Daily Dua in the Blessed 10 of Dhul Hijjah

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The segment discusses various celebrities and their struggles with addiction, including Hope, Jesus, and the man himself. It emphasizes the importance of protecting privacy and publicity, as well as setting out a law. The segment also touches on the consequences of actions and the importance of knowing the names of affected people. Finally, the segment touches on Islam and its importance in protecting against evil and malice.

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed income isolate Allah wa hemo early Ibrahim idealia lemina in neck hamidou Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad in come out so later Allah Ibrahim Allah it raw Haemophilia lemina NACA hamidou Maddy Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed income also late Allah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim along my baddeck Allah Muhammad wa ala remember marinka mabalacat Ibrahima early Ibrahim al amin in the Camino Majeed Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed income also later Allah Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim, Allah my Allah Muhammad wa ala Muhammad income abeokuta Ibrahima early ra hemophilia lemina NACA Hamid Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed income also late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim along Mubarak Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed income Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim al amin, iNec hamidou Majeed along Masoli Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Inca masani tala Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Allah, Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed in camera box Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim aphylla lemina in comedo Majeed Allah masala Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad in Carmel so late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Juan Ali Mohammed income

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avaloq tala Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim of La Nina iNec hamidou Majeed along masala Liana Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed income isolate Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allah baddeck Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed income avacado Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim filaria Let me name Nick Hamid Majeed along masala Allah Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed income as of late Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim along Mubarak Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed income abeokuta Ibrahim Ibrahim A Filomena in the Camino Majeed Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen on Ruffner, Rahimi medicale Medina, he can Abu he can s di D Nasir Alton mustafi masala Dena and I'm Tara Himalayan Mangu era him one of the lean mean spinnler of mana Rahim.

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Allahu Allah, Allah Allah who will hire you will call you later who knows in a tomb Allah no lahoma is somehow to marfil or demon the lady ash power in devil Ellerbee evening. Your Alamo muy bien ad him warm alfalfa when you hate una Vichy me here ellerby Masha was the Aqua CEO who somehow it will outlaw la oh whoa whoa whoa whoa Allah Allah you allow the robina volume for Salah in London fildena thomna coonan nominal ha Siri or banner in common to fill in now Rafa called the oscillator

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NACA in econ Two Minute Warning me

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Romana Taha Bellman in NACA and the semi on Eileen waterbar Lane. I am Alana in NACA, and that the web of walking around benalla to fitness in Siena afford robina attackmen Alena is from karma Hamilton who alanine I mean Cobb Lena robina, to hominem Allah katella nabee he was one wokefield and our Hannah mowlana from talk nanoco Mini care theory

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robina in semi Anam una de una de la Imani and amin over up become

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urbanna fell or fail enter the new Ben our caffi Ron se Tina with our fennel abroad. Robin our attina ma tener la Russo lika a lot of denial monthly ama Nicola talk live will knee

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Robin Allah to superluminova either date and we'll have Lana Min lagoon karma in Mecca and del Wahab rumble Philly only Wiley the everyman the Hello at mo Mina while Elmo Nina and Nina well as it evolved in in inlet about Rob, Rob Bell, Philly Valley Valley. They

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Our little mini neoma formula is Robbie Johnny Maki Masada to mean the reality or a better word for Belgium. Robin I have learned I mean as well as you know whether Ria Tina, what are you doing when you're dealing with pain? Mmm. Robbie Is there any and ash Karanja medical Lottie and I'm Darlene yo Allah where the the yo and mela saw the handlebar who also left leafy though the Yeti Allah home leafy the Ria Tina or hamara I mean, what else like leafy the reality in me to to Isla ikawa in me meenal mousse Libby urbanna Taco Bell, Mina iNec and the semi Oh Nani autobuy Lane am Alana neck and Dr. Webb Rahim. Allah hometel Galena water of water water for Bella or hammer raw I mean

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Robin I have learned I mean as well as you know what the reality now for what are you doing when you're dealing with clean? Hmm all we ask you about your most blessed names and your most pleasant attributes to make us from those who are protected in these pleasant 10 days of the hedge out hammer. I mean, protect us from ourselves protect us from envy protect us from the envy and hatred of others in the jealousy of others. Yeah, I mean, protect us yeah, Allah from making misguided mistakes without fault and deliberation on what its consequences are in our dunya and after our hamara mean Allah we ask you to protect us from actions that humiliate us in the eyes of others in

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before you Allah we ask you your hammer I mean to allow us to be from those who are protected from the mistakes that lead to greater consequences in their life yeah or hammer well I mean Oh Allah protect us in our privacy and and our public life our hammer I mean, but loving our home love in our hearts love within our families. Yeah, Allah, Allah soften our hearts towards each other and increases in Goodyear on camera I mean, Oh Allah, we ask Mr. Brahimi to forgive us the sins and the mistakes that we have done knowingly and unknowingly Allah, Allah we ask you to forgive us the sins that we have forgotten about you Allah, and have not yet asked you about their repentance yamawaki

