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The importance of learning the Milla ofields in Islam and practicing it is discussed, as well as the need for people to understand the title and practice Islam. The importance of technology and technology in learning is also emphasized. The speakers stress the importance of learning to function properly and use one's mind properly to make decisions and avoid confusion. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to understand and act on the body's functions to avoid confusion and misunderstand. The importance of knowing oneself to avoid failure and not just using one's mind to make decisions, as well as the use of words to describe abilities and abilities.

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inshallah I'm going to explain to you the meaning of Milla. Milla Ibrahim. Why is it so important that Allah made a Mila? There are Deen anyway, why never need to make a MILA and why? For the Mila? Allah chose Ibrahim Islam. Why not a military? Why not a MILA to Adam? Why not militare Mohammed? Why not militare Musa? Why Milla Ibrahim? Why Brahim has been chosen to be founded as a builder. Why after after his name, so this occur and why then every prophet has been commanded to follow the Milda it is not enough that you follow the deen of Allah. It is obligatory upon every believer, every prophet, every messenger, to follow the Milla of Ibrahim and Islam so that we need to learn an

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artifact in the Muslim community now, people actually even don't learn these leave the Milda know the normal of what they learn and

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which actually human made people have made with them and will die in Atlanta messenger

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or the display. When you say a pita to human in Makeda, Sherry Qaeda and multimedia to either selfie or data and this appears under appeal when some other human opinion but what is the Why not allow us we don't want to learn. We don't want to learn about dealing with even Dean we don't understand what the Muse really. When Allah Thomas you must follow Mila without love that Allah never commodity you must follow our honey for the mother of Molly's mother. But we actually even doted on that what do we belong to that mother? But what Allah commands to do whenever so before understanding will miss Miller, I want to spell to you two things important. Firstly, you have to learn really, what Allah

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does, and what he wants us to do.

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The two different things, something Allah does, and something we have to do to these two things have to understand properly what Allah does and what you need to follow up on. Allah will command us to pray he will teach how to pray.

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But will he pray on behalf of his ego to play

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we have to play isn't that Allah commands are too fast but not go too fast on our behalf he can come He commands are to do for hiding but he's not going to do it on our behalf that all I know you are you do never happens. Jews wanted to get Palestine belittle them I love the Mubaraka mocha Sir They wanted

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to Allah said okay, go and fight and get the lead

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they're set to Musa SAM No in the fee Hi Coleman Jabarin in Palestine How can we find their mighty people some people we can't fight fight them. We are weak people is the hub Andorra Boca Tatula in Hoonah, Id Oh Musa juego and your load whose load Allah you want fight versity here once you conquer that, then we'll find that out. Then we will come

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to what happened Did Allah concurrent city for them, never what Allah said Allah say fine Maha Maha Rama to know array or a Ballina, Santa Asana. Now the land has been made haram for for them for 40 years. For 40 years the contractor Allah not about to fight on your behalf. You do what you need to do you have to do

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with your career. So what Allah that Allah teaches, but we had to act upon that. Allah is not about to do on our behalf, that we need to do. Tell me when you want to act upon something can act upon without knowing and understanding.

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You need to know and understand telekinetic authority never can do anything will happen if I want to use computer I need to know how to use it or need to learn I need to use our mind my mind to try to buy before acting on the military. You need to understand it. Before acting upon the Quran, you need to understand the Quran before acting upon the Sunnah you need to understand and know the signal

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and unfortunately we people have made knowing and understanding to separate things. They are not separate. If something you don't understand, you don't know it. Simple matter whatever you don't understand. You don't know it. When he says with 100 and 100 children your child goes to the mosque and comes in from evening class and this inshallah Alhamdulillah you can help you heal up no he didn't learn anything. He learned a culture he does not know really what it means. He does not know when to say it that way consider people saying same same same centers inshallah three times, four times it never ends because they don't know what to say. They have no idea they think insha Allah

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means for future anything in the future. This inshallah

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They never have idea what inshallah means. They never about what Masha Allah means, but people seem to how can you act upon such if you don't know how to use it

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isn't really clear. Tell me if you don't understand something, do you really know it?

