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The importance of honoring guests in hosting events, including those who have been there for a long time, is discussed. The host emphasizes the need to be polite and not waste money, as well as bringing guests into one's homes to give them their business and avoid being surprised by guests bringing them home. The importance of socializing and bringing guests into one's homes is also emphasized.

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otaku Allahu Allah the Tessa I don't wanna be here on our ham in Allah can earn ecography Eva Yeah human Latina I'm an otaku la how who call and studied you slept lacuna Rama hola como la casa de novo Uber COMM When my daughter in law, our Sudha, who for for the first fellows in our Lima, All Praise and Glory to Allah Who we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we seek from Allah protection from the evil whispers within us and the evil consequences of our shortcomings or misdeeds. Forever Allah guides none can lead astray and whenever Allah leaves our guidance, and can provide guidance to that person, and will justify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience in the absolute sense of those words, but Allah and Allah alone, without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was His Prophet and his messenger and the perfect example for humanity until the last day.

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Oh, you have Eman? Oh you have believed keep your duty to Allah be protective your duty to Allah value your duty to Allah and uphold it and do not die except in a state of complete and total surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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And to begin

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after seeing a little bit less than a shaytaan a regime Allah subhanho wa Taala he says Smilla rahmanir rahim. Hell attack a hadith LiFi Ibrahim and Mikami

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has their come to you the story of the guests of Abraham the guests of Ibrahim Al Mook Ramin who were honored in the Fall River Alaihe Salam Solana when they entered upon him and they said we greet you with a greeting card as salaam Kowloon, Cameroon and he said greetings be with you or people who are unknown.

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Ferrara either Hadley Heath Ledger I'd be arranging in Sameen and then he drifted off to his family, his wife, and he came back with a lean meaty cow, a bull

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a cooked

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cow for his guests that was filled with meat for Perabo II lay him and then he brought it even closer to them.

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And then he said Allah Azza cologne are actually going to eat for L Jessa. In whom FIFA Guardiola Hoff wobba Shamu will be Ebola. I mean, early, when he got scared, he got worried. They refuse to eat. And so he became worried. And they said to him, don't be afraid. And they delivered to him, the reason why they're coming. They mentioned to him we are here to deliver to you news of a knowledgeable son, a knowledgeable boy avoid that you will have that will be very knowledgeable.

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And so this is the story of the guests of Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, who of course, were angels carrying to him, the bookshop, the good news from Allah that He would have a son.

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And this will be the topic of our football today. The guest of Ibrahim alayhi salam, why, because as it will find Rahima who buses for pajama, I tear the hill I had to add, they're not the fit.

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And let's see here in Asheville, under this set of verses, gathered all in one place, the manners of hosting your guests the manners of being a host in Islam, which are the very best manners and most honorable of them, meaning the most honorable aspects, the most praiseworthy aspects of hosting your guests of all the different ways that people tried to honor their guests. Allah gathered for us in this short image of a story, the most noble way to host your guests.

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Well, he says to a man i There have been at Sokoloff and let's

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he had to follow for notes I can live in NEMA here. I mean, I will die nurse you our ad him. He said if you consider all the other ways that a people made up invented to honor their guests, you will realize that they are nothing but either backwardness or overburdening practices, which people have developed over centuries. And it's nothing but that their culture, their custom, not free from being flooded, maybe their hearts were in the right place with the practices were off the mark. Whereas this story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, his guests is the perfect snapshot of how to fulfill a very important part of our faith, which is honoring your guests. And so why are we covering this visa

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because they carry the core of economic life? Why do we care so much about the economic life because this is a part of our faith in Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men can uh you know, we learn when young will ask you for your cream buy from whomever Have you believes in Allah and the Last Day, whoever has faith in God and in the Hereafter, let them honor their guests. That's one reason. Another reason is since is a part of our faith, we have to make sure it doesn't get mixed in with culture we separate tradition and culture are fine. But when the tradition challenges the religion, and we need to know which one to prioritize, or else a part of our religion could be

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dismissed with the change of culture, if we presume it to be culture. And this is something we may see that this aspect of our Islam could vanish over time. The same way didn't exist before the time to go Rahim Ali salaam, according some of his stories, he was the very first person to actually do this, open his house to guests, people are much more

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anxious with inviting people into their homes before his time. And so this practice was developed through Revelation, and it trickled down into the generations after them. But it could also disappear again the same way it once wasn't there.

