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One minute and Sherlock does that come off a

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lot? No Sunday I don't know.

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Bottom of

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San Diego

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ready to go and chum on Bismillah?

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I said I'm on equal one if not a lot. And that was sent out to I sent out more.

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So a lot more solomani. Early, he was talking he was sending to Sleeman kathira. It's a pleasure once again to rejoin with our Islamic q&a. This is a Wednesday beating that I have with you guys every 12 every Wednesday at 12pm London time. It is 7pm here in Perth, Western Australia and we pray the last panel with data gatherers I was hard to make sense from those who are successful in our pursuit to learn and to study so that we can practice the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will see it all upon enlightenment and an understanding of truth. May Allah subhanho wa Taala gather you an eye upon a righteous path in the footsteps of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say you are

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the master of humanity, the best of his creation, to how no one went to I that I have total so now we're at this theme we are going while you queue up with your phone calls. To speak about the importance of these particular days. We spent a little bit of time but I wanted to take lessons that can be learned from Mashallah, we had some very interesting questions about hedge a little bit earlier. And I thought I would just dive a little bit deeper into some of the outcomes that we are meant to take from the season of hedge from the practice of hedge and from the ability May Allah give it to us to perform hedge it together with the oma of the Prophet Mohammed, some allow and he

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was selling. First and most important thing is to know that hedge is both form and spirit. It is physical actions, but it's also spiritual actions. One cannot be devoid of the other. They're meant to be a bridging and a blending and an intricate entrance into each other. The profits are inside of themselves to us in them and Amadou pindy yet it is surely with entirety that all of your actions are judged correct. If your intentions are correct, may Allah grant us a sliver and loss, truthfulness and sincerity in our dealings with Allah. Well, that will meet all in that Li Abdullah obstinacy that we did. They were only commanded that they are to worship Allah with a floss with a

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sincerity of purpose and being meclizine Allahu Dena, Buddha with a purity of monotheism to Allah. And therefore, Hajj is that great manifestation of the form, the physical things that you do the shedding of your clothes, the departing of your homeland, the stepping away from your children, from your workplace, from your friends, to go out into the desert, to seek Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, with strangers in mass in large numbers may Allah make us of those are honored to perform this habit and dealing in our future again and again in sha Allah, that physicality of the tawaf you start an end in the same place which such as life sipan Allah, Allah tells us about the cycle of life that

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you came out of your mother led to the level that you knew nothing, you had no strength, your food was from her. Your knowledge was gained from the experiences around you, you begin life and that is also how you will end up being a dolphin in our life from weakness to weakness. We have some of our first callers have Q and A's and will interrupt our discussion to hear one of our callers said I'm on a phone call or how can I help

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Oh, we missed the call. All right, well, hopefully they will come back shortly inshallah. So we were saying that a lot of it reminds us of the continuity of life, that we are we have days of strength and days of weakness. We begin in

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weakness and we returned to weakness. We begin that without knowledge and we gain it but at times if we don't put our effort and our intent, we will lose our place with a loss of control and to Allah. And that cycle of life is repetitive, that you and I must come to terms that we must always return to Allah, the One who put us into this world is the one we will return to aina tend to have good Where do you think you are going Allah asks us Illa Illa in the amount of deco in Allah, your return will always be to the Lord Allah Almighty, some kind of with Allah, a powerful, powerful image, powerful lesson. In the form in the physicality of the top, we learn the important lesson of hard

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work, of struggle, of struggle of vigor, of running from place to place looking for the risk of a loss and kind of went to either one of the slides here they used to make your eyes they would say oh a lot if my risk was in the heavens rated down upon me. I know a lot if my risk was beneath the earth, allow me to excavate it and to bring it out Yeah, Allah give me my risk which is promised to me Yeah, I'll have a raw honey, you and I must be earnest and seeking glues. The way Hodge Allah has set up was earnest in a running from mountain of software to mountain of miroir, back and forth, once and twice and three up to seven times, seeking Allah to enter not just sitting under the shade

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of a tree saying it's hot, saying I am the wife of a prophet of Allah. I'm the mother of this child. I'm the one who has been left on my own surely Allah will do for me. Surely Allah will give me I will wait for my fate. No, her fate was vigor and action. And you and I we get up and we climb up sofa and run to Magowan making your out to a lot to learn that lesson that had you has this physicality, this form to teach us this important powerful lesson number three, we are those who stone, the place that Ibrahim stone Bishop, I know Muslim actually believes that the shaitan is there and you're actually throwing the stones that trip on what you're throwing it is that you're

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throwing the negativity out of your life. You're throwing the sins out of your life, you're making a promise to Allah Bismillah Allahu Akbar book, you throw it Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah is greater than the mistakes I've performed. His mercy is greater than my errors. His mercy is greater than what it is that I've approached him with. Allah will accept me, Allah will return me Allah will redeem me, Allah who I care about Allah Akbar. Have Allah it's an incredible, incredible occasion. You seek to stamp out the sin from your life, the mistake from your life, the picture missing of taste from your mouth, you seek to to bury it there in the desert and you symbolize it with that

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stone. It's as if you're saying well Allah rid me of it. Yeah, Allah, Allah Akbar, you are the Almighty, the greatest, the most important aspect of my life. So Pamela, we sacrifice the sheep and those of us who are away we try sacrifice it wherever we are. The sacrifice Allah tells us in the Quran, Allah then you know, Allah, it's me too, or it's blood does not reach to Allah. This isn't what pleases Allah. we're lacking Leonardo Da Hua being Pope, he receives your piety of heart that you've considered the blessing or loss provided you are down you seek to share it with the BBB and those who are seeking assistance. We have a few callers on the line as Santa Monica caller How can I

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Yes, sir, how can I help?

