hakim is also from how come How come is judgment, meaning the one who is perfect in his command. So whatever He decrees comes about.

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So, the entire creation declares Allah's perfection and glory, how verbally and also with their state, verbally, they declare Allah's perfection, for example, the angels, they're busy doing the spear,

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human beings, they also do the speech of Allah. Correct. And then there is the other creation, which declares Allah's perfection, how, by their very state of existence, meaning, even though they do not use words to say subhanallah their existence is declaring is shouting out the perfection of Allah.

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So there's two ways of the spear, the speed of McConnell and the speed of hurl.

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So what does this mean then? That there is not a thing that happens except that it is proof of Allah's perfection. It is proof of Allah's power, and his wisdom, therefore his glory. And yes, there are those amongst the creation that refuse to do the speed of Allah.

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And who are the people or the jinn, some gin, some people, they refuse to declare Allah's perfection, they refuse to worship Allah, verbally. But even if they refuse to do it verbally, in their bodies, their body, it belongs to who? And belongs to Allah. So it's very existence, it's very functioning, is declaring the perfection of the Creator.

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Correct. I mean, if you think about it, how many things are going on in a human body at at one single moment?

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So many things are going on that we cannot even keep track of it, isn't it? And before we think about what is happening, some other things are happening. Isn't it? So Saba, hallelujah, he math is somehow worth it Well, early. Well, who will are these will Hakeem? Why shouldn't the creation glorify Allah, when He is Allah Aziz, when he is Al Hakim, la homall. Kusama wa T will old because To Him belongs, the dominion of the heavens and the earth, the ownership, the possession, sovereignty, belongs to who over the heavens and the earth, it belongs to Allah, he owns everything up where you need to, he gives life and He gives death. Such is his power, and might, that he

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controls life and death. And this is something that is beyond our power, will who are the cliche in Cadiz and he doesn't just have control over life and death. He has control over what over everything, he has power over what over everything. So whatever is happening, anything that is happening, is happening where it is happening in Allah's kingdom, because there is nothing except that ALLAH owns it. Lahoma Kusama wa T will act. So all you who believe, do what your Lord wants you to do. Realize who your Lord is, who will a well who he is a well, the first and as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Felisa Cabela cache. So, there is nothing before you. He is the

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first one meeting, there was nothing before him.

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He is a well, meaning he always was well

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and Al Asad, the last and as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Falaise a bar the cache. So there is numb after you, meaning he shall always remain.

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He always was, he is a well, and he is a head he shall always remain, while law his and the ascendant and as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Felisa fo kaka che, you are Allah hit so there is none above you.

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He is the highest so Allah Hill means he is the highest, so there is none above him.

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No one has more power, more authority

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than Allah subhanaw taala well bow clean and the intimate and as he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Felisa Duna cache. So there is none that is closer than you. None that is nearer than you. He is the highest yet he is near will who will be cliche in our leam and he is of all things knowing for names of Allah are mentioned over here. Uh, well, we'll ask it. And then Allah hit while battling. The first two names a well we'll ask it, these names are with respect to time with respect to time. So he is a well, the first meeting the one before whom there is no one meeting there was nothing before him. Because what did we learn in the previous ayah Everything belongs to Allah,

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meaning everything that exists is whose creation Allah's creation. So what that means is that everything that is there came after who, after Allah, he is a well, because he is the Holic, He is the Creator. All things that exist came after him, he made them. If he didn't make them, they wouldn't be there. So he's a well,

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and then I'll ask him, I'll ask him the last, meaning he will succeed everyone, and no one will come after him, no one will succeed him. Because what happens is, I mean, with respect to us, there was somebody before us. And then when we die, there's somebody who's going to come after us, isn't it? One generation is replaced by another one creation, one species is replaced with another, right? But Allah is an acid. What does it mean? In total costs? 88. Allah says Colucci in Halycon, Illa, what you her who ever everything is going to die, except

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except Allah. Everything's going to finish, condone Epson, that ECO mode, every soul is going to experience death. And remember, that there will come a point that no creature will be alive, no creature,

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it will only be Allah. And that is the time when Allah who will say that I am the king. Where are the kings of the earth? Where did they go? I am the Jabbar. Where are the Jabbar of the earth? Where did they go? Who thought so highly of themselves? Where are they? So he is a fish? So unwell. And

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when we look at both of these names, what do they tell us about Allah? That Allah is unique in the sense that he has no beginning and no ending. We have a beginning and an ending. Allah is above this. For Allah, a beginning and an ending is irrelevant. It's irrelevant, because he's alcoholic. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said until a well Falaise, a cobbler cache until after Felisa Baroda cache and sort of fossils is 70. We learned whoo hoo Allahu La ilaha illa. Who LA who will handle Phil Hola, will Akira. So with respect to time, he has no restriction whatsoever. We have these restrictions, don't we? We have a beginning and an ending. A first breath and a last

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breath the first day and the last day isn't it?

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The next two names Allah hid and Al Baldwin.

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These names are with respect to McCann with respect to place.