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And that is very possible for us, especially when the life of this world, our lives, and our times have changed a great deal. And so we could become overly preoccupied with our lives and forget that Islam, there are certain places where Islam puts a hard stop and says know what it means to be alive. Part of that is living for other than yourself, you don't just live for yourself and your income and your kids, and you're feeding them. And that's all this must remain part of the human civilization, the wholesome human civilization.

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And the reason why I chose actually to mention this whole debacle,

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I was invited by a family that would kill me if I mentioned their name in this community that made me walk out thinking belittling myself, we were invited over their house, may Allah bless them, the entire family, and the hosts became sick.

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And he couldn't even stand and he invites me into his house, and I didn't think it was that serious, and you still come still come. And when I walked into the house, I found that he actually had to lean with his hand on the floor to open the door for me.

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And I said, would I ever do that? I walked out like, No, I would just say, Guys, I'm sorry. It's not a good week, next week, come back. It didn't doesn't mean that much to me, though. I know some of the I had some of the ahaadeeth. Am I a product of my culture? Absolutely. Are we products of our culture, it will rub off on us. And if you want to see what it will look like, look at your look at our children, look at your children. Do they value honoring the guests as much as you value it?

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Some of the best families will have the children come give Salam to the guests and disappear, as to sit with the adults with their father, right or with the adults with their mother, or take the children of those guests and host them themselves a mini hosting, show them their room, show them their toys, these types of things. If these things don't exist in our children, we have to be careful that this is fate could be fading out of us slowly.

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You know, I remember one of my machines.

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This is fine.

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This is becoming the culture of the number perhaps to keep switching the microphones and this is fine as well. It'll teach us patients will Hamdulillah.

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And so one of my machete who's to say to me I remember

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that I only saw one family in all the homes that I visited all the cities that I visited because I remember one family where the children actually came and felt like I'm the host. This is my responsibility to duty. It's an honor. I set the table with my parents, right. I make some

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Have the suites and the kid was telling me he was happy to be a part of this. We have to instill that happiness with observing others, the guests in our homes. One of my exemptions, I remember when I was growing up, my father would kill us. If someone knocked on our door. And we said, and he asks us his Baba home, and we say, Yeah, Bob was not home. He would destroy us. It will become so we would have to say the hotdog, no, no, please come in. And of course, this is assuming that the person answering the door or the people in the house are older of age so that there's not any inappropriate foreign men foreign woman behind the house inside the house alone. But he says when

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you can imagine he's 10 years old or up, you have to say come in first. Then they come in and we would walk inside they think we're getting our father we bring them a cup of water is Baba hope. No, he's not home, that's when we can tell them that love was my own. If I tell him from the door, my life is over.

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So this needs to be re instilled. The third reason why this subject is very important and I'll spend the football or perhaps sewage arm on it

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is that that hamdulillah we're at the end of the

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year right at the end of the the Gregorian year. And this is a time for much visitation that happens during the school breaks that are coming up the winter vacation, lots of visitation, lots of socializing. And so it gives us an opportunity to apply it right away, not just in one ear and out the other. And suddenly, if I invite him on lunch, it's 14 or 15 qualities you take to be a good host for yourself for your children. I'll mention of the nine. He says first of all, Allah azza wa jal praises Ibrahim alayhi salam by saying had an attack a hadith Alafia Ibrahim and Luca Ramin has their come to you have you come to learn the story, the meaning the very important story that you

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should learn of the guests of Abraham who were honored who honored them. They were honored by Allah because they are angels. But they are also honored by Ibrahim alayhi salam and I'm about to tell you how this is the meaning of the ayat according some of them have a city they said there's a dual meaning here Allah didn't mention who honored them, because it's not just one direction they were honored by Allah and honored by Ibrahim alayhi salam in the form of guests.

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is definitely an array up so far do Salah when they walked in on Ibrahim, and so they said to him Salah Anna

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Karla Salah Moon Coleman Moon cologne, he said to them Salomon, so they said LeFevre says notice they said Salah man, Salam was doomed to failure right? lucidly, mussalam and the meaning of Solomon is we greet you with a greeting. That's a good thing to do when you enter the house he's supposed to greet. He greeted them with a better greeting. He said Salah moon, wa Salam on Joomla it's mija to feed food with them. And he said, Greetings be with you, meaning endless greetings with you. That's the difference between Solomon and Solomon. He says and always the host should be very careful. Meaning he's the one with the spotlight is on he has to be better with his guests because he's

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leading the gathering than his guests are are with Him whatever they say. You always greet them respond to them reciprocate in the best fashion always. Just like when Allah azza wa jal says for example, we that we need to be to hate him for how you will be asked and I mean, LOL will do her forever Arabic accent

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Joab and Mithali I will do what had to dinner, right? Allah is when you're greeted with a greeting, respond with better than eight that's ideal. ello do have or at least to return it. Because that's the bare minimum. You're not allowed to do less than that. But you should do more.