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I just want to say

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I've been learning from you for many, many years of my life and to the midst of doing yanaka

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we appreciate you working so hard, literally, for the Omar for the community level for

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all mankind. You know, I just want to say that I love you for the sake of Allah because I've learned so much from you. Over the years like I've said and bless you and your family and we grant you the best and we appreciate you and

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why you better if you know FICO mafia, now multi panel with the AMA except from us and forgive us what you don't know of us. May Allah subhana wa allow good to always stem from anything that we contribute to ourselves and you insha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala through a conduit of clothing a pathway of righteousness for others.

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jellico Okay, we have another caller on the line that said, I'm on a call next caller, how can I help

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you if I can ask you to turn down the television because it makes an interference with the phone call. If you can listen to me with the earpiece, it'll make it easier in Java

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to live well, how can I help?

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Calling the Kobani?

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Because I'm thinking this,

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I want to get it

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cheap in this country is 160 pounds, and the adequately is 355 pounds. So should I be doing it according to the rate? And do three hormones in my game? Or shall I just do one?

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My confusion is about

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now, so that's why I said, it's a very interesting question. And there is really no one answer that I don't want you to assume that the one answer that will be given to you is the end of the discussion. And I always like when especially with Islamic q&a, to give you more than one opinion from the the framework of the Sahaba. And that moms who have analyzed their words, in following the suit of the prophets, I said, most, most of the time a question like this, it's very easy to say you want your highlighter to go far and to reach people who need it. But I also want to temper it with the fact that Porter ban is not meant just for the poor. The autobahn at the time of the prophets I

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send them was offered that 1/3 of it would remain with you and your family to rejoice and to enjoy the blessing Allah has provided you and 1/3 to be shared with your neighbors, including non Muslim neighbors, you would cook for them or provided for them to cook with themselves. And this is established from the tune of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah and he was silent. And then another third would be made in donation to feed the hungry of those who could not offer full ban themselves. Now, of course, you and I know my dear sister that a times it's very difficult to offer or bad in our locality. Or we know that there are people who have severe need at a distance from us. And it

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could be in your homeland, that there are people who don't have me as regularly as they would, and they look forward to the day of either.

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For that reason, I don't want to say to you do it in the UK or do it in your in your local community or not to do it. I don't want to give you that inflexibility. But I want you to think about the core band, you are offering and nearness to a law by sharing your separation with yourself and your family, but also with others. So if you're going to be able to provide that happiness in your home and that joy in your home and at the same time makeup or ban and a distance from you, that brings joy to the weak and the needy and the oppressed, then do so and I do recommend that in sha Allah to Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah accept the intent and that's the area that I be that I ended with

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just before we took the call that Allah does not receive the meat of it. What is received is the taqwa the consciousness apart. Look at how you ask your question, sister. So Pamela, it's a sign of a loss acceptance for the autobahn you're about to perform in sha Allah, even before you have done it even before the ride, that tough what in your mind the consciousness I want to do what is right with Allah, I want to do what's right with these people, I want to provide that which is going to be a healing for them. But at the same time I want you to do what is the sooner of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Keep in mind that the avatar in Solomon's Kobani always used to offer

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at least to one for himself and his family in his neighborhood and one on behalf of the old man of the Prophet I sell them so he would meet both accounts in that regard. May Allah accept from you And may Allah open your heart and guide your upper band to those who are needing of it and those who will celebrate it in the way that is pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada

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we have another caller on the line.

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We have our next caller it's an I'm on a cold caller How can I help? I

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said I'm on a cold caller.

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We have another caller on line said I'm on a cold caller How can I help

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a ladder Are you

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My question is, gang, you're doing the Qurbani

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Europeans who passed away?

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for this question, my brother the question, the questioner is asking, Can we do a quarterback on behalf of our parents or our parents who have passed away? I'll deal with it in both parts. So are we able to offer our quarterback on behalf of those who are living those who are living with us? And the answer is yes, this is established in the suit of the prophets, I send them He will make for band on behalf of his family. We also know after the death of the Prophet Mohammed Salah, I send them that ID of your loved one who offered quarterback on behalf of the prophets, I send them there was discussion about the rewire. But it seems to be an authentic reporting from earlier with your

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loved one. And so there is an establishment that this was done for the prophets, I send them by a member of his household, and some of them would not have taken it that a person can make the horror band on behalf of our family friend, who had left behind this was a year this legacy that they have always been offering for band or doing it in the in their name. So for example, in my household, I know that my father's have had a love for all the years that I've known, he's always sent a certain amount of money for for band to be done in Egypt, amongst the poor people in a certain area. Now May Allah give my father a long life and good deeds and good health among them? I mean, and all of our

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parents who remain alive with us, and May Allah send delight and Dora from those who have departed may know in sha Allah, what if my father to handle us and Pamela was to pass away many years from now May Allah give him a long life and good deeds, I would carry on that tradition in his way and in his name, and that would be something that would be seen praiseworthy, there is no obligation, there's no obligation to make for band on behalf of those who have passed away. It's not a follow up. It's not word. But it is something that can be seen as tolerated in that sense to maintain their some jatiya in their name, but if the law he to Allah, Allah with the other hand, we have another

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caller on the line Who said I wanted to call her

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very well, sister, how can I help you? Allah He better?

