Mufti Menk – Path to Paradise

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of fulfilling a man's mission is emphasized, along with the need to control behavior and avoid drinking alcohol. The importance of being generous and caring for others is also emphasized. The importance of staying true to Islam and not allowing fear to limit one's success is emphasized, along with the need to be patient and pray for success. The importance of developing one's character and building a strong relationship with Allah is also emphasized. The need to be aware of one's physical appearance and build a strong relationship with Allah is emphasized.
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BIM says it is the link between you and Allah Salah.

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When you come down in sujood in prostration it is a position that you can not be closer to Allah. Then it is the closest you can get to Allah. In such a terrible Maja Kunal Abdullah Ravi wahoo, Sajid, the closest that a person a slave can get to Allah is in the condition of frustration. So increase your frustration. Take your time, take your time in frustration, no need to rush. If you rush what will happen, you are destroying your link with Allah, your link is weak.

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So, another narration says the difference between one who believes and one who doesn't is actually Salah. So make sure that you fulfill it correctly. People might think, Well, you know, I'm lazy, I don't know five daily prayers, what benefit Am I going to get from it? Well, Ah, hey, my brothers and sisters, when your back is aching. Or when you have a problem with your knees and you go to the doctor, they tell you to bend and they tell you to do this and to do that and to stretch and so on. You will do it with such happiness because you know, my doctor was telling me to do something that's going to help me

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much more important than all of that is what Allah is telling you. Your creator is telling you. Your creator is telling you, I have made this for you. It's a gift. It's a gift for you consider it a gift.

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You are going to go into the hereafter What do you want, you want paradise, I have it. I will give those who try. Try. Try your best. My brothers and sisters, we are weak. Sometimes we falter. Don't let shavon drop you don't let shaytan crack you know, work hard. keep on working. Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah, your Salah in order, then we have Zakah Zakah is actually the charities that we give the dues that we give, we give the poor, we reach out to those who don't have in Islam. One of the best Muslims is he or she who is concerned about the well being of others, not just yourself. You should not be selfish. You should not be a person who only thinks of yourself if that's the

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case, you've lost the plot. You don't understand why Allah has created all the others around you. He made them in order to help you to get Paradise by helping them by serving them can Allahu fiama navigate makanan aberdovey only a key Allah continues to help a worship for as long as he or she is busy helping another we've heard this so many times. Why don't we reach out into our pockets and help someone

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help the needy, your family members, your community members, those around you those whom you see, that's why the Quran Surah Taha, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what

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he loves Allah.

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As for the beggar, the one who's asking you don't rebuke them. If you have something you give them respectfully, if you don't want to give for some reason, respect to them. Do not disrespect or rebuke. You can turn away nicely. But you don't have to disrespect and rebuke a person who's asking it could have been the other way around, number one. Number two, that could be a test from Allah, just watching what are you going to do? Are you going to give or not? And if you don't give, are you going to abuse or not? So my brothers and sisters, it's very, very important for us to understand. giving out charity benefits us more than it benefits the person we gave. Remember that giving out

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the charity benefits us. That's why don't be haughty or arrogant. When Allah has given you wealth, the test is greater than when he has not given you wealth. The test is far greater because you have so much what are you going to do with it? May Allah make us generous? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from those who give.

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So my brothers and sisters thereafter, we have a beautiful month of Ramadan. What is it all about? discipline, taqwa achieving the consciousness of Allah, I need to build my relation with Allah. I keep myself hungry from dawn to dusk. Why? Because I want a lot to be pleased with me. I want to realize number one, that I'm going to obey Allah instruction. When Allah says eat, I eat, don't eat, I won't eat, eat now I'll eat now don't eat No, I won't eat now.

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If Allah has told me to stay away from halaal, and I can stay away from halaal for the whole month during daylight hours, surely I can stay away from haram for the whole of the 11 months after that.

