Yahya Ibrahim – Memorise Tabarak #15

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of popular media coverage and advertisements. The discussion includes various media reports and their meaning, including the name of a woman named Janaighter, the use of a robot to levy money, and the use of a metal shoe to prevent a shutdown. The speakers also mention various media reports about a "beha" and "beha de" sound, as well as a "beha de" sound.
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The 15th verse of the 67th chapter psalter monk we are now halfway through the sutra I'm not sure a lot about a lot when levy whoa well levy whoa well levy whoa well levy and make sure that you notice that there's a shutdown the lamb whoa a levy whoa a levy gyla who will levy gyla who will levy Jalandhar como la who will levy de la la Kumu arrow Baba doolin whoa a levy Jana como la law rule and who will levy dianella comun.

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Who will levy Jelena comun our robot, make sure that you don't earn the honor Ah, who will levy gyla comun our robot who will levy dianella common

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rule and that rule and an auto Baba loulan who will levy jayalalithaa comun Auto Baba dual and who will levy jalila como auto Baba loulan who will levy janilla comun Otto Baba deulim Femi Shu deleeuw Femi Shu, Hua levy gyla como el oro Baba Doolan famzoo fi magnetic Eb hat, who will levy Jelena como el oro Baba Luna, Femi Shu, Hua levy Jalla Allah como la Lu la femme Shu, the Lu some shoe that

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some shoe the Luna family shoe female keybie have femto v menac Eb ha the rule of thumb to FEMA anakee b hat, the rule of thumb shuchi menac eb hat, who will levy dianella como una tiempo de mana key B hat, who Alevi dianella como el

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tiempo de manera keybie ha, who will levy who will levy whoa a levy Giada de como, la

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femme famzoo v menac Eb hat, femto v manda ke B hat, who will levy jalila como la

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femme Xu fi menac Eb hardware kulu memo's the workqueue mill is three where kulu Mail will stay where kulu kulu kulu mirror is mirror is a mirror mirror mirror is a mirror is a tough one mirror is stay for kulu famzoo v menac Eb hat workqueue famzoo v menac Eb kulu famzoo female keybie hair wear kulu memristive workqueue mill is play workqueue mill is famzoo FEMA keybie heiwa kulu Mills a femto vimana keybie heiwa kulu mill

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famzoo FIM Anna keybie heiwa kulu mill risky, wet la he y la

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y la Lu y la

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famzoo fi Manoj ke B Hawa kulu Mariska whoa a levy gyla como el

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tiempo de manera que beha femto de manera ke ha workqueue me rizky where la Lu who will levy de la la como una famzoo de manera que beha

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famzoo female keybie Hawa kulu

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who will levy Giada Allah como el

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tiempo de manera key B hat femto v menac, Eb heiwa kulu risky, y La

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Hoya levy gr La La como

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una famzoo de manera ki beha femto financial team Anna Kiba kulu was a ya know who, who will levy de la la como la

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rule of

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thumb Shu fie minakshi beha worku myristate famzoo Fi manah kB her work pulumi rules they were la Lu

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