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To the dealer here 100 share carry more so that was Salam O Allah say you did more saline, so easy now what have you been and whenever you know Mohammed in Salalah Why are you selling? This is our third session Mashallah, in this special Dhul hijjah Islamic q&a focus on Hajj, getting ourselves motivated to take and make the best out of these blessed 10 days of the month of the hedger the last of the calendar month, we ended our discussion and handily lab with the prayers of Salah to Dr. Lai from Mecca mocha Rama, how beautiful it is to see the Kava to see that pilgrims who have begun to assemble to attain that great font and the invitation of Allah subhana wa to Allah to fulfill their

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and by that in that sacred land, may Allah Subhana Allah make you and I have those who are able to stand in the plains of our office and to stand on the Mount of mercy in the coming Hadji next year. I love I mean, Oh Allah that we have been deprived this year May Allah some kinda went to Allah showered us with His mercy shower us with his rough man and join us again with the believers. Allah him but I mean, in these blessing places and in these flourescent lands, yeah, or Hawaii? Yeah, what do you get called Avi? Allah who

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had just uploaded my bad yeah, economic economy and bless us with another hedge and a hedge for those who have not been before I will return to you. Yeah, Allah, he been speaking about how to earn the reward of hedge without departing. And we said the first capital thought is to ensure sincerity between us and a lot to make an intent to making Hajj even though we may not have the means or we have been restricted with the COVID restrictions or for whatever reason, somehow Allah that the heart is sincere that the heart is pure, can earn us a reward with our Creator and with our maker. So panda what to add up. Number two, now I want you to pay attention to me These are actions that

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can be performed to earn as the reward of Hajj even though we have not left our home. And this is something in sha Allah. For those of you who are listening along, if you have a question, please do call in. We will treat this also as an Islamic q&a, as I will not be able to be with you in the Wednesday sessions that we normally have in chat. And while we have these special Hajj programs for you in sha Allah.

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So the first half of eath, we will study these are the words of the prophets. I said, Look, remember we said when there's an excess of blessing, the only one that can inform us about it is a lot in the Quran or through the words of the prophets I send them that are inspired to him into his heart and onto his tongue by Allah. We're going to study the hadith of Ennis Eman rhodiola and horrible nsmb Malik is not any regular Sahabi right, he is one of those who the prophet may do for the prophet may do for him to have a long life and many children and to teach the faith of Islam to generations after he's one of the longest living Sahaba after the death of the Prophet is. One of the reasons

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for this is that he was the hog in the servant of the Prophet Mohammed. So I sent him his mother Auggie, Allah who I have, she came to the Prophet I send them and she said, O Messenger of Allah, I want good for my son and there is no greater good than to be in your company. Take him on messenger of Allah as one who will run your errands who will do what you need, who will carry your shoes when you enter the masjid when you're making will do he will spill water for you. Yeah, I saw the loss I said let's make use of it to the profit accepted and his family are the Allah who are under what law and gave him that noble purpose. As the hog that servant of the Navy, you will have mental I sell

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them. When you serve the prophesize elements in elevation. It's an honor, it's a dignity that cannot be surpassed in any other way. How worthy it is of this young man who was eight or 910 years old to be the carrier of the the blessings of the prophets. I said let's bless you choose to be the one who would take errands from one place to another on his command. So Addison Malik was favored by the prompts I sell them and because he was so close to the property had access to him at times where others didn't, he could see of the Prophet when others see now this hadith becomes a powerful heavy.