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And so when someone has salon, you say back to them or like to set up more Rahmatullah. They say I said, I'm gonna Tula. Ideally, you say back to them, or they come salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Right. They mentioned your name, you mentioned their name, you make your art for them.

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And it's not just the words that you save you try to also meet your guests, greet your guests, with cheerfulness with a big smile. Whoever comes into your home, that's the first thing you bring to the table. The generosity table, the first thing you bring is, I'm happy that my guests are here, my mother in law, my father in law anonymously and even the province of the senator was visited by a guest. That was quite burdensome. His name was Juma. But who said about the Allahu Anhu who became Muslim later, he brought him into the house, and he had the milk. Some milk for him squeezed some milk out for him. He asked for more

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until the Prophet SAW Selim Allah His lado Salam kept bringing him more until he milked that animal seven times for this individual. Likewise at Smith and Terry Buck wrote the Allah Allah when her mother came and greeted her at the conquest of Mecca, she came to the province on Sundays. So Allah, she's trying to enter my house, she will he or she wants me to, like, forget everything and just go back to what it was. She wasn't Muslim at the time, right, because he was the mother of ismat beings every buck, and she wasn't Muslim. He said to her, honor your guests and treat your mother well and always keep ties with her, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the fast when they're at

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your door. That's it. You greet them on a standard that Allah expects of you. Subhana Allah that.

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I remember, regarding responding with that, which is better. There is an imam who used to lead Salah to hear the kids

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go through the beautiful voice.

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I'll leave all names that are disposable and sha Allah and so he came to one of the machines that we both respect, he traveled to Him. And He said to him, Chef, I'm going back to sort of the if you ever come to Serbia, you must you must come to my house.

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Of course in sha Allah, I don't have plans but okay, so Allah is Chef, you can't say no.

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I will have the Imam of the Haram inviting personally, like my friend is the man who leads a lot of the gamba. When he calls you, you can't say no. I was like, Wow, that's pretty impressive.

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The Sheikh said to him, I will come if you call me.

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That was even more impressive. I value your invitation, right. And I respond to you with something better than you offer it. To me. That is the type of hosting that a person should have, especially when they're the ones on the receiving end of the visit.

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And then he says Salah Moon co Moon Moon Cal rune, he says greetings are people who are unknown.

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He didn't say who doesn't know if a monk I don't mean matura. It's set in the passive tense. He didn't say I don't know who you are. Because that could cause a little bit of an awkward moment message it, he picked his words with his guests very carefully. He said people who are unknown, he didn't mention who doesn't know them. Could be me. It could be the whole town. The whole city doesn't know who you are. He wants to tell them.

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Tell him who you are. But he doesn't want to see it in a way that could cause some sort of offense, some sort of friction, a failure and expression could ruin the whole gathering. Sometimes the word that you say that is inappropriate could outdo the foods that you spend so much money on.

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And so he says to them, Coleman Calhoun

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and there is a rule in Western culture here that is very consistent with this issue of choosing your words carefully. They say you never talk on the dinner table about two things, politics and religion.

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And this sounds about right.

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This doesn't mean we don't remind people of Allah subhanho wa taala. You don't leave a book on the table too much. I like that book a lot. Would you like to borrow it? That's what a smart person will do. But meaning you don't sit there and debate where you polarize? I believe mortgages. Hello, do you believe mortgage is haram? And that becomes the conversation. I'm the host, right? I'm left wing and your right wing and then we debate on the pros and cons of the political parties. You don't do that you don't polarize cause that, that awkwardness between yourself and your guests. That's what Ibrahim alayhi salam was trying to do when he said hello Moon Moon Kalam.

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And then a lot about your data sets and sometimes we don't we read over these ideas and we don't really pay attention to the words he says far off on either. Li Fajr at the original semi, Rohan Who am I an annual salary?

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You plug for over Ravana and a fairly solid. You call that a Rouhani theiling Rojas is when you're snicker in the light when you're when you're being a little bit tricky, a little bit deceptive, right. And so foxes in Arabic, their behaviors cultural avant, they act like they're not looking at me attack the rabbit. Right? They're deceptive a little bit. This is a praiseworthy kind of deception.

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Ibrahim Ali salaam kind of slides away without anyone feeling to his family. What's the point there? What so praiseworthy about that? He's not making his guests feel like they're a burden. He's not saying Okay, stay right here. I'm gonna go get the food right now.