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I'm learning to control myself. There is water in front of me during the day. I say no, I'm not having it. Why it will displease Allah. Why then do we drink alcohol later on when we

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Good stay away from water. Look at the control that Allah is helping us to achieve. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. So my brothers and sisters, something absolutely important is that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he asks us to do something, it is a favor for us. It is of benefit to me and to you. It doesn't help Allah. It doesn't benefit Allah, it benefits us You and I may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for every one of us. So let's learn to be charitable and generous. The month of Ramadan is a month of generosity. The pathway to Paradise is actually paved with beautiful tiles of charity and generosity. As you're walking down the path, if you are

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generous, you put another tile if you are, for example, reaching out to people generous in a way that you have helped so many others, then you are laying your path to paradise.

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But if you are selfish, all on your own, what will happen you will gather a lot of wealth perhaps when you die, nothing helped you. It went to other people, perhaps they might be fighting for that wealth. Your own children might stop talking to each other because of a few million that you might have left, if even you have left those millions. So rather you spend up charitable Allah provide sustenance for everyone in his or her own capacity. Allah provide sustenance for everyone in his or her own capacity. When Allah gives you. He knows why he's giving you when he has kept it away from you. He knows why he has kept it away from you. Don't ever question the decree of Allah, keep

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working hard, bring yourself closer to Allah, sometimes Allah takes away from you.

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For example, you lost your job. Now there is a point of stress because you are looking for a job you need money because you have bills to pay you have a family to look after you have so much. Remember, if you lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala you have fallen into the trap of shaytan.

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keep on looking, keep on trying, keep on praying, keep on having hope. And keep on going a day will come if it is a month later or six months later, a year later or two years later. But a day will come when Allah will bless you with such a beautiful job that you will say it was worth waiting for two years. In the meantime, you are stressed, you are depressed don't allow that to happen. If you're a Mormon, your pathway to Paradise is built by accepting the decree of Allah.

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Something went wrong with your business. You're a businessman, you suffered the loss and the second loss and the third loss. For as long as you are patient, Allah knows

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that he's going to open the door for you. Don't allow yourself to slide into sin. Keep yourself steadfast look at Yusuf alayhi salam.

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One problem after another, a third, after the second and the fourth after the third one after the other. His brothers were jealous of him. They took him to the well they first decided to kill him. Then they decided to throw him in. When someone saved him. They decided to sell him when they sold him they plotted against him when they plotted against him. false accusation embarrassment he was jailed when he was jailed. SubhanAllah one after the other things happened four or five six things how many years according to some durations it lasted 40 years.

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And when he came out of there What happened?

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It's amazing what happened. If you take a look at that surah

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the leader at the time

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made him in charge of the entire granary he became a minister he became a top man from where from problem after problem after problem after problem. If it was one of us, we would have been last May Allah forgive us. We would have been depressed thinking allies upset with me. Allies angry with me. And some go to the degree that they start saying I think someone did some magic here. I think someone actually did something to me. I don't know what is it? No, my brothers and sisters, it has happened to those who are better than you look at Muhammad peace be upon him.

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What happened to Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi wasallam there was a year known as a Muslim. Do you know that it was known as the year of sadness. Imagine for the best of creation. He lost his uncle Subhana Allah, He lost his wife Khadija been to Hawaii.

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What happened he went to

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gift upon gift on your server that you bet on.

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The patience, the forbearance the restraint that you bear for the sake of Allah upon the hardship that Allah has placed in your life. He will grant you so many gifts that the ultimate gift will be gentle metal for those

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So your path to paradise will definitely be made easy. When you are patient. When you pray to Allah, when you don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah, no matter what you could have gone through a divorce. Very, very sad situation. It's happening. It's not the end of the world. Get up and move on. You could have gone through the death of your spouse or your loved ones, your parents or your children. If you bear patients Allah will grant you Jenna.