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Arabic grammar. You come to me you want to learn Arabic grammar. I teach you the whole book. I've written my own book, but you don't understand. Can you say that the book

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you want to learn from your poetry, but you don't know.

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And then you say I learned from chakra you don't learn anything or you don't know to learn even language? How can you learn anything? You don't know anything? Is it clear? If you have to discipline keep deep your mind if you don't understand anything? You don't know that thing? Whatever you don't understand you don't know it. If you don't understand what a milah means you don't know it. And when I explained to you and still you don't understand then it means you don't need in order to learn to attended my class. Now you can hire him and he gave a certificate a Java Java does not make you know, Java does not make you ollie does not make knowledgeable each other different

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procedural knowing it understanding if you don't understand you don't know it. And who's got to understand you know,

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and since people differ in understanding they differ in a lot obedience.

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Why am Casa de the best believer? Didn't? Why the best way but after our prophets messenger aboubakar Sidiki. The best

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is tongue strongest, or the company's new high the word is maybe stronger than him. Maybe Omar is stronger than oxidic

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that he do more Eva than everybody else know who the people are the night. What makes Abubakar Siddique the best person on the face since the beginning onto the FTM after all profits messenger understanding he understands more than anybody else could we occasion and when Omar does not understand but he understands it is understand understanding can make a huge difference. Big difference there is that Abu Hanifa is so clever in a so called Understanding Mushaf he said and NASA 50 Oh yeah, I don't I love your Hanifa

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The first thing I want to teach you properly, there are something Allah does and something we need to do. And what we need to do is to understand his command and to learn it

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then we can act to he can send a command he can send a pistol book you know it's the Quran says Billy son in Arabi Moby in Quran is a killer or a big language

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alakija movie in the book that a minute everything courier

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to book has no problem.

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Still this clear book needs my mind. If I don't use my mind, it will not be clear book in order to you know, hold my hand come and pray. I need to come to the book and understand it is it clear?

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A book is clear it does not immediately get to you as well. To become clear to you, you need to do something. Book is good book has all attributes a very good book Clear Book. But it's not clear to you unless you make your effort. Without your effort. This book will have no society. You could have you know in all the shirts 1020 copies of Quran Old Testament is good and God 10 Inc, nothing would happen. You never become even one engineer to Allah. But if somebody is a Hindu and understand he because near to Allah, and you get 20 copies of Quran, nothing has your life, nothing. You even did not don't move into a Lasala because you need to use your mind, your understanding your thinking to

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one thing I want to make clear that Allah will not think on our behalf. Allah will not learn on our behalf, Allah will not act on our behalf these three things, understanding learning, I think is a done by human being. And whatever difference will happen it will make you different. If me and you different this will have different be different in front of Allah some of that same Quran for everybody is still people different that you know shahzada Rama La Salle

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ba Baraki de la taffeta tavas Filatov no neisd Delabar La La yet the battle la inter boom. The short boob has grain. There's no dispute that rain is a very good way to preserve life. But in the garden, roses, flowers grow and environment nothing grows same rent to both land but one gets good growth flowers roses good smell garden and one that nothing can desert it does not receive the water does not get the water. The same same thing to us really same Quran same Allah same messenger. But we are different. How much effort we make. That makes the fidgeted first thing actually keep in mind that Quran

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has no sense, you know, Allah cannot benefit us profit center, but even if you get the best mess in your life, Profit Loss analysis them, nothing will happen to you, unless you make effort to learn, Make effort to understand and make effort to do it to this first thing we need to do. Second thing is, we need to learn it, whenever if you have something, you have to learn the function properly, to further put, if somebody you got it by a computer computer will only will work if you know how to function every single day the key is how function distinct that so many complication like wild food, you need to learn for everything if you don't know you can't use properly the you learn now you need

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to think your your body what you've got Bourassa laka the Hala canal in Santa Fe and we were created the mankind in the best structure what the structure means,

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with the function that is related to you for that function, your body is the most appropriate to

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let you know best chair will be the one which can function properly. This computer we have done which can do it function properly, to best structure for human being be the one it kind of does its function properly, that what will be restricted to us that we music that the faction that Allah had assigned to us, this body does the best to this body the most suitable to do the function that Allah had assigned to us human being

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then appearance another person and Luca the Hakuna insana fee cupboard, we created the mankind in hardship

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versus structure and hardship both Allah said first lesson we create the manner in the basic structure

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and then he says the mankind in the hardship what what relation

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think really, if this body is the most suited for your function, it means you're the function that is protect from you will not be done unless you use it. And using this is very, very difficult.

