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Wow, come on Sunday. All right, we'll be starting shortly in LA

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Assalam wa Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all that. So Han Allah, we've been together for nearly two hours speaking in this special edition of the hijab, Islamic q&a for Islam channel UK.

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And I pray the loss of patent went to Allah was gathered us together makes us from those who are fortunate to receive His blessing in the Day of Judgment, for forgiveness for the sins that we have performed in the previous year and the years to come along. I mean, by praying that Allah Subhana Allah makes us true followers of Aaron Wu Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam. We've been speaking about five important characteristics, attributes and traits of Prophet Ibrahim that we can absorb into our life, to make ourselves our families, our communities, our external neighbors and broader community better than where we would be if we did

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not learn these lessons from him. Peace and blessings be upon him. And point number four, we said first, for example, we said to be from those who understand that being a minority is not always a defect, that being a one, but upon truth makes you the majority, morally and ethically. Number two, that it is important for us to have a love for a law that is what distinguishes us, number three, to learn how to debate and to seek knowledge and to master the sciences. And number four, to be grateful to Allah. And we said that gratitude is broken into three parts. The first of them, we said, is to be from those who acknowledge the blessing of Allah subhana wa tada to understand where

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the blessings of Allah are, and not to be blinded by some of the difficulties and trials and hardships that we experience in the world. Number two, and this is where we begin a new is in our search for gratitude with Allah subhana wa to add up is to use the blessings we've been given in that which is pleasing to Allah. Now, that's a very powerful, powerful thing, something that you and I should increase more up, we've been blessed at many of us and hamdulillah with sight, with sound, with ability and movement. Don't waste these things before they are taken from us as you see me in sitting in front of you with my glasses on. I wasn't born wearing glasses, but these glasses are

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things that as I mature in age I become necessary they become necessary for me to function and to drive and to function normally in life. So one of the ways that I can protect my eyes and protect the blessing is to try to use them for that which is righteous and that which is good to come together in reading more and studying more and more and more teaching and using my my strength of sight in that which is pleasing to Allah. Number two is to take charge of that that inalienable things that we have that we overlook. There are you know, things in the Prophet said, as attendee Mohammed said, Come lahab take advantage of five things before they leave you and they leave every

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human being. There's no way that you can stop these five things from ever leaving you they will always leave you at one point or another. prophets I seldom said to your youth, before you get older to have a lot more likely how true number two, your free time before you become busy. So Pamela, the days when you were a student at university, you thought you were busy until you became a family man holding down a job and maybe a second to make sure that you are securing your family financially. So panela take advantage of your youth when you're able to perform the worship of Allah

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And bow down to make some food and wake up for a total effort to help you to stand the whole 90 to 100 and taraweeh and Ramadan and and give of your charity because you don't have many financial obligations yet you're not a family man yet you have all these things in your youth that you think oh, I don't have but you have been blessed what your blessing is his youth

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as take advantage of it. Number two, your youth the province I sell them says your free time to have a lot of 24 hours in the day, how many days we had how many periods of time do we waste in moments that are irrelevant to our life, the prophets I send them says in one of the rewire

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that of the things that hard in the heart is excessive words and dialogue, excessive entertainment, excessiveness, of just doing nothing of just trying to find a comic moment after comment just be entertained with nothing else. And the remembrance of Allah is absent from your life. Number three, your wealth before it's deprived. So primal love

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as much in you and I are blessed with eventually there comes a moment where what we have it doesn't mean as much as what we wanted it to be.

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We ask a lot of panel went to Allah to protect us with this and to assist us with this.

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And I'm okay in sha Allah Allah he bet if he could do it. So with the things to to always look at yourself and say I'm okay and I can do better and the wealth that I have, I want to use it not just to keep saving and saving some of us in our early days. It's like I want to secure my future I want to secure my retirement I'm gonna save and save and save and we forget that have the greatest investment is charity. It is one of the greatest financial investment you can make in your life. So Pamela, so don't have well that you have not taken advantage of by spending it even on yourself spending it on your family, the prophets Allah Allah heard he was sending said, output off to South

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Africa. In fact, with

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the sadaqa that has the greatest bollock is when a person spends upon his wife and upon his family so Pamela, how many people who have a love do I know when today well law he they mourn and regret that they did not come with me to help did not make the journey to hedge with a with a towards a loss of kindness to Allah. They were financially secure. They were, you know, they they were able to take time off from work, they were able to, you know, have that but they looked in the mirror and said, chat, you know, I'm still young and I'll come with you next year or the year after Chola next year, the year after July next year or the year after. How many people are listening to me now who

