Wael Ibrahim – The Ultimate Guide to Misery #09 – The P Strategies

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the ways in which we can improve our chances of achieving happiness from porn addiction. They suggest becoming productive, patient, and proficient by working on these strategies, including becoming more productive in one's life and avoiding traps and hesitation when experiencing addiction. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of becoming a purposeless person and becoming pessimistic when experiencing setbacks.
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There are many ways that we may utilize in our lifetime in order to achieve happiness. But remember, there are many more ways that can lead to the opposite destination, Misery, and avoiding such traps and traits could help you massively along the journey of your recovery from * addiction. I call these strategies, the P methods. What's the P method? Simple, becoming productive, patient and proficient. Productivity kills *, the two PS can never complement one another, they will always oppose each other. Once productive, * will cease to exist. But if * is in your life, productivity has no place whatsoever. being patient is a virtue that you'll need to develop

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along the journey of your recovery from * addiction, you'll have to wait for the result which can never be achieved overnight. And becoming proficient is yet another skill that you will need in order to kill your addiction once and for all. Not only doing something and becoming busy that will bring about happiness into your life, but rather doing it properly is what can make the difference. But on the miserable side, there are also a couple of fees that you'll need to be aware of. Number one, becoming purposeless living without meaning or a vision in life. There is absolutely nothing in your life that can drive you toward doing that which is necessary. Number two, becoming pessimistic

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thinking that every attempt towards the right direction is bound to fail miserably. And number three, panic every time you relapse and experience a setback for panicking is the shortest miserable cut that anyone could use to do absolutely nothing about the condition

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