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Why they consider Mark McCullough? What?

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Allahu baddeck pico de como la Hara and hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was certainly one that always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers of peace upon our neighbor, you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It's an honor once again to join with my dear brothers and sisters in South Africa through the ITV network. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to add up, continues to make it a means of success and a means of his Aruba, Allah whom I mean, we've been speaking about the edge of a lifetime getting a hug from abroad where we return back to our families. As the prophets I seldom promised Canada whether to move in a

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condition as if just newly born by his mother Alhamdulillah We've had a few different occasions where we spoken about the journey of Hajj and in the last two sessions we've been speaking about the things that are personal to our Muslim sisters, things that relate to them being

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effective in their Hajj

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in the conditions that Allah subhana wa tada has identified for them. Now one of the things that we began with we began by saying that our Muslim sisters that have their Hajj is the agenda of jihad and struggle for freeing people who are in bondage and giving them their safety and security. It's an enormous phenomenal act of worship, allocated for them by Allah subhana wa Tada. And therefore, you know, from the heart of the prophets, I seldom that he took with him.

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His women folk, Isha with with him, radi Allahu anhu, others were with him. So I Salim, and the Sahaba took their men, women, and some of them even their children on this blessing journey. So let us talk. This is part three of our women's discussion, as it relates to a personal hedge for our sisters. One of the things that becomes very important is to not seek to enter places that are overcrowded unnecessarily. And one of those places is the black stone, and the Mammon nawawi. He says in the much more affordable manner our older men have said, and now who makrooh that it is undesirable. It is an act that is macro detestable, for a woman to kiss the black stone or to touch

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it, except at the time of tawaf, where there is no overcrowding. So Pamela, this is a very important insightful statement. Of course, there are very great many moments of overcrowding for men as well as women and it is seen equally undesirable for men to enter a place where they know they will harm other believers. So as a man if I come and see the black stone, I can tell you what law he led the law Illa however, you and I have done multiple Hajj, I have never entered towards the black stone seeing the overcrowding it is in hand and try to kiss it or even touch it knowing that I will bring harm to other people. It is therefore an act of very bad obedience to a law or to a law that you

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choose to be away from the black stone, knowing that your reward will be magnified and increase because you are pleasing Allah subhana wa tada in this act of claw, so that's very important. My dear sisters do not enter into the Blackstone area where you are seeking to value and compete and push and shove and trample other people for the hope of your scenes being forgiven your sins will for you forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, because of your intention to do that, which is right, number two, there's a difference of opinion about the size of our sisters.

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So you meaning the running between Safa and Marwa and most of the Imams they say that it is the same between men and women. However, the basic difference is in the etiquette that may be found during the running between the mountain is that our sisters they do not make the run with a speed and with a purposeful speed or hot water in between that green lit zone. So it's something that you will walk in a sedate zone, you might hurt yourself a little bit quicker, but you might you will not run and jump forward as the men do and this is seen as being macro by the majority of the Imams as well.

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Now we need to speak about something that is sensitive that relates to our sisters which is the menstrual cycle and there is limited HIA when it comes to these issues of deem that women would

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Speak to the prophets, I send them about the issues that relate to their cycle, and they would ask him questions about it. Now there are detailed explanations in our books of 50 an hour, and I am assured by the great imams that odema and the mowlana that you have within your

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blessing places in South Africa, who make you honey you who make you No need of further detail than that very simple explanations that I will provide for you today in sha Allah. So your first source of reference will be to go to your lemma in sha Allah for precise detail. I'm going to speak in generalities in sha Allah at one of the important things and we begin with our Hanafi school, our imams who follow the tradition of Imam Abu hanifa that it is only permissible for a woman in sexual impurity or in her menstrual to perform the Salah if she has already performed tawaf now this is important, some of our sisters are going to be confronted with they have Alhamdulillah gone through

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all of that they were in a clean state and now they come after the day, after the menstrual cycle arrives, which happened to each other the Allahu anhu

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and a Shabbat the Allahu anhu. She informs the prophets I send them as is narrated by the mom and Bahati that her monthly period her menstrual cycle arrived, and had not yet performed the full life around the cabinet. Nor had she performed the SAT you between Safa and Marwa. And she mentioned this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the prophets I seldom said do everything that the hedge does, except making pull off around the cabin. And in my opinion, Hungary explains this hadith by saying as for the acceptability of performing Salah between before the fall off, many of the scholars have had the seed as being permissible, even though at the moment well hanifa has made a

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restriction for a due to the team. Now the reason they deem it as being permissible is the hadith of Oussama initial right where he says that a man came to the Prophet Solomon said O Messenger of Allah, I preform the sign before the Aleph and the Prophet said, make sure now you do your full life wonder how much and there's no harm for you. So the profits I sell them in a separate heartbeat, and then comes in says I made the mistake of making the salary before the fall off and the Prophet says no, no problem for you. Just do your toe off now. So it's seen as being something that can be in general permissible although on desirable insha Allah What do I say to my dear sisters, if you are

