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AI: Summary © The speaker describes the structure of the month inecca, where theecca period is starting. They want to stop the season and start on the right foot, starting with the beginning and pacing themselves. They discuss the pacing of the seller and how they want to end at the end. They talk about the importance of staying on a track and achieving goals for themselves with recitation. They stress the importance of fasting and setting goals for oneself with recitation. They also mention a man named Alisha Lilliter who is a drummer in a video.
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As Ramadan is here and hemmed in

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a week before Ramadan, there are people that become Muslim a month before Ramadan there are people that become Muslim. The day before Ramadan, there are people that are trying to learn how to pray. And they have the daunting element of Ramadan. They don't know how to read Elif Italia and they're hearing about the month of Quran and that can be really, really, you know, nerve racking. I have the love we just did an account of brother Brian who accepted Islam here and him did a lot of Grameen May Allah bless him and all of those who are fasting Ramadan for the very first time. I mean, nerve racking, right. I was like, I wonder when I don't know why this question came to my head. I wonder

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when Ramadan was legislated for the companions of the Prophet slice alum. In what month And subhanAllah it was in Shaban the second year after hijra, you had these companions that were just learning how to pray. Some of them in fact, the majority of them were unsolved. They only spent a year with the Prophet slice alum, Salah was still being defined, the Quran was still being revealed, you know, when you think about Tarawih prayer at Bacara just came down early. And Ron and Lisa are not even there yet. So when you're thinking about the Knights of Quran, and what this is going to be like, this is a very new thing for them. And it's unlike the am and Matt do that the few days of

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fasting that they used to have before what a new experience sobre Ramadan. Wait, we have to fast the whole month, they were still struggling with alcoholism in the community. Because alcohol was not yet fully forbidden. It was partially forbidden. And even when it was partially forbidden, you had some that were still coming to the prayer drunk. And even when it was at that next level when it was fully forbidden, you had some that struggled with it. There's a lot going on and suddenly Ramadan drops on them.

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And they have less than a month to prepare for the very first time alone. That is actually significant and can help us relate when we might feel like wait a minute. I don't know if I'm ready for this yet. Well you know what, what did Allah subhanaw taala say, you read Allah we can use whatever you need to become a nurse by the way, Allah is not trying to make things difficult for you.

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Allah is not trying to burden you. Allah wants ease for you. This is not to punish you. This is not because you did bad and better and something bad has to happen now and this is something that is punitive. Just like Manzana Aliko or Annalee touchbar the Quran was not sent down to cause you stress. Salah was not sent down to be this burden some obligation but to be a Scylla connection with Allah subhanaw taala chakra Milan that's coming to you now is a gift from Allah subhana wa Tada and let the wounds of the female Quran your the Quran is descending upon you now in chunks that it has never descended before in Mecca short sutras suddenly the Quran is coming down and pages upon pages

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upon pages long suitors are descending. This is the month in which the Quran was initiated a study only the field Quran and you have a chance to get closer to your Lord than you've ever been before. Do not look at this as some sort of burden. Do not look at this as something that you're not going to be able to do. They were not used to fasting. They were not used to fasting. They had a day or two or some days before, but they were not used to this idea of fasting in succession.

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And so once you sort of take a step back, and first and foremost, look at Ramadan like a gift from Allah subhanaw taala that is actually here with immense mercy.

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Then you approach it differently. And as you read about the setup, and you read about the pious predecessors, you know what you don't find from them. You don't find that they were very stressed out in Ramadan

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which I've noticed over the years and I'm guilty of it. Sometimes you know the stories you know their stories, you know, the goals they had the meeting their goals, you're starting to fall short and it's beginning and you feel like it's slipping very quickly or you weren't prepared for you weren't ready and you get stressed out they weren't stressed in Ramadan. Ramadan was go time but Ramadan was Allah's Mercy is descending right now like never before the gates of gender are flung open and I am calling upon and I flew

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the most forgiving one. It's time to go with whatever I have right now. It's not time to think about what I wasn't prepared for, or how much Quran I did not read before Ramadan or the fasting or it's none of that is relevant at this point. It's Allahu Akbar, Ramadan is here. Let me do what I can. Let me pace myself now that the month has started in ways that are going to give me the full benefit of the month. So how do we get started off on the right foot? Well, first and foremost, if you look at the seller, they paced themselves from the very beginning as to how they want it to divide that month.

