Yahya Ibrahim – Dhul-Hijjah – Connect, Elevate & Bloom #04

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of fulfilling user obligations in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to act with their father and community. The success of charity and giving is also highlighted, along with the importance of being a good judge and being present in someone's life. The segment emphasizes the importance of honoring others in the future, and offers advice on how to do so. The segment also touches on the success of charity and profit of giving, highlighting the importance of rewarding others and honoring others in the future.
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But if not Allahu wa Kat and hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Welcome back. It's your brother. Yeah, hey, Brahim, coming to you live from my home in Perth, Western Australia through Islam channel May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless our efforts and coming together seeking the pleasure of Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah assist us all in that which is pleasing to Him, elevate us in these blessings. 10 days of the puja May Allah Subhana Allah grant us his or her man his mercy, his forgiveness, may Allah subhana wa tada assist us, as the closing of this Islamic calendar year comes to an end with the blessedness of evil of how the pleasant day of our

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male Muslim kind of winter how they give us the strength to fasting as was the sooner of our Navy, Mohammed sallallahu wasallam that we are able to fulfill it and to practice it to the best of our abilities Allah with me, we were speaking about gaining the reward of Hajj without traveling. And we said first that it's based on intention. Second is that we connect ourselves and our community and ourselves to the community and to the masjid, to make ourselves from those who are consistent in their account on the remembrance of Allah Subhana, who went to either another way of gaining that great magnificent reward of hedge, even though that we have not left or departed from our homes,

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it through the service of our families, in particular, our parents, and in particular our community at large, attending to the gatherings of the community attending to the hillock, and the classes where we learn the faith where we learned from what's Hello from what's wrong, and what sumed up from what to be that and also from being of those who are supportive of our parents, some of the great companions of the Prophet, Mohammed Salah lo it was said to them that they would say

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that a person who is going to perform hajj and who is going to perform or more or Umbra, that they can earn the same reward

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by through the service of their father and their mother. And in fact, one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he asked the Prophet of Allah Peace and blessings upon him, about what the prophet commands him to do, the prophet said, Be good to your mother for he can grant you the reward of having fulfilled a religious duty towards her. And you know, some of that would imagine a comment that you are a had, you are a person who is in a state of Hajj, or a person who is in a state of an Umbra, or a person who's struggling in the path of Allah, when you are under that.

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When you are in the fulfillment of the needs of your father, and your mother, when they have a need for you. We know from the authentic it, that person came and asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if they should go out in support of the prophet in battle, there was you know, invading armies coming in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says to in fact, if your mother needs you, he has a great need for you. Don't come out with us to the Battle of taboo, don't come out to us do this as well, to see that at the enemy of the Roman Empire who they were fearing was coming down the Vizag times. rather stay with her if there is a need for you in that regard. At some of the

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great imams like in Hazzard and bursary, who is from the students of the Sahaba, he is one of the Imams of the tambourine. He said, going to fulfill the need of one of my brothers, one of my friends, one of those who needs me who has a necessity upon me, can equal the reward of me going to Hajj and I want you to kind of think of how he gets that equation. He's not saying it is the reward of Hajj, but he can arrive to that reward of Hajj. Why because it is from personal hordak it is from the best of character to support someone who was in their need. Now notice the prophets I send them says inauthentic, dw Muslim and others, that a person can reach the level of the one who is fasting

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all day, praying all night, on account of them having good etiquette and good manners. Don't be surprised that you can reach a high level on being a genuine person and being a truthful person or being a kind hearted person or being upon being someone who visits the sequent they're in need, who calls up and asked about how people are feeling, who does a welfare check in and a mental health check on those who are struggling where you know, under COVID constrictions and so on. All of those kinds of things are ways of earning and magnifying our reward that can reach the level of Hajj insha. Allah if our sincerity and intent is pure. So we see this from the statements of the Sahaba

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the tabea he built upon the foundation of the tsunami of our who have been so long

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Those are valuable, valuable deeds, that can earn us a magnificent reward in our relationship with Allah, as though again, finally I wanted to speak about the importance of being charitable, and being giving. And I wanted to speak about charity, because I know in this time that there will be a lot of people who are asking you for support. And this is our right upon the BD of the above the profit habits I sell them. One of the frustrating aspects that we have is that we noticed people become very, very charitable in the month of Ramadan, where they assume that in the month of Ramadan, your rewards can be magnified. Let me tell you something, it's not a secret, but

