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cemani Come on up to LA vaca to to brotherhood Rahim with another daily Tafseer we're doing a pseudo a day Alhamdulillah from our Tafseer of Jews ama and we're a tutor number 87 which is salthill Allah and Allah Allah is one of those sutras that was often recited by the prophets I send them it's a meccan surah revealed a mecca. It was a sort of that the Prophet often recited every Juma prayer and also in the days of read, Sultan, Allah and the sort of that is immediately after it last year, which we will also inshallah speak about in our upcoming episode. But salted Allah has so many important connotations in it, that it became the sort of that is read whenever you have a large

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assembly of Muslims in front of you. It is one of the soldiers that calls people to Allah subhanaw taala, to the oneness of Allah to understanding our place before him. It also reminds us of our life and our death and our mortality, and it speaks about the recommended deeds to achieve an eternal success both in this life and in the Hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala says 70 has modeled because Allah, begin by glorifying do everything in the name of the glorification of your Lord, who is Allah, Allah the Most High, most high is not just a placement, it's not a physical location, Allah Subhana Allah is not defined in a in a way that you would say he's confined to a particular place.

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Allah subhana wa Island is rises above his throne in the manner that befits his managing majesty our men are a lot of she's stellar. But this concept of Allah means that nothing ascends be

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above a law, no one can say what Allah does not want to be said, no one can do what a love does not want. No one can claim or choose or create or have any power, except that it is from the power of a law, and therefore a law is the supreme and lead the halaqa. So a lot of the very next thing after saying he's an elder, he lets you know this, he is the one who created everything, not just gave it creation and let it mature in the way they want. But he's the one who proportioned it according to his dictate. Well, let me cut that off. I had not just created it and proportioned it, but he's the one who measured its decree. It's ordain mint. It's pre ordained, even before it's come into

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creation. It's beginning and the end, it's known, its lifespan, its duration, its size, its wealth, its rows, whatever it is, it's it's food, it's breaths of air, it's everything is proportion by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and it is a law who made this cutter who made this determination and decree but he is also the one who gave it guidance for Hedda. He's the one who allowed it to mature in the way and in the process that he seeks. And Allah subhana wa tada has written the creation and the father of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And the author of Allah is that he has written what is to occur, his knowledge, surrounds everything, he doesn't learn by observation soprano to Allah, He knows what will happen before it happens and what could happen even though it will never happen. He has the Divine Will. Everything happens in the cosmos by what Allah wills to happen. And when a person scenes it's not because Allah wishes for them to sin, but he gives them the opportunity in his will, in the will of Allah is he gives you an opportunity to choose right and wrong. He doesn't wish for you to do what is wrong, but he allows you that choice, it's from the will of Allah, that you are allowed to make those

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infractions and errors which you will be accountable. And finally at a level halco Allah to Allah is all of the creation suparna went to Allah, God da da for header, whether the apologia mela its Allah Subhana Allah who brings out the pastures all the types of vegetation and crops for Idaho with that an Africa and then it's a loss of planet island that allows it to decay and to become struggling to be eaten and be consumed. It's a transience of life. You live and you grow and then you mature and then you will eventually return to Allah said

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Allah subhanho wa Taala continues

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acetylcholine, aka Fela 10 SAP you will be given this portal and it will be sent to you as a citation and you will be made not to forget it. Meaning it's something that will be engraved in you and it will be engraved in your practice in your citation and in your attitude. Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the prophet in the very early days he wanted he he was worried that he would receive something from Allah and that he would forget it Illa Masha Allah insha Allah manjaro Maya and Allah subhana wa tada these two verses are linked said no put it okay fella tenza you will be given this portal and it will be recited to you you will be taught it and you shall not

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forget it except what Allah has revealed for you to to forget. And therefore there are verses in the Koran that are mensual that are have been abrogated. Other verses have been sent that have taken their place because

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A new ruling has come into effect a new re citation has come to affect men and women 18 are known to have nasty behavior men who are mentally how Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Baqarah no verse is abrogated from you're removed from your heart except we bring in its place that which is better in your time and moving forward from that day Illa Masha Allah except by the leave of Allah in La Jolla, Allah Mangia hora Wanaka. He knows what is apparent and what is hidden within you and within others when the acetylcholine Yusra yeah Mohammed, we shall always make things easy for you and give you an ease in facilitating righteous deeds.

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For that good vector inactivity cannot therefore remind them remind you remind your people remind your community because the reminder will profit them enough active vicara to remind people of what is right to share with people goodness and good news is one of the things that we shouldn't assume Oh people already know. To give a reminder is not to give a lecture, but it is to make an indication of Allah's mercy that alive ends and awakens a person's intent to worship Allah to be subservient to Allah that brings them towards Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and therefore the prophets I send them was warned also about talking to people about abstract observations that they might not understand

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it or the alarm. I know who report he used to say howdy to NASA for their whole him speak to people according to their intellectual ability to their knowledge ability to what they can understand from the portal and it's a good omen yaksha the one who has fear in his heart will be reminded the one who has piety in his heart will benefit after that getting the vicar or temporary meaning remind them the reminder of benefits the believer way at a general ashcan, the one who will consistently constantly regularly turn away from a reminder that other people benefit from, and they don't benefit from it. It's because there's a wretchedness in the soul. And this is something we self

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identify. It's not you call and point people and say, I told you that means you are a wretched person no, is that you say SubhanAllah. You know, I used to do this and now my heart doesn't call me to doing this good. What's wrong with me? How can I improve leviosa now to recuperate. That kind of person who doesn't care about their eternal abode is the one who will enter into the great fire film a movie, how would I hear they will neither die in it, nor will they have longevity or goodness of life.

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But the F Lamin does occur. On the other hand, the one who purifies himself and the one who nurtures his soul, the one who seeks to make himself clean inwardly, outwardly, intellectually, spiritually, physically, they will achieve success on the Day of Judgment. And therefore there are three types of spiritual cleanliness, as three types of purification. It's of the Spirit, it's of the body, and it's of the material, your wealth, your physical being, and your spirit very, very important steps to being a person of deskah. Whether

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whether whether crossmodal behaviors are the one who remembers Allah is the one who will remember Allah and be continuous in his prayer. And therefore that the sign that Allah always gives us in the Koran of the purchase a person's righteousness, and whether they are attainable to Allah close to Allah is how consistent they are in their soda. You know yourself, I know myself, how good do you pray, how much of the sunon do you make? How many of the know FL do you have? Do you have a share of the night between you and Allah, that is an indication of your state of heart, bell.

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Bell to Iran and hayata Jr. Rather, many have put forward the prefer preference to the worldly life than the Acura when accidental Hayden was caught. But the next life the hereafter the one that is long lasting, is better for them and more long lasting if they only thought about it. They would take greater caution in how they live their life today, and to be a person who seeks the alpha as much as and more so than the dunya. In the hab lF is sort of an older what has been given to you is has been sent in the former scriptures and has been sent to those of the patriarchs and the prophets that preceded you have them sort of Hebrew or hemo or Moosa, like the scriptures of Abraham and

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Moses salvato lyerly him marine. May Allah Subhana Allah continue to bless us with a foreigner Halim May Allah subhana wa tada lead us upon the path of Ibrahim our musawah Mohammed and Salah lahardee who either early or some of you are selling this is your brother yo Brahim with another daily tafsir susurrus Allah Allah surah number 87 of our daily Tafseer series was sent Mr. Eco documental ly he will volcat