Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 17

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother. Yeah, hey Brahim with another daily tip, see a juice a day and hamdulillah we're at juice number 17 when the left hand juice number 17 begins with sawtell MBR and sorbitol MBR. You know, it takes its name from this many stories of the profits that are contained there in sort of an MBA begins with a loss of Hannah with Allah warning about the Day of Judgment, which is really the job title of all of the prophets to give bushrod glad tidings of gender but now v to be an a warner of the Day of Judgment. And the profits of the law it was selling them a lot initially speaks about those who are in the state of Leffler, those who are

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in a state of unawareness. And a law says about a billionaire CEO. He said, boom, the Judgment Day is arriving. Well, Humphrey hoffler, but they're heedless, and your job therefore, yeah, Mohammed is to wake them up, and to bring them to this reality. Let them understand three things he said their accounting is near. Number two, I've destroyed many towns, many villages, many people's many dynasties, many generations, many cultures that have preceded your culture, your people, people of courage and all Arabs. Number three, that even if this destruction doesn't arrive imminently, because you've rejected the messengers, as has happened to other previous nations, even because of

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the blessedness of Mohammed, being with you, that you're not being destroyed, then know that your death is close. And those are the three levels of warning that Allah gives about the tribulations in the opening verses and in the in the in the theme of sort of Colombia. The next section is that a lot speaks about the perfection of tawheed and that it is something that you look inside yourself inwardly and outwardly. And you will see that it is a manifestation of the completion of Allah Subhana Allah, his relationship with humanity, he wants us to identify him to know that for everything that is around us, that there is a cause it didn't just come out of nothing, and that the

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one who has crawl caused all of the causes is Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah then begins to speak about different prophets in different messengers. He speaks about the relationship between Moosa and her own and they're being sent to fit Island. He speaks about Ibrahim Ali Salaam in great detail. And once again, it's about tawheed. So this is where we find the greatest detail in this story of Ibrahim in smashing the idols. And Ibrahim Ali is Salam. he smashes them in his question. colusa Maranatha. Yo, yo, Guru Mercado, Brahim, we know that there was a young man, his name is Ibrahim who would always speak ill of these idols. And they brought him and to have that did you do this by our,

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by our caller? belta Allahu COVID. Oh, no, it's the largest one who did it. And Ibrahim alayhis salam therefore establishes the future, which is Yeah, Mohammed your job to establish the burden of proof on on the people of courage. And therefore you see that similitude between Mohammed Salim and Ibrahim, the two prophets that are mentioned Musa and Ibrahim Musa is about legislation and application of laws, and Ibrahim is about establishing the rationale of worshipping the one true God. Then Allah speaks about the people of loot and the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and their destruction. A lot speaks about the people of Navajo resisted him, including his wife and his son.

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And the law speaks about their destruction. A lot speaks about Deadwood and Suleiman and how Allah had given both of them knowledge and wisdom and governance. But that's what a man was given a little bit of an increase and that's why he's referred to as sort of a man who is Hakeem and wise the wise king. You have Alia Salama, spoken about in detail. And one of the places in the Quran where a huge story is shared, is in sort of lm br where Allah speaks about him being patient. And he persevered in the illnesses and the difficulties and the loss of wealth and his children, all of it. with it. Now who saw it on he was a person who was patient, he simply said to Allah, or because messenia door

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or a lot harm has befallen me and my family will enter our hammer Rafi mean, and you were the most Merciful of those who show mercy. Allah speaks about his smile and Idris and the gift, the law speaks about zekeriya and yahaya, and Isa and his mother, all of them are mentioned and therefore the story, the surah gets its name from the stories of the prophets that are mentioned at the end of the sword up and author out a law then speaks about elianna which returns us to the beginning of the warning that the day of judgment is coming. A law then begins to say, helmet, not with Cena, aka ECG little kutub on the day that the heavens will be rolled back the way you roll up scrolls, and that

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that everything that is created all this massive expanse is meaningless to his mind and His Majesty. And the law says that the same message

