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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh and him Did you that will say there too I said Mr. And others who do that some Allah, how do you send them we're back. Welcome back. It's an honor and a privilege Alhamdulillah to reconnect with you and him to do now we're coming together in these 10 blessed days of the hijet Alhamdulillah we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us the small things that we do, and make them greater in our scale than we would assume them to be in their value and in their worth. We pray that Allah Subhana went to Allah grant us his hyena. His Baraka is His goodness, in this life and goodness for us in the next life and protects us from the punishment of

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jahannam alone, but I mean, it's your brother. Yeah, hi, Brahim. Coming to live once again, from Perth, Western Australia, from my home to yours, through the beauty of

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the technological advances that we have, and through the facility of Islam channel, UK, may Allah subhanho wa Taala support them a system to carry the message of towheaded truth and peace and harmony with humanity to all of the different corners of the world, Allah Ameen. And may Allah reward us for taking part of it, you as viewers and myself as a contributor and a content contributor at Minato. That I mean, we have an important kind of special due to a jazz session. And in the last session, we spoke about the importance of these 10 days by looking at the versus the opening versus all the sort of hidden pages. And now I wanted to change our focus a little bit to

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speak about the ways we can capture the spirit of hedge the reward of hedge, even though we remain in our homes, for those of us and Hamdulillah, who have been blessed to have gone on to the sacred journey to have been blessed with the opportunity to return back to our parents, our homes reborn kemah when that may have to nap as if we have just been born as a province I send them said that the one who comes to Hajj and performs the hadoo that is mob rule 100 that has fulfilled all of the requirements has met all of the sooner traditions has been a person who has fulfilled those rights, then they return kemah whether they will or they return to home, as if they are you born reboard May

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Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who have this honor into our future, and that it was honored to us in the past in our previous hedge along but I mean, I wanted to allow you to feel surety in your heart, that there are those whose intention of hedge is pure. And because of their sincerity to Allah, they are given the reward of hedge even though they have not traveled, even though they have not been able to afford it. Even though they have not been able to take that journey to put down that income to spend from their wealth or their health or their opportunity, they have been able to earn the reward as if they were there. And Allah gives us precedent of visiting the forum. Allah

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speaks, for example, about the Battle of tabuk. With the prophets I send them it was a long journey that we're going to travel all the way to what is now the borders of Jordan. They're going to go to the you know, 1000 kilometer journey that they're traveling. And as they're traveling, they need to have enough provisions, food and water and the animal that can carry them there. And there were two harbors who Pamela who were dirt poor, who did not even own anything more than the clothing they wore on their back. They had escaped persecution, they have not yet built up enough to be able to sustain the journey with a prophet Isaiah. tala, what are you gonna do with them? When they came to

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the Prophet asking, Is there any way he can take them with them? He said, let me do my ballet. I have not I have nothing to be able to carry you with me in it. Allah Subhana Allah says, they turn back with their eyes welled up with tears, and anguish in their heart and their inability to go. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala said that there was no wedgie. No mountain, no Valley, no rock, nothing that they pass over Illa we're home makeover except that they accompany you in it. Their spirit, their intent, their sincerity, their purity of heart, their honesty, their truthfulness, their simple with Allah was so captivating, so pure, so true, that the reward was guaranteed for them in a way that

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those who may have gone when the prophets I send them and we're in the journey and we're sincere, but their sincerity and their journey did not greet them the same level as those who has traveled. One of the great moments is in Sofia, in Abdullah him then bovada out of metal I had a one of the great demands, one of the great defeat one of the great teachers of Islam in the era of those who live

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After the habit, and you know, he was accustomed to going to Hajj each and every year and one year he saw that there was somebody who had a financial need. And after having gathered all of his wealth, all of his property he's heading to have you used to be a month long journey to get there. He saw this person had more need for that which he had made as a provision for himself. He immediately changed his head. Flemmi said, Take this property, feed yourself, feed your family feed your home can you know this is a cat now for you change his intention. And then you turn to that his people and he said, I have never been more assured of Allah accepting my hedge my intention for

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hedging more than this moment than me departing from my walls. He's already been to hedge once he's already done his hedge once. So he says, I've never been more assured that Allah will accept the hedge of the past and the sincerity of my intention in this hedge than this moment that I was able to depart with my wealth for somebodies need, instead of my want. May Allah Subhana Allah, open our hearts to be sincere and true in the pursuit of truly desiring to perform the hedge for a loss of panel data. We have a caller on the line and we'll continue with our discussion. I said, I'm on a cold caller, how can I help

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you're discussing really, really good things just

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need to educate people before they go to

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their knees, and should be to submit to your

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You need to stay away from everything we do. Like

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sacrifice was the main message. You submit you're

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listen to

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commands, we need to command the main object, life and

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Allah hi purchase. Our dear sister. And this is one of the points that I will continue with in sha Allah when we say that we want to be sincere in our intention makes us of those who are privileged to go to Hajj. One of the aims behind that of course, my dear sister is that we begin the journey of hedge before departing. So as you are intending to make hedging this year or the next year or the year after you begin by looking at what are things that are held on that you depart from? What are the things that are that you maintain? What are the things that are assuming that you practice? What are the things that are funneled that you abolition your life, seeking by that a quarterback and the

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nearness to Allah because Allah is not confined to a location? Allah Subhana Allah Allah is not only found near the cat I bet you're doing is not only useful if you are looking at the camera or standing in front of it or touching the black stone or the monotheism, your connection to Allah transcends time and place and circumstance. And that is an important issue that our sister raises desert Allah. Hi, I'm Joseph. So I wanted to speak about the importance of galvanizing the spirit of hygiene our hearts to earn the reward of Hajj even if we have not made the trip yet. Now we're going to study some important heavy of the Prophet Mohammed Salim. So I've established from a

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philosophical premise spiritual from an old soul sense that a person can earn the reward of an action even though they have not performed that action. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, men hem man, the one who comes to do something, that one was the intention to do something and fulfills it, they get the reward of the intention and the reward of the action. And the one who intends to do something but does not fulfill it is not able to do it is not given the opportunity to practice it. Then they receive the reward of having done it even though they have not carried it out on accordance to the intention that they had in their heart, a lot of octagon cover man, how

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generous is Allah? how vast is the mercy of Allah, how accommodating loving giving, supporting and increasing is Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah, how virtuous is our relationship with our maker, our Creator, gentle, gentle with others at a smell who was referred to jet lagged a Chevy sapan with dual July you will crop May Allah Subhana Allah grant us more and more of righteousness on account of our sin.

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Security apart in the things that we fail to perform and practice along with me.

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So from a conceptualization you can earn a reward for a good deed, even though you weren't able to fulfill it. Oftentimes lm says in the well famous had either all of us know him and Mr. Lubin, the that actions are judged in accordance to their intentions. So when you have an action that you have a strong intention for it, and you intend to perform that action, your action is only accepted in accordance to the amount of sincerity and their flaws and intent and truthfulness and Sukkur that you had with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in these 10 days that we find ourselves in even though we're not able to journey, I want you to know that these are the 10 days

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where all of the prayer where all of the five pillars are found inside them. We're about to go live to the doctor prayers in Mecca mocha Rama I'm about to praise a lot of veterans here in Perth, Western Australia. I will rejoin you again after a few minutes be in later either way. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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does that will last

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how many minutes do we have my brother

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How many minutes do we have my brother

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Okay In short, like 10 minutes we'll be back be evening back to Allah Jacopo fer. Allah He basically

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for those who are watching on my social media streams, I will reconnect another live feed in 10 minutes in Sharma said I wanted