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I have a question regarding

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Lee, we just found out

00:17:34--> 00:17:34


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then you mentioned the company, you don't

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11 years old,

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then my husband and my my cell phone

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pressure, and secondly,

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in his house that needs to be done,

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if we can afford.

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You're welcome, sister, Jessica Lafave for those two important questions. The sister osuna. First question, I'll rephrase it in shot law, if I have different people living in the house, and we have offered me the intention of making for band, do all of us restrict from cutting nails and things of that nature? And the answer is the person who is going to do the whole ban themselves, or the person whose action did and is the head of the household who's made the NEA and their wealth is being spent seems to be the most

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known opinion amongst those who hold it as being strongly recommended, or those who hold it as being obligatory. And as I said, it is something that there is sad there is openness, and it's something rather than simply seen as being mobile. And as a reminder of the desire to go to Hajj in sha Allah. So what I would say to you, my dear sister, the one who is paying for the horrible who has made the central intention and it's from their wealth, they are if they have already started holding back their hair and have not cut, they should maintain it. inshallah, as for your second question, you asked about, if you have more than one person living in your household and you are in a place of

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affluence, where you can afford a full band for each and every individual who is now a sane adult who has their own wealth that they can spend from their own profile. Is that a must? The answer is it is preferred for each and every person who has the ability not to receive that God not to be needed that kind of themselves that they are able to pay the gap that they should offer up or band in sha Allah, it is not an obligation in the majority opinion. But in their opinion, remember, Abu hanifa is something that should be done. However, I also say that if it is not done, it is known in the sooner of the property and sell them

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That he offered one animal on behalf of all of his households on the law and he was selling. And that was the action of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was said that he didn't obligate each and every one of his family to do their own sacrifice or to do their own animal, although it is something that is desirable if one can afford it the evening to honor I believe we have enough. I believe that this is something that is of importance to kind of deliberate on in understanding this and of the prophets. I said, Look, I would like to finish my discussion about the form and also the spirit of hedge. So we spoke about tawaf, and we spoke about you know, the stallion running from Suffern, Manuel, we

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spoke about this pelleting of the stones, and not and of course, about the sacrifice. Now I wanted to end by about the feeling of how the emotions of

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the place where hedge begins in the heart. And the conceptualization of Hajj is that you are intending to do something that is pleasing to Allah that is beyond the normal circumstances of your life. And that's what makes these 10 days so powerful these 10 days are the only 10 days in the year were all of the five pillars of Islam can be performed in one day in one time. It is only in these 10 days that you fast the day of I don't care if you're not in hajj, that you pray your Sunnah as you normally do that you offer this guy you make up for bad you pay your car if it is necessarily many people they make their day for for that and and it's the day that you can make hedge we have a

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final color with us on the line at Santa Monica Kohler How can I help?

00:21:47--> 00:21:48

How can I help?

00:22:05--> 00:22:06


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depending on your

00:22:14--> 00:22:15


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For your question, my dear brother, May Allah give success to the people of West Africa May Allah to confirm if I'm the Dean of bamboo, I'll use you for good It's a pleasure to hear from you. And hamdulillah it is as soon as you make four bags each and every year, if one is able to perform the ban, but to do it, when one is unable and has to put an a hardship on themselves is this slight? So if somebody has to do something that goes beyond what is necessary, or what is in their ability to perform the horrible they should not do so. So May Allah Subhana Allah allow us the honor of performing for band of enjoying it ourselves and sharing it with those who around us and with the

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needy. And may Allah Subhana Allah fulfill it on our behalf when we are unable to fulfill it ourselves. Due to the circumstances in life, Allah have he does I call him for that. Call my dear brother, male mazzucato went to Allah in my video your heart and assist you in all that which is good and lead others to good through you in sha Allah. Find me about the intent of Hajj and the heart that has an emotion towards Hajj is that all of the physical actions that we've discussed that relate to hope that you will see a chatbot as you watch the live feed from Mecca over the next few days, and I don't know if that is to recognize that it is a laws, a laws intent to look into our

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hearts before our deeds. Allah Subhana Allah inspired the prophets I send them to say to us in nulla leyendo when he died, Sammy, when I can young enough to do a lot does it look to your shape and body but it looks to your heart. May Allah bless us with clean hearts and assistance to help others to come off more we have the shadow and suffering by today. You're rubbing your hair Brahim was the no one equal. Not a lie.

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Santa Monica wa barakato