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He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, pay attention to this, that the one who prays May Allah subhana wa tada make us consistent in our faith. The one who prays salted pheasant in particular in Japan, then seats in the remembrance of Allah until the sun rises, that this person they sit until that shoe, the sun breaks the face you remember we want to connect this with our first discussion when federal aid and so you began your prayer and now you're waiting the the day began to dawn prophets. I seldom said the one who prays and does so in congregation and sits

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remembering Allah doesn't go well doesn't leave doesn't chip place remains in their place of solar until the sunrises, which is usually between 30 to 40 minutes right on normal occasions, if you are near the equator and this is the timing of the people of Medina. So if you're in the middle of the privatized sell, when you pray pleasure at a 520 shrew could be close to 6am. Right? So it's about 30 to 40 minutes in time, the one who sits remembering a lot from the time they pray a lot to tragedy in congregation with the man until the sunrises, then then they pray to rock I

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will have the reward of 100 over Allah who will have the reward of 100. Remember, there is your reward of Hajj without you leaving home, there is your reward of Emre, as if you're making 100 director where you do it, I'm gonna and then without you departing from your home, there is your reward without having travel without the expense of the the monetary expense without the physical expense, without the burden of the fraud, without the difficulties of the journey, and the departure of your family, friends and workplace. All of that is secured through what are the words of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that some of that would have meant they itemize this in

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particular for our sisters for the women. And they say that in her prayer at home, can achieve the same reward if she is not attending to the Jamaat for pleasure because it is not obligatory in that sense upon the Muslim woman. And it's, it's preferable at times for her to get that same reward. In that sense. Some of them have itemize this and therefore becomes very tempting for you and I may also partner with Allah grant us the reward of Hajj and the reward of

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worship in our own city, in our own community. May Allah Subhana Allah, open our hearts to worshiping Allah smarter with true knowledge, not just harder. And that becomes an important segue for you and I and I want to focus on this. It is important for you and AI to learn our deed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, may you ready there will be higher on the hadith of Maria, Connie, the one who will love wishes for the bounties of good. You *a Hooper did Allah gives him an understanding of the deep. Notice the prophets it certainly doesn't say at your level, that he the person will be taught that religion no filk will have an understanding a wisdom in the practice

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of faith. Because a person there's a difference between knowledge and knowledge and fad. Allah Subhana Allah describes two of the great prophets and messengers in the Quran, a father and son, that will that is set up until a man and a set up. Allah subhana wa Jalla describes their word coolin entertainer hoekman were in about both of them. I gave wisdom, the judgment to be able to judge between others in wisdom and knowledge. But Allah then speaks about to lay man as having something that exceeded his father, although he's the son, he exceeded his father. In fact, when a puzzling question was put forward, and wood answered it to lay man to pause. So a man to pause and

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say, I owe my father. I think this is the correct answer. And Allah speaks about this incident in the forum, as is found in the Hadith Sahih Bukhari will have now has Philemon Allah says in the Quran I gave, so a man is understanding. The fifth of this issue. They issue is a simple issue. There was a farmer and a cattle raiser, somebody who owned a shepherd he owned livestock and a farmer was his neighbor. In the middle of the night, the livestock broke through the fence of the farm and ate the crops for the year. The farmer and the shepherd came to that wood out of your setup. And they said O Messenger of Allah, that wood You are the king, you are the judge convener

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give judgment. This Shepherd, he acknowledges that his sheep, his livestock entered into my farm, they're the ones that destroyed my crop and took all of my profits. That will literally send I'm hearing that argument he immediately said, whatever sheep that you have that equal the value of the farm or now the farmers property, give the sheep to the farmer to pay him back for the losses of the farm that has been lost to a man objective and he was set out. So they men objected, said my father. This is not correct. My father, the shepherd will lose all of his flock and the farmer will gain yes the flock but his plans and his vegetation

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will grow back next year. My father, it is better if you give him the flock, that whatever is produced from it whenever you sheep, new goats, new cows that he can add keep them but the flock should return to the farmer in the coming year to regain back his own livelihood, and the offspring should be kept with the farmer. And this was the fifth, the fifth, the understanding that goes beyond just the text Allahu Akbar. And that becomes a noble thing that the Prophet would teach us right Selim will teach his wife, the wife of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam as she's sitting in her home. And she has fully finished her Vegeta prayer. She's praying at home as we mentioned,