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They weren't going to just figure it out once they got into it. They looked at where they were, they looked at what they were capable of. And they created a trajectory for themselves, they charted a trajectory for themselves, where do I want to end up at the end of the month? And how do I build myself to that, in a reasonable way, not one that causes me great stress, not heavy on the quantifiable part of this, but how do I chart myself up there? Right? Well, most actually, will the Allahu Taala and home with someone who is distinguished by his fasting and it's said about him and this is outside of Ramadan as well, that he used to fast until he would become very, very lean.

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Okay, and they would tell him, no Edmonton FSOC, like, you know, if you took care of yourself, put a little bit more, you know, weight on why are you fasting so much and your fasting comes? Your fasting seems to come in large blocks. The prophets lie, some was described as what that sometimes he was fasting, outside of Ramadan, until you thought that he was always fasting. And sometimes the prophets lie, some took a break from fasting, and so he thought that he was never fasting so long Salah so Abu Musa, you seem to have this really intentional schedule that you have your cell phone. What is that? And he said in the My SB hoomin, l Hale, l MOBA, Mara.

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He said the fastest horses, the ones that always win the races are the lean ones. And then we'll da Mata is a very rich word in the Arabic language because it actually speaks to their diet. The Arabs had this whole thing when they prepared their horses for a race of what they would feed the horse before, and how they would you know how they start to take quicker laps to jogging laps to walking and keeping them on a schedule before the race starts. And what would end up happening is that you had sometimes those that weren't very good trainers, your training your knifes, which is the horse, sometimes not very good trainers that had horses that were stronger and faster in their nature,

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they'd go quick, and they then they'd crash they'd be overtaken. So they start the race quick. And then they get overtaken. And Madame Mara, you know, if you watch a professional race, that person that's running and you're like, What, When are they going to burst? And then they slowly, slowly, slowly start overtaking the rest of the racers. And this is actually what Obama says that I'm doing to my soul Subhanallah This is how I treat my soul. I treat it like that horse that has this course it's a long course there that 30 days is far away, but so close because we know that next week, we're going to say Ramadan is already disappearing. And we're already in the last 10 nights and

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we're already on the 27th may last pants out grant us a life of acceptance, Allah. I mean, but we know how this goes every year, right? He's saying I've already charted it out. I see where the end goal is. And I'm pacing myself and then we'll Damara would eat a very nutritious meal. And they wouldn't eat too heavy, they'd eat something very nutritious, and slowly start to tone down. It's like a weight cut for horses. Right, not extreme toned down before the race starts and then build themselves back up. And he said, This is how I plan to live my life. And he used to say to his wife should be roughly you know, tighten up your belt get ready, get your camera ready, it's time for us

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to go get the journey ready or be ready for the journey. Felisa justly Johanna Maribor there is no shoulder on the bridge over Johanna you know, that's the best way that I could at least translate this there's you don't get to pull over on the slot or on the just if you want to cross it quickly. You want to move across it intentionally. And so when you're charting out you're in on Milan,

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you are already taking into consideration and Subhanallah this is what you know the seller has they commented actually on some of the scholars comments on Abu Musa is fasting they said that they would go fast, then pace then very fast. Right sort of that last 10 Nights And subhanAllah what you notice from the setup is that they didn't use to do this 1010 10 division.

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Okay, they didn't divide the Ramadan into 1010 10. We've recently sort of crafted out this this dip, there shouldn't be a dip in Ramadan.

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They had a very clear 2010 Divide. They didn't have a 1010 10 divide. I know the narration that is popularized the first time being mercy the second time being forgiveness, the third 10 Being pardoning from the fire that's actually not authentic. They paced themselves as 20 and 10. The first 20 days they had a regimen, the last 10 days they had a regimen and that's something that's very profound. And so those that used to do a Hutton of Quran on a daily basis, and I know that already puts Ramadan out of reach for some people, right? They did their two hot items in the last time. And you can take that equation, and you can cast it on all of the above that all of the acts of worship

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that you plan on

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to take on in this Ramadan, I set a goal for the 20 set a goal for the time, and there is some wisdom and some benefit to doing that. Now, if the goal that you set for the 20 is an unreasonable goal that you're not going to be able to meet, you're going to spend the 10 trying to catch up on the 20

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you're going to spend the 10 trying to catch up on the 20 panela that that's what ends up happening right overdrive in the last time No, set a goal for yourself with your recitation with your upcard with your wicked with everything else for the first 20 that you know you'll be able to maintain across the 20 Inshallah, then kick it into the next gear when you reach into the last 10 and some of the amount mentioned Subhanallah in this idea of you read the law because Allah wants ease for you. Look at the presence of the hood. Look at the presence of the hood of taking that means of feeding yourself before the day even starts. And you know what the prophets lie Selim said he said in the

