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In sha Allah

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh two brother Yeah, Brahim once again coming back to you. Does that come a lot enough and I hope you enjoyed the live broadcast from mechanika Roma, also lots of bufalin hamdulillah. We were also honored to brace on alternate method of keyword my home in Perth, Western Australia. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah continues to favor us in these blessings. 10 days of the puja May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to honor you and to protect you and to assist you may Allah elevate your homes and your families and your communities to that which is pleasing to Him and protect us all from that which is sinful. And that which leads us away from

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Allah as a deception of the shaitan we've been speaking about Prophet Ibrahim It is said and we said we were going to study five important characteristics five attributes five importance, the fact that we can learn and absorb within ourselves as individuals, within our families and within our communities as Muslims, but also that can help us and extend into our broader communities in lands where we may live where we are not majority in population, we spoke about first the celebratory status of being a minority, that it's not always a disadvantage, and we said second, to grow in love for Allah to hold a commitment for Allah to hold a reverence for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when

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others stray away. The third important characteristic that we take from Ibrahim attribute that we learn from his character, his behavior, and his habit, is the ability to communicate effectively with others. So Pamela, all of us have seen that one cringe moment where somebody is seeking to speak about a law in a way that a lot did not allow speaking about Allah without knowledge, or speaking in the name of God without authority to be given at times an opportunity to voice your opinion does not necessarily mean to say whatever comes to mind. And Ibrahim an ESL lab was masterful in his debate, because it was nurtured to him and through him with the power of Allah. And

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with knowledge. That was the question. Allah says worker There you go. Duty, Ibrahima mallacoota seminars you will all Ibrahim became acquainted with the dominions and the expanses of the heavens and the earth that surrounded him. Why is that important? Well, his people they used to worship a shallot and they used to worship idols and they used to worship false deities. All three types of deities were worshiped by them. Now Allah speaks about each of those different deities in the three different ways that he brought him with debater's people, one of the most powerful statements that we find in the Quran is in the sixth chapter of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in

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salted and on first number 8083

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What did you get to get to that, I tell you that Hi, Ibrahim and fob such was the proof and the evidence of burden that Ibrahim by the blessing of Allah was able to establish upon his people, what a powerful moment it is, where you are supporting them in the way of law, through knowledge that is given to you by the study of that which brings you closer to a lot of the greatest sins is that a person speaks about Allah, or seeking to speak in the name of Allah in a way that they do not have knowledge or authority. Let me give you a very moving heavy In fact, this has he changed my whole course of life in how I speak to people about God, how I engage with people about Islam, and about

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the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah and he was sending. This is a way that is so here and authentically reported Hadith. And this is the narration and it's found in more than one book, but this is the narration of any man.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Canada, FEMA cannot have never been the time before you lived in the nations before our nation. There were two friends to ask.

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Have a laugh. They became like brothers, they were friends. They're not from the same mother, not from the same family. But they became as close as a brother can to another blood brother.

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I had one of these two was saw. The Prophet describes them as being outwardly righteous and conduct. A person who's doing what Allah has asked. When it's time to pray, he stops and prays when it's time to us he stops and past when doing what Allah is obligated. When alpha Muslim boxer as for the second one, his best friend, his intimate friend, that second one, that they were sinners, they were always a little bit behind. They were always a little bit distracted, they were always a little bit, you know, needing to brush up into Polish themselves and to do better than what they've been doing previously.

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Emma slowly Africa, the one who was righteous in his outward conduct would say to his friend, yeah, have that answer my friend, just stop, stop what you're doing. And then he went too far, in the law had value of people look at eBay that whether you can gender because if you keep this behavior up, Allah will never forgive you, and will never allow you to enter Paradise. Now his friend hearing this became upset, he said highly baney what may not lead me to my Lord, lead me to the mercy of Allah command jonica Yaki, he didn't make you as the one who is meant to oversee me as my judge in this life and in the next, who are you to give me such you know, unlimited hope in that in the mercy

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of Allah. The prophets I sell them says that the both of them die and Allah makes them on the day of judgment will stand in front of him.

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For a hula hula signing, Allah will say to the one who was righteous in his outward conduct, you know, He will say to him subhana wa to Allah, effort at alpha male Lecter Cambrie did I give my power to you?

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Amen. Mina, indeed, did you receive special knowledge for me that told you who goes to heaven? Who goes to hell? How dare you speak, it's almost as if it is being said, How dare you speak in my name? to condemn a person that I will never forgive them, they will never have hope and paradise? What makes you think you have that knowledge from me or that power to make that decision?