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she finished her pledge of prayer. The Prophet had gone out to pray returned, she was sitting there and she began sitting in her same place making decontrol also can allow and hamdulillah whether there is a mobile law, but when I know enough from which I

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started while they want to avoid a Isla de la vida, who would actually color the whole moon cola would have to

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call the making the the Prophet left again and returned in the mid morning. So now it's not just one sharuk now she's sitting there for a long two hour three hours of time in the same place. The prophets I send him said have you been sitting here since the time I left? She said yes well messenger of Allah all this money out yes or messenger of Allah. He said I said three statements I said four statements three times that equal in reward everything you just did in all of this time you spent in the shortness of saying Subhana Allah when we have either the Hulk or he won't move on to see he was he Natal, she he won't be dead that can be matted. So Pamela he won't be handy. Either

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the hunter he was on FC. He was in a Tadashi when he died that Kelly Mati so Pamela who would be having the either the Hulk he was gonna have see he was in a tabuchi. When he died, I can imagine those four sentence or three times as I just recited around the same reward as she had sat the whole morning into the for noon, making victory to Allah, because of a bad that is also about knowledge. The great man, they would say my ob, the law, BB. Allah was never worshiped in a more competent way than through an understanding of the tradition, the sooner the spirit of faith, the understanding of the objectives of our a bar that to maximize our reward and our relationship with Allah azza wa jal,

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this hadith is one of those examples, you can earn the reward of Hajj

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by simply making you will do at home, attending to the federal prayer, praying it in congregation, remaining seated in your place for the 20 3040 minutes until the sunrise is asking Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, to elevate you, to protect you to honor you, to secure you to bless you, making your eye to Allah making the leap of Allah de la Huda actually and so on and so on, making the 10 g the beloved, the extolling your your your glorification of Allah that it returns to you, and reward of the journey of Hajj and Umrah together. Allahu Akbar, what an incredible opportunity, a second opportunity. Now let's let's do let's escalate it a second opportunity. The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says,

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and this is narrated by the mama Buddha, whoever performs will do in their home

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and goes out to perform the obligatory prayer in the masjid has the reward similar to the one who has performed had and whoever goes out to perform the mid morning prayer, the Doha prayer, it's not even an obligatory prayer has the reward similar to performing abroad. This is narrated by Abu Dawood. There's another narration similar to it in Sahih Muslim and Muslim is an authentic hadith as we know, I will run the Allahu anhu he says that a group of the Sahaba came in complain to the prophets I said. They said O Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yeah Rasul Allah, the wealthy people amongst your Sahaba they have taken all of them. They've taken all the rewards. They

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had a reward of being able to do this and do that they're able to give high ranking their agenda because they have the opportunity to pray like I said, fast like us, but they can then give charity they

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can get expand upon that the needy, we aren't aren't able to do this, what can we do to

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reach that level to attain that level, even though we have not been blessed in a financial sense as they have prophets I send them said

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they may have more money that you to give charity, however, has not Allah has not Allah blessed you with their Isha prayer in congregation that is equal to Hajj, Allah

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has a lot of blessed you with the opportunity of leaving and praying solo to the Asia at home and receiving the reward of Hajj. So not just fetch, but now Asia and then the Prophet continued and have an affectionate prayer that will equal the reward of herbal up to the Prophet combines hygiene aroma in one hand these perfect and he combines the reward of hygiene without rubra in the hadith of Salatu raesha it congregation without the to speak May Allah subhanho wa Taala open our hearts to the how easy it is to earn that reward. We have a caller on the line and if you have questions you you want to ask please put them forward in sha Allah. I said I'm Anakin caller How can I help?

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My name is Fatima Yes, sir Santa Monica.

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How can I help

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this was

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just a meal plan. You know, I used to be a mostly not wanting to

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come back.

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So I don't really know how to go about this.

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I didn't know that I didn't know the name. You know, you know what I'm talking about. The

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platform is supposed to be always been trained to allow. So I didn't really know how to go about how to go about them

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differently to be old without being old. Yes.

