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Okay, our next speaker

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well I've been dreading this moment.

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shotkam ELLs 3020 years shabda Salim the founder of measure the synergy of the neurons he was in the shop on my right How did he end up?

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Can I kindly ask before we start manage couple of minutes if I can ask everyone to get up Stand up have a bit of a stretch or maybe give them to the brother next year and then inshallah we'll sit back down two minutes inshallah just a quick Get up. have a bit of a stretch a bit of a stretch.

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By Yella Yella Bismillah Bismillah inshallah Bismillah

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Bismillah inshallah Come on guys if we just sit back down and shall

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we just sit back down?

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Well, it may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you you guys have all been patient, you've all been patient.

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Like no

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malice, if we can just be patient inshallah, Mashallah most of you, you know, you've been in for quite some time, but at the very least as a as an incentive loida by the end of the gathering, Allah has forgiven your sins and what else do you want? What a way to start the month of Ramadan? Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah I'll try to be quick my brothers and sisters as much as I can. Look, Allah subhanho wa Taala in multiple places in the Quran, multiple areas Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds the human being that Oh son of man, take shape on as your enemy

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you know for Allah He can say something once and let's see we understand the needs in the Quran. If he made it to the Quran, we understand its importance. Take him as an enemy. He is a sworn enemy. Don't follow shaytaan don't follow the whispers of shaitan Allah goes to the extent saying don't follow the footsteps of shaitan again and again don't follow Watch out take him as an enemy.

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It's probably thinking the watts shaitan got to do the month of Ramadan.

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Almost every share has mentioned that you know come the month of Ramadan shaitan is trained the way

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the reality is my brother's shaitan has worked for centuries on this oma and he has worked for centuries

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to destroy every goodness we have in this Deen.

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I'll tell you what I'm talking about. You know, Al Hamdulillah. I was quite fortunate. That just a few weeks ago we were in Amara and ask Allah Subhana Allah to make this possible for everyone. So we they were in Amara imagine, you know you're in the Holy of the holy, the Holy of the holy was sitting in front of the Kaaba,

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front of the Kaaba.

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You don't like this this moment, you know, anyone that's been there knows what I'm talking about. He's sitting in front of this. It's just epic in every sense of the word.

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And then the then goes off

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magine if the Kaabah shaitan has not left alone.

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So then the other end goes off. And then I see people stand up and they pulling out their phones and I can talk about the phone all day long. But I'm thinking you know, it's a special moment, let it be.

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So they pulling out the phones and they standing in front of the camera and then as soon as the event goes off, instead of looking at the cable or recording the gavel, they turn to the sides and they start recording this clock tower building.

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I just think oh my heart man.

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Even the Kaaba is not enough for the hearts of the believers. This clock tower this monstrosity of a building. And tonight I'm not here to speak about halal or haram. I'm not speaking about halal and haram but just just for a moment, think deep with me. If I'm standing in front of the Kaaba, if I one of the very few fortunate people looked as almost 2 billion people, almost 2 billion Muslims on Earth. Very few are selected and allowed to stand in front of the Kaaba. You're even at that moment while the other one is being called. Muslims have turned and they're recording this clock tower and you should see their eyes Look brother Look, it's glittering it's turning green.

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I think you bro you're standing in front of the Kaaba

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shaytaan has worked endlessly. We go to Medina imagine Medina measured the number with the Holy of the holy, the Holy of the holy you're in Medina.

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Imagine a place imagine a place the Prophet chose to die in.

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You walk in to measure it another way. Look at hamdulillah I'm fortunate that I take you know young guys youth and and you walk into the masjid This is the masjid that changed the world.

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Measure the neighbor way, is the masjid that changed the course of history for life. Yet we walk into the masjid and shaitan has left no stone unturned. You walk into the masjid again I'm not speaking about halal and haram

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and the wearing all of the carpet

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of the pillars of the electric domes that open and close and are and people pull out their phones and look shaken.