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regret the fact that they have not made their head that they did not send their father and mother to Hajj, how many people are mourning the fact that they cannot just book a ticket and go to Ramallah, how many families who wanted to take their children and they plan jello we will go in the family tomorrow in Christmas in the Christmas time in the Christmas break and the holiday break? We will go later next time next year, the year after the year after that I still have opportunity somehow Nola where is the opportunity today. If phenom How do you show your gratitude Don't delay when I say to win the prophets I send them says your wealth before it's it's removed from you. It's not removed

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from you that you become poor. It's removed from you that the joy you could have from it is no longer joint enjoyment. So how Allah What good is your wealth if you can't take time off from work to go to Hajj but last year before you you you restarted this job where you had your job you could go What good is your wealth now you can have 1000s in the bank but you can't go to hedge you have 1000 the bank but you never went with your family to a holiday you were holding only no no we want to save and save and save to secure the future. Well the future is now when you miss you miss them bonding moments you miss the opportunities you've missed to wear the clothes that you wanted or to

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bless your children with something that they needed. You held and held and held that it deprived you of showing gratitude to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam corrected a man who thought that arrogance was by displaying you know something fine in your attire or riding a nice ride. privatised, Selim said, a person NWA is a very maternity it's a Muslim person will not enter Paradise easily with the fringe groups of people. If in their heart there is an atom's weight of arrogance. So men said yellow suit Allah a person likes to wear nice clothes

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and to ride a nice ride and to eat fine cuisine. Is this what you mean by arrogance? We should all act poor even if I'm wealthy even if I can wear fine tailored clothing. I should wear something that isn't the province la psychadelic Allah would you have even your HIPAA German law is a searchable beauty he loves beauty. Were you able to euro Sri Rama Hyderabad he loves to see the effect of the blessing he's given.

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Upon his servant, Allah wants you to enjoy the blessing This is part of your gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you don't leave the he'll kulu Where should I go to sleep? Eat and drink what pleases you but do not go to extremes. Do not be beyond spend thriftiness do not hoard it that you don't give the poor they do and pay this aka do not overlook the needy but enjoy what you have and everybody has a different means daddy cup of tea him in your shop I was mining I find hard whatever What are you I did not have.

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Both of them with Allah have their place but both of them enjoy different luxurious lifestyles or lacking in the worldly life. Or if man was able to buy a well for all of the people of Medina and remove a burrito with sleeping in the masjid. I did not own his own home was homeless. This is you know, and then he come up to lie your T shirt. So take advantage of the gratitude of Allah. When you have something, take advantage of it in that which is pleasing to Allah. Don't take your hell out risk. Don't take your halau wealth and spend it in her arm. Don't spend it haphazardly in that which is sinful that which is wayward that which is arrogant that which is beyond what are the limitations

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of the Quran and the teaching of our debate you can be sold Allah, Allah yourself. Number three, in how to show gratitude in the spirit of Ibrahim alayhis salaam is do not use the blessing of Allah in that which Allah has prohibited. Do not use your strength. Just say some kind of Allah Allah is giving you strength don't use your arrogance Yeah, it against your weaker white. Don't use it against your weaker children. Don't show you're a tough guy with with weaker people. Don't show your loud mouth, vulgar mouth person with somebody who's weaker than you just because they can't respond. Don't show your your abuse to those who work under you because you were in a position of advantage

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and you're the boss. Don't you know be ethically criminal in your behavior towards others, because the position you will have the wealth you have the strength you have is not your own doing and the one who gave it to you will take it from you. The one who blessed you can be the one who reaps and takes from you some kind on winter either causes you to reap what you have sown.

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And therefore those three acknowledge take note what as Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Surah, Brahim, named after Prophet Ibrahim,

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were interviewed to them at Allah He that talks so hard if you try to account to come together to count one of the blessings of Allah you cannot add your ability to see to date so have a lot for those of us who have been blessed with sight your ability to see today. Or to hear today. How useful has a bit Can you count? Can you put $1 figure on the usefulness of it? Can you put a figure of how useful it was to Pamela you can

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you can never comprehend how many times you the moment is a beautiful flower or a smile or as a ray of light. All of these are nearby How can you account for it in just one day? How can you account for so how can you account for all of the blessings of love and therefore do not use it in that which is sinful? So that it is not removed from you? Allah subhana wa to Allah in the way the Quran is structured by Allah say name checkup to let us see that. If you are thankful I will increase you. Alessia Otto Otto will be Don't be here as a part of our maximums of exam of Islamic law of Arabic language, things become more clear in that which opposes the equally. So just like you say Allah

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subhana wa tada Allah

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has blessed me with this good that he will give me more good if I appreciate it. It's also saying if I don't appreciate it, the opposite is also true that if I don't show shook, then Allah will not increase but Allah will deprive as an alum in burning, may Allah protect you and I in our hopes for this. Finally, before we conclude our session, the fifth lesson we take from Ibrahim alayhis salam is to learn how to disagree agreeably to disagree respectfully with others. So Pamela, Ibrahim Ali is set up had many many enemies, many debates and many people who disagreed with him that he disagreed with them but always with respect, with dignity, with honor with nobility, with the word

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of Allah in His heart is

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His behavior and his manners. Muslims should not be shy to say that we disagree with others, but we should never disagree with others in a disagreeable way that contradicts our ethos and our suiting the prophets of Allah and he will seldom have people who disagreed with him, but he never disagreed with them with the vulgarity that they disagreed with him.