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In your first saw the Luna your home v v is

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indeed Allah will grant the reward of those who bear patients without a limit unlimited Elijah, he's not going to hold an account to say okay, one for one, no, a million for one more. For one

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day patience, be patient. But while you are patient, you need to know something interesting, you know, Musa alayhis salam and his brother her own and a Salam when they made the dua because the fear around was troubling them a lot. Allah says to them, called ouji, but downward to Kuma faster Pema wala Debbie,

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Sabina Levine, Allah

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your dua has been answered by me Allah is telling them now I want you to be steadfast, first akima You must be steadfast. Now with us, Revelation doesn't come. But Allah answers you. All you need to do is be steadfast. And don't follow the path of those who don't know who don't know what we don't know how Allah works, who don't know right from wrong, who don't know, what is good for them and what is not, don't follow the path of those who don't know that Allah will take care of you, Allah has responded to you. I might make a dua today, Oh Allah, I'm looking for this. I'm looking for a job. I'm looking for, for example, a marriage. I'm looking to save this, I'm looking for this for

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that whatever it might be, I promise you, perhaps the dua is answered immediately, but it is given to you when Allah knows the time is right. When Allah knows the time is right, if you understand that for you is Jenna. Because now you have recognized Allah, you have recognized a lot. Your

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success must drive you closer to Allah and your failure must also drive you closer to Allah. Remember this, many people when they are successful, they forget Allah, many people when they fail, they also forget Allah they become depressed. You know what happens? Sometimes, Allah knows he wants us to come closer to him. So he lets you taste failure, even a simple examination, you thought you are very intelligent, now suddenly, there is failure. Why? He wants you to come closer to him. closer to him, you get closer, so close. That was a mercy of Allah shaytan will keep coming to you and telling you look, you are calling out to Allah, Allah is not answering you. You are calling out

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to Allah for how many years? two years, three years allies not responding. So why don't you just quit? Sometimes a stavola Oh, the villa some people they quit. If you quit, you lost your path to gender.

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If you quit, you lost your path to gender. But you need to remember don't quit look at a Eubalaena Salah. He was happy. Allah gave him wealth. Allah gave him children, Allah gave him so much. And then when Allah tested him,

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his wife tells him Why don't you call out to Allah? Is there anything wrong nothing wrong, you can call out to Allah. But Allah Hassan was so happy that he said to his wife, how many years have I enjoyed the gifts of Allah so many years? Now the difficulty is such a short space of time. I'm embarrassed to ask Allah Oh Allah helped me because he kept me happier for a longer time than I was sad.

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But many of us Unfortunately, when something bad happens, we turn to Allah very quick. And when it is sorted out, we forget we are gone. You ask Allah Allah helped me I have this issue that issue and you are here for Jude before Salatu Mashallah.

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Mashallah, and what happens? As soon as your problem is resolved, you're not even there for Salah you're sleeping, why my problem is gone.

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So that was a gift of Allah that He brought you to the house of Allah don't go back. Your path to Jenna is to ensure that in your days of difficulty, you still get closer to Allah and in your days of ease, you get closer to Allah. If you think you have wealth, you need to know that

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Someone who has more than you and they are closer to Allah than you are. If you think you have good looks, there is someone who looks more handsome more pretty than you and they are closer to Allah. If you think that you have authority there is someone who has higher authority than you and they are closer to Allah than you. And the reason I say this is for us to wake up that you know what I am not something or someone I am just like everyone else. We are all in the same boat. So Allah we all want to go to Jenna that's why we are seated in this beautiful house of Allah. May Allah grant us Jenna to fill those

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then we have a pillar of Islam known as

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the Hajj We are very fortunate Mashallah, it's the pilgrimage. Do you understand what Allah once when he made it compulsory, he wants you to go back and look at those whom he loved more than you and I and to follow their footsteps and to look at the difficulty and hardship they went through. Imagine how many of us when it comes to Ramadan, we have water all over here. We have so much of food we have so much of drink. Do we think Allah The answer is not really To be honest, we can do better. We can do better. Ibrahim alayhis salam, Alina, Allah the friend of Allah, the One who was close to Allah, his own children, his wife, they did not have water to drink water. Did they give up