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Did I give you my soapbox, did I give you my power? And then Allah will say if I shed any kind of affirm to that

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gentleman, look now and see that I have forgiven this man on account of the his hope and my mercy. Well, yeah, I bet the lady that I saw for fusi Allah says in Surah Kazuma poorly I barely say to the My servants who have wronged themselves wrong, their soul Subhanallah those who have wronged themselves in sin and in oppression, Allah says they are still His servants. Not talking to him in romantic love, never, ever, ever, in one moment despair from the mercy of Allah in the law hospital. But Jimmy, Allah will always continually forgive all sins.

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In the whole world of who he is the Forgiving subpanel that when Mandela can now and as for you, Allah says to the one who was outwardly righteous, you will have the punishment in Hellfire for what you have put in despair in the heart of this young believer. So how Allah never speak on behalf of Allah never speak in a way of condemnation that is absolute about others. And that's a lesson we learn in the debate of Ibrahim, he never goes too far. When he debates his father, when he debates his people, when he debates his community, he never goes too far. His understanding is when I Lena when I get a little burnt out. All I have to do is to establish the proof to give the evidence to

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provide an advice. It is not to condemn it is not to put myself in the place of Akka. Well, how can me and Rob Buddha mean

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and therefore the mastery of debate of Ibrahim is witness. Ibrahim alayhis salaam, Allah gives many examples. So in one example, and abroad, an evil king Nebuchadnezzar, Ibrahim enters into his court and then abroad says to him, I have absolute power. And Ibrahim cannot leave that unchallenged. But at the same time, he could not go too far. He can't say well, then you're you're a captain. You're going to hellfire. What power do you have? You're nothing. No. He says, Oh, is that? Do you have the power to give life and death? My Lord gives life and death. Do you have the power and the man never can? Yes. He says to the one who is about to be condemned to death. He's committed a crime. He's a

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murderer, and he's about to be executed. He said

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Do the person about to execute him, let him go and give him your sword. And then he says to the murder, who shouldn't be put to death. He says you kill the executioner. Look at his power that he had at that moment. Allah begins the sequence by saying, and terrible luck with Allah is the one who gave him that power. It's not beyond the law to take it back from him which will have

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never can ever make gives life and death decisions in front of you by

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the next moment. Ibrahim says, In the Bahia de bishops, even a mesh of 30 we haven't done badly. My Lord not just gives life in debt, but my lord controls that it's with that which is beyond this world. He controls not just life and death, but he controls the sun's rising from the east. Can you bring it from the west to what he delivered cover? The debate prove the argument that silenced the one who is seeking to debate Ibrahim Ibrahim proves his point, but does not dwell does not come to rub it in and therefore we learn this important to me. And I want you to take this from the ethics of the prophets of Allah. The sooner of our nimbyism, Allah He was sending up is to establish the

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burden of proof but not to establish it in a way that is unkind. It is more important to be kind when you are right, then to be right and prove you're right. Sometimes they're ishara. You know, if there's a difference between being lawful and having does awful, there's a difference between being negligent, and being wrong and not knowing and being intentionally overlooking somebody's fault. The prophets I send them would walk by somebody who is making will do poorly, and hasn't washed his foot rightly. And as the walk prophets I seldom walks by he doesn't stop at the man himself. He doesn't stand on his head. He doesn't ridicule him in front of others. He simply says way live alpha women

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and now I worry about the ankle bone from being touched by Hellfire, meaning that when you make will do do it properly, wash properly.

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The man understands, understands the word of the prophets I send them could be meaning him It could be meaning others nobody knows nobody in the darkness has seen who it is that was making their will do but he takes that as a lesson and makes you read does his feet. This is the sooner on the profits on the love It was said that Evie is Allah and he was sending him was one who takes the debate of mastery the ability to bake in a masterful way without speaking about Allah with ignorance. Allah Subhana Allah would always hold the prophets of Allah and he was lm accountable for what he said. Allah Subhana Allah says that even if Mohammed was to say something about me as isn't the end of

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pseudo telehealth, that was not that I have now I would take hold of him as well. Nobody is above Allah subhana wa to Allah has power. Everybody is restricted. When they came to the profits of the law, it was said to them.

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And they asked them a question that he did not have an answer to because the way he had not arrived he said there had to be to have I don't know come back tomorrow. Right? The profits are inside of them would never one young default. I believe that he would never speak from his own volition. Now that's an important important tradition that we have as Muslims that we take from it but all he can get to that. And now Allah says I gave the evidences to Abraham, meaning that knowledge while whoa cuckoo li da Minnelli it's not just intuitive. It's not just Ibrahim was a smart guy knowing but he was learning through his relationship with Allah. While many are talking their heart.

