Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 09

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said Mr de como documental la vaca to two brother hi Brahim with another daily tip, see, this is juicy. Number nine, well in the hill and juicy number nine begins a little bit in the introductory pages of soda out off. A law has just spoken about for profits of a law and now the fifth is going to be added, which is Musa alayhis, salam, all of the messengers and all the prophets we need to be when they came most. All of the examples given in the Koran were those who were rejected by their people, ostracized and so on. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that no messenger was sent to a people who rejected them, except that I sent upon them I'll bet set up the law that I sent upon

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them, the severity of punishment and the people who were punished before your people or Mohammed experienced that but your nation is salvage because of your presence, you are reflected in the law. I mean, Allah subhanaw taala speaks immediately about the story of musette without there's no interlude where it speaks about mooses upbringing and he was thrown in the well, you know, thrown in the river by his mom in the basket, none of that it immediately enters into I sent my certificate I went to La, La La to LA and musala salaam confronts her own who says show us signs and Moosa begins to demonstrate the signs that were given to him by Allah subhana wa tada the story of the magician's

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into interject and they submit to Allah, Allah, men that there will be Moosa we believe in the Lord of Moses, and they begin to become faithful. Allah Subhana Allah then shows that mosaic continues to invite the people, those who believe in Him to remain patient, upon faith, and his Moodle and be from those outlets he will be somebody who was sada. Hold on to your prayers and hold on to your faithfulness, it will increase you in patience. A lot then begins to speak about

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you know, the 14 Knights were Moosa and his people after they're being saved, they crossed through the water.

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And they made the travel by night and we're saved by food I own and Pharaoh was destroyed and his army was destroyed. But at that moment, the people of Moosa could not maintain their faithfulness. He left initially for 30 days and didn't return until 14 nights after the loss of anodized says well, Adam Moosa, thalassemia Layla. What, you know, 30 nights and then we made it 40 days, and Musa alayhis salam was given the tablets, the 10 sacred commandments and instructions from Allah. But when he returned to these people, he saw Yeah, we'll do another agent. They're worshipping, you know, a false golden calf. And Moosa was so angered by this, what Allah? Well, if he knows how to

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how he put down the tablets that my people are not ready for this, and the curse of Allah subhanho wa Taala descended upon them, until a law accepted their repentance, and Musa alayhis salaam asked Allah for forgiveness on his behalf in their behalf. musante SLM now is put into trial, not by your own, and not by that, but by his own people, that when he would invite them to do good, they were quarrelsome and rebellious, and it took 40 years yet to fill out for that to be purged out of them, they have to be broken by the earth and by the travel, until finally they could completely submit themselves to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah then mentioned the story of us five, except those

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who broke the covenant of the Sabbath and the Jewish people, they were told not to do any work on the Sabbath. But these people they thought they could be tricky, you know, trick a law, and they would put their net nets out the night before so that it does the fishing, although they were not supposed to earn or do anything, they were supposed to trust that along with provide them their food. And when the fish came, they will pull it back in on Sunday. It's as if they were trying to play with the scripture of a loss upon and what to add. So that today is a very powerful so it also does, a lot of it has the story of Musa and it's meant to say to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, the trials that came before you are very similar to the trials you will face. But this surah also speaks to the people, the Jewish people who were living in Medina, that you recognize the truth of Mohammed Salah Selim, you recognize that he has come with sure signs you've recognized that he has come with a spirit that calls to that which is similar to Mousavi said and that which has proceeded in, you recognize that this is a form of truth, and that you don't deny him for any reason other than, you know, a level of hostility and a level of pride and anger, hoping that your final messenger would have been from your own ethnicity, but rather he has come from a

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different group from the tribe of Ishmael as my rather than the tribe of Itzhak. So Allah speaks in very clear ways, the pseudo comes to an end in the very last ayah with the Soldier Soldier. And this is very unique to this sort of that there's a sage that in the very last verse to a loss of Hannah to Allah so if you're praying behind your Imam and taraweeh you will do a search in it. A lot of them begin sort of unfold which is a sort of the details in detail, the Battle of bed that what preceded it. What were the emotions

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Sahaba had the overwhelming sense of, you know, fear and foreboding and how a lot calm them. If you're a homeowner as a lawn late, let them slumber and wash them with a cleansing rain. And Allah says, Allah if vehicle a and humid de Kumara bukem

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is it not enough that you are given, you know, angels 1000 angels to come and defend you. So the detail of the Battle of bedre begins but the opening verses of this chapter are very, very important is aluna which is very soon, chapter number eight, and we're in juice number nine, they asked you about the spoils of war. You know, they're going out to battle for better than they're hopeful to win and now that they've won, what do we do with it? What do we do with all these spoils we never in our wildest dream thought we would be this victorious. And the law says, decides what the share is, Will emphatically law what law so it will be determined by a law through His Messenger Mohammed

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Salim Fatah wa sallahu that have a nickname then Allah speaks about the key to victory in life. Obey half Tukwila put the fear the consciousness that awareness, the love and the hope you have in a laws in a law as the center of your life will also do that have a nickel and rectify the affairs between each other. Don't let there be any emnity between you two as brothers you two as sisters, remove any pride any hate any racism from your heart come together at Juana.

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It duck a lot was Leah Hoda who will go to LA wa sallahu enquanto momineen and obey Allah and His Messenger if you are truly believers, those three ingredients when they come together, it gives a person a level of victory in everything that they face in life. So a lot then adds a bit in them and manana Lavina either Luca Allahu Allah colome the believers are those who in a last name is mentioned and his re citation is mentioned. The hearts are in awe and shutter of it. And it is something that calms them and gives them deliverance and strengthen Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and when his name is mentioned, Allah Rahimi at our Kowloon, it gives them the ability to trust the law

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and to go further than they thought they would go. And Lavina up Mona Sala Tell me models of now, to hone this sign that you have faith in your heart that you trust the law is that you maintain your prayers and you're a person who is giving in charity and not withholding it for yourself. A law speaks about the descent of the angels in the Battle of bed, that Allah Subhana Allah gave victory to the believers and that Allah made the numbers of the believers seem small in the sight of the unbelievers. Allah Subhana Allah says, For de la fear Allah and don't fear anyone other than him. He is the refuge of those who are fearful and he is the one who when you are surrounded opens for you

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and exit from all good. Allah ends this Jews in the very last closing verses by saying in the Lavina Kapha room Fiona and welcome Leah sudo Ansible Allah, those who disbelieve they will expand the great vast amounts of wealth to try to distract and deter people from the path of God. First thing and they will give it through meta cuando la him Hassan, but it will be something that becomes a sorrel upon them, thumbing your collarbone and they eventually will be brought to destruction and loss because of it. So don't be sad and Doe, Mohammed, Mohammed that amount of resources that are given to those who oppose you eventually even though they will spend it and you can't stop it.

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Eventually you will be given ascendancy and victory and that's where this this juice closes. I hope you'll join me again for juice number 10. The evening law hit Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah bless us with the knowledge of the whole and this is your brother yo hi Brahim with a daily Tafseer just number nine of our Joseph biobay. once said Imani Kumar