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AI: Summary © The importance of learning from Prophet's teachings and praying for others is emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to receive the blessings of Islam. Prayerers are reminded of the importance of praying for others and showing love to the Prophet and Sun airline. The segment ends with a recitation of the prayer and a reminder to not abandon prayer.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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in Alhamdulillah he no matter who wins, you know who wins the cathedral

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when the owners will be learning through Rudy and fusina was say, the medina menu, the handler for LA Medina one minute Dillion follow her Dianna a shadow Allah in the long way the hula Shetty why shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who water sudo o si como Yaya our in beta cola for Cathars

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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All prayers due to a marble and I mean

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I mean the blessing the mercy of Allah be upon all of us till the end of Ramadan. I mean,

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and for all the brothers and sisters who have not been well especially

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to say sight of the man being saved Muhammad

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the father of se as Russa harira who have been with us every night with OKM

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is in ICU right now. And Hamdulillah we keep on praying for his faster recovery.

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And we always ask Allah Allah, Allah mean to make it easy for him and the family members

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is very important for all of us as believer when something happened to any one of us or the family members, the first thing that we must develop is the rainbow that we are accepting

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What Allah has ordain upon any one of us

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and this is very, very important and follow up with Sabur we must have patient and dua was starting to be Sabri was salah, sabara and salah, as Salah logo here means dua

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is very important for all of us to give support,

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moral support to make sure that anybody who go into treatment be ready for it. After the specialists have come from what they should go to Allah say first Allahu Allah is decree In Kuntum la Tala Moon thing that we have no knowledge, we cannot just say talker hola hola. Without doing anything, we just have to refer back to the specialist. If the specialists re recommend us to do something, as family members, we should support

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what is being given to us by the specialists and make sure that our loved one are ready to accept what Allah has ordained on him. And these are very important value that can help us to strengthen our iman and excel de cada and the cadavre.

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Brothers and sisters.

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Today I would like to share with you one

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incident that happened to our profits some amongst

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our Prophet say attorney Gibreel

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for call yeah Mohamed

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ich merci for Inaka my eat

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what a bit mushy for inna como far recall.

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But in naka morphol Rico What am I ma*a for Inaka mozzie and newbie,

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what Allah mu n Shara for mean keyamo belatedly what is hidden is the VA now and a nurse

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the meaning

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Jabra era came to me and said Oh Mohamed summers

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leave as long as you want.

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Juba is telling our Prophet live as long as you want a prophet cannot

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just die without his permission.

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whose permission, the permission of the Prophet.

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And there is one thing that Allah have blessed all prophet will not die when the time can until they agreed to die.

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Angel of Death will come to them have to seek their permission not like us. He don't seek permission from but the prophet the angel will come and inform the time's up. But if it is yet I'm not greedy, the angel of death will return back to Allah.

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But then Allah, Allah Allah Ameen, Sen into Gabrielle, again to inform some of the Prophet happened to Moses, but this is our Prophet samosa leave as long as you want. For at the end, you will die.

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You can prolong your life. But at the end, you have to die. Because Allah had promised us Kulu enough sin czar, a cat and mouse number one.

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Number two love whom ever you want live in this world. We do love a lot of things. We love our children. We love our well.

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There are so many things that we love. So Gabriel is telling our Prophet love whoever you want, for you will leave them one day.

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They will not be with you always.

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But you can learn no problem by just prepare

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yourself because the more you love, the creation model the Creator then you will have more pain when the one that you love is no more with you. But if you

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Know the Creator more than the creation of Allah, then you won't feel that pain too much, you will have some feeling but you are ready to accept it.

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Number three, do what ever you want for you will be

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question you will be, you will pay for any team to do you can do what Elijah said in son Illamasqua human will not be judged

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except to what they have done. So you can do, but you will be responsible of what you do. Number four, remember that the believers on is his praying at night.

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The night prayer will have some extra blessing from Allah. And Allah will honor us and the creation of what ma will also honor as you gain ownership

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establishing the night prayer

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is not Wajid, but it's highly recommend, especially the head.

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And the last one, and his pride is his been independent of people.

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And now this is a very important thing. We must learn how to be independent, not to burden other people.

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Children Of course, you cannot give them any independent of freedom when they are

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a child one day as they grow,

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then you should be ready to make them and help them to be independent.

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Because there's a limit for us, to help our children who ended dunya is concerned, I have shared with all of you one night. But for akhira there is no limit until the end, you do have a responsibility to remind your children, that how all the profit remind the children

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even they are 60 years old, 70 years old, you're still alive, you have to remind them about the era about the dunya

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them have their independence. This is a very important values that are mostly masked, ready for it. Our Prophet was reminded by Angel Gabriel and it is also a reminder for all of us.