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You have to use hand you have to use your legs you have to use you know your mouth you have to more difficult use your mind. The reason you get you have got a mind because you need to use it. And using the mind the most difficulty there are Peninsula in Santa Fe cover you got the best structure, but this basic sector also means big responsive, it very hard, very difficult, not easy. You need to use it. And that's why Allah gave this structure to every single human being. Why so you use your mind, not somebody else's mind. To women cannot say You know, I just follow my husband. No, you need to follow your mind why you got mine. Just think if you have to follow your husband, the husband

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should go to mind nothing.

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You say follow Hanifa then Abu Hanifa will go to mind not why would you mind just people to ask you sort of cardio alata the basics of what he just discussed? Is that insulin they asked him why do you differ from Option Alpha? Don't you know that quantify the more knowledge and he said yeah Abu Hanifa more knowledge than me but Allah has commanded me to follow my mind not only for his mind

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what he said not necessarily can come to my mind. My mind says something else I follow my mind I have been commanded to follow my mind that we have we should differ from that way Mohammed distribution, Mohammed both of Abu Hanifa both because they have different mind, not the same mind, difference or the mind image different thinking you've got to follow you can't follow anybody.

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Is it clear to everybody to first thing I said to you that you need to use the mind. You never can follow the Quran unless you understand the Quran unless you learn the Quran and unless you act upon the Quran. If you don't do all three things, the Koran will not make any sense for you. It never can take the paradise. You can't go to Paradise, just because you have a copy of the Quran your house. It never takes. Quran does not take to give to you can't go to Paradise because you got a prophet Muhammad No. Do you know who? Do you know what it teaches? If you don't know don't understand. Prophet Muhammad cannot take you to paradise it's simple matter. Understand, don't be like a Jew or

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you know, a like a Brahma, the First Family you go to Paradise then nothing like the Quran says let's say the Amani Wallah Nikita, he did not have wishes or desires that may you desire and you got something you need to do it not as a desire. That why we need to be serious.

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To two things I thought first thing is what Allah will be. Allah did his job Allah since revelation, Allah sent the messenger Allah makes clear or instructions are very, very clear. The teacher is a very good teacher, best teacher. Now next step is yours. You need to come to teacher you need to

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To the book, make your mind use your mind, try to understand, learn it, then act upon it. If you don't do this, then this best teacher will not help you. If you don't do this, then this best book can not help you. Second thing is taught you that your body is most appropriate for the function that has been assigned to you. That function only can be done if you use all it properly. If you don't use part of the body, it means something missing. Something's and most important in the whole thing with the mind. If you use don't use the mind, then basically you are wrong. You never can write anything whether you fall as soon as the property you don't use your mind, you will be wrong

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because you didn't understand. And if you don't understand you can't afford any way. Without understanding you never can follow it you need to know when you say Inshallah, you need to know what inshallah means and when to use not every time when you say 100 You need to know what an angel is. You need to know what don't you see the Quran? that Quran is start every year inshallah every single

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every Surah Suhana new subtype Quran Suhana sometime sometime you know Quran Padma inshallah meaning of inshallah sometimes something is it or changing it can be different meaning

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that's gonna

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no longer be suitable Roscoe Salamanca, they have different function, you need to know them. You can't decide which school lava you need all the sooner you need all them to learn.

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These two things are very, but really the first thing we need to understand, we need to learn and we need to act. Second thing is this process is a very difficult it's not easy, don't be tired.