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it seems like a secret that nobody knows that the rewards of doing good deeds in these 10 days are better than doing good deeds in any of the days of the month of Ramadan. And to summarize, even better, then lay letters even better than later to cause some paranoia. How is it that Muslims have not taken advantage of these 10 days? In more meaningful sense is that Allah Subhana? Allah, yes, even your sha Allah opens up pathways to wills, some people are a savvy food that

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they are quick to seek eat good. Now, I'm not telling you to be generous in your hundreds of 1000s and give all of your wealth and no, but I'm saying have a share of your wealth that you give in the month of Ramadan, in the month of chawan. In the month of May, we'll clear that in the month of Roger, but also keep something for the month of the ledger. This is a sacred bump, what do I mean by sacred, it is from the Ashura and how long from the months where there are prohibitions upon us, as seen in the month that you are in now in these 10 days, is greater in magnitude than as seen in the next coming month, in the month after that, as seen in these blessing, 10 days is not like a scene

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in the months that are not sacred, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to have an insight and an understanding of our obligations towards a lot. So what a the same way that our sins are magnified, our good deeds are magnified, that they are magnified and greater greater estimations and greater greater levels in this blessing. In these blessing 10 days of the hijack leading up to the month on the day of our offer, the profits are low and he was so upset at kuramoto at the end of the day, that is most honored for you by Allah but most heard and appreciated. The one that is what most well received Is it the day you've out often and have the greatest acts of charity will begin with

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different acts of charity that you can do is to make up for your fellow brother in these Blessington days begin with being shot luck, you know, it's a little bit of self promotion there. I asked you by Allah and let the let the * are you know, to providing for my family from my home from my room for my health for my father for my mother, that alone makes you and I upstanding Muslims who will meet together agenda to fill doubts if we don't we did this live Allah. May Allah said like to do your home, put light in your heart, give you deliberation and good intention in your video, man and bless you with a hedge before you return to Him Subhana Allah, I ask Allah to cure you with to heal

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and to support you and to sustain you and I asked you that Allah subhanho wa Taala opened your heart to make dua for me for my household for my daughter for my son's for my wife for my father, my mother my extended family along with me it is an act of charity that you do for me the prophets I send them said men daddy as he that was the one who makes to our for their fellow brother without them knowing I don't know who you are. You're sitting across from me in a different part of the world in a different time zone. I'm about to praise a lot of Asia you're still able to pray the harasser prayer, you're in a different part of the world and you may drop for me I know who you are

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what you asked me the prophets I seldom said he lay out some of my fellow Muslim except Allah will send you an angel as he sent me an angel now Who says I mean for your, for your fellow man for your fellow brother without them knowing that you're making me and welcoming me for what you asked of them and may you be given equal and greater May Allah increase and magnify for you more than what you've asked for me alone.

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So that's an act of charity. Number two, is the charity of your presence, to just be present in someone's life just to be reassuring to them just to let them know that you are a part of you're a part of their life. Some have a lot. A is a great act of charity to just knock on someone's door and take a printed you know how are you today? To have a love that is that forgotten soon death of the men Navy

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Hundreds I said live, it doesn't have to be necessarily knock on someone's door. But it's a text message that I'm wanting to be I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. How's everything my dear sister in law's data made easy for you? If you need anything, do reach out, let me know. Right? You'd be surprised how many people receive that message at a moment that Allah has opened your heart to make that message at a moment that they needed to know somebody cared about somebody in the world other than those who are in their home, thought about that opened up a door of door for them. So how Allah This is one of the blessings of being a hedge as well. You know, one of the

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things regularly that would happen as a pettigo to have someone say, brother, you're here as you go to hedge please make sure to have a line I say in sha Allah, you know, write it down, I usually make a note of it, if I throw it in my paper, I because I don't want to forget. And part of the things that I teach the group who will accompany me to Hodge, who I mentor along the journey, each and every time that I loveless as a game is that I mentor them to make do I Oh Allah, enter the door, I have those who asked us for door that we have forgotten their door or forgotten their name. Subhana Allah regularly, of the day of alpha in the night in the days whenever it may be as you're making

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pull up, as you're walking, somebody will come to mind and heart that you have not seen, had not heard of, had not remembered had no connection to for maybe years. But a law causes them an angel is sent to your heart to your mind your conscience to make you wake up and say some kind of a lot of wonder how that brothers who may Allah bless his life to Allah little moments like that.