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first Lama Venus Liana Slee Amina was the AMI and in Kitab acritas He said that the difference between our fasting and the fasting of the people of the book is this blessing of who you might read like wow, the prophets I'm really insisted on breakfast. As soon as this turned into food for you, the profit slice I'm really insisted on breakfast, right? The angels sending Salawat on the people in the hood. But what this actually was referring to was that the people of the book the way they used to fast was that one half of the night passed. They started their fast so not until the time of Fudger they started their fast from half of the night. They wouldn't eat they wouldn't drink after

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that. And the Prophet sighs some insisted on a su why you are meant to not eat? Well, I don't want to trash anyone's to hurt food, okay, but let's just say salty, heavy food. It kind of defeats the purpose. Okay, what would the prophets I said he does so he dates eat nutritious things, things that could hold you up for the day so that you wouldn't be bothered. This is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala because your neffs your soul is that racehorse for Ramadan. So be very intentional even about that because it was a gift from Allah subhana wa Tada and the Angels send their Salawat on the people of Cebu. So you know, some people say like, from a source of pride, I don't need to hood like

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you know, mashallah my fasting is so much stronger. I don't eat some food. No, no, wake up and eat some food. Even if it's a few dates and some water because you're supposed to be pacing yourself for the day not torturing yourself. Allah subhanho wa Taala is not pleased with people who are just tortured and you know, and sick and fatigue the whole time. You're supposed to be pacing yourself for the date. You're supposed to be pacing yourself for the month and have a very clear and insight for all of this. The last thing that I will say in this regard, is what had been Mr. Little the Allahu taala. And who said

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because we stressed this and Siobhan we need to stress it again today. I've been Massoud was sitting with some of the tablet and he is Abdullah bin Masood, and he's distinguished by what he's distinguished by the Quran. I cannot imagine how much of the material these to read in Ramadan. This is the first man to read the Quran in public. This is the man who the prophets lie some said whoever wants to hear the Quran London potty and cannot lose it fresh like the day it was revealed. Listen to him and Massoud read Quran. I can't imagine what his Ramadan Hutton's were like right what his Ramadan Quran was like. So they gathered around him and they asked him as a little the Altana tea

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for candidates diplomatic Ramadan, what did you use to do to prepare yourself for Ramadan? Like get your notepads out? Right? What's the IBA that you did to prepare for Ramadan?

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And he responded with this call Americana I had una you have zero and you're stuck with al Qaeda, what we call behemoth Carla Vergara 10 Min hip heptane Allahi.

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He said no one of us would dare you Godzilla. No one of us would have the Jura. No one of us would dare that the Heelan of Ramadan rises upon us and we have one Adams worth of a grudge in our hearts towards our brothers.

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The work of forgiveness never ends. Your heart has to be completely free of grudge so that you can completely focus it on being forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala so I know we're right at the heels of it had been missing tonight inshallah we're going to see the halal of Ramadan or tomorrow night it becomes you know, apparent to us. Don't dare to have in your heart anything we would not dare as the companions of the Prophet Seisen to have in our heart anything of ill will towards our brothers and our sisters. At that point may Allah subhana wa Tada clear our hearts of that which is displeasing to Him, and prepare our hearts for Ramadan and give us the guidance and the rushed and the action

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plan and the way that we can make the most of it and ultimately allow us to leave it completely forgiven of our sins.

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and embraced by His mercy and entered into his paradise a llama I mean who luckily there was a Muslim InfraStop through in order for Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah and Kitty mine Ernie he was the drummer in one minute. When a Muslim you know when I'm sitting here even home with Mr. Tanaka, Samir on Caliban would you be Dawa Allah Allah, Allah Allah Hamner? White for I Know Allah to diviner Altman, Allah and for sunnah are in laptop Lenovo Tarhana Lana ko Nana mineral Vaseline Allah Allah indica Fu and Karim, Allah for Allah Feliu Idina Robert Hamama commando bonus the lotto Robin I have learned I mean as far as you know the reality you know Kurata in Regina Matok in a mama llama so the one and masala Athena famous article or the one mother baby llama is Islam or Muslimeen are

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delicious killcare de been with them their Deen Allah Allah Khiladi Amina belonging in 101 and then they name Sally mean about Allah and Allah. Hi, I'm Robin Addy with x&y eater for Obi Wan Hernan fascia, he will carry will that he ever coming to come to the Quran festival Elias Quran which Kuru Valentina is it Lacan what are the Kulani Akbar? Allahu Allah Matata in our own walking