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So the person comes back and says no, no, no, Allah He there's no reason for the food. There's no embarrassment. There's no hard feelings. There's no room for negotiation either. He kind of slipped away

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and came right back be rigid in Sameen. He came back with a full cow that was roasted, that was cooked

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He didn't wait. He slipped. He didn't ask them. Have you had dinner? Because that's the obvious he's gonna say no, I'm fine. Would you like some tea? No, you don't do that you make the sale they say in business, right? You tell them coffee or tea? Not would you like at all this is taught to us from Allah choosing the precise word for Allah either he slipped away to his family, and he came back with our age with a cow that is roasted. There are three things here that need to be said. Because Ibrahim alayhi salam just came to three people

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with the whole cow.

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If you're paying attention, you might wonder, wait a minute, isn't that wasting a cow for three people. That's why the fuqaha the scholars they took from this area that this is not wasted, this would not be considered wasting, if you have one guest and you cook the whole sheet for him, right, you fill a sheet for him.

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If you have a whole cow, when you serve it to three people, this is not wasted. What is wasting, wasting is when you overburden yourself, you put yourself in debt to serve your guests. Or you can afford it. But after they're done eating, you throw out the rest, that's wasting. But if you want to honor your guests by having some huge variety, but you make sure to take care of it, then you package it up later. And there's 1,000,001 things you can do with it, send it to a homeless shelter, send it to a soup kitchen, maybe our wives will force us to eat it for the next two weeks. It's fine, so long as he doesn't get thrown out. That's that's not wasting.

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The second thing to be said about this is he came with a cow that was roasted, is this necessary,

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is the point to spend a lot of money.

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That is not the point. The fuqaha said the point is that Ibrahim alayhi salam brought out to his guests, the best that he had available, that's the point

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not to go even if you have the money.

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But if it is not available, this is not considered honoring your guests.

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And further proof of that is that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when a man came to him asking who's going to take me up for the night that I just arrived here, I have nothing I'm hungry. He said to them, who will host the guests of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And so one of the Sahaba of the lawan we took him home. And he said to his wife, what food do we have, and we have nothing, just this little stuff here in the box. He said, and it's for our kids, he said, put the kids to sleep, and turn off the lights and I'm bringing him

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and so that he comes over their house, and he had told her to turn off the lights because they're all sitting there putting their hands in the dish and eating as if they're eating, pretending that they're eating so it's not awkward, so he doesn't feel like he's the only one fishing a whole family's food. And he's the only one eating in reality. And nobody knew about this. The next morning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam called him forward and asked them what what he did. And he said, Look at the IG of Allah hoomin Slony and ecoman Bad Allah and the most high Marvel he was amazed by your action, lifelines. That's what's meant that you provide the best of what you have.

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Because if you think about the opposite, what's one of our customs, many times we will stop the hosting of guests because we're not ready to receive them. Sometimes there's a schedule, your child has an exam, somebody's sick, these are all, but we say no, no, I have to go out and make a huge piece. And sometimes it never really happened. It just drags and we never bring them home. We never bring these people home. So in order to overburden yourself, you buried many opportunities to honor your guests. And both of those are not good.

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Giving up the opportunity for that a bad day. And number two, overburdening yourself. The best way to honor your guests is to honor them with what's available immediately within means and people love this by the way when they come and they see some simple food in front of them say wow, he's feeding me from his family's food. Right? He didn't have to do this. People notice these things and it's even more honorable sometimes. Then you go to going out of your way to do it. A whole lot only had our stuff Allah I'll leave anyway.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala moana Vietnam actually to Allah ilaha illallah wa sallahu wa shadow under Muhammad and Abdullah wherever you also

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so first of all, it wasn't wasting Second of all, it's not necessary to go out of your way that's not what's being captured here. Third of all, they said this is is a proof that Ibrahim alayhi salam his house was always ready for guests why? They said he slipped away like he wasn't felt

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mean wasn't gone for long, and he comes back with a cow.

00:25:04--> 00:25:20

That means most likely he didn't just go get his cow. Right, and slaughter the cow skinned the cow and gutted and then cook it. That probably wouldn't apply to our van and he slipped and came back, which means the whole family was used to

00:25:21--> 00:25:27

the issue of receiving guests, it gradually became what they were known for.

00:25:28--> 00:25:43

That's why the beginning of the if one of the points we missed, is why they walked in on him. It's as if he had an open door policy, though it's not even like they Noctus Can we come tomorrow and it's as Ibrahim Ali celebs house was opened for guests, by day and by night.