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hope so Hajj is all about learning the lessons because it is so powerful. Allah says one in

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Dubai at Manny's tapa in a Sabina It is the duty incumbent upon men from Allah for the sake of Allah to fulfill the Hajj for whoever is able and capable to do it. It's not just to go there, enjoy yourself come back. There is no tourism there. It is rather to go there to learn lessons to change your life. You will have to think about the sacrifice that was made by those who are truly people of General. They are people of general, what sacrifice they made. They were beloved unto Allah. Allah didn't just throw everything to them if he wanted he could have but they went through hardship. Imagine the men who Allah loves Allah spoke to him Subhana Allah Allah spoke to Masada salatu wa

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But Ibrahim Ali Sam Allah befriended him Allah says what Allah who Ibrahima canina Allah has taken Ibrahim as a as a friend, he left his wife there, his child, a he, Allah instructed him to go He followed the instruction of Allah, what happened?

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Subhana Allah, they never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. They continued to try and strive. They strive, they prayed, they tried and he was also concerned calling out to Allah going out for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala leaving his family behind. And you know what?

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something miraculous happened the water started gushing such a powerful dryer that up to this day, that water is still gushing Subhanallah

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Now remember, I have to balance the statement because one day there was a young man who abandoned his wife and children he went away and the wife is complaining she wants a divorce. So when they came to me, he said, Look, I'm just following by Melissa.

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I said my brother You better be careful, you better be careful. He said no Allah will provide for him Zamzam.

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May Allah forgive us, Allah forgive us, my brothers and sisters, don't be lost. Don't be confused. Remember, we are not the prophets of Allah. But we only draw a lesson from there your duty, my duty we must fulfill. You must try your best to look after your family members and you must make sure that you work hard. The point I'm raising is do not display don't give up. Look at the sacrifice they made for Allah subhanho wa Taala they lived in a place where there was no comfort or luxury but they were the most loved unto Allah, why? Their luxury shall be for them in general for those that are luxury shall be for them in general to those with us. We are lucky we are fortunate. We have

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luxury now and if you work hard, you can have luxury they also

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tonight we made the dua robina attina dunya, Asana, karate Hassan joaquina Robin,

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you heard that drop Allah give us goodness in the dunya you see we have to do that isn't it? We want the goodness in this world and give us goodness in the hereafter and save us from hellfire. Subhan Allah

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save us from hellfire. So it's good to have goodness but not at the expense of the hereafter. When you have goodness. Don't forget Allah, sometimes to luxury, too comfortable. Come time for salah and we are thinking Oh, you know what? I'm going to have to get up turn on the tap. I'm going to have to make booboo. Do it for Allah. There are others who are doing it in the desert.

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There are others who are doing it in the bush. There are people who walk five kilometres in Africa and in some third world countries just to get a bucket of water for their own houses every day they go with us turn on the tap. So it's like a Jenga for them. If they were to look they would say what? Can you believe it? Subhana Allah. If you want something great for you work hard for the sake of Allah be generous. These are the five pillars of the deen. Remember to uplift them, you need to also develop your taqwa your God consciousness, become conscious of Allah, when there is a sin to be committed, say no, Allah is watching, I am not going to commit this sin.

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When there is goodness to be done, be the first one to do it faster because

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Allah says very clearly, race with one another compete with one another. When it comes to hierarchy. What is higher our goodness, anything good, be there first. There is a good cause before someone else goes you already there. It's sorted out Subhanallah at least a few times in your life. You can do that a few times. You can help quietly. You know when we commit a sin? Do we want people to watch that sin or to know about it? No.

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So when you do a good deed,

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keep some of them secret between you and Allah.

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Some deeds few. Keep them secret between you and Allah. So when you meet with Allah, the day of piano, when the accounts are being taken, just like you did your sins behind closed doors, but Allah is always watching.