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The same thing was said in the in the in the books that preceded you while Khattab Neff is the boogeyman, cuddly? It has been written in the Psalms of David, before this message has received you and a lot of ad through a bad deal slightly hoping that this the splendid pneus of gender will be inherited to those who work righteous deeds, and therefore when not all of a sudden knock a lot of metal I mean, yeah, Mohamed, remember so I sell them and oh Mohammed, remember you were only sent unto mankind to be an expression of My Mercy May Allah make us a mercy unto humanity. The next chapter is salted Hodge, which is in the same juicy juicy number 17 historical hedges surah number

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22. And Allah subhanaw taala once again begins this surah by speaking about the destruction of the earth and the coming of the Day of Judgment, and that there would be a quaking to the earth.

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Yeah, Johan NASA, Dakota back home, walk show, oh, you who believe. Fear your Lord and fear the quaking of the earth. The zillah zillah tissa t Shea nauseam, it'll be an you know, a magnificent display on that day. I love then begins to speak about the creation of humanity from one cycle to the next. And this will happen in the next or on the next juice as well. And the law begins to debate the unbelievers who don't believe and wish to submit to His authority and might and the law begins to speak about, you know, the relationships

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between the spirit and the body, and that we should be people who live a life that is not just a physical and that we have needs that are beyond that. And in this soul, there are two places of sajida one of them Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the people who enter it are those who have refused to make so due to a lot a lot points as to the heavens. And I'm Tara and Allah, he has to do the whole Memphis seminar to Memphis out of that to a lot prostrates in subjugation all that it's in the heavens and the earth was shems oil Come on, when new Doom was shuttered, what the web, the sun and the moon and the trees and the mountains and the birds and the bees, and the bees. What Kathy

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Roman and NASA and many of mankind have given allegiance to a law where casiotone calling in either and many are worthy of punishment. A law then speaks about the ritual spiritual rituals of Hajj in salted Bukhara, Allah speaks about the aspects of Hajj what to do on one day for either photo Minato fat and do this in auto fat and so on. But here in sawtell hedgewitch gets its name from the Select versus a law speaks about the spirit and that Allah soprano into Allah doesn't receive you know the blood of the offering of sacrifice rather yeah Ned hood taco I'm income he receives the piety that you've extended. Allah wants you to come to him with an open heart seeking His mercy, and it is he

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who will respond to you Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah speaks about the response to those who have lied about him and lied about the messenger Muhammad so I sell them and about the prophets who have come before that their end was always this tragic and Allah subhana wa tada seeks happiness and closure for the aroma of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah continues to give evidence of His power, His authority. And a lot speaks of this by giving, you know words directly to the unbelievers that have the signs of glioma that there are, you know, there are different types of people, those who will debate you yet Mohammed without knowledge, those who will worship a law on a

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verge of disbelief, and coming back to belief, and those who believe a loss of Hannah and believe in Allah soprano to add. And those three distinct groups all have different remedies that are found in this sutra. And that ultimately, at the end of the day, there's two ultimate opposing forces that people have faith in the people who like it. Ibrahim and Ali Salaam takes a central mission in the story of Al Hajj. And whereas in finance, even hedge proclaimed the call to hedge Oh, Ibrahim, yet to carry Jalan they will come on their feet, and I'm walking in. And they will come in all modes of transport to answer the call to a loss of Hannah to Anna. And the final instruction is to the

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believers to the Muslims, that they have been given permission to defend themselves that they have been ordered to reject all falsities claimed in previous scriptures that have been corrupted from that which is an orthodox purity of worshipping the one true Almighty Allah in terms of a monotheistic perspective, and that those who reject the Quran are rejecting their own scriptures which had the spirit of the portal and they're in and Allah finally mentioned, to establish our prayers and Zakah and to be holding on to Allah while Tulsi mobila who are no longer can hold on to Allah. Now mimolette when I'm in the car, he is the one who will give victory and strength. May

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Allah make it so it's your brother Abraham with another daily tip. See, this was the Tafseer of Jews number 17 was said Mr. ecomondo. Not a lot