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You know, if a person was to, you know, throw celluloid Jesu, upon the Prophet so I sell them in the authentic hadith in Sahih al Bukhari as a prophet was praying in front of the camera, and he went down and record or Institute

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in the abbey more is Lana. Hola. May the curse of Allah remained upon him. He came to the prophets I send them and he dumped upon him in his sujood in front of the cabin, he dumped upon him the intestines and that blood and the internal organs of a freshly slaughtered animal.

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Do you seek to humiliate the prophets of Allah he was selling what whoever had better and he is Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The one who could never be brought down who could never be defeated. Because in that cafe Baca says he Allah says, I'm the one who will suffice you those who seek to humiliate you and debase you, and I'm the one who gives you victory. They can say whatever they want to say you are known in the heavens, not just on the earth, some of the law.

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So the Prophet remained the decidual until his daughter ca female rhodiola and how she came with pictures of water, she doubted it through the water from a privatized cell it washed the digester off you removed it off and cleansed it from it. And he stood up, it's still in solid did not depart his prayer did not give them the satisfaction of breaking his prayer or leaving instead, he disagreed with their conduct. He stood up in his Sunnah and he put his hands up to Allah. Allah, I see him either that, Oh Allah, you count for them, you know who they are, you know who they are, Allah, but I think of your ultimate, right Oh Allah, I set you apart anymore i O Allah, may you be

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the one who deals with it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to, even in the moments of hostility, where either Maru believe we are Rokia Rama, that when we pass by frivolity, sinfulness and that which we do not like we turn away with the nobility, Allah subhanho wa Taala says when that azubu do not curse, their false gods, which you believe is a false god, that's a full statue, a false deity, a false belief fails to Bula who I believe because if you curse their God, they will return in cursing your God. Allah the Prophet sign said Lim said how humiliated is a person who curses their own father? And they said, yeah, it also Allah who would swear who would be

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vulgar to their father, oh messenger of Allah. He said, The one who curses another man's father, another man's mother, another man's family. So in response, they curse them and their family. You brought it upon yourself, You humiliated yourself by disagreeing in a way that is not the suit of the prophets. I seldom Ibrahim Alia celeb disagrees with his father and when his father says that in Lem

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during the millennia if you don't stop laying lifted the hell out you're gonna if you don't stop I'm gonna kill you and stone you to death why God let me never see your face again. connoisseur level my father Peace be with you, Stella people like karate, I will continue to ask Allah for forgiveness for you than to I you and I make for our parents and I'm defini when he when he they are benefiting me when he when he they they don't have Ibrahim for himself in his first father, and so that you don't be mistaken. Allah says that Ibrahim says, Well fitting me me into sha Allah forgive my father in the home kind of lead that evil wicked bed.

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That evil wicked man, Ibrahim makes up for him had the debate unit level and up

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until he came to know that he is from those who will be tested for the punishment and Hellfire meaning he died in disbelief. Then Ibrahim stopped making up for him. He always maintained drop, because learning to disagree. And to not accept everything other people accept is the pseudonym. But to do so in an agreeable manner, is a greater suit. We do not accept the habits and behaviors, the sexual ethics of other cultures of other people. We don't take it as our own behavior. We don't dress or have the promiscuity or the drunkenness or that you know that those type of behaviors are foreign to us as Muslims, culturally and religiously and spiritually yet, we don't do that in a way

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that is disagreeable in how we push back and say this is not from our tradition, our faith and our culture. We do it in a dignified

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Under lack of detail, what do you do to you your way of life to do your to you your habit to do your system and to me by way of like my self dignity and my self preservation is absolute. These are five essential attributes we've learned from Ibrahim alayhis salam, to be from those first who celebrate themselves as being a minority and distinct at times. It's not always a weakness, to be of those who seem to have a left with a lot to be a once with a lot in our love, to debate with a strong way to seek knowledge and finally to disagree respectfully and agreeably. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless your 10 days of the ledger. It's your brother. Yeah, hey, Brahim. And I hope we will meet again,

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continue to make your app for me and I will make your app for you was set out while Ico model my overall character was only selling was it was let's see, he didn't want to be