The Story of A Verse #27 – The Defrauders

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to the city of Medina, he began to survey the marketplace where people were buying and selling in the city of Medina. And he found as he went through the marketplace that cheating and lying was widespread across it completely. And they were engaged in things like selling things that were unknown, the quality of it wasn't known. Or they would sell things that were defective while hiding its defects. So they sell it to you, and they tell you it works. But then when you go home, you find out that it doesn't. These types of actions and practices were incredibly widespread throughout Medina. And one of the things that was also well

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known was how they would tamper with skills. So sometimes if you went to purchase something from someone, he would wait for you on the scale, but the skill was tampered with the scale, which show that it weighs, for instance, a kilogram, but it really only weighs 700 grams, or 600 grams, so it weighs less than it appears, you pay for the full kilogram, but in reality, he's giving you a lot less than that. One person in particular, his name was Abu johannah. He was known to have two skills. So he would bring one skill if he was the one who was purchasing to make what he purchased appear lighter. And if he was the one selling he made it appear heavier so that he would get more

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money or he would save more money. And all of these cheating and lying and unethical principles were so widespread, and because of it, Allah Subhana Allah revealed these verses why Isla De Luca Fifi alladhina either

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nursey esto foon wa either can who whom I was at whom new co moon, Allah.

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Leia woombye nyali name? Yeah, we'll make out.

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Soon you rob.

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Wait, we didn't moto Fifi and woe unto those who defraud. Woe unto those who are lying and cheating and misrepresenting in the marketplace weigh in is a threat. It's a promise of punishment. Allah subhanho data is promising punishment to people who act in this way, people who are engaged in unethical practices, those who Allah xojo describes as when they are the ones buying they want their full measure, if they are purchasing something, they want their rights, right, they want the full kilogram, but when they are the one selling, they try to manipulate and to tamper with the skills to make it appear like to make it appear heavier than it is in reality, they want to rip off people but

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when they purchase they want the rights completely. Allah Subhana Allah brings this example into the forefront and makes us think about it. But realize this imagery of cheating with this scale, it's only used as a matter of example, because every other type of defrauding every other type of manipulation and lying in the marketplace, all falls into the meaning of wait a little more toffee and that whoa onto those who are defrauding others. Allah is warning everyone who engages in every type of an unethical practice when it comes to dealing with other people. And it's not limited only to purchasing buying and selling on the marketplace. Even the way we deal with people. Sometimes we

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conceal things that are important. Let's say you know somebody is engaged in haram has a you know, haraam lifestyle, and somebody comes to you and says, Hey, is this person suitable for marriage. And so you hide, you know, this fact that he should know, you know, he should know this about this person, if he's gonna let him marry his daughter, you conceal this, that's something that's wrong, you're defrauding the people, you're in a situation where you're giving false witness in a situation where you should be open and transparent. Likewise, if you try to win over clients, and get them to sign up, and you present this picture of all these things you're capable of doing for them, when in

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reality, you know that it's improbable for you to be able to do the things that you're telling them you might be able to do. That's also a type of defrauding a type of concealing facts from people in a marketplace, from people in our interactions and dealings with them. But the imagery of the scale is something that's brought up in this in this sutra, the imagery of the scale is something that will us brings before us, why does Allah mentioned the scale and the dividing of the scale and attempt tampering with the scale? Because Allah subhanaw taala then turns your attention to what to the Day of Judgment, Allah voula whomever within the omen of him, do they not realize that they are

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going to be resurrected to a tremendous day, do not realize there's going to be a day of judgment when we will stand in front of Allah. And there will be a scale on that day. And that skill will measure our good and our evil and we can't tamper with that scale. We cannot put our finger on that. We cannot put our thumb on the scale on that day. On that day. Our deeds are good enough.

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Evil will be shown and will be in front of us for all to see. And Subhanallah it's really powerful because you can make whatever law you want whatever policies you want. People can always find loopholes in business. They can always find loopholes around the rules and the laws. But what makes people actually pause and consider and think about their actions is when they realize they will stand in front of a lawn, the day of judgment, and that's the day when their deeds will be presented in front of a lot of soldiers and they will have to answer in front of their Lord. So Allah subhanaw taala either says to us, ally of Nola, Ruth, when do these people not realize that they shall be

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resurrected to a great day, the day they will stand in front of the Lord of the universe? May Allah subhana wa tada protect us on that day And may Allah azza wa jal make our good away or evil on that day.