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Yes, so I just want to be only and

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more than that for me. All right, may Allah subhana wa Tada, light your path. Bless your journey connects you to your community accept you in the highest levels. We have lots of pattern with Anna support you and your family as you move forward. And welcome back, my dear sister may want to add and make easy your journey. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah passivity for all of us a lot have been so what I will say to you, my dear sister, it's the simple things that are reported. So I want you to focus on on the meaning of saltan Fatiha on connecting yourself with the opening chapter of the Quran. And there is the no greater summary to everything that we have in Islam that that

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particular chapter, it tells you about who is Allah what Allah wants of us and we make a commitment to him er can Abu where you can study only you Allah do we worship only you will be asked help from? Those are the two things that I want you to celebrate a lot with in these 10 days and after the the only you Allah will I asked for my needs and only you Allah do I worship. What that does is that it centers you as a Muslim in every aspect of your life, to the concept of Islam is to surrender yourself to submit yourself to the will of God to find yourself in your relationship with Allah. So the first step is IAQ and that would only you Allah do I wish I'm not going to give any love any

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fear, any hope in anything in an equal way to you. No one can I love in such an absolute said to calls me to doing something that you said no, except that I will listen to what you said and I will ignore them. I will step away from them to come closer to you. No one will seek to attract me to that which is how wrong and you've told me as sinful Oh Allah except that I will prefer you to that and no one will I have hope in that they can help me or assist me or cure me or support me or provide for me in absolute way more than what I make my request of you have a lot a yak and I would only you do I worship and that's the second part Yak and a steady only you do I seek my needs from

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when your heart becomes empty from attaching yourself to other than a lot loving things in a way that only Allah should be loved. Fearing people are things in a way that only a law should be feared. hating things in only a way that isn't meant for us to be ordered by a law then it's

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frees us from obligations to other than So focus on sort of the fact you have read it in your morning reading in your evening. Seek to perfect your prayers seek to come closer to God to Allah Almighty when you stand and you say Allah Come on. Oh my Lord, You are the greatest in my life. No pain Do I have except you are greater than it to be able to heal be no worry Do I have that you are no greater to assist me in fixing it? No fear Do I have that you can not help me to conquer and no success Do I have except you are the provider for it for me, Allahu Akbar. Fulfill your prayers. Seek to pray your five prayers. Focus on the essence of salted fatty head and take your small steps

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of learning. Take your learning steps towards Allah. May Allah bless your journey. May Allah light your path may Allah raise your rank and May Allah give you success, to remain firm and steadfast. And it's a struggle for you and I and all that are listening. There is none of us that find ease in everything that we do in a relationship with Allah. The essence of life is that we must combat our own desires and the evil whisperings and inclinations of the shaytaan the devil to seek a path of purity. And as you said, I want to be more holy these days. That is the essence in the heart of a believer, may Allah continue to increase faith in your heart to magnify it through your learning the

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steps that will lead you to greater conviction, greater love, greater appreciation of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the tradition of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if I can also recommend for you, my dear sister, to try to connect yourself to one of your local mosques to one of your local communities, where you can make friends with some of the other Muslim sisters, especially those who are practicing, you know, those who are connecting themselves to the mosque who try to attend and try to have online lessons and so on. connect yourself to a community because it is easier for you to be supported with others who strengthen you than to be on your own. And may Allah

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subhana wa to add that whether you're on your own or sheltered within a community, protect you provide for you assist you elevate you and honor you a lot. I mean, finally, if I can say and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allows you the honor and the opportunity, may Allah grant you a hedge before you return to Him and may you be able to with this that grand you're at the beauty and the significance of visiting the Holy Land and fulfilling the obligations of Hajj Allah. May Allah Subhana which Allah make easy your journey stay connected to Islam channel, and I hope you will continue after this short break with me. Somalia was not a lie. He was a cat.

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Just a couple more hair. I'll put another streaming link in a few minutes.