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Don't rely on somebody else. Don't think oh this iChat dirty or do you rely in eating or someone as I said, Tarik is my friend he can eat on my behalf do I do or should NASA is very good cook he could let him eat on my behalf to I don't have struggled with no, I eat and maybe I want him to cook but I want to eat myself. I never say anything that you eat or my beer. There I come to understand that this is how religion if you can't make somebody else to think on your behalf you're you should be serious. If you don't think you can't get him on that next step I've got to conclude that why is so important really. At the you every individual they need to use their mind properly that how you met

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Allah Allah met your body.

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That is the first thing in the military. Military, Allah Sumatra revealed the deen to he know really did corruptor very quickly to he know the word is corrupted. So, he knows really dealing use a movement for an idea comes

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in a car marks come he this very bright idea that he will die. The next person comes is makes the idea in a moment when he breeds a boom it then gets life then it gets follow up because people and when movements died, idea dies two people need to make the movement alive. Either Wait one moment because I also did the key bring life. Milla means to make a religion into a movement that or millimeter deal without a boom at will become very very quickly to midnight the screen if you want to tell us or Milla midnight the way to make the religion into a movement to make it a movement that will Muslim is to give a moon move it further to the do I need to build a movement somebody doesn't

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push it move it until you learn from him how to make this movement alive to all the time go live because people died come lazy you know don't don't don't understand anything they need to understand get a movement to whatever it is not a chore they will have to make a religion into a movement during they can now build up before that does have been now we've got a mid level

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movement near sir thinker

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without a thinking movement will have no movement you got you need a car a math unit somebody else do you need a person who braved bright ideas, you knew that

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and then that person in teaches things which can make that idea to be activated in the force in the society. And then the followers need to know the connection between the idea or the between or the teachings they need to understand the connection to the keep the movement alive otherwise what will happen they love the symbols and they forget the idea that we people will learn the symbols we don't know what idea behind the symbols to the symbols I have no no idea to symbols or dead symbols actually I wanted to remain connected to the idea. If you don't know the idea symbols have nothing to do

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that what we mustn't do really regard symbol Safira but not Abraham's thinking. The moment we got Kava Kava just symbols

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As a movement we got hide hide it as a symbol for equalizer movement has not real movement. Hide is just a symbol for Allah Becca Lamola baggage is part of this syllabus at the moment. It is not a real thing. The real thing is something else that we need to learn. Mila feabhra Hindi based on thinking, no really your father, what was the idea that he said to him to movement? What idea is that are you to bring real

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otherwise you have no milk, no movement. He just did a body. It was all thinking. Your father Ibrahim was a thinker thinking man all the time. He never started thinking every single thing he questions

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and the Quran is witnessed upon Psychedelica Nuri Ibrahim Mallacoota sama Awatea will always be taught era English God Rahim to understand the whole system whole universe not only that earth and the heavens and the sky Ibrahim that all this properly

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and never stopped. We people learn something so just enough really isn't like that.

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Tell me if you can read Nexus play and you said not enough. It is really bad for him. It's a weakness of you if you can read to necessarily still not to have a lower level to weakness you're not using your your ability properly, even though he never stopped beyond next stage, or with top or the next or firm. This is the next one never had a station until Abraham said to the Lord Oh Lord Rob are in Caifa Takimoto Oh my Lord show me how do you make the debt alive? Is this question

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even this question is for the minister this is how you're going to get even I'm never stopped even he want to know this or fortune even this was people don't know the tech is so simply which actually miss over things it's very very low. People don't understand what he was asking people think what he was asking me that you know how people When did I did it my life

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unbelievers think nobody can come to life as When did I finish? But I really did come to life. So I want to seriously to present not that I can but there are people thinking this is not what he said then what they say Allah said to him get for a birth

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Cardinal pieces

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and then I made them and I did how am I correct that what I'm using that Abraham Nisa demostration How am I like Do you think he's so weak? I really don't need to I believe that Allah makes it like it even somebody showed me I've not been tested to see that that I know anywhere limits to like do at random not know that is because I live by and he want to see that to speak up but it comes at a cost for about four pieces five pieces and then because I like to know but who knows the and the deaf people go I like this article I must not know read the surah read

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it but I'm asking even I had no doubt that it did become alive a lot of he wants to know when I'm done Yes it did alive what he does at

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that dinner he want to know what what what hyper said what he does he doesn't like I know this but I want to learn how he does is a clear the question is not that Abraham does not believe that did come to doubt a problem that he knows anyway everybody knows that right? Even I only want to know link between unless the actual action or between the debt being like what a person to did that because I like what

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they did because like Allah does make a light but I don't know how he does what he does it kind of like this question but people can misunderstand to aulassa to Brian Avella to me don't you believe?