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And our hearts are connected not to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam not to the land where gibreel descended 1000s of times to being done and to speak to the Prophet the hope no no no no no no no. the hearts of the Muslims has gone away.

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Every time I go someone asks his brother how many pillars Do you think there's in measure the nabawi

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so shaitan has left no stone unturned and unfortunately he's done the same with Ramadan. You might think about Baba shaitan is trained up in the month of Ramadan Let me tell you my brothers shaitan has been working 11 months he actually needs the full weeks off. He's more than happy to take the month of Ramadan off. He's been winding us up so long. You know like There used to be a phase the fidget spinner you know the fidget spinner, the more you spin up, what happens to it the more you spin then when you let it go it runs for longer Habibi shaitan has been spinning you and I for 11 months of the sacrum Ramadan him and his mates they're kicking back and watch this guy go over

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and you're gone for six gone for six and one more It breaks my heart It boggles the mind. How has cython been so successful in changing the Ramadan that the self and the Prophet and the companions used the long form

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to this you know that companies look in measure the number we measured the number you when normal hubbub came into rule came in the power of a lot of

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time was like it's not in our history as the golden era of Islam that's that's the pain after the death of Fabio just things were never the same. So in his time, obviously slime is growing. So now the companions came pressure was there, it was necessary to do what to expand the machine another way they had to do it. And you know, was one of those very specific people you know, he is the monitor the hearts of Marley's. Anyway, so now they've expanded the measure. That's a sign of growth. It's a sign of success, mentioned the Prophet's mosque. they've expanded that money is coming in. Now the companions, they're debating amongst each other, on who has the heart, who has

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the courage to go to the pub, and suggest no copper, no chandeliers? No electric dorms? No, no, no who is brave enough to suggest that we should put some paint on the walls?

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So Bob says Over my dead body, what was his the lien? What was his thinking? What was the wisdom, he said, I see the color of the walls, maybe just maybe a distraction and a fitna for the hearts of the believers.

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So you look at electric domes and you're in all

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the pain the walls,

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because he knew how seeker hearts were hell just for the love of Allah someone explained to me how has shaped on turn the month of fasting into the month of feasting.

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Someone please explain.

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The month of eating less

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has become the month of throwing food away.

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The halal and haram I'm not here to debate the Messiah here. I'm not a chef at all. I'm here to speak. But just think with me. How has the month of fasting How has he been so successful into turning it into the month of feasting?

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is haram to a lower law it's not haram to eat. But brother I asked you by Allah is this what Ramadan is about

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You want to see the condition of the Muslims go to an A star with the food these late

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Bella chef Bella balut bro Where the hell is the food? But Allah he'd have ordered the food the brothers stuck in the car who's the more that's driving brother does he know I should know when she was speaking to her nephew that we see the moon then the moon then the moon two consecutive months two consecutive months it's longer than two consecutive months she said there was no boiling no cooking Not a single flame was lit in any of the mine houses of rasulillah for two consecutive months.

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So all we're asked how did you eat? How did you survive? She said that

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if a homeowner didn't want to put paint on the walls because he lest it should be what would have happened to the Prophet if he seen the way we deal with breaking our fasts

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explained to me how the month of fasting has become the month of feasting. Explain. Can you see shape all over it or not? Really there are foods that are only made in Ramadan

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and we've accepted that

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there are sweets they only made urine if you went on the day of

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who's behind the

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who's behind Allah keep you busy. Look, shaitan couldn't stop me from standing in front of the Kaaba. But he could take my heart and my eyes away to look at the clock

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shaitan couldn't stop you from fasting but oxen Billa is gonna take every opportunity to distract human.

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Let him feast. Let him eat like monsters.

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Go to any one of these you know, not last year the before my wife sent me buy bread the day before.

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I wasn't thinking I'm gonna buy bread. I walked into the guy. I walked in.

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He looked at me and no Brother, what are you smoking bread? Habibi, mahalo, sesame seed. Nothing, nothing less. I polished the shop. So I thought well, no, he asked him. Are you close tomorrow? Yes, I'm open.