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When you take metta vinyasa, he gives wisdom to who he will wills and hikma is built, predicated on a consciousness under the taqwa of Allah subhana wa to Allah. So learning and seeking knowledge and applying it without extreme, without burdening others without humiliating others without seeking to be unkind and unjust and leering and jesting about others, is that established sooner on the Prophet Mohammed, so I send them that we take from Ibrahim, Muslims have a lot to learn, and how we present the knowledge of our faith. If one argument doesn't work, use another and if somebody doesn't understand from you, maybe they can understand from someone else and not because you see yourself as

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learned means that you are the right person to reach the heart of another person. There are so many people who have an immense amount of knowledge, but at times they are not the right key for the lock of a person's heart. And the prophets I send them is the one who tells us that there are methods to handle failure. May Allah make you and I keys to the hearts of people keys to goodness in other people's lives. Perhaps it's somebody who was not as learned as you who can provide a word of advice to somebody

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ELLs that can unlock their heart and bring them towards good and righteousness and repentance. And it's not an account of what you do or how you present it alone. But there is how you and Baraka and provision that is provided by Allah subhanho data overall as Muslims, we seek to possess strong arguments we seek to learn before we speak our minds, they would take Thai lamb cobbler and tap on it. Before you debate before you contradict, before you interrupt before you put your hand up, learn, learn before you interject, this is the status of the deed that we learn from Ibrahim Ali is set up right now there are a lot of arguments that are put out there against Islam. And if you seek

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to debate it in a way that is not articulate enough, and not learned enough in the Western tradition, at times in a philosophical tradition, at times in a logical OR tradition, at times, not because you memorize a whole paradigm, it means that you can defeat another person in debate, who has less knowledge than you in the front. In fact, tell him on the shelf and he says, I've never debated Ajay, and they were in person and won the debate. Never. Every time I debate the island, I I'm able to overcome them because it's early mass. People have known speaking of each other, you can establish the proof they can understand, but I've never debated a fool except that they defeated me.

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And therefore you and I must never sink our level to a to a place where we're debating someone on the ground that we are ill informed about in a way that we are not informed of how many times do we find the wrong Muslim brother or sister seeking to present something about Islam, that they represent Islam in a way that is not Islam? Or they speak about in Islam in a way that is not pleasing to Allah? Or that they have changed the foundation in our Islam on account of their ignorance of it, and lack of training in in it? In the same time? How many times have we seen any man or a law or a scholar who has presented a fallacy in their argument not because they don't know

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the foreign but because they are not trained in a level or in the art of a philosophical or logical tradition that would have assisted them in the discussion. We have a caller on the line. I said I'm on a call caller How can I help

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to my sister, how can I help you

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to make

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for me, and for my mom, and grandma and also

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make for me as I'm speaking

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I need to be well spent and mature during

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this period I was born according to the manual.

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And that's probably your email address

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subhanho wa ala open for you a pathway to all that which is good. May Allah Subhana Allah Rn honor you with the sense of In the end, the concealment of a good man will nurture your relationship with you in a positive way and with a loss of kindness. May Allah grant forgiveness and expiation to your sins and the sins of those who have departed. May Allah Subhana Allah rejoice in all of us as believers in gender to infidels with our levy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Myanmar raise your rank and forgive your sins may or may not teach you the origin and allow you to apply it and make you a teacher of it towards others, whether limited or in greater capacities among them. I

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mean, the greatest way for you to find a pathway to success is not just to simply make your art and to ask others to make your art but also to take the constructive steps that can help you attain it. My praise Allah Subhana Allah allows you to find a support network and friends who can recommend those who are within your area are a little bit distant from you, who may be a good place for you in this life and lead you to a path towards a loss of kindness to Allah. May Allah subhana wa Taala honor you for your keenness in commitment towards Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah keep your feet firmly upon the path and May Allah Subhana Allah allow you to ascend with your knowledge so that you

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can be a color to the way of Allah into your future and that of your for future children but in the law he to Allah. So as Muslims in chatbot, we should take that important element of knowledge as being sacred as we learn from Ibrahim Ali is set up number four, from the lessons that we seek to take from Prophet Ibrahim, in our relationship with him as a foundation of these days of picture and of the hedges we introduced earlier today is to be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah, how important is gratitude to be thankful to a loss of kindness with Adam

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Surah

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verse number 121, about Brahim Shakira that Ibrahim was thankful to Allah for his blessings, Allahu Akbar, what great blessings Do you and I have that at times we overlook what great near and dear have you and I have been provided that a times we fall asleep from what great opportunities have been presented to us that have not been presented to others that we overlook and ignore, and somehow Lola a shocker really love. thankfulness and gratitude to Allah is not just simply a word that is said, but it's a lifestyle and a way of living with the blessings that have been provided to us by Allah subhana wa Tada. I want you to know, my dear brothers and sisters, as Muslims who live in in

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some of the more privileged countries around the world, myself here in Australia, I'm Canadian, by birth and, and heritage and ethnicity, I'm Egyptian by heritage, but Canadian by birth, and Hamdulillah, those of you who are watching in the United Kingdom and the United States and Africa, in places of comfort and support, wherever you may be, know that Allah Subhana, Allah has given you and I beings, that there are other people in the world who look to us with an eye of hope. And say, if I had just like, you may look to others and say, some kind of law if I had, there are others who look to your place and say, if I had if I was blessed if I could regain this opportunity, or