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When it comes to the creation, are we limited to a place? Can our existence be imagined only in constraints of space? Yes. Right. I mean, we've got to be somewhere. Right? And if we're somewhere than we're not somewhere else, isn't it? So Allah subhanaw taala who is he? He is Allah His Allah hid? This has been understood as one who is a parent,

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all right, one who is a parent, because law law he is used for something that is visible, right. So this has been understood as that he is apparent in the sense that through his signs through His creation, you can recognize him, because Subhanallah he, right? However, the more correct meaning is that which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explain, and that is that when he said we'll uncover Him, He said, Felisa fo caca che. There is nothing above you because

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Lu also means Rulu Lu who also means to be high. Like Allah says in the Quran, we use Hera who are Allah Dini Cooley, that his Deen he is going to make a dominant over everything else.

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They George Matt George from us de Faro, Al Haru, who they were not able to go over it. All right, they Juju Juju the wall that little container built from as far as Heroku, they were not able to go over it. So the hood is to be high, all right. So why hit as in He is Allah is dominant over everything.

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In his attributes, he is prevailing above all.

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So no one hears, like Allah hears, no one sees, as Allah sees. No one knows. As Allah knows, no one shows mercy, as Allah shows mercy, because He is Allah hit repeatedly in the Quran, we learn woman and to be more GZ you can learn and all defeat Allah You cannot escape Allah. Right? Why? Because He is Allah had always victorious, always the highest, always the best. And then I'll bow clean and bow clean. Now this has been understood by some as a Lachlan as in the hidden one, because that is what Bolton means one that is hidden. So they said that Allah is Allah outlined in the sense that led to the recoil appstore vision cannot perceive him. Right? You cannot see Allah over here. You cannot.

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This is a privilege that will be granted to those who will be admitted in paradise Allah Majora lemon home. So Al bartholin There is another meaning of that. All right, and that is of curb. All right, of course of nearness. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, We're untell bethlen, Felisa, duna cache, you are allowed lane so there is nothing that is closer than you nothing that is nearer than you. And this is why it's translated as the intimate, the most intimate or the nearest or the closest.

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Meaning there is nothing hidden from Allah. There is nothing that is too far from Allah. As Allah says, in Surah, Allah Imran I have five that in Allah lay your fairly shameful, ugly, well after summer, Allah he is such that there is nothing hidden from him. Nothing, whether it is in the sky, or it isn't the Earth, as we learned that not Aleve fault except that it is in Allah's record. Allah knows about it. Right? So he is about in the nearest one. And this is so beautiful, only Allah can be like this. He is the highest, yet he is the nearest right? He is the highest, yet he is the nearest.

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We learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is the interpretation that he gave all these names of Allah and where do we learn this interpretation from from a dog, Father model de la Miranda. Once you went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam her father in order to ask him for his servant. You all know about this hadith, right? And basically, she didn't find him there. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came and what is it that he advised her to do? To do the test to be held? Right? And there is another Hadith which is also here, in which we learn that when father modeled the Lord, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a servant. He said, that when you

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go to sleep, you should say, Allah Who model but Samoa discovery. What up Bella Oceana Aleem that, Oh Allah, the Lord of the Seven Heavens and the Lord of the great throne on a banner, what a bucket cliche, our Lord and the Lord of everything Munzee la talathi. Well in Gili well Quran, the one who has revealed the Torah the Injeel and the Quran, fairly could have been one hour but cleaver of the grain and the seed meaning you have control over the grain and the seed also it doesn't open unless you open it are all becoming shredded equally che in and if you don't be nicely it, I seek Your protection against any evil, every evil that you are in control off. You still have full control

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over it. So I seek Your protection against every evil until a Waterloo Falaise a cappella cache you are the first so there is nothing before you were until our hero Felisa Baroda cache, you are the last so there is nothing after you were under law hero, Falaise, afocal cache, you are the dominant one. So there is no

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thing above you were untell Bulkley new Felisa Duna cache, you are the nearest one so there is nothing closer than you. It Kalyani Dane will have Nene minimal fuck.

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After this after mentioning the names of Allah and praising and glorifying Him, what is the dollar it Kalyani Dane? Please get rid of my debt

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helped me get rid of my debt. What Oh Nene mineral fuck. and enrich me against poverty take me out of poverty.

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What does this teach us? Any problem that we're having? Even if it's financial ask who request who the unwell under the law here and the Battlin ask Allah because he only can take you out of your difficulty. So who is it that should be a well for you? Allah? So who is it to whom you entrust the last of your problems? Allahu Allah. Learn to rely on the one who is Allah hid? The one who is victorious and dominant over everything. What does it mean? There is no issue that is too big for Allah. No problem that is too big for Allah because he's law his prevailing prevailing he always wins. He's always above

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and you're never alone. Because Alec Baldwin is with you. The one who is close is with you. Alright, let's listen to the presentation.

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This mean you're you're walking.

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So, the honeymoon phase some

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of you are who are nausea.

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low mood Kusama, what you will Yoshi or you

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will who are cliche.

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Body 111

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more you

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want to be cool Leisha up gnarly

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