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mean Allah fildena has led our jet then our hotter and our antenna Allah forgive us the sins that we may have done in joking this or seriousness in the air or being deliberate in them yet Allah will couldn't do that again done a hammer I mean, and all of our sins Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah NEMA condom nirwana hot, no one that sort of no matter and then that Allah forgives the sins that we have done in our past in our present into the future. The sins that we've done openly and secretly, Allah, woman into Allah will be him in that and what you are more intimately knowing of in MLS, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah MFI, Lennar malcode them now I'm at 100 out hammer I mean what we have done and what we may do and have not yet done yet Allah Allah allow us to be from those who are able to restrict ourselves our hammer, I mean, Allah and Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah we acknowledge that you are our Creator our master. Yeah, I mean, like in the end we take no one that we worship but you we are of law Hello now when I know Javi created us and we know that we are your creation your slaves were in, enslave to you Allah. We know I had to go when it comes to time and Allah We promise to maintain our covenant and promise to fulfill our deeds that you have ordered upon us as much as we are able to

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Allah that will become in children. So now we ask you to protect us from the evil that we have already committed in our lives. Whenever we look at our medical aleena we turn to you acknowledging your favorites upon us yeah Allah whenever we look at it, you know we never fildena We also turn to you having come burdened with our Cinzia Allah but forgive them for us. Yeah, forgive them for us. Yeah. I mean, they know who they are fiddle to know about it and for none is able to forgive except you Yeah, la

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isla in the end, the Illa Illa Illa in the end we worship and acknowledge none in love and in fear and hope in his mercy but Yuliya La la la bien we ask you in seeking your forgiveness in your part and yeah, Allah you're the most great Mr. Little la Halima Lila Isla Well, hey, you're you're too late. You were the only one who is eternal, all sustaining Allah we turn to you and repentance as self it Allahu la Lima la isla Illa Illa who will hire you for you want to lay I seek your forgiveness law and there is none that can do this for me but you get a law in and I'll hire you for you. You are the living the self sustaining. I repent to your hammer I mean a self at all. I love

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even love Isla Illa Illa who will hang on for you more adobo Ed, Stanford online all even lavilla in Europa Yamato la self reliance, even love Isla Illa Illa who will hang

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You want it to go LA, South Carolina all the men love Isla Isla hi in LA What are your for you wanted to avoid? So if you don't want to even live

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in the hole hanger or you wanted to avoid a stove it'll live I'll even let ILA in a hole hi Eureka you want to go la Allahumma iNec I wouldn't be able to live with her for a nap. Allah you were the Forgiving the pardoning you love to forgive you love to pardon Forgive me. Allah forgive all of us yeah Allah, Allah You're the one who loves to expunge and remove Cinzia Allah you love to do this for your creation yet Allah will have turned to you with sincerity Allah make us and countless of them in these plus 10 days yeah Allah make us from those who are parted and forgiving you out How about a lot I mean, Allah we ask you to protect us from the iniquity of our own self and the

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sinfulness of our own desires yeah Allah Allah mufaddal in our home now in half an hour for Allah forgive us and show us mercy show us your pardon your your greatness in manifest mercy Allah, Allah Khomeini with a becoming Alhamdulillah has an O Allah I seek refuge in You and with you from anxiety and fear of becoming an adze will castle your hammer I mean I turn to you seeking protection from inability laziness, when that over the weekend in algebra one booklet we all turn to you seeking protection from cowardice and being tight fisted and willing to spend in your cause and upon ourselves in equal in good measure. Yeah, Allah. Whenever we come in handy every day in your high

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regard, Allah protect us from the burden of debt and the coercion and the over handedness of others in our lives. Allah, Allah in their narrow that becoming a member, young, or law protect us from knowledge of that which we gather that we do not practice and has no benefit to us. When we convened a yaksha and from a heart that is unwilling to be humbled and in humility towards you, Allah, woman Neff seemed attachment and from a soul that continues to desire and is never sufficed and satisfied. Yeah, Allah, women die What if you stitch up with Allah protect us from a door that is not entered yet Allah, Allah in that order becoming so earlier hermetic Allah we asked you to protect us from

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the ending and cessation of your fever is upon us yeah Allah, what the How will eofy ethic and from the change of your the well being that we find ourselves into difficulty Allah, Allah puja undiplomatic, and that we are surprised by your wrath descending upon us for our errors in Cinzia law. Were Jimmy I saw huntik Oh Allah we ask you to protect us from anything that angers you and it's affected Allah, Allah many men are the becoming charming man. I mean, I mean, women, children, men, I'm not men, although we asked you to protect us from the sins of that which we have already brought upon ourselves and that which has not yet arrived alarming then oh, there became another big

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hand. Oh Allah protect us from the punishment of Johanna Allah who may narrow the becoming another big one and women other than da Allah protect us from the punishment of jednym the punishment of Hellfire Allah making that know that we couldn't have been women Huizinga or Allah protect us from the punishment of Hellfire and the humiliation of injuring it yeah Allah. Allah know that we can either be Johanna woman either bill Piper or law protect us from the punishment of gentlemen the punishment of the grave, or law protect us from the punishment of the graveyard hammer. I mean, when we come in fifth nettle mahiya well memmert Allah protect us from the trials that are faced in life