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Allah knows between me and this person, there is also a lot of good deeds that they've done only I know, he knows no one else knows. May Allah make it easy for us? Allah grant us, Jenna. So my brothers and sisters, we definitely need to understand and I want to end today. And I can tell you why I want to end people who are messaging me, and this is something very interesting. People were messaging me telling me shift, you know, today, you must try and finish early. Okay.

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See the young guys, they know why. Right?

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So someone, some people were telling me that, you know, a little law, how can they say this? I said, No, it's a sign that they are going to attend. Am I right? It's a sign they're going to come. So it's a good sign. I don't want to look at the negative I want to look at the positive. The others they might just say I'm not even going but at least some were telling me shift. You know what we are going to come but you know, you need to understand what's happening in the world today. Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. Allah grant us goodness. So before we close I need to mention something very interesting. If you want gender, you need to develop your luck, your character, your

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conduct. Without character there is no space for you in general. That's why the Hadith says liat Hello gentlemen cannot be Miss Carla have met him in Harlem in Kibera. He will not enter Paradise in whose hearts There is even a mustard seeds wait worth of pride.

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arrogance when we talk of pride, do we talk of arrogance? No haughtiness, we are the same. You and I are all the same. We are equal. My brothers and sisters develop your number one how you speak at home. change it for the better. I promise you Your life will change. promise that to Allah now and you will earn Jenna

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Allah, the prophet peace be upon him says the best from you are those who are best to their wives, their family members, many of us we fall short. In this regard, very far. Go home speak nicely make your home into a beautiful home, your children, your family members, your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your spouse, whoever it is, develop your economic you are opening your door to paradise.

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Those who work for you with you or those whom you work for, speak to them with respect, utmost respect, treat them like human beings with utmost respect. They must feel like they are a VIP. Every time they speak to you. Then you are truly from gender. You are truly a person who is heavenly. May Allah grant that to us. So this issue of developing your character it extends to your neighbors those who are around you the Prophet peace be upon him has warned us and encouraged us strongly to be kind to our neighbors Muslim or non Muslim. To be generous to watch the path the road you know there is a hadith it duckula name ki llama la Anania rasulillah con la da de la v Purina co v. The

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Prophet peace be upon him says Be careful of the two who are cursed. The Sahaba of the lava gnome said Who are those who occurs, he said those who relieve themselves on the path of the people where people are walking where people are using the road. They want to put in

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obstacle in their of their own, relieving they relieve themselves there. And in another generation the Prophet peace be upon him says

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one of the levels of Eman

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is to remove a harmful object from the road where the people are going to pass. Why? No matter who passes, you save them, you cared for them. So I ended in the same way that I started my brothers and sisters. Let's learn to care for one another. Let's learn to reach out to one another. Let's become better people. Let us definitely make a difference in our lives. We need to develop our relation with Allah. after Ramadan, continue going, don't stop. Don't think to yourself, right? I'm a Muslim. For one month, 11 months it's okay now I'm fine. No, it's not like a season of a game where the season ends. That's it. No, this is a run up towards the rest of the 11 months you will be a better

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person than you were. I promise you. Be honest. Be hardworking. Get closer to Allah work on improving yourself. Don't lose hope. Don't give up no matter what has happened. And at the same time, remember

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that you need to be concerned about those around you who were created by Allah. They were created by Allah Today we are seated in the masjid Mashallah, we see so many faces from different parts of the world. Perhaps this is a gathering where we will see the number of nationalities that we don't imagine in this gathering.

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Because Allah has brought us together, but we are all brothers and sisters just like I feel special to myself. Every single person feels special to himself or herself. So give them that special moment Masha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease and goodness and May Allah subhanahu wa taala open our doors, my brothers and sisters in this way inshallah we would be able to earn genital for those akuto kolyada or sallallahu wasallam, our Baraka Allah Subhana, Allah Subhana, Allah homodiegetic the shadow Allah Allah Allah.

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Kevin Hart,

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Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah

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Dubai, 26th May 2018

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