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And that is because of the love of Allah has for that person because of the need that that person had. Allah was that Allah eggs as you drop for them to honor you for making the do out for them that gives them what they were asking, Allah was going to enter. But Allah honors you by making you a means for their success. That's the beauty of charity. The more charitable you are, the more charity Allah allows you to perform. The more giving you are, the more giving you will become, the more open you are to losing for a moment $1 or a pound to gain 10 to 700 more. So pound Allah the profits I settled up center.

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After they had done the pullback after they had done a slaughter or idea had been given a gift was given the profit center he should cut up the BGR shell so she's cutting it up. And every time she would cut a piece the Prophet would say call this family give them this meat send this Enescu take this to them rhodiola I know I made some notes with Sam. So all of the meat is being distributed to the provinces to Asia. The Prophet says yeah, you should get mad after you better be there what's left of it. But by little me of coming in there cat for hire rasulillah so I sell them all based in LA you give it all a bit away, nothing is left except a part of it shorter. And the profit I said

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lipset can lay

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he should know you're mistaken.

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back the akula all of it remains elekid for everything we donated we gave to others. Everything we gave remains with us will be increased and returned to us. Only what we will consume ourselves is what will depart from a supernova how maybe we are to hear those words. The prophets Allah is Allah makes about Na Na semana mid sonica wealth is never deprived, is never depleted, is never lessened, lowered. rebou the wealth is never taken away from it by giving charity. It In fact increases it right you by fully Manisha and Allah will multiple multiple multiple multiple to be wills. So parent Allah This is tried and true and tested. In my life in all of our lives we have seen the effect of

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giving a good deed that Allah makes it blue, in happiness in other people's lives, that returns happiness yours to pound Allah. We have a saying as our in our culture as our love and our culture as Muslims we have the same that says, As sad. as men as sadness. This person is the one who brought happiness to other people as sadness, the happiest person, men as sadness is the one who brought happiness to others. Why? Because it returns it to you it blesses you and increases you which fulfills you. It gives you a sense of connection to others that elevates your spirit and elevates your your life in a way that others could not. And that's the secret of making draw out for other

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people. It's the reason that you and I should have a daily to either make for ourselves our homes and our families is the reason that the majority of the of the prophets of Allah have recorded the horror and includes other people in it. Think of the Do I have Ibrahim?

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What is

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Ibrahim say Robbie Gianni Oh Allah make me multi Muslim that regular in my prayer webbing the reality and my children children children children children by generations to come

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Ravenna with alphabet for him to have the direct interval for him he wants it also for others rope benefit only when you add Oh am I forgive me and my parents when he won't be the end the beliefs we have a final color for our session I said I'm on a color How can I help

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sister if you can lower the TV in the background they'll be able to hear you a little bit easier inshallah.

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Yes, sister How can I help?

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I can Yes sister

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on the screen

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event that

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we are

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okay, just come off here. That is a very good question and very good suggestion in sha Allah and I know the producer brother imagined and others who are listening along in chat luck, I hope that they will be able to action this as an important item Mashallah, I'm hearing them in my earpiece say yes, in sha Allah, this will be something that they will try to adjust. May Allah give you the reward of fulfilling that for the rest of our viewers just like a lot I know you don't just that may Allah subhanho wa Taala support our hard working technical team with a Slack channel. I know some Pamela how hard it is that they work sometimes with the time differences with me here in Australia I'm

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keeping them up awake at night and you know, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah assist them with all that they do, and allow you to benefit from all of the good that they are able to produce and to put forward for the oma of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I asked Allah subhana wa tada including our session. Our fourth session in this two hour special booth Hey Jeff session. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada connects our hearts to each other, allows us to elevate our a bad death through knowledge and practice to make us bloom in different relationships, especially our charitable and ventures with others, not just with our wealth, but with our Salah with our phone

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calls with our text messages with our charity, in financial terms to those who are in our communities and those who are distant away. May Allah allow those who fulfill the Amanda of our full band to fulfill it as we have intended in our hearts that they are able to meet the demands of the home of the province I sell them who are in need and the demands of the oma who are seeking to fulfill the needs of others. May Allah Subhana Allah support you and I you know that which is good and virtuous and bless, may Allah honor you and assist you in these 10 days of the hedger allow you to pass a month of our offer it would help allow you to and mind your eyes to be entered and allow

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us to honor to gather in hajj in the coming years but hidden the lie to Allah Subhana Allah be cannot be raised at a biosci goodwill center would handle personally when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah morbihan decrescendo Allah and to submit a call to like your brother your hair Brahim was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah he will bite that

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does that line

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a lot here.

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And I will see you in there like that.

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