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Consumer business owners prepay. Look, the sellers prepare for six months for Ramadan. Trust me Our Muslim business owners also do the same, but they're not preparing like them. They're like containers, containers, shops open in Ramadan and then they close when

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explained to me how the month of fasting has become the month of feasting

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and trends trends. It's the haraam please don't come to me brother you say no, no, no, it's not Haram. But can you see shaitan all over it or not?

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So because

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breaking a fast wasn't enough. What did shaitan have to do? He brought out trends.

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A few years ago we had this we'll see But the man called the camel burger. Were you aware of it?

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Two minutes how's that fair? The camel burger was the maceda that hit the Muslims in the 1000 stood in rows

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the camel we became brother I heard if he can we need to make will do before and after. A gentleman in the area. Campbell burgers Shannon in the area. It's not her on one lines. But why in this month? Why was this the month that the oma was obsessed with camels. Then when camels became the norm? What happened to him I became the de when the DEA became the norm last year was the rather the Australian wildlife has become petrified of the month of Ramadan because no one knows who's on the menu next.

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No One No one knows who's up next.

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You're petrified if it's not camels and burgers and donkeys and whatever we're eating what it's cocktails again one light

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but I asked you by Allah is this Ramadan?

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Is this Ramadan

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and shaitan has food and people love it brother Thank you like the my life Thank you like the bus. You know my brothers the nights of Ramadan are holier than it's days Did you know that the nights of Ramadan are small special, the deeper the best time of the year in when but the best 10 days of the of of the AMA in Ramadan indicating that the nights of Ramadan are far more special. So what has shaitan done? What has he done? You know, have you seen Have you seen in our communities what has done

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Hold on become now it's become this nightlife it's become this one

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has become the new Kings Cross.

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Not Kings Cross in the sense of the prostitution or the blood. No, no, no no. What do I mean by the new Kings Cross? It's the place of you know in the 90s in the 80s. And this by the way, where do you go to party you got to Kings Cross now we've got the new Kings Cross and it's called the camber helden shriek the camber Allahu Akbar it's the bus it's the place to be is to be the one why it's Muharram but I'm asking you is the one of more wants

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were complaining that the brother is leaving 20

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but you're standing for 25 minutes that

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is not a problem it's not a problem so the might life and brother you know even the more Muslims are in Do you think the more Muslims are coming because what are they learning about a law

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and where food

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and where? And wasteful

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the nightlife the bus This is the Ramadan brother.

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And look how shaitan remember Oh ye What's he been doing? So come Ramadan, Habib is kicking back and he's laughing look at the fools and we're not fools my brothers were honorable people.

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Please Please see shaitan all over it

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don't take part in these places man. Don't fall for these trends.

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Women are women who we complain all ye and women have some raw have some raw

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simple foods men simple foods anything anything we can put together in an hour hour and a half tops

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some soup some anything show anything brother but I've been fasting all day brother

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look look again either as men it's funny but these women who brother so how do they spend the Ramadan?

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How should cooking by one my age No one likes noon

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you're not like if you're not a robot or Are you guys familiar with this food it's called What are any anyone here familiar with it? Again I'm not this is my personal opinion I'm not saying this is the I believe this is the food of shaitan definitely Why Why? I'll tell you this food it's an amazing food. It is beautiful. Absolutely why because it's satanic It's beautiful. So this food How does it work? I'll tell you how it works if you let them eat you know what i'm on about so what happens is our wives they call six seven of the friends that come over six seven of the friends These are the people who don't have time for call and we don't have time to fix we don't have time

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to fix as we done without without without but the ritual of the house bother he needs to

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so now she calls seven of her friends and seven of her friends they come over for the soup Hey have you seen this have he such amazing yes six of us by all come down there grab these vine leaves with this me and these are four five our backbiting slandering session here we had

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seven hours seven hours, seven times or whatever four or five times seven people that are sitting look at the wastage. Look at the wastage six seven hours we had a demon

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then when it's done then when it's done depending on which family you talk to some of them the more outschool they cook sometimes it's cooked on low cooking sometimes under this has been trained by somebody up to 48 hours cooking

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48 hours of the time of the believer in Ramadan why so humans some of his friends come full time and Lola Mashallah

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Can you see can you see shape or not?