00:25:44--> 00:26:07

And so his house was prepared because the cow couldn't have been prepared in minutes. No way. Allah was capturing that he used for them the best food available their engine and not just the edge of the cow, the worst of your cows and engineering Sameen Alene cow. And it was ready by the way as well. So called Rama, who enable them and fight for the hook was running out now he brought it close to them.

00:26:09--> 00:26:18

Carla, Allah tech guru, he brought it close to them says a few things. He did not accept for anyone to serve them.

00:26:19--> 00:26:58

He served them himself. That's part of honoring your guests. It is totally fine to go to restaurants and give them your business, especially when they're missing restaurants. But there is something different about bringing someone into your home, serving them with your own two hands. Right? That is something that Ibrahim alayhi salam, even if he wasn't on that Cook, he is the one that brought it and brought it close to them. Another thing is that he brought it close to them. He didn't say you come close to it. And so he went out of his way or he did all that he could to comfort his guests. You know, in some beautiful cultures. I remember when I went to visit my grandparents and my

00:26:58--> 00:27:00

aunts in Egypt, they would bring you

00:27:01--> 00:27:36

and this exists is very famous about also the the North African culture the Algeria and Tunisia and Morocco and Libyan culture. When the guest is sitting there in the reception room, they bring him like a jug of water. So he washes his hands while he sits it to comfort him as much as possible. And I remember growing up my mother, may Allah bless her, she would always ask the guests. Would you like me to get to wipe those soapy wipes? Or would you like to wash your hands? whatever is more comfortable for you, she would offer the guests wipes. This is of what is referred to here for carrabba who elected him. And then he said to them, Elijah Kulu, won't you eat? He didn't say

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immediately but when they didn't eat it won't you eat and even want to eat is different than eat? Right begin? As they say in English. He doesn't say that. Oh, he says someone wants you it's more delicate. Bismillah the Prophet SAW Salem, he told some women to eat and they said let us study we don't want any god Allah touched me or non Jew and waka diva. He said don't combine between hunger and between live like don't fall into both. If you're hungry, just eat. And he left it there. He didn't force them. honorable guests, a host does not force his guests to eat. This is a huge mistake people have some people do too, once again would have been famous in customs that built up over the

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years. If he really analyzes what he was doing. He's really doing it for himself, not for his guests.

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Like you can become angry at your guests for not eating but what if he's allergic? What if he doesn't like the food? What if that's just not him? What if he has some sort of condition? I remember one man said to me, and this was to be honest, despicable. It was absolutely disgusting. He said to me, you are dishonouring me if you don't eat, Wallah, if you don't eat, my wife is divorced.

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First of all, to shy kill myself or destroy your family. Those are two not good options for me. I can't eat. The food was absolutely delicious. I love Lennie food. Maybe more than any other food out there. This athletic man said to me, my wife is divorced if you don't eat my food, and I had already eaten. And so when you're also the principles you made up, they surpass the record and just being reasonable a little bit, then this is not praiseworthy.

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And any case for I will just I mean home fever. He felt some sort of fear from them. Ibrahim Ali's Will said about him, and was it LGs I mean, will he feel he felt fear, meaning he didn't show his guests that he was afraid that he was troubled by their actions. He was troubled by their behavior and this is very beautiful.

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Kevin Nash of which was a man that started many wars against the Prophet SAW Salem, when two men were sent in Medina to go execute him.

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They said to Him come outside, they visited him and they said, Come outside.

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And so he was afraid something's wrong here in the middle of the night, and his wives were afraid

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and they said to him their words trickle with blood like these don't sound like they're nice they're there's something going to happen something's they're up to you. They know what your something's wrong. He said to them in Medicare emails right before he was killed, he said to them in their care either. Doria Isla Varna team believed in Agile. He said an honorable person, a person that honors his guests even if they request from him to kill him. He has to accept that

00:30:28--> 00:30:56

this is not actually Islamically true, but this is the type of culture he got from that environment he was in right that pure honorable ring your guests environment which our deen regulated with reinforced So may Allah azza wa jal bless us and you in these coming days and help us make the best out of the visitation season out of the vacation season Allah mommy teach us that which will benefit us and better because of that what she has taught us was Allah Allah wa salam of our IV and I'm from Medina. Wait for him.

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Allahu Allah Filipina or Hamner, Lady Galaxy Kinder Denali XL la flatlay DX any Island Walsall fantasy? Yeah, hello. I also want to say,

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Medina Manansala Jana HIPAA, aka burner was Allah Allah wa sallam Avara Valentina Muhammad wa ala you also do send them to steam and if you're