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and those at the moment of death when they're all the rock Matic AR hammer Rahimi women shall repeat that in my head the journey Oh, the weaker Yeah, a lot we asked a lot to protect us men shall repeat the Tillman said the jail from the the evil that may arrive before and during that deception years of the degioia Allah Allah protect us from the deceptive years yeah, Allah, Allah in their narrow the Bureau of law come in Sahaja ovolo ask you to protect us

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in your acceptance from your angry Allah in there now all that good luck. I'm in Sahaja Who asked you for your acceptance that pushes away we are angry at Allah. Whenever Oh, there'll be more alpha to come in or probiotic We ask Allah to protect us from through your forgiveness from your retribution and holding us accountable. Yeah, Allah. When are we coming over Allah we ask you and take refuge with you from you. Yeah, Allah. Allah protect us from you by you. Yeah, Allah, you are the only one that we turn to you Allah. We have nowhere to go but back to you. Yeah, Allah, Allah protect us from our sins through I would love for you Yeah, Allah and our carrier Allah learnosity.

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And I like Allah as much as we try we will never be able to enumerate all of the praises you that you are worth and deserve and the talent of CQ alone are able to be praising of yourself as you are worthy of your Allah, Allah and then oh, because karate

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will amat he will he will do a la Oh

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Lower asked you to protect us from the evilness of the undesirable and sinful immorality and sinful ethics. We ask you to protect us from sinful deeds and desires and the diseases that may arise. Allah May narrow the becoming yeah della Bella, whether kiss Sha wosu in other words shamatha to adapt Allah we ask you to grant us refuge and protection from the distress of the trials we may face in life and the lowest levels of misery that may be faced by us. Yeah, Allah. Allah protect us from the adversity and the difficulty of the fate that is still to unfold in our life out law, and from the maliciousness and the evil rejoicing of enemies that may have jealousy and anger and malice

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towards us in their hearts. Allah muffuletta what were her dinner? What for? What are hammer I mean, Allah we ask you to forgive us, we beg you to show us mercy to guide us to grant us good health, and to make us from those who are provided an increase in their sustenance and Baraka in it. Allah my vertical interview, Alina, Allah Mathur Nina behala Lika anharmonic Allah Macarena behind Alec and her avec our lawmakers who are those enriched and sufficed by the halaal that we turn away from the haraam work Nina became immensely work and make us content and sufficed with you in opposed to all that is other than to you yeah, Allah as La Muslim Lennar Dean and a lady who is metal and Marina

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was the learner dunya and latifi hammer as you know, all we asked you to make our religion safeguarding reason for all of our affairs and to set right our worldly life because of it our law because of our practice of this Deen Ostler Helena Montana make righteous our next life yeah Allah and let he lay him Do not where we are in our old going to return Why do I live here does he add that and then if you hold higher Oh Allah make our higher our livelihood always increasing in good for us yeah Allah and increase in good weather I will melt Allah and Allah make our death a moment of peace and a moment of relief from the distresses that have arrived Allah masala All righty now

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mineral as you know Allah we ask you to bless us with protection and shelter us from our own faults and conceal them from others. Yeah, Allah. Yeah, how do I mean Yeah, well he almost I've seen a lot of that in Ms. lucam. And hate him so like I mean, look, I would also look at whenever you come home and all we ask you if the best things that were asked of you by the prophet Muhammad that's I sell them your nebbia and your aura Surya Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us from the things that he asked to be protected from some salaallah alayhi wa sallam Allah will suddenly was said he was robotic unless he didn't have even read Mohammed Allah what is the nature of it all I read this

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issue of makers from those who are delighted to receive it yet Allah Allah Matthew no way you know which unnecessarily have eliminated that Allah guide us and guide other through us and make us reason for the guidance of many. Well suddenly Lama was selling was a guava ricotta habibollah whenever you know Mohammed in the Navy, I mean, why

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he was so happy he was sent him to Sleeman kathira

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Joseph como la fere. For those of you who have been following me, please do consider in sha Allah supporting my sponsorship of 100 orphans 10 net orphans each and every day. In these Blitzer 10 days you will find it on my social media streams on my Instagram on my YouTube and on my Facebook page. For those who are watching on Facebook, I'm sharing my screen with you. These are the best 10 days of the month of,

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of the world that the world rises in and handle you have an opportunity to choose one of these names. I'll put it up once again in sha Allah, and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah accepts it from all of us. Allah Ameen. These are the blessing

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names that have these orphans that we seek to have sponsored to hamdulillah we've sponsored a considerable number already. This is a third day and we're seeking in law that we can complete all 100 the evening later Allah take a moment look through the names and shut light and choose one for yourself. May Allah Subhana Allah make it a blessing for you in your home and your family in your community. May Allah make you the reason for another person's success and happiness. Allah Ameen well sallallahu wasallam was it about a quarter What about that? what occurred Ramallah in a hammock hammer? I mean, I've linked it on my social media streams for you in sha Allah, may Allah accept it

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from all of us was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Please make up for me as I've made for you Allah

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Allahumma salli ala nabina, Muhammad many whina