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No, I know I know that you look alive you know but when I learn how you do it in agreed by I want to have more in my mind that they want to hire see man? The more I want to know what you do exactly. To what tell us

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what you need to take for birth. Who are about them that take for birth

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fursona Ilica people say soon I like I missed that. Visit. No Zara never miss cutting

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is the karate fighter NOFA su the immediate community what tsunamis so rotten the limited cut form for that effect of a su watermills. Blow in the hall. They're sort of missing a whole new Bronto data service.

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So a lot of nurses from Sarasu soon I won't say a Laker if you've got something I need to say Erica, you see a ton. Do you need to say Erica? Why say Erica?

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A nice thing. Take for the birds. And then speak to these birds until they become familiar to your voice sooner make them to become familiar to your voice like people who read the bird

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You know that leaves the birds go around the tree and this makes sound it comes to them. If you met sound intercompany they make a double check and either voice is illegal or to read the word what they do they make the worst you can either voice then they say and the busca and sit on their hand that how they do 230 Allah Sati Rahim take for us and make the best of organizer via voice and they can come to you for sooner or later. So my Johanna Isla goodly Jabba the mean who Naja then put each but in one month because in four directions you know in front of you by and light left for doesn't put all this for us and for direction for mountains

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then make that voice with recognize, call the same voice to Madonna or the four of us will come to you running that how I make the data like this. Everybody knows my voice. I say get up this month my voice nothing else there no me. Everybody knows me every soul knows me. I code and the soul Listen to me. If the prime directive in the in the in the grave, they listen to me and they come they come alive. It is my voice every soul knows in a very So recognize me. I'm not hidden from anybody. Everybody knows me. Everyone knows me. When I said to the soul, that an eye fi the home rule they stand up and looking at that how

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did they even use mustache? Now if you understand there are no demostration he understand it properly. What happened? That how you very clever man thinking man, he wants to understand the depth of the matter.

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People want to believe that Elon Musk did alive, but even him even more to know how typers there are less people have so much Kibera he be the man thirsty, eager to know more and more. He got to learn more and more.

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But difference between design and Musa Ebrahimi learns what he needs to learn. Musa jumped in a directory. Musa said to his Lord Rob r&d and Oh my Lord, show me your servant to see you. This Musa cannot moves up and down about Allah Musa cannot see it impossible to Allah set Musa Let's now look at the mountain.

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If you can see the mountain you can see for Lama agenda, Rob Buddha Java, when Allah removed all the curtains between him and the mountain, the curtains were lifted, and now Allah and mountain directly no curtains or the curtains intercept lifted.

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What happens Jr? who took this this reflection of prison to mountain without any curtain got an evil

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mirrored the mountains in pieces were harder Musa soyka and Musa fell unconscious, he could not see it impossible, because this is not even I have never asked this question. Even if the question is what he knows exactly what he can learn to ask question about those matters. And then under helps him to love that that what he believes in it. The first thing I want to Milwaukee when I was thinking, use the mind before you use your hand before use your leg before use the list, use your mind before you go for the prayer. Try to understand what a pyramid is that whatever I mean time is before doing something before saying something before acting you need to think thinking is the

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foundation of the middle with a no thinking that normal and with a normal that no man no Islam nothing at all basically just a culture people follow someone blindly, then nothing their first step is thinking understanding is clear to everybody.

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When a user does think and mind what actually happens, then the reality of the things become clearer. When you use your mind and look around.

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Nothing can attract you. First thing what happens when people use the mind? They hate this word.