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attending in sha Allah to the Hajj, one of the things that I do recommend for you to do three months before you arrive to the Hajj is that you should visit your doctor and your doctor can prescribe for you some of the hormonal pills that begin to alter your cycle, or even bring it to an end. If you do this less than a month out or two months out, you're going to have a very difficult time in the Hajj, because you will have irregular spotting and bleeding around the time of your menstrual cycle, which will take away from your peace of mind that your head is going to be complete. So if you are going to take these pills, take it three months in advance and maintain it so that by the time you

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get to the Hajj, you are secure. There's no more issues. Your body has rebalanced with it when you arrive to Mecca. Due to the stress the changing climate, the changing conditions and food and attire, you're going to find that your cycle is going to change anyway. If you compound on it, new medicines that you've just started taking, you're going to have a very difficult time. You can also go without the pill. I for example, in my group this year in sha Allah, we are intending Hajj on Monday morning, but even the lab we arrive in Medina, one of the sisters has informed me she said CEF I have not taken any pills. And I'm estimating that as we are going from Medina to Mecca, that I

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will get my menstrual cycle, maybe the fifth or sixth, they have the ledger and we are performing HUD utimaco meaning we're going to do a number of first and then do HUD So I said to her sister for you, maybe your husband might accompany you as well. I'm going to ask you to do the Hajj of Quran where you're going to ride Mecca and not do tomorrow because she won't be able to make pull off around the cabinet. So she's going to arrive Mecca not due to walk around the Kaaba, be in a state of Iran until after she completes the Hajj and then afterward she can do it on Raw if she likes insha Allah why I give you this example because I want you to understand in our shediac there are

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mechanisms in place that allow us to deal with the conditions that our sisters may deal with. And therefore you want to choose to go with someone who is competent and can lead you in the correct methodology and Phil of hygiene Chatila. third scenario which is important in sha Allah, just say you arrive, you have done out of that you have arrived in Mecca and now it's time for falafel if Allah and your menstrual

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cycle is going to last seven days, and your group has to leave in five days, which means that you will not be clean from your menstrual until after you depart from Mecca, meaning you will not be able to do to lawfully father. Now, we said that properly fall back is one of the four out of can standing in our office is broken, if you miss it, your hedges invalid number two tawakoni falda Nzr. So if you do not do this, your hedges invalid, you have one of three cases Sr. One is that you decide helaas, I'm going to come back for HUD next year, and you break your arm and you forget about the reward of HUD's that year, which is not something that anyone wants to do. Number two, is that

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you live nearby or that you have an understanding that you will return to Mecca soon. So you might go back to Dubai or something for two weeks, and then you're going to come back and you will stay in Iran in your home country until you return back and do that fall off.

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Which is a very difficult scenario, very rare that this will happen. Number three, which is the opinion of the Messiah who have given fatwa in this, that even in your menstrual cycle, you will make a good host in the morning and you will wash and bathe yourself really well. And you will pad yourself so that there is no you know hardship on you and your clothing or others and you will go down and make the tawaf anyway. And this was the first one of the great imams from them taking me and others who have said that this is the only plausible solution with the hope that a loss of Hannah to Allah will forgive this, this lapse. Why do we say this in our film, for example, just say

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I'm in a place and there is no jossa there isn't a clean place to pray. And I don't have water to make it a memorial to hold. I'm in a place it's all carpeted. There's no Tmm there's nothing that I can make am with but I have to pray that when they're mad, they will tell us to pray without will do. Because your prayer even though it doesn't have the shuttle to have you been clean. It is something that you should not leave off so you would pray without the will do hoping that Allah will forgive that in that same way. They have used this same analysis in fact that the sister in her menstrual if she is forced, she cannot wait until she is clean before making polop her group has to

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leave you have to leave the country to get to binbrook there's no change to them, then you are forced to make your toe off and Allah subhana wa tada will accept it. So this is an important point that our moms have shared with our sisters in sha Allah very last thing that I leave you with relates to our women on the day of Ms. Delica. In the night, leaving early before the rest of the group. Many people see

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that it might even be considered as sooner and this is in the middle of of Lima Mushaf area where they see it as as soon as if there are women and elderly people in a group that they should leave must Delhi fair early as was done with some of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they call it as sooner to leave with the women and the elderly, who should move out to Miss delaford before failure to make the the throwing of the jamara before the crowd arrives. This was chosen by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and there is no demo there is no recumbents that needs to be paid for it. And sha Allah we will continue tomorrow evening later Allah in Katara la

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hulan and the car will be caught. If Allah gives us the opportunity to meet again once again virtually to speak a little bit one final time about our sister's responsibilities for Hajj and some of the things that apply to them and then speak in sha Allah about the zyada to Medina and meeting Al Habib Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam which will end our week together on Thursday in sha Allah subhanho wa Taala vmdk shadow Allah Allah Allah enters Africa to lay with said Mr. De Marana to LA he over cattle

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inshallah inshallah I will depart for Hajj Sunday evening, early Monday morning from Australia but Allah He to Allah with my group.

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I mean, I mean, I mean, Baba Luffy come and think well of us may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us what you don't know of us And may Allah subhanho wa Taala join us all on the Mount of autofair Allahumma amin,

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Santa Monica la he wabarakatuh