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And here's the other dilemma show your wife this see there's no cooking Ramadan one way but

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what am I gonna do?

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Because we don't know anything else

00:19:24--> 00:19:25

What do we do

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and this is Ramadan fast so brothers complain always inshallah he said two minutes 15 minutes ago so forgive me share for life Forgive me but I'm trying to make up for last time they didn't give me time

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to get him back

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and we're gonna wrap up with this year. So brothers always told me what

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the brother Have you noticed how he

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doesn't have the feeling anymore

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right doesn't

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have that feeling anymore

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I say well law brother where's the feeling gonna come from? Where

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you and I we've been eating and feasting and partying 30 nights of everything we've been eating out for 30 days.

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You've been having Hulu and sweets and Geely and my cousins and my data and my grandma and my caller for 30 days. Yes. What feeling Are you expecting brother?

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What feeling Are you expecting?

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What do you expect this? No, there's no celebration for you. You've been partying for a month

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you've been partying for a month look honestly what do you expect the

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guests who is really for

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the guy that hasn't had a single invitation he's been doing his mahari been damaged breaking his fast he's here for I share praying history away monitoring and he flushes him so for 30 days 30 days eating little trying to push and push and push and push Yeah, when the day of aid comes

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and he hugs the brother that's been praying for 30 days next to him and he's he you know his eyes tear up and there's that moment and what do you think are like separate us whether

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that's eight for the believers?

00:21:29--> 00:21:39

What's eight for you and I won MMA is the ugliest day in my calendar. One MMA it's the worst day in my life. It is known

00:21:41--> 00:21:47

it's known I have to go to the masjid and look good my attire has to be iron you know my wife had a heart attack that I came

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right you're in battle he or

00:21:52--> 00:22:05

she freaks out so now I have to go home you've just done you know you've just found the last 10 days of ethic f now you got to run home my you know my buyer has to be either not gonna look good I find but you got to take a Sunday

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so now I gotta drag this kid who has no idea what's going on. So now I've got to come to h stands like here bah bah bah blah blah

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so now we're gonna stand there right now we're gonna stand there I gotta give them to the whole machine which is fine and I enjoy it. But guess he's waiting for me at 830 in the morning

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so now I got to rush to my mom's home. Now I have to rush them my mom's on and of course the kids they look like they've all walked out of catalogs bro.

00:22:38--> 00:22:52

Ash will also say we think it's funny. We think it's funny but Luca shaitan is all over. So now my kids have to look like the picture perfect. six kids on the Terada van and three main seats we're gonna kill myself from

00:22:57--> 00:23:02

one love him by the third house by the foot lucky Allah and

00:23:07--> 00:23:09

what the hell is that bro?

00:23:10--> 00:23:12

And that's why he that's why he

00:23:13--> 00:23:19

that's why he don't house the house and let's look amazing. Let's look amazing.

00:23:21--> 00:23:24

And you're telling me brother, how come I don't feel anything you need?

00:23:30--> 00:23:31

How did we get Hebrew?

00:23:34--> 00:23:35

That was this.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't need you. A Lost Planet. Allah doesn't need your Salah. Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't need your fasting. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need your money. Allah smart, Allah doesn't need your time. Don't be fooled. You're missing. A bad boy who says he looks at his clothes and his watch and the car he drives. Then he judges where he fits in society. People walking around with an attitude and no surprise, I don't have to fast or even worse. I'd be fasting you know, for 10 years. Pray for 10 years backup. Allah doesn't give me this is this arrogance out of your heart. All are all dead. Nothing moves. Nothing stopped. Nothing rises and nothing falls.

00:24:22--> 00:24:25

Nothing hams and nothing benefits.