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They don't love it the word actually to refer them they think does know even one person's desire. This work cannot fulfill ask one person what your desire this what? Not enough even for what a person deserves. Billions of people are bigger. How can we

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can ever people never can think this but it's for them never never impossible that why you know one of the Party of India, America, Sue said her lumpy but they could go stay near Kabbalah cookie arzani News. You say your value is both Well, this one hereafter. No, you still much, much more expensive raise your price is still cheaper. Nobody can pay your price you are much much more expensive. Believers are much more dissected this world cannot be your price.

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Even if you're one Subhan Allah is more more precious than this whole universe. This word cannot be countered by first thing when you think

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The first thing

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I want to that is the second pillar of Milica, first of all thinking, the second part of Milan Hanifa. What honey Thea means this actually again, balsamic is a great quote it was at the bar, it is very important to understand a Muslim Mona Farahi an F bar, a compulsive Yalom your Hungama Erongo. So, your LMP has a reefer money mode. The alum you Bhutan he goes Johansen, he has a cat photo knows who the key haemophilia Valley, Masai Mara and a shaman theory OG is haka dossin jihad to say to Johansson. But hey Joe Berger, your co host rhetorical tourismus Amano Nakata worker. This was the Hanafi if you want to know honey here this he said he irlam Younger mango suit this one

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we're only thing you find a color and some sound some voice. This word full of the colors and full of the sounds. Yeah Lemke has a rougher monomer this wood which is ruled by the death, what is the good guy here, debt roots on this one? Every single tivities here flowers roses, sun, moon, human big everything dies this world where everything is under the under the commander the death era you Bhutan he goes this word. Which one is satisfied i and here? Good. Good to see and good to hear nothing more than that. Just the Masha just did Karna just McCosh Jahaz in the key.

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This word were life when limits eating and drinking this life for the key Herrmann Villa over in Masada Tirana, Shaman If you know yourself, the first word silica for our mouth or notice under my place, if you know yourself who you are, the first word you utter from your mouth will be that Mustafa Tirana shaman This is not your place. This anything can no really this word is not his place to refer him to too little for him. This never can be fine. Don't waste your time, honey. Yeah, it's best to understand the reality of this world. People don't know what this world is keen on your eye. Your eyes actually are shut shut they don't see what it is. This a word has no value for you. How

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can you have heart in this word is a for the key mens rea overly Musa affiliate Tirana Shaman. The first voice that comes when you recognize yourself is from your mouth cuss words. This is not your distribution. Theory. Og is a haka Das, you are not a metaphor. I'm here. Jihad to sin. To johathan He, this one is coming from you. You don't confront this circumcised relative you you are not from this world. But hey, Jocko Hey, Cara Torker break all the ideas, break all the mountains, break all the barriers, break all curtains, lift out the curtains and keep moving. The listeners Amano MacArthur worker break the idols and curtains of time and space everything be beyond the space be

00:33:14--> 00:33:24

beyond the time don't be bound with tiny space. That what Abrahamic thinking Ibrahim never never looks this idea. He removes the curtain then he looks down.

00:33:25--> 00:34:09

He got loved this one. This one is not worth it to be loved. There nothing to be loved. This deck now I think we're dying what? Death is just nature of this world. Nothing is there to remain understand that we are to this word, honey. Yeah, first thing is to know very well. You are not in bed for here. You love this would you spend your life to earn money. You spend your life to collect gold and silver to build houses to make time and that's what your life is. You don't underestimate this one one day you will die or this whoever died you got to leave it. This is not your natural destination honey philia think your mind clear that what Abraham Maslow make and he recently this

00:34:09--> 00:34:30

was so high unless Matala respected that he really he left everything when you leave everything behind the one little left and then you come to the Quran said even I was slammed with proper Hanifa to Quran in Bahasa for the Eco para bandana. You have to appear separately for that been this foot coochie but it is up

00:34:32--> 00:34:47

understand yourself so highly. That before Allah writes your destination, he asked you oh my silly What do you want your stability for me? Now tell me what you want. I'll give you you come to him. Don't come to the world honey if you need to turn away from everything.

00:34:48--> 00:34:52

That Hanif ohana, fine, that'd be nice to leave everything behind and come to Allah