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So brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us. That if you want to love other than Allah and the Prophet,

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you left them with a limit.

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Meaning you must not love them more than loving Allah.

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You must not love anybody, even yourself more than the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because the Prophet did mention law you may know her docum had her by a layup mean while he did while he was awarded the he won Nancy ijma in no one can be a true mean until he loves me more than he loves his parents, love his children and love anyone else that mean all the people around you. One day, when the Prophet was saying this, Omar said to the Prophet era Allah, I love you more than my parents more than my children more than anyone except myself.

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I still love myself more

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than the Prophet said. Your Eman is not complete yet. Until you love me more than even yourself.

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But look, when they are very honest and sincere they express their feeling towards a prophet. And when a prophet, remind them again immediately be changed. I love you Uros love more than even myself

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for us, we do not know

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we may live a person in our own way. But when you say you love the Prophet, the Prophet said lie you may know her docum had the Hawa who died by a newly

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imagine to be none of your can be a true believer until you control your desire to follow what I have brought to you. That mean the Sunnah. The Sunnah must be loved by all the ummah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then you will gain the honor from your friend even though not yet Muslim respect you more when we love Allah and our Prophet and follow the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah, then people will respect us be because the Prophet was sayin, to teach as a have noble character who dislike any noble character, who don't like honesty, who don't like sincerity, who don't like trustworthy, I would they love all this value. If your time loving, caring, passionate, who don't

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like all these good behavior, and good character,

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so we hope all of us would try our best to do what we must do. And one of the way to show our love to the Prophet that's why I remind all of us to recite and memorize the saying of the Prophet Lada rah rah wala dear our

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main host Neil Islam Almarai tariku Mala ne

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continue the other one

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you just look to the right to your left to your name, the whiteboard is written there that my your ebook

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Illa Mala theory book

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and then the fourth one

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man Salima Mosley, Moon Mindy Sunni he Why did you have that hadith

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there's other Hadees called a Muslim Allah muslim haram on

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the moo hoo Wah ma Allahu wa Eraldo who

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and that one we didn't share with you yet.

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But that is what we have been reminding all of Juma from yours before COVID

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Until COVID Until after COVID hamdulillah

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and then they have the last one man a Hubbard INLA. One abogado didn't know

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what toggle

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or mana Ardila *a. This Kamal Eman Hamdulillah you remember what I want all of you to do?

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when you had no answer means you remember.

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But before we ended, I would like to congratulate the girl Binti Ahmed Shah, just 10 years old. hamdulillah she passed her homework yesterday, yesterday

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and Hamden in

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Yeah, if she is here, is she here today?

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Is the girl here?

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Yeah, I never been better. How much

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is she here? Don't not here today. Hamdulillah

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I have prepared something for her anyhow, you will see her tomorrow insha Allah.

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So we hope all of us would try your best. The reason annoying you to do this, so that it can help you to memorize the Hadees better and faster. Okay.

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So today we start to experience the other way of performing Malay. Okay, I'm Ramadan, two to five time five set and with one Whittier

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and hummed it out. We harmonize the Sunnah because it is also a sunnah to it is also a Sunnah 443 The only thing that to do, you can get it anywhere. My 443 You only get

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here and handed in. Yeah. So brother and sister have a good rash. Good night. We have been very busy from early the morning today. We'd like to thank all the volunteers who have been with us as early as maybe before 8am. Today

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they have been reaching out to the poor and the needy. And also we have another group who was in the day one, the hole in Damansara, the mine were hundreds of people was there. And you're there to give them some very important advice. That how busy how poor we are. Don't ever abandon your prayer.

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Because that is the pillar of our religion. So we hope that the poor and the needy were not abandoned that prayer is our duty like how Yeah, go Ali salaam as his children

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included, including use of Alexa who was a prophet

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What are you going to worship after my departure?

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That was a very important reminder. So that everybody still worship Allah, Allah Allah I mean, this is very important. So a one man say to his son, yeah, buena Aki masala Oh, my son established your prayer prayer issuer to protect you. Because Allah say enough Salah tan ha. And in the fascia. One month

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we established your prayer property that prayer is sure to protect you from doing anything, that displeasing Allah Rabbil Alameen Myanmar except our prayer, we will see you tomorrow night Subhana Allah Huma will be Handicar shadow Allah, Allah Allah,

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stalker fear Roca or tuberculate Salam aleikum wa