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maintain what this person has been given, and of course, Allah subhana wa to Allah, He wants us to consider that most people in the world, most people in the world today are finding it difficult to meet the requirements of what would be to raise them above the poverty line. And Subhan Allah, for those of you who are probably watching me at the moment, you've been blessed enough, whether with a mobile phone in your hand, or the satellite system that you're watching beyond that you have probably reached or exceeded that place. There are a lot more people in the world that are hungry than those that are well fed, there are a lot more people who are seeking clean water than those who

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haven't secured. There are a lot more people who live in the world with insecurity of what will happen next month if I lose my job than those who have the guarantee of duty that a stable economy, a stable income and maybe a little bit of savings as a nest egg. I

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know that if you find yourself in a place where you have been provided an opportunity for education, where there is a functional hospitalization system, where you have been blessed with an opportunity to walk through a message freely, to enter into worship a lot. If you have been blessed with having dealing with say have embedded you know good health in your body, even if it's at this moment or momentarily or it soon will return to you know that you are from the privilege and to be shackled to Allah subhana wa to Allah is the path that we find Ibrahim led our prophets I send them upon Allah subhana wa to Allah says, Let him check out to weather in Chicago to let as he then if you are

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thankful, if you are truly thankful, I will increase you. There's no doubt about it, there will be an increase and increase, maybe not the thing that you feel you want some kind of luck. One of the things that I always seek to correct with myself and my family and with others, is that assumption that what we want from life is what is actually for us it's not always best for us. So there you are, you're making dua to Allah and Allah answered your door out by not giving you the thing because Allah in his immense infinite wisdom in the knowledge that you do not possess in the power that you do not have in that in the form of knowledge that you could not conceive. Allah does not give you

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what you've asked for because if you had it, it is not good for you. So when you making your app to Allah, Allah whom abetik Linda all up with Baraka in it put Baraka for us and then you ask for that thing. Allah entered the principle of Baraka by not giving you what you're asking for because you are to unknowing of what it is that the consequences of it would be. And I want you to know, my dear brother, my dear sister, to be shocked and thankful to Allah involves three important steps. The first step is to acknowledge the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah, He tells us that inchecken to let us see the nickel if you are thankful if you acknowledge

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the blessing that you have, I will then increase it for you. Why because you've acknowledged it how do you acknowledge it? Right? How do you acknowledge it? What does Allah subhanaw taala tell us, inshallah to have when there's over your T current cuca, robot, alemi aged care team and for our origin, the Camborne

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Origin The Karate Linda album,

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That media team I fell atop a master level, attend hardware.

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Be near and met your own pick up ahead and speak proudly of the miracle of Allah that He has bestowed upon you. After Allah says to the Prophet, I tell them you were an orphan and I supported you, you were needy and I provided for you. So therefore look after the orphans look after the one who is deprived of meaning, and always speak favorably of the blessing of Allah. How do you speak favorably with the blessing of Allah you use what Allah has given you to help the those who experienced what you experienced in the past never ever look at yourself in a way that is beyond need. Allah who who will honey when Allah Allah is the one without need and we are the ones who are

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always pleading and asking for him to support us and provide for us to her know what's gonna Jelani shabby, may Allah elevate us to understanding that. So the first is to acknowledge, acknowledge what that you have been blessed. And if you have been deprived in 10 things but blessed in one thing, you're still blessed. There are 10 things you want, but you've been given one, you're still blessed. Acknowledge the blessing that you have. Don't look down on what you have in lieu of what other people have the prophets I send them is warmed by Allah, as the oma is worn through him. When I come when 10 nine eight in Surah number 20 Surah Taha Do not let your eyes extend lmm at the nav as well

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higher the dunya to wet don't look your eyes look at the flowering of the beauty of the life of some of them. Left Tina houfy. It's a test for them. Perhaps if you were given the things you wanted, it would be a test you and I would fail. In one of the way of the province or SLM. He says and Rupa thought Corinne there were perhaps your state of poverty at a moment in time. Perhaps your lack of extensive wealth is the medicine you need. SubhanAllah perhaps Allah keep you in a place where it is tight and it's not. It's not the most financially stable for you Why? Because if you were you would go too far as you would leave your son and you would not count on a lot and you would not put your

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heart in trust with him so panto into Allah. So Allah loves you and loves your relationship with Him that He keeps you in that place. Be thankful to Allah. That was the first of the three we will continue with the others after our break in commemoration of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, your brother, your Hebrew, he was Salah, maliko, one of Mottola he or volcat

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Allah emetic